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Sasquatch seeker Cliff Barackman on good, bad, hairy of 'Finding Bigfoot'
Barackman is a sasquatch hunter on Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot. With its second season premiering Jan. 1 at 10 pm, the show follows the Bigfoot Field Researcher's Organization (BFRO) as they chase down leads, examine supposed evidence and attempt ...
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Believing in Sasquatch may be more vital than finding him
New York Daily News
For those who have missed the back story, Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a legendary large apelike creature who some believe lives in woodlands all around the world, but is so secretive and clever that no human has ever captured a specimen. ...

Lair of the Beasts: Seeking the British Bigfoot

Mania - 11 hours ago
By Nick Redfern December 31, 2011 While reports of Bigfoot-like hairy wild men abound throughout Britain, there is one area of the country that seems to ...

Finding Bigfoot Season 2 Premiere Tomorrow...

Premiering Sunday, January 1, 10PM e/p/9:00 Central on Animal Planet.
The bigfoot research team heads to New York to investigate video of an alleged baby bigfoot. When locals report bigfoot activity in the neighboring woods, the teams tries a new search method in hopes of finding bigfoots near the Big Apple.

VIDEO: Hunting for Baby Bigfoot VIDEO: Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting VIDEO: Baboon Helps Find Bigfoot VIDEO: New York Bigfoot Encounter

Check local listings for time and channel.


Top Ten Creatures Hunters Hope To Stumble Across in 2012, and Bigfoot Isn't Even on the List

Are we the only animals to cook food? Not anymore [Science] writer interviews Cliff Barackman, talks Bigfoot DNA project(s) and Justin Smeja, the Sierra Kills Bigfoot Shooter

Account of British Bigfoot sighting near Castle Ring

Finally! A Facebook Page for Bigfoot Evidence

New York Times Reviews Finding Bigfoot Season 2

2011 The Bluff Creek Film Site Project Videos Part 1 and 2

Recently, Rob Morphy reported on The Gargoyles of Chile and Lon Strickler released Winged Enigma. These incidents of winged weirdness are reprinted by Dale Drinnon with some exciting claims for the creatures Morphy and Strickler describe. And Drinnon follows his recent report on Canadian lake monsters at CFZ-Canada with more on the subject in UPDATE. Elsewhere, the first 2012 episode of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" that airs tomorrow night gets a review by Neil Genzlinger in Be Wary of Bobo, Sasquatch. And Loren Coleman, who joins a passel of other resolute folks to give his International Cryptozoology Museum's lengthy 2012 "to-do" list in New Year's Resolutions has a listing of the Top Ten Cryptozoology Stories of 2011. Does Coleman's list include Paul Dale Roberts' Interview with Bob Montana, Carmichael Resident: Sighting of a Wetlash or the oddly disturbing footage that shows a Meat-eating Panda Caught on Camera?

New Year's Eve - Reminiscing on 2011...

Thom Powell Has Some Questions, And Answers, About the Freeman Footage

Top Ten Cryptozoology Stories of 2011

Be Wary of Bobo, Sasquatch
New York Times
It was bad enough to see them terrorizing Florida, Oregon, Washington State, Alaska and the other places visited in Season 1 by the sasquatch hunters of “Finding Bigfoot,” a documentary series on Animal Planet. But the opening episode of Season 2 on ...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Does a write-up on New York Times Television column make Finding Bigfoot mainstream?

Weird Bigfoot News: UFO database contains recent sighting report about 'translucent aura' Bigfoot spotted sprinting across road in Kentucky

Pacific Northwest Bigfoot woodcarvings

The Search For Bigfoot: A Community "Divided"....
The Bigfoot Project Game: Help Bigfoot Fight Back!

