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Listen To The Most Vocal Bigfoots In The U.S.




 FB/FB Where Possible Hoaxers Send their Videos to be Authenticated? [Humor]




 Science Set Free - Good News for Lumbering Robots SF Gate

The first thing to understand with Rupert Sheldrake's upcoming Science Set Free is not an answer to Dawkin's The God Delusion. It explores the possibilities of an open-minded approach to science, leaving behind the mechanistic-materialism stifling innovation. Deepak Chopra ably deconstructs the dogma. From philosophy to proposals, the Oracle of the Underworld Micah Hanks goes into The Science Of Ghost Hunting: Logical Leaps Of Faith are necessary for a successful investigation. Key to this enterprise is understanding why ghost hunting gear may be a hinderance, instead of an asset. A pragmatic approach is an asset to comprehending the Paradox of Hoaxes: How Errors Persist, Even When Corrected. Samuel Arbesman emphasizes the fluidity of data and knowledge in the information age. Case in point is a study on spinach taking on a life of its own. An error led to an error, to yet another error with another waiting in the wings. Loren Coleman read the same article, broaching the subject of The Hoaxing Of Hoax Claims. From the famous 'Surgeon's Photo' to the celebrated Patterson-Gimlin film, Loren takes issue where people find fakery when there is no evidence of fakery. Such is the Tao of Fort.

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If You Have A Piece Of Bigfoot Flesh, You Will Probably Be Required To Sign This Paper [Ketchum DNA]




 TheZaskman: Sign This Petition For The Scientific Investigation and Disclosure of North American Native Species




 Glenn Soutter's Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Photo Recreation





FB/FB Believes The "Camper" Video Is Not A Hoax Because The Hoaxer Says So




 A Real Life Dragon, Not a Werewolf




 Thom Powell: I'm inclined to say that the Elbe trackway looks fake




 Is FB/FB (FACEBOOK FINDBLOBSQUATCH) Eager To Help Hoaxers Get Confirmation On Their Videos As Factual Bigfoot Evidence?




 Steve Kulls Calls It: Tent video is from Rick Dyer…




 Sharon Lee On Cell Phone Video Hoax And Facebook Find Bigfoot




 Breaking: Is Rick Dyer Behind The Camper/Tent Hoax?




 The Great New England Vampire Panic Smithsonian Magazine

Vampires once again rise from their graves in New England, quite literally as a supposed vampire skull was discovered by a kid in 1990. That skull along with a few other human bones arranged in bizarre ways led to an investigation of what the police initially thought was the work of a modern-day serial killer. As is often the case with all things Fortean, truth turned out to be much stranger than fiction and the resulting story reads like a horror novel full of mysterious deaths, creepy strangers and restless undead from the 18th century. Meet the Real-Life Vampires of New England and Abroad who were the actual unfortunate victims of the vampire craze that struck New England in the 18th and 19th centuries. Continuing on with the sudden vampire craze that has struck paranormal bloggers lately, Beachcombing shares a cautionary historical tale warning us to Never Fall Asleep in a Hungarian Cemetery. We are fairly certain we will never find ourselves in that situation but we thank Beachcombing for the helpful tip!
The Travel Channel is launching a new ghost hunter show as a probable companion piece to "Ghost Adventures" since it's executive produced by Zac Baggins. The show sounds like a rehash of SyFy's "Fact or Fiction" and features Joshua P. Warren who is the same guy who was involved in the Freezer Bigfoot Body hoax years ago, so we are a bit less than impressed (Asheville ghost hunter Joshua P. Warren puts Bigfoot body up for sale on eBay). Moving on to a just as fake but far more entertaining subject, io9 gives us a close glimpse at Wendigo Psychosis: the Probably Fake Disease that Turns People into Cannibals, who as far as we know do not stuff their victims into freezers for later...or put their bodies on eBay either.
Malcom Smith ponders the identity of the recently sighted Lake Labynkyr Monster and concludes that it is most likely a fish, albeit a very, very large one. Plunging even further into the watery depths, Cosmos magazine presents Secrets of the squid from Hell revealed, a rare and very peculiar species that feasts only on dead flesh and is known as the "Vampire Squid". Meanwhile, Karl Shuker is Kicking up a stink about the Ink monkey, a very rare and tiny monkey that is almost always misidentified and Dale Drinnon introduces us to a new species of carnivore foun in Madagascar--the Durrell’s Vontsira.
It seems that even Canadian Bigfoot shares his country's famous politeness as he seems reluctant to step out into the spotlight and be discovered. Biologist John Bindernagel states emphatically that Canadian Sasquatch is out there, just waiting to be discovered. Jeff Meldrum agrees with him, saying "It's just a matter of time" before Canada produces unquestionable Bigfoot proof. Of course, skeptics see the glass half-empty and regard the lack of evidence proof that Canadian Bigfoot does not exist at all.

