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Salt Fork State Park Is Hot With Activity Right Now





More Sierra Kills Rumor While We Wait For Ro Sahebi To Finish Up The Interview





Is this a Bigfoot Leg and Hand ?

Hippystix1 brought this old movie produced back in 2007 to my attention. The family dog finds what appears to be the leg/foot and hand of an ...
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MonsterQuest - Sasquatch.Attack.II "LIKE" us on Facebook" SEASON #2 Episode #20 A return investigation to the remote hunting cabin in Northern Ontario ...
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Bigfoot Evidence: Video Of Tom Biscardi's "Leg of Unknown Origin" Resurfaces On YouTube

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An Explanation Of Bigfoot Eye Shine





Giants Pitcher Brian Wilson Brings Bigfoot To ESPY Awards





Did Destination Truth finally capture evidence of Bigfoot in Vietnam and manages to impress Jeff Meldrum who states that the the casts at least are the best evidence he's seen from Vietnam. Cue the next episode full of 45 minutes of "What was that?" "Did you hear that?" "There's something out here!" and 5 minutes of actual evidence, but in this case the dramatics might be worth it. Linda Godfrey shares her tale of a recent possible Bigfoot encounter in Wisconsin wherein she seemed to be communicating via wood knocking with something that she could not see: The Bigfoot Branch? After a few rounds of tree knocking, the unseen conversationalist yanked a huge 20 foot long branch off a tree nearby and hurled it to the ground. Later on, Godfrey's companion spotted a bipedal creature striding off into the woods. Apparently, this particular Bigfoot was showing the puny humans who had the bigger stick. Soon after, Godfrey left the area in a hurry and wisely so. Damien Bravo delves into The Life and Times of the Russian Almas/Yeti, Bigfoot's coneheaded cousin that is rumored to have mated with humans at some point in history. What exactly is the Almas? Bigfoot? Human? Something in between?

Interview Autumn Williams

This is an interview I had done with Autumn back in August of 2009.
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Jack Link's - Sasquatch in the Middle

As we all know, nothing attracts a curious Sasquatch like kids dancing with glow sticks. And of course, nothing turns a curious Sasquatch angrier ...
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Jack Link's - Gaming

rated "D" for "Don't-under-any-circumstances-play-anywhere-near-a-Sasquatch-with-impossible-strength-and-fondness-for-cute-doe-eyed-forest- ...
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Bigfoot Evidence: OMG: M.K. Davis Breaks Down The Paul Freeman Bigfoot Footage
Bigfoot Evidence: The 12 Commandments For The Passionate "Amateur" Sasquatch Researcher

'Destination Truth' Season Premiere: Searching For The Vietnamese ...

Huffington Post - 18 hours ago
On the Season 5 Premiere of "Destination Truth" (Tue., 8 p.m. ET on Syfy) Josh Gates and his team were searching for hominid cryptids in ...
Josh Gates, star of 'Destination Truth,' talks about Bigfoot, ghosts
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40th anniversary of MOMO Mania

KSDK - 19 hours ago
Bigfoot-like creature spotted near Louisana, Missouri, July 11, 1972 ... July 11, 1972, someone said they saw a Bigfoot-like creature near ...

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Watch Destination Truth: Vietnam's Bigfoot Here!!!!!!

Tim Stover's "Bigfoot Scares Hunters And Their Dogs" Video Breaks 150,000 Views In Under 7 Months




Mark Your Calendars For The Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium In October 2012 [Bigfoot Community]





Cynical Sasquatch Page on Facebook





Just Two Rules In The Comments Section





Images Of Thermal Footage And Foot Print From Destination Truth's Vietnam Bigfoot Episode