"Right This Minute" Interview

2011 has been the year of the Sasquatch, full of documentaries, discoveries and expeditions which ranged far and wide across our planet. Much of the recent focus has been in Russia, so you may not be surprised that the video Micah Hanks presents has made the rounds on the internet. Hanks' presentation shows he knows the event was either a hoax or a misunderstanding exacerbated by the language barrier, as revealed in Proof of Bigfoot? Not Yeti. More reliable, but still hazy information about a possible Sasquatch comes from the Mutual UFO Network where a witness told of an encounter on a dark residential street December 28 that lasted only a few seconds, as described in Bigfoot in Kentucky? Witness reports '7-foot-tall Man-like Creature'. Elsewhere, 1961 evidence of birds acting badly in Monterey Bay, CA, supposedly led to a famous motion picture that probably gained more from Daphne du Maurier's 1952 classic novelette, The Birds, adapted into a chilling radio dramatization on Lux Radio Theater on July 20, 1953, than it did the incidents in California. But what drove the California birds to act like kamikazes? Scientists think they know, and their answer can be found in Hitchcock's Birds Mystery Solved.

TinTin and The Search For The Yeti

Russian Bigfoot?

Sasquatch Field Evidence ~ On Blogtalk Radio

AlexMidnightWalker - does it again.

Bigfoot in Kentucky? Witness reports '7-foot-tall man-like creature'
Alex aka Midnight Walker talks about the Great Bigfoot Divide

Cliff Barackman mentions Bigfoot DNA Study on 'Right This Minute' news interview [Finding Bigfoot]

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Mad Skeptic wraps up 2011 Bigfoot scene, takes jabs at Bigfoot DNA project and recent Russian Bigfoot video
Extensive Research Team Searches for Bigfoot
Proof of Bigfoot? Not Yeti

Matt Moneymaker, President of BFRO, says the Russian Bigfoot is 'Fake as hell'

Mike Rugg talks about Russian Bigfoot / Yeti folklore [Video]

Russian Bigfoot was hoaxed for a good cause, hotel maids weeping as prospect of Tom Biscardi showing up in Russia withers

Real Russian Yeti video breakdown by TheCryptoHunters [Video]

Loren Coleman Hilights a difference between Erickson/Ketchum Project and Pangboche Yeti Finger DNA tests

Conflicting Reports on Russian Yeti Capture

Cordelia Hebblethwaite brings forth commentary from Adam Davies, cryptozoologist and author of Extreme Expeditions: Travel Adventures Stalking The World's Mystery Animals, who has twice journeyed to the Congo in search of the beast the pygmies say resembles illustrations of a large dinosaur. Dr. Roy Mackal also led two expeditions into the swamps around Congo's Lake Tele in the 1980s searching for the mysterious beast. Davies calls the region a vast utopia as he speaks in the short video portion of the report, and Dr. Mackal is quoted on his belief the creature is real. Could the Mokele-mbembe be hiding in this large wilderness, mostly unexplored by scientists? Elsewhere, a new book on England's out-of-place large felines makes claims of a cover-up of the existence of the potentially dangerous creatures, as explained in the report MoD ‘Hid Big Cat Sightings’. The claim is in Rick Minter's new book Big Cats: Facing Britain's Wild Predators where Minter claims the British Ministry of Defence has taken such an interest in reports of the large cats that an element of the Royal Air Force has acquired the carcass of such a beast found dead on the roadside and keeps the cadaver on ice. Meanwhile, a large feline predator, declared extinct in 1994, may still be prowling the extensive wilds of Indonesia, as noted in Search for the Javan Tiger.

Title To Be Available As eBook & McClean With New ...

Update: Female Yeti Captured in Russia?

Female Yeti Captured in Russia?

Infamous 'Yeti Finger' Flunks DNA Test
A finger long claimed to be from a yeti, once revered in a monastery in Nepal and taken in the 1950s by a Bigfoot researcher, has been identified after decades of mystery. Turns out, it's just a regular old human finger — albeit one with a very ...
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Bigfoot found in Ingushetia
The Voice of Russia
In the woods of Ingushetia in the North Caucasus, border guards caught a strange creature resembling the legendary Bigfoot. The animal resembles a two-meter tall gorilla but unlike it stands upright and does not rely on its front paws. ...
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The Voice of Russia
2012 Predictions: Mayans, Trump, Bigfoot, Occupy, and beyond…
San Antonio Current (blog)
By Swiss Army Robot Jobs, the economy, doomsday… We need answers about the future and we need them now. What do the stars and spirits have to say about the coming year? Nothing! Stars are mostly gas, and ghosts are f'n dead. Either way they have more ...
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San Antonio Current (blog)
Monsters and UFOs to Watch For in 2012
Monster sightings in 2011: Researchers looking in Siberia for the yeti — the Asian version of North America's Bigfoot — claimed in October to have found "indisputable proof" of the long-sought mystery beast. The Russian team, which included several ...
PGF Munns Report Video 3A Anatomy.mp4