thomsquatch: The Elbe Trackway: I Doubt It
Thank you Thom for your hard work and candor regarding your insight into this event. I am sure it mu...

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Behold: 1,000,000 Imaginary Bucks If You Can List The People In This Drawing




 Enhanced Images Of The Alleged Camper/Tent Bigfoot Footage




 Here It Is: The Bigfoot Camper/Tent Video In Color, Still Sucks Really Bad




 Is It Wrong To Charge For A Bigfoot Expedition?




 Report of Bigfoot (Neanderthal-looking man) Slinging Mud at Frog Catcher In Florida




 FB/FB's "Camper" Video Now Wrapped Up In Confidentiality-NDAs





We aren't sure what to make of this report from Four Corners, New Mexico. It's unlike anything we've heard before in what seems to be a combination of Bigfoot, chupacabra and poltergeist activity. There is physical evidence with claw marks on the walls and windows of the house, a rabbit hutch and the hood of a truck, but also scratch marks on the back of a teenage girl who was attacked while sleeping in the house. Quite frankly, the eyewitness accounts of the creature lurking outside in the yard are far more believable than the teenage girl's story so it seems that two different scenarios are being played out. If her doubtful story is put aside, the report is quite convincing. These people are frightened by something for sure. It reminds us quite a bit of the Corn Demon reported on by The Vicar's Lamp last month in Illinois. It's a good week for strange creepy creatures stalking hapless victims in the woods apparently, as anIndie Filmmaker Films Strange Figure In Woods in Tennessee. Only in this case, we think there's a pretty big clue as to the source of this bizarre figure--"filmed by an Indie filmmaker" who just happens to be filming a new movie...we think the only thing doing any stalking here is a bit of clever viral marketing.
The livestock mutilations continue in Argentina, as Inexplicata reports, and this time it was goats who fell victim in a particularly grotesque way (disturbing photo included). While UFOs haven't been reported in relation to these reports, historically it's been proven that they usually are and we think it's a matter of time before people mention seeing odd lights in the sky around the time of the incidents. The isolated locations may be the biggest reason UFOs haven't been reported yet. In much lighter UFO news, The Professor shares an questionable but amusing tale of a 1966 UFO encounter from a man with the unfortunate name of Fred Krueger. Were Krueger's experiences with "transparent people" who took him aboard their spaceship and flew him around at lightspeed an Almost Unknown CE3, or Ambulatory Dream, as The Professor suspects? And finally, The UFO Chronicles bring us a blast from the past with a Saturday Evening Post from 1966 in which J. Allen Hynek Reports On a UFO Landing Near Nuclear Missile Site; An Air Force 'Strike Team' was Ordered To Intercept in North Dakota. This sighting was very significant but was brushed aside by the media at the time, which is still modus operandi some 40 years later in cases like this, except now ridicule or discrediting of the UFO witness is often deployed to cover all bases in the event the pesky witness refuses to stay quiet.
Bigfoot reports from Alaska aren't something we've heard much about but after reading this article, we are convinced Bigfoot's territory extends even further north than we ever thought. From a 1988 sighting by military personnel in the Arctic Circle to more recent backyard sightings in the remote North Slope, it seems that some Bigfoot prefer the frozen desolate tundra to the more densely populated areas of the Pacific Northwest and Canda. Skeptics don't have much to use in this debate, so balding polar bears standing upright have become the go-to explanation. Much further down the map, Texas Bigfoot presents a well-thought out report on Wood Ape Sightings: Correlations to Annual Rainfall Totals, Waterways, Human Population Densities and Black Bear Habitat Zones in Texas. Meanwhile, "zombees" migrate north as Washington state's first 'zombie bees' reported. Zombie bees may sound amusing but the parasitic infection killing them off may have devastating and far-reaching effects on the entire ecosystem. The zombie apocalypse might just start with a buzz rather than a whimper.
The battle to find sasquatch
Victoria Times Colonist
"And we have what has to be the best sasquatch habitat anywhere on the planet right here on the BC coast," said Courtenay's John Bindernagel, author of the ...

