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2 Shows Tomorrow...

Date / Time: 9/27/2009 6:00 EST/5:00 PM Central

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Join me Elusive1 & Evie as we invite Don Sherman & Bob Olson two Minnesota Bigfoot Researchers from Northern Minnesota and Friends of the Minnesota Bigfoot research Team, Don & Bob both have been on the Histories channel hit T.V. show Monsterquest and where the to researchers that investigated the Stapel's Teen that Hit a Bigfoot with her car infront of het boyfriends house, and her boy friend and his little brother came out and shot at the creatuer, we will also be talking about there research and findings and thoughts, so come join us it is always a great time and well see you in the chat


Date / Time: 9/27/2009 7:00 EST/6:00 PM Central

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (646) 716-4530 And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Off topic: A couple more songs from the vault | Oregon Bigfoot Blog

A personal account by Loren Coleman arriving in Tyler, Texas, for the annual get-together of Bigfoot community celebrities. Tonight is the main event for the Texas Bigfoot Conference. For more on the conference, read Bigfoot conference stomping into Tyler. Also on Cryptomundo, a guest column by Brent Swancer on the Umibōzu, those massive creatures that terrified Japanese sailors.

Bigfoot- Sasquatch Dimensions and Traits, Characteristics, Bigfoot Biology, height, weight, speed, life cycle, calories, nocturnal, birth etc...

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Review; Bigfoot; America's King Kong 9-25-09

This was a pretty good show, with guest Jim Lansdale, who discussed activity at Monster Central, a piece of property he owns in Western Louisiana where activity allegedly takes place with Sasquatch and several sightings and finds of broken branches and other things. Several questions were asked from the chat and answered. Dunno what Jordy and Abe have planned for next week, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Texas Bigfoot Conference is this weekend!!!!!!

Further information can be found at
Adam Davies, now returning from his latest Sumatra expedition, writes that two expedition members have sighted the orang pendek. It was described as bipedal and "almost chimpanzee-like." Tracks were found, as well as hair samples and some rattan which it was eating. Also on Cryptomundo, a guest blog from Germany by Markus Felix Bühler on the giant Man-Eating Catfish, which turned out to be an example case of an internet monster hoax.

“Bugs” on Art Bell – Did he really shoot and bury Bigfoot? | Oregon Bigfoot Blog

HD JVC - High definition of the video where I first find the footprint.
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2 Shows Tonight.../Links

Date / Time: 9/25/2009 9:00 EST/8:00 PM Central

Category: Science

Call-in Number: (347) 884-9110

Please join Jordan Warner and Elusive1 as they invite Monster Central owner Jim Lansdale to the show. Jim Lansdale is one of the most influential members of the Texas-based Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. He is an active participant in the organization's public discussion forum and owns the property referred to as "Monster Central," site of much claimed bigfoot activity. Lansdale published a newsletter for a brief period on the happenings in the area.

Date / Time: 9/25/2009 10:30 EST/9:30 PM Central.

Category: Science

Call-in Number: (347) 850-8014

Sharonlee reports LIVE from the Texas Bigfoot Conference Meet and Greet! And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Sam Raimi Producing Yeti Movie

Video Landing Page - CBS 19 - The Eye of East Texas News -

Review: The Sasquatch Experience 9-24-09

This was a terrific show, with Sean and I discussing about evidence when it comes to Sasquatch and how protocols and proper techniques must be followed in the field, and how techniques are utilized in the field. Abe the Elusive1 called in and talked about some different field techniques and discussing some issues within the community. Next week, we begin our 50-State Tour with Washington State, with our guest Mike Frazee, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

We're taking on Bigfoot in this episode of Badoop Badoop. Or is is Sasquatch? The Yeti? ... Bumble, the Abominable Snowman?
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A TV cameraman has shot footage that some people believe appears to show a creature causing ripples in the surface of Lake Windermer in the Lake District. Dubbed “Bownessie,” the creature has been part of the folklore around the lake since 1900. Says a local councillor, "The people that have seen it believe genuinely they have seen something, even if there is no real proof yet."

Bigfoot on Congress Street Portland Daily Sun
The International Cryptozoology Museum due to open in Arts District of Portland, Maine, Nov. 1st. The museum will reside in the back of a new book shop, The Green Hand, which will open the same day. "I'm going to have my 8-foot tall, 400-pound bigfoot, my coelacanth, the Feejee mermaid from the P.T. Barnum movie, I will have a lot of unique things that no one else in the world has," Loren Coleman said.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sasquatch Experience Tomorrow...