PGF Munns Report Video 2A Trackway.mp4

PGF Munns Report Video 1A.mp4

PGF Munns Report Video 1B.mp4

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finding Bigfoot
Video of captures Yeti lends to suspicion of a hoax
'The Times' They Are A-Changin'

The Mysteries of the Paul Freeman Footage
The Search For Bigfoot: Thom Powell responds to: To be or not to be ~ so many questions
The Search For Bigfoot: To Be Or Not To Be ~ So Many Questions....

Russian officials in town of Nazran claims to have captured a "Bigfoot" (Updated with 3 sources and 2 videos) [Breaking]

Bigfoot DNA Expert Dr. Melba Ketchum comments captured Russian 'Bigfoot'

Pangboche Yeti Finger In Context: What Does Human Mean?

Finding Bigfoot Marathon and Season 2 Premiere

According to BFRO's Matt Pruitt, the discovery of Bigfoot has already happened

Current News Blog Predicts 2012 Will Be The Year of The Sasquatch [Humor]

Close encounter with a Bigfoot named Tumack

What is Rick Dyer's Mugshot Doing on

Bigfoot versus Aliens versus Ghosts

Erickson What?! Its called the Ketchum Study! Sasquatch DNA Drama Continues

The Pangboche Five: The Shorter Version of the Yeti Finger History

BBC News: Pangboche Finger is Human, not Yeti

Bigfoot Eyewitness Interview in NY

This cryptozoological artifact has enjoyed quite a journey from the distant Himalayas to London. A little deception and a lot of discovery, along with some help from a Hollywood icon, are part of its colorful history, and Loren Coleman clues you into some hidden facts about the artifact and reveals the results of DNA testing. Do the results end speculation about the Yeti finger and the creature, in general? The answer appears to be a resounding negative, as Coleman, author of the 1989 book Tom Slick and the Search for the Yeti which covered the story of the Pangboche hand, goes on to ask the question that could profoundly affect all hominology DNA sequencing: Pangboche Yeti Finger In Context: What Does Human Mean? Elsewhere, another hairy biped, one that roams the forests and swamps of North America, is helping a group of researchers stay gainfully employed, as described by Bibi Nurshuhada Ramli in the report In Search of Bigfoot. And a guest blogger takes over the keyboard at CFZ-Canada to tell how a motion picture about Bigfoot that mentioned its powerful stench warped a little boy's paranormal future and left him pursuing ghosts, as outlined in My Name is Matthew, and I Blame Minden, Ontario for My Fear of Sasquatch. Also, a nine-year-old sighting of what is arguably the world's most famous cryptid has been lingering below the radar until now when Roland Watson, author of The Water Horses of Loch Ness, unveils the comments of a respected angler and naturalist, Tim Richardson, in Nessie Sighting from 2002. And a translated German cryptozoology site has the history of a creature washed ashore in New Jersey ninety years ago and still much discussed among sea serpent afficionados, revealed in Cape May-Globster 1921.
Yeti - hunt for the wildman.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In search of Bigfoot
New Straits Times
Every Monday at 9pm, Animal Planet series, Finding Bigfoot, takes you on a quest alongside a team of Bigfoot or Sasquatch researchers to locate the beast. The US team, Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation (BFRO), led by BFRO president and co-founder ...

Cheap night vision for under $50 [Video]

Yahoo Answers Top Contributor and Bigfoot Skeptic Wants a Fair Fight (Updated)

Matt Moneymaker Q & A: Thoughts on Bigfoot from a Decades’-Long Believer

The Legend Of Boggy Creek

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Footage - (Original and Complete)

MN.B.R.T. Radio with Justin Smeja Sierra Bigfoot Shooter

National Geographic version sucks (Patterson Gimlin Film)

Bigfoot After Dark in Utah
Searching for Bigfoot in Texas
DNA results from stolen Yeti finger coming soon (Update: It's human) [Video]