Watch This Awesome: Searching for BIGFOOT Music Video




 Joe Black Captures Bigfoot With iPhone, FB/FB's Samsung Note "Camper" Footage Now Feels A Lot Clearer





Wednesday Video Spotlight: Bigfoot to answer the call at Saturday's Plaza ... (blog)
Apparently, that creative and diverse culture extends to the art of Bigfoot calling. That's right, for the seconds straight year, the Fowler VW Tent at the festival will feature a Bigfoot calling contest, and Jonathan Fowler, general manager of Fowler ...
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Check Out the Trailer for Bigfoot County
Earlier this week, we told you Lionsgate Home Entertainment was going to be bringing some "found footage" Bigfoot thrills to the small screen with Bigfoot County from director Stephon Stewart. In the film, a documentary filmmaker and his crew venture ...
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Yeti sightings reported ahead of bigfoot hunt expedition
TNT Magazine
... Moving to London · Money & Taxes · Accommodation · Insurance · Leaving the UK · Shipping · TNT Events · Travel Show · Forums · Submit Events · Travel Show · Jobs Search · Home · News · Weird; Yeti sightings reported ahead of bigfoot hunt expedition ...
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Wednesday Video Spotlight: Bigfoot to answer the call at Saturday's ... (blog)-3 hours ago
Apparently, that creative and diverse culture extends to the art of Bigfoot calling. That's right, for the seconds straight year, the Fowler VW Tent ...

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This Is An Alleged Yowie Hand, Not A Werewolf Claw




 FB/FB's Camper Video Was Filmed Using a "Galaxy Note" Not an iPhone-- Details of Bigfoot Eating, Walking, Running To Come




 Petition: People for The Scientific Investigation and Disclosure of North American Native Species




 From Our Forum: Is Dr. Ketchum Part Of A Government Cover-up?

What Would Sasquatch Do? Billy Green’s Review
Our good friend Steve Kulls has a new book out called, What Would Sasquatch Do? Steve Kulls is a pro...

New Footage: Indie Filmmaker Films Strange Figure In Woods




 Skookum - Donate Now!




 Listen: Sasquatch Live Radio Talks About "Bluff Creek Massacre" And The Elbe Trackway [Uncensored]



 Three Yeti Sightings In Siberia In A Week Daily Mail

Not to be left behind in the worldwide race for Bigfoot infamy after China revealed new sightings of the Yeren recently, Siberia now claims to have new Bigfoot sightings too. The Yeti sightings took place in the very remote Kemerovo region and were described as 'bear-like' humanoid creatures covered in fur and running upright. The creatures were also estimated to be 7 feet tall. Meanwhile, Glasgow Boy shows us Some Nessie Webcam Images that show something moving half-submerged across the surface of the Loch. Stitching together the images into a gif, the webcam captured the possible Nessie on cam for 16 minutes, though as is often the case with cryptid creatures the image is just too blurry to determine for sure what we're looking at. Still, it's far more to go on than Nessie researchers have had in years. Karl Shuker explores the very real phenomenon of A Snake With A Head At Each End? - The Amphisbaena Awakes! The once mythological snake is currently alive and well in South Carolina and living live comfortably as a pet snake. The pet Amphisbaena is the only living specimen of its kind.