40th anniversary of Missouri's Bigfoot, the Momo





Except for the Giant Wombats, all of the above was involved in just one Yowie encounter, as Damien Bravo explains. In 2009, construction worker Dean Harrison says he was attacked and beaten up by a Yowie that left prints on the construction site excavator. Harrison is not shy in sharing the physical evidence as the photographs show. The man was certainly tossed around by something...Like the Yowie, the Mothman seems a bit fond of roughing people up and even killing them if all the stories are to be believed. A local news station revisits Point Pleasant, West Virginia and finds that the residents are still understandably unsettled about the subject: Ohio's Mysteries: The Legend Of Mothman. Who Forted examines another crpytid mystery just north of Ohio and nearly as ominous as Mothman: Classic Cryptid: The Legend of the Jersey Devil. The Jersey devil has been reported for 275 years in the Pine Barrens area and no one is any closer to explaining what exactly it is. The creature tends to mostly frighten hikers out in the woods but has been known to terrorize whole towns, as it did in 1909 for an entire week. The Cryptid Chronicles brings us a great overview of another elusive creature, this one slightly less threatening perhaps only by virtue of being limited to water, Pressie the Lake Superior Sea Serpent. Like all great cryptid creatures, Pressie has been reported for over a century and has been captured only in a handful of blurry photographs. 

Snackin' with Sasquatch: Book Club

New Snackin' with Sasquatch Commercial: Book Club. You can take Sasquatch out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of Sasquatch.
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Bigfoot Evidence: The Life and Times of the Russian Almas/Yeti (Wildman)
Paranormal Tulare County
Visalia Times-Delta
The independent Bigfoot researcher is organizing the fourth annual Bigfoot/Paranormal Symposium on Saturday at Fatte Albert's Pizza in Visalia to give locals a chance to learn about the mythical ape-like creature, along with UFOs and the paranormal.
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Finding Bigfoot To Investigate Sasquatches Displaced By Colorado Fires [Burnt Bigfoot]





Prince Edward Island Bigfoot Footage, Sped Up





Destination Truth: Some Vietnam Bigfoot Stories, The Creature They''ll Be Looking For Tonight On TV





FB/FB: Homo Erectus was likely created in America





Review: Destination Truth 7-10-12

The episode featuring the Vietnamese version of Sasquatch, called here the Batutut (or the Nguoi Rung) was really good and interesting. We see Josh Gates and his crew venture into the jungles of Vietnam in Ka Bang Park searching for this cryptid; during the first day, Josh goes and meets with Dr. Viet who has the cast of the 1982 track which was found and is the only known footprint of the Batutut cast to date. The team on the first night splits into two teams. Josh and his crew do get a thermal image of what appears to be a large bipedal individual walking in the jungle, but it is too far away to make an absolute determination one way or the other. On their second day they explore a cave where Josh hears some kind of a low groan, but again find nothing. On the second night, Josh and his crew find a series of footprints, one of which is cast. The tracks are also photographed, and another track is found in a cave and photographed. When the team arrives back in Los Angeles, they examine the footage they took but do not make a determination on it. Josh then takes the cast to the Virtualization Laboratory at Idaho State University where the cast is scanned. Josh then takes the cast and the photos to Dr. Jeff Meldrum's laboratory where Meldrum seems to give the photos and cast his seal of approval. He says they are extremely compelling and they do seem to have hallmarks similar to other Sasquatch casts. All in all, a really good episode of DT, which I would give an 8 1/2 out of 10.

Les Stroud's Big Foot experience

Les talks about one of his Big Foot encounters.. check out
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DNA Research - 07-09-2012

latest project, Sykes is doing DNA testing of suspected Yeti and Bigfoot hair samples in tandem with the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. ...
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Destination Truth Season 5 Premiere Tonight!!!!!!

Josh and the crew return tonight at 8:00 Eastern/7:00 Central on SyFy, with a 2-hour episode focusing on the Nguoi Rung, the Vietnamese equivalent of our Sasquatch. Check local listings for time and channel.
In a rather unsettling snippet of an upcoming interview, Justin Smeja doesn't seem all that concerned that he shot and killed a Bigfoot. Or so he claims. He states that he would happily shoot anything that looks out of place in the woods. His account of the infamous Sierra Kills incident, corroborated by his hunting partner, does seem to contain some truth but as usual we are left waiting for the rest of the story and the results from the Ketchum hair sample test, aka the slowest published paper in history. Speaking of evidence, Bigfoot hair sells for $225 at a Texas auction; is it real? You don't even have to be a skeptic to doubt that claim. The hair is being sold in 100 lots, which means either someone managed to find a Saquatch barber shop or this is a blatant fake. Sometimes fact really is stranger than fiction, and Io9 tells the twisted tale of two brothers named Heck who were behind The Nazi breeding program that resurrected an extinct species--the auroch. The brothers very carefully crossbred several breeds of cattle until they achieved the perfect match and then inexplicably released the aurochs 'back into the wild' in dense German forests where they quickly became extinct once again.
Environmental Science Center's 'Bigfoot Adventure Series' Continues Saturday
The B-Town Blog (blog)
Burien's Environmental Science Center's ongoing summer program Bigfoot Adventure Series continues this Saturday, July 14, from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m., with 'The.
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What do you see? 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film remains a controversial subject
Yakima Herald-Republic
Determining how one fills in that blank and answers the question is as simple as the question that prefaced this entire series of stories: Do you believe in Bigfoot? If you do, you almost certainly believe the poorly-focused, jittery film taken by ...
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Taking A Walkabout With The Australian Yowie, Clawed Hands, Excavators, Giant Wombats and Bruises... Ouch!