MN.B.R.T. Radio with Justin Smeja Sierra Kills Bigfoot Shooter Scheduled for January 1st

BBC Radio 4: Full Results of Pangboche Yeti Finger Test

BBC News: Pangboche Finger is Human, not Yeti

Finding Bigfoot - NY Town Hall Meeting

Dale Drinnon uses some archived materials in establishing the description of a mysterious beast reported from many locations around the world, including along the Mississippi River, in Texas, in the Florida Everglades and, possibly, in Nebraska. Drinnon believes a real creature is involved in the sightings. Meanwhile, the bipedal cryptid that's America's favorite makes the news on three fronts, today, starting with a report from Lana Berkowitz that calls on the voices of cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard, Idaho State University professor Jeffrey Meldrum, anthropology professor Vaughn M. Bryant of Texas A&M University and the author of The Beast of Boggy Creek: True Story of the Fouke Monster, Lyle Blackburn, in Searching for Bigfoot in Texas. Then Lon Strickler presents a compendium of reports in Bigfoot From Yesteryear: The Sobby Savage -- Cohomo Monster -- Winsted Wildman, followed by Loren Coleman's presentation of television and motion picture footage in Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?.

Pangboche Yeti Finger Found: DNA Results Given

Breaking News on A Yeti Finger
Merry Christmas from the May Family
Rick Dyer suing Tom Biscardi, and reiterates how the Men In Black stole his Bigfoot body

DNA results from stolen Yeti finger coming soon [Video]

Monday, December 26, 2011


Pangboche Yeti Finger Found: DNA Results Today
Fun Facts about Matt Moneymaker, also find out where his last name came from

Using a live baboon to lure in Bigfoot [Finding Bigfoot]

Vancouver Island Bigfoot Video Breakdown

Tim Fasano: Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA paper rejected by scientific journal [Breaking]

Bigfoot only ranks #2 on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Top Cryptid List

Bringing a Baboon Bigfooting? Yep.

Dale Drinnon serves up a wide examination of the types of creatures said to have been sighted in the many inland bodies of water of North America and along the continent's marine shorelines. Serving as the guest blogger for the Canadian Fortean research group, Drinnon makes some keen observations about the differences between the creatures seen along the coasts, including waterways close to the coasts, and those spotted well inland, offering many images. One of North America's most famous inland waterway cryptids is featured in new video Loren Coleman reveals, along with some excellent commentary, in Button Bay Bobber: New Champ Video? And Coleman has a compilation of television and motion picture footage addressing those large, hairy bipeds stalking the wilds - and a few suburban neighborhoods - in Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner? The case for unknown hominids in the wild is also featured in Lon Strickler's reminiscence about his own involvement in the 1973 search for The 'Sykesville Monster'. Also, the search for the wildman has occasionally led to the launch of emergency rescue missions. Consider the claims of Canadian Bigfoot hunter Todd Standing from the report Reality Turned Into Cliff Hanger.

Congrats to the Bigfoot Times Bigfooters of the Year

Bigfoot story from Pennsylvania [Video]

The original uncut Paul Freeman Bigfoot footage from 1994 [Video]

Play Finding Bigfoot: The Game on Animal Planet

Finding Bigfoot: The Game!

Have A Yeti Yule!

Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?

Patterson Gimlin Film:Frame by Frame Breakdown

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film (PGF) in So-Called Full Frame View:Breakdown Pt. 2

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The never-ending quest for Bigfoot
In a recent phone interview, Matt Moneymaker, president and founder of the four-man team Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO)—the leading scientific research group that investigates Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) sightings—said they go ...

Have A Yeti Yule!
North American Bigfoot: Finding Bigfoot - The Game!

North American Bigfoot: Sneak Peek at Season 2's New York Expedition


Snowshoe WV Bigfoot, first ever 3D video breakdown of Bigfoot footage

Executive producer of "Call Out: Search and Rescue" show says Todd Standing's episode probably ranks as one of the most outrageous

This Finding Bigfoot ad in Entertainment Weekly probably costs Animal Planet around $160,000 U.S. dollars

Book Review-Raincoast Sasquatch by Robert Alley

Special Christmas Present For All My Readers!!!!!!