Sean and I are doing an open-mic show, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Sasquatch Triangle 9-23-09

This was a really terrific show, with guest John Horrigan, who talked about the upcoming Mass Monster Mash on October 17th, which is just part of a larger weekend with the Mass UFO Show and the Mass Mystery Tour during the same weekend. Bill Green and I called in and talked about the Mass Monster Mash as well as about a recent footprint found in the Hockomock Swamp back in July which may or may not be a hoax. John went into depth with the investigation that was conducted into the footprint find. Don will be back in two weeks, with a guest TBA, 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
In this episode Tom Yamarone sings us a Bigfoot song about Albert Ostman.
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Bigfoot news roundup

The British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club have returned from their weekend exploration of Cameron Lake in British Columbia with little to show for their efforts other than a ping near Angel Rock: "Something just went ‘ping’ on the alarm on the fish finder and we saw this absolutely massive object in the midst of various fish." Could it be Cadborosaurus? That cryptid was adopted as an unofficial tourism mascot in the Victoria area, and the club director feels it is real because fishermen found one inside the belly of a sperm whale in 1937 and sent it to the Royal B.C. Museum for identification. The post features a photograph taken by Bridget Horvath in August of 2007, which is said to be of the Cameron Lake cryptid. But is it only "windrows," a wake that’s created by the wind? Elsewhere on Cryptomundo, “Sea Serpent” of Bahia Discovered and Gulf of Mexico Gives Up Giant Squid.

Sasquatch Triangle Tonight.../The Grey Area Tonight...

Don will have as his guest the organizer of the Mass Monster Mash, John Horrigan, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central.


Melissa and Monica will have Larry Battson as their guest, also at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Bigfoot Busters 9-22-09

This was a pretty terrific show, with Tim and Chuck talking about a recent moving trip for Chuck with hilarious results from a guy named Stacy trying to drive Chuck's vehicle. Dave Nowakowski (AKA Bluetracker) called in and was on the first hour and talked about the humorous story as well as recent activity in his research areas, including Salt Fork State Park. Bill Munns is the guest for next week, and it begins at 6:00 EST/5:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Squatch Inc. Team Member Rob Gaudet describes the components and implementation of...
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We interview JavaBob and he talks about his new book, "Monsters Myths and Me".
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Prompted by Joshua Warren to list the scariest monsters, defined as those that could "come and get you," Micah Hanks comes up with his top five: the Popobawa of Tanzania, the Jersey Devil of the Pine Barrens, the Flatwoods Monster of West Virginia, the Batsquatch of Washington state, and the Mongolian Deathworms. Follow the link for the gory details. Elsewhere, in case you missed the recent reports: the Strange Panamanian Creature is a Sloth and the Search is on for serpent-like creature in Cameron Lake.
Bigfoot convention event to bring big bucks to Tyler | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Texas Regional News

9/20 Alleged "Bigfoot" Sighting In Lumberton

Review: Sasquatch Watch Radio 9-21-09/2 Shows Tonight...

This was a really good show, with guests Craig Woolheater and Monica Rawlins who discussed the upcoming Texas Bigfoot Conference this weekend, as well as about reports in the Tyler area. Bill Green and I called in and Bill asked various questions to Craig, Monica, Billy and DB and of course brought up his white whale, the GA. Hoax. Dunno what Billy and DB have planned for next week, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central.


Date / Time: 9/22/2009 7:00 EST/6:00 PM Central

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (347) 633-9642

The first half of our show is open table talk and calling in at 8:00pm will be our special guest.