  1. Arctic Bigfoot? Balding polar bear? Inquiring minds want to know

    Alaska Dispatch-3 hours ago
    Is there a Bigfoot on Alaska's North Slope? One Barrow family thinks so, and it has them worried about a remote cabin property they own about ...
  2. New Trailer and Artwork Take us to BigfootCounty

    Dread Central-5 hours ago
    A new trailer and artwork have arrived for the next sliver of cinéma vérité-style Sasquatchploitation, BigfootCounty, starring Stephon Stewart ...

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Have Questions About Sasquatch? Ask the Expert
Think you've seen Sasquatch wandering around the woods? Or maybe you have pictures and you're sure of it. Maybe you have questions about his existence overall. Well, now you can ask them. There have been nine Bigfoot sightings in Summit County, ...
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What's The Best Phone For Taking Bigfoot Footage? iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 920?




 The Bigfoot Field Reporter Wants Everyone To "Unlike" FB/FB's Fanpage Over Recent Video




 Did You Know That M.K. Davis Is an Amateur Astronomer and a Tornado Chaser?





Wow!: Three New Abominable Snowmen Sightings In Row In Siberia




 It's Entertaining To Watch Gorillas Being Entertained By a Caterpillar [Video]




 Were Those Black Bears Near Fort Totten Metro Station? Fox News

A commuter had a stroke of luck, spying a pair of black animals from his platform. He passed the story onto Bob Bernard, asking straphangers and specialists alike if there's a pair of bears in urban Maryland. With photos and video. In the past couple of years, there's been more than 300 sightings contributing to Dorset's Big Cat Riddle. Emma Walker runs down the best stories, with contributions from experts to explain why Dorset is a hot spot for ABC's. More curiously the Granite State Skeptics director of investigations, Kitty Lapin Agile, remembers when "Travis And I Saw A Chupacabra". Despite fellow skeptics sticking to the party line of mangy dogs, both doubters had their eyes and minds opened to the possibilities. From confrontations with chupacabras to brushes with bigfoot, In Willow Creek There Are Bigfoot Believers. Though he doesn't spy a sasquatch, Sam McManis discovers that bigfoot deniers are exception rather than the rule in hairy hominid country. After an afternoon at the China Flat Museum's Bigfoot exhibit, it appears the seeds of credulity have been sown.

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Skookum the Movie fundraising campaign now on




 'Dragon' Rumours Scare Kashmir Residents Hindustan Times

Sightings of a 'large mysterious' lizard in this Himalayan region have set off a panic among residents and led authorities to set up a hunt for the creature. They believe, however, that it is nothing more than a monitor lizard, although such creatures are not usually found in hot and desert areas. Moving on to more familiar cryptozoological material, Javier Ortega provides an analysis of the intriguing “Running Bigfoot” Trail Cam Photo we mentioned yesterday, and Jonathan Poulsen gives us the lowdown onBigfoot: The Romney Connection. Lastly, we have Karl Shuker on The Stuffed Dodo That Was A No-no! This is an unusual case in which "a complete, near-perfect, genuine stuffed dodo would be one of the greatest zoological finds of modern times –- almost as amazing as discovering a living, breathing dodo!"

Bigfoot Discovery Day V, October 20, 2012


"OMG! Did You Guys See That!" Fake Bigfoot Footage




 Researchers Capture An Alleged Bigfoot On Video Taking Stuff From Cooler






M.K. Davis Gets Roasted By Steven Streufert




 My thoughts on the footprint from the Elbe, WA trackway




 Photos Of The Day: Photoshopfoot And Uncropped Image Of Whiteshell, Manitoba Bigfoot