Presenting The Mysterious Monsters, the documentary that got me started on my 35-year interest in Cryptozoology and Sasquatch in particular. Enjoy, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Intellect vs. emotion
Tim Fasano starting Florida Bigfoot Organization, says his expeditions will be FREE

Jim LeBus says his team of survival experts can get the job done and prove once and for all that Bigfoot is real

Is this a Bigfoot grave? Arizona Bigfoot researchers think it's possible they bury their dead in these things

Just before Thanksgiving, two women headed to North Carolina say they spotted North America's favorite cryptid in West Virginia. Terri Bessler and Crystal Krieger say they sighted the creature heading up into the wooded mountains. So, would the Bessler/Krieger sighting involve the Eastern Bigfoot? Dale Drinnon has all you need to know about the Eastern Bigfoot, the possibility of relic populations of the Neandertal, the Almas of Eastern Europe, the Minnesota Ice Man and lots more, all dutifully illustrated, in Alexandr Fedenyow and The Face of Almasty is The Face Of the Eastern Bigfoot. And that leads to what's going on in the realm of television searches for the huge, hairy hominid, revealed by Oliver M. Pulumbarit in Still Unraveling the 'Bigfoot' Enigma. As an added treat, we'll throw in some natural history filmed by Thomas Shahan and posted by Greg Taylor at The Daily Grail as Aliens on Earth: The Arthropods.

Happy Coelacanth Discovery Day!

HorrorPulse – The Hammer Vault and The Abominable Snowman
Inside Pulse
by Robert Saucedo on December 23, 2011 What happened to the Bigfoot horror movie? Once upon a time, an entire sub-genre thrived on a healthy fear of a race of hairy ape-men that lived just beyond civilization. From The Legend of Boggy Creek to the ...

Reality show captures Bigfoot hunter's rescue
Calgary Herald
But his crew's experience with Todd Standing, Calgary's notorious “Bigfoot hunter,” which will be seen on the show Monday night when the program airs on the Knowledge Network, has to rank as the most outrageous. “What's happening in the rescues can ...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bigfoot Folklore & Forensics - Harvey Pratt

Still unraveling the 'Bigfoot' enigma
In the Animal Planet show “Finding Bigfoot,” the group searches for the elusive titular creature (also known as Sasquatch, Yeti or Abominable Snowman) and goes on a cross-country expedition intended to answer questions posed by the old, ...
Local Residents Spot Bigfoot In West Virginia… and 2012

Matt Moneymaker: If a live Bigfoot were to be discovered, caught and studied... [Finding Bigfoot]

Tim Stover finds dead deer with broken neck near tree [Bigfoot Kill]

P.S. Hopkinsville Twilight Language
More thoughts about the temporal links for August 21st involving Hopkinsville and Budd Hopkins. The other people links and "coincidences" include Bud Ledwith, the old CSI, Dover Demon, Hopkinsville, Isabel Davis, J. Allen Hynek, Jerome Clark, Kelly, Ted Bloecher, and Walt Webb. Elsewhere, despite a dearth of publicity, Champ still incites imagination and piques curiousity over the depths of Lake Champlain. A video report is posted at Legend of Loch-Ness-Like Monster "Champ" Endures. Most young anomalists caught the bug watching In Search Of... while the next Loren Colemen will cite Peter Grave's pronouncement of "This May Be The Most Startling Film You Ever See...." from David L. Wolper's classic The Mysterious Monsters. The topic at hand is the recurring imagery of the beloved hairy hominid, including a link to some Rule 34. Rounding out the bunch are a pair of reviews expounding upon Animal Magic: Paul Trout's Deadly Powers: Animal Predators and the Mythic Imagination and Pat Shipman's The Animal Connection: A New Perspective on What Makes Us Human. The books also touch upon predators of the imagination and other liminal creatures.

Title To Be Available As eBook

Bigfoot Expeditions: Who's the cheapest?