Date / Time: 9/22/2009 9:00 EST/8:00 PM Central

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (646) 595-4292

Please join your hosts Bob Coyne and Mike Killen as we welcome TBRC researchers Craig Woolheater and Monica Rawlins to the show. The TBRC will be hosting their 2009 conference this coming Saturday Sept 26th in Tyler, TX and our guests will be speaking about the upcoming conference. If you are able, please join us in our chat room. It's always fun and we love to interact live with our listeners. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mike shares an anecdote on Scott Nelson, cryptologist and speaker at the upcoming ...
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I am back on the western side of the sierras. I compare two casts of the 10 inch f...
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Bob Gimlin Appearance Getting Media Attention

Dan Gannon, who has studied reports of Proto-Pygmies for several years and assisted the program “Destination Truth” with their recent Alux shoot, critiques the recently screened episode. Gannon raises seven objections, on of which is: " Despite the fact that the Aluxob have been extensively and consistently documented and described, in Spanish-Mexican culture for more than 500 years, the program seriously corrupted the description, falsely portraying Aluxob as hairy all over their bodies, and with big fangs, and “carnivorous teeth,” which is not accurate, at all." Also on Cryptomundo, a Call To Muralists: CZ Museum Needs You and Loren Coleman hopes to See Ya In Tyler & Indiana.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sasquatch Watch Radio Tomorrow...

Date / Time: 9/21/2009 9:00 EST/8:00 PM Central

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (347) 237-5070

Please join hosts Billy Willard and DBD, aka The Blogsquatcher, as we invite Craig Woolheater & Monica Rawlins to the show to discuss the upcoming 2009 Texas Bigfoot Conference on Sept 26, 2009. Come hear about the guest speaker line up and call in to ask Craig or Monica questions about the upcoming conference. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Reviews: MNBRT/Nite Callers/HBM's Crypto-Corner 9-20-09

MNBRT was pretty good, supposed to be with Ed Welch (AKA TheFirstBillyJack) but he did not show, so it was a call-in roundtable show, where Jordan Warner called in and discussed his latest projects, as did I call in and talk to Abe and Jordy. Dunno what Abe and Evie have planned for next week, but it begins at 6:00 EST/5:00 Central.


Nite Callers was great, with guest Billy Willard, who discussed his beginnings in interest in Sasquatch and Cryptozoology, with watching the movie The Legend of Boggy Creek. It was his sons, Josh and Tim, who started up Sasquatch Watch of Virginia in 2005, when his two sons had a sighting of a Sasquatch creature. Next week, Laurie, Lauren and Luke will have a preview of the upcoming Honobia Bigfoot Festival, beginning at 7:00 EST/6:00 Central.


HBM's was pretty great, with guest/guest co-host Jordan Warner, who discussed a good deal about his video series Cryptid Hunt, as well as Bigfoot: America's King Kong, which has a stellar lineup of potential guests coming up soon. We also discussed a film project he is putting together on his favorite superhero Batman which sounds quite promising. We also discussed the upcoming conferences and events in Honobia Oklahoma, Tyler Texas and Felton, California (The Texas Bigfoot Conference, The Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Bigfoot Discovery Day III). Abe called in and talked about some activity this past weekend in his research areas as well. Starting October 4th, Bill and I will be starting our second-annual Authors' Month, hopefully with Thomas Steenburg, beginning at 9:30 EST/8:30 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
In this review, Nick Redfern states flat out that Real Vampires: Night Stalkers, and Creatures from the Dark Side, which separates "the fictional vampire from the factual one," is "one of Brad Steiger's finest books." Nick himself contributed to the book, a chapter on the legendary Puerto Rican monster, the Chupacabras. Then in Ghostly Pets, Nick recommends a newly reissued edition of Elliott O'Donnell's 1913 book, Animal Ghosts, which has been re-titled Ghostly Pets, Phantom Felines and Haunted Hounds. Still more book reviews, this time by Roger Peterson, can be found in Sects, Drugs and Chupacabra. And,last but not least, where do compassionate angels of mercy manifest from? A book review examines the phenomena of strange assistance in a time of need in the Third Man Factor: Spirit Guide or Sleight of Mind?
Encounters with Werewolves From the Shadows
Legends of werewolves are taken seriously by those who have reportedly seen the mythical beasts. Whether crossing roads in dark woods or chasing frightened teens through a suburban golf course, any of these witnesses will tell you they wouldn't believe the stories they tell if they hadn't seen it themselves. Throughout the years, those who witness the man-beast describe it as over six feet tall, muscular, bi-pedal and generally, very unfriendly. Yet, not all legends reside in remote places. One witness reports that his sighting wasn't "out in the woods or at a secluded cabin, but in Tempe, Arizona.” Elsewhere, no physical evidence has been found by officials of the State of New Hampshire confirming the existence of the state's first cougar in 140 years, but NH Takes Sightings Seriously.