Watch Dr. John Bindernagel explain why the Cowichan Valley is an ideal place for Bigfoot

Monday, December 19, 2011

Todd Standing appearing on "Callout Search & Rescue" TV show on Boxing Day in Canada

First Episode of Finding Bigfoot Season 2 Featuring a Baby Bigfoot [2 VIDEOS]
Big Hairy Anecdotal Evidence
Man who spotted gunshot wound and ponytail on Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot quits website

AWOLNATION and the Yeti

The story of Saint Patrick driving the serpents from Ireland remains strong to this day. He couldn't have picked an easier place to perform his miracles because stories of those emerald shores being the antithesis of ophidians can be traced to the dawn of history and Richard Muirhead has the story. Loren Coleman continues with his 'best of' entries as he remembers the Top Ten Cryptozoology Deaths of 2011 whose invaluable contributions are recalled. Update: One more, Alexandr Fedenyow, 46, has died suddenly: Russian Hominologist Dies. Dale Drinnon, Finding Lost Letters From the Mailbag, decides it's time to catch up on readers comments regarding Makara, the Ozark Holwer, the Dobar-chu, and more. And at the Doubtful Newsblog, Sharon Hill contacted three bloggers who run popular Bigfoot-focused sites and asked them how and why they do what they do. Find out in Sasquatch watchers following Bigfoot blogs for the latest news on their favorite subject.

2 Events Coming this Winter and Spring!!!


Saturday, February 25
11:00am – 5:00pm Mountain Time (1:00 P.M. Eastern Time/12:00 Central)

Exclusively Online at

Speakers-John Bindernagel, Jeff Meldrum, Jaime Avalos, Jason Valenti, John Mionczynski, William Dranginis and William Allen Barnes, with a special guest for the Roundtable Discussion.

Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People (Sasquatch) May 4-6th, Shiloh Inn, Richland, Washington

Speakers and guests-Bob Gimlin, Jaime Avalos, Thom Cantrall, Arla Collett Williams, Derek Randles, Kelly Milner-Halls, Igor Burtsev, Alex Evans, Paul Graves, Dr. Melba Ketchum, Ron Morehead, R. Scott Nelson, Ben Vasion and David Paulides.

All speakers are subject to change without notice.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photo of the Day: Early stages of the Yeti [Humor]

What Randy Brisson is known for (and it's not his hair)

New Footage: Bigfoot in slow motion knocking a giant tree down

Sharon Hill's article about Bigfoot bloggers and why we what we do talks Bigfoot, Mormons, and Cain

Janet Winikoff starts off with a look at the Memorial Day experiences of some Bigfoot searchers in California - a video of the Sanger Paranormal Society's claims of Bigfoot evidence from the foray is included - before going on to document the responses, pro and con, concerning the possibility Bigfoot is real. Winikoff winds up citing the remarks of two heavyweights in the field of primate research, Jane Goodall and Dr. Jeff Melgrum. Dr. Melgrum was recently interviewed on a National Public Radio outlet, KUER and its "Radio West" program, and his responses were criticized by Brian Switek in an article entitled "The Squid and the Ape." The hour-long interview and an excerpt from Switek's critique can be found in Meldrum is Interviewed by NPR and is Criticized by Wired Magazine. Meanwhile, the Australian version of Bigfoot is back in the news, beginning with Revisiting the Mt George Yowie, a replay of an incident that was inspired by law enforcement claims Yowie May Have Been 'Most Wanted' Fugitive. Elsewhere, Roland Watson, author of The Water Horses of Loch Ness, continues to keep a close eye on events on the Scottish lake, like the September photography offered by fish farm worker Jon Rowe, with Watson's latest offering on the photography and the legendary beast of Loch Ness appearing in Final Thoughts on the Jon Rowe Photograph.

Retired USA Forest Ranger Knows Sasquatch is real.

Monster In The Woods (DVD Trailer 2010)

Bigfoot Territory: A Bigger Picture

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show: Mike Rugg is back on YouTube to let us he's doing OK [Video]

The Crypto Hunters Bigfoot Footage Breakdown Marathon [3 New Breakdowns]

Documented Bigfoot sighting

Dr. Jeff Meldrum analyzes sierra Bigfoot tracks over telephone [Video]

Why it is illegal to kill a Bigfoot in California

MonsterQuest: Swamp Beast [Free Streaming Episode]

Strange Flying Creature Live Pterosaur
Jonathan Whitcomb has been chronicling reports of pterosaur-like creatures in the skies from various spots around the world. The latest report is from a few weeks ago, according to Whitcomb, and comes from Pennsylvania. Like some reports Whitcomb has chronicled from New Guinea, the creature described by Whitcomb's Pennsylvania correspondent appeared to feature "bioluminescence," making the woman who reported it "one of the few eyewitnesses who have reported both a form of an apparent living pterosaur and a glow coming from the creature." Elsewhere, another primitive creature that appears to fit the description of encounters some have reported in the United States, the Caribbean islands and South America draws the attention of Dale Drinnon and a correspondent, with incidents and observations assembled in the accounts of Appalachian Groundsloths, and Others Southwards. Meanwhile, something is roiling what should be peaceful waters in England and dining on full-grown swans, leading to the report of the 'Olympic Monster' Lurking In Waters By London 2012 Site, which may have absolutely nothing to do with the tales Richard Muirhead has dredged up from the Victorian Era archives and presents in Cheshire Devil Fish and Eels in a Devon Pipe.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Episode 192: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show

Guest Post: USFS possibly intercepted letters related to Bigfoot hunt [Cover-Up]

Rick Dyer invites Rex Dutton to join his team, hints at new show and believes in M.I.B.

Mike Rugg: The Curse of Bigfoot?

Did you know that Bigfoots can swim?

Watch Bigfoot Hunter and Survival Expert Jim LeBus demonstrate Fireball Gun on mock Bigfoot [Free Video]

Coalition for Reason, Science and Sanity in Bigfoot Research

Orangutan Physiology and Possible Parallels

Some folks go on the defensive when confronted with an enemy, like Troy Hurtubise and his Ursus armor. Greg Newkirk wants to introduce you to Jim Lebus who's gone on the offensive against the oddest opponent. Video and interview are one-of-a-kind. Meanwhile, with 2011 on the wane, everyone will be coming out with "best of" lists. Loren Coleman is no different, awarding accolades to one of his peers in Cryptozoologist of 2011: Mark Murphy, which celebrates the accomplishments of a man who broke one of the biggest cryptid stories of the last twelve months. Also, Doug Skinner has a newspaper column from the Mothman archives in Mary Hyre's Where the Waters Mingle 1/22/67 which kept pace with the burgeoning strangeness in Point Pleasant. And Lon Strickler reveals correspondence from a woman who has encountered high weirdness in the Buckeye State that leaves him wondering Was It The Frogman...Or Something Else Lurking In Loveland, Ohio?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

MonsterQuest Season 1: Episode 9 - Swamp Beast

Meldrum is Interviewed by NPR and is criticized by Wired Magazine
SPS Bigfoot Researchers Claim To Have Uncovered Solid Evidence
Top Secret Writers
But Sasquatch supporters have at least two esteemed scientists in their corner: Idaho State University Anthropology professor Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum and ...

Guest Post: USFS possibly intercepted letters related to Bigfoot hunt [Cover-Up]

Scientists say humans are just as hairy as any other apes [Science]

Scientists find over 200 new species in Southeast Asia, but still no Sasquatch, yet [Science]

Bob Gimlin's Bigfoot Encounter at Bluff Creek [Video]

Man in Norfork claims to have video of Bigfoot in its natural habitat, then pulls an Erickson Project when he tells people they can't see it

JavaBob's story about Bigfoot DNA results coming back as human and why he believes DNA tests will prove the existence of Bigfoot

Man Shoots Bigfoot, Makes Bigfoot Mad, and Then Builds a $9000 Statue

The rest of the title of Chris Parker's review of dragons as dinosaurs is "How Evolutionary Science Hides Historical Man and Dinosaur Interaction in Plain Sight", which is certain to cause agitation for a large portion of the citizenry. Parker offers numerous photos and illustrations comparing dragon images to dinosaur representations in what he refers to as "cryptozoological historical archaeology," and he indicates the subject is so broad he may offer a second and third part to this study he says shows dinosaurs survived alongside man into the dates of the ancient historical record. Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon has been analyzing tales of the Latino cryptid that has morphed through local lore into a canid in some quarters but should, perhaps be centered on a flying mammal, as detailed in CHUPACABRAS @ 2000 AD: What We Knew Back Then and ChupaBats, SuperBats with numerous illustrations throughout.