"Just For Laughs" Plays Bigfoot Prank On Unsuspecting Victims [Humor]

Listen To Oxford Professor Bryan Sykes Talk About "American Genes" Tonight On C2C [Bigfoot DNA]





More Proof That There Are Bigfoots In Michigan



Sasquatch Scoop Threatens To Expose The "Facts"





"Skeptics" Need To Do More Research








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Bigfoot Whisperer Rob Fairless Releases Thermal Footage Of Bigfoot's Face [Humor]




Lawyer Blog Thinks Fmr Oregon Gov Embrace of Bigfoot is Damaging, Not True









 Bigfoot Evidence: Photos Of The Day: Patty's Cranial Proportions Compared To Ape, Giant Foot Print I






The Bigfoot Whisperer - Bigfoot Face Caught On Thermal Camera - Episode 5 - AlienInformation

The Bigfoot Whisperer returns with one of the most amazing photographs EVER captured in the history of photography. The Whisperer uses today's ...
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The Legend of Boggy Creek Trailer (1972)

Charles B. Pierce's 1972 docudrama based on the Bigfoot type creature called The Fouke Monster. The film takes place in Fouke Arkansas and is based ...
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The Harrison Sasquatch Meditating

... deannnajones ... "Bigfoot (Film Subject)" ...
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"I Killed Bigfoot" (Preview) A one minute preview for the upcoming free documentary, "I KILLED BIGFOOT" - A Conversation with Justin Smeja. A re-telling ...
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Bigfoot Footage - Complete Freeman Film

This is the whole complete footage that Paul Freeman shot on that day in 1994.
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World Main Show only - Evidence for Bigfoot - Coast To Coast Am

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MonsterQuest - Bigfoot in New York "LIKE" us on Facebook" SEASON #2 Episode #26 A look into a 1976 Bigfoot sighting in upstate New York where several ...
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Sasquatch communication

one interesting thing I caught on video later ... rdub 487124 ... sasquatch bigfoot actual talking caugt on tape video amazing footage audio yeti ape ...
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Exclusive Preview: Justin Smeja Speaks Out On Camera For The First Time About Two Bigfoots Shot (Update: Video is up)




Dr. Melba Ketchum Reports That There Is Nothing To Report (Yet)




The Oldest Modern Human DNA Found In 7,000 Year Old Cavemen Bones




This Is The Bigfoot Hair That Was Recently Sold To A Museum For $225




M.K. Davis Enhanced Overlay With Patty And A 6-Foot-Tall Person




Bigfoot Researchers: Forget To Bring Your Camping Chair? No Worries




US Federal Govt: Denies Mermaids and Embraces Bigfoot




Over in Big Sky Country where the waters run deep, Laney Hanzel is collecting data on his local cryptid. Doctors, lawyers, and other trustworthy professions have his phone ringing off the hook after sightings of this lake monster. Elsewhere, deep in the Pine Barrens, a spittin' distance from Leed's Point where the appropriate exit number would be 666, is the east coast's most notorious cryptid. Josh Sanofsky asks you to join him around the chiminea as he regales you with a Classic Cryptid: The Legend Of The Jersey Devil. Looking further back in history and farther away from the Garden State Parkway, Andrew Nicholson talks about the Phantom Animal Prowling Tasmania's Huon Valley. Could this area be the final preserve of the late, lamented thylacine or could those eucalyptid canopies provide cover for something far stranger? One can't mention cryptids without Loren Coleman raising his head like Nessie. He reminisces upon That Jungian Year: 1977 where Richard Dreyfus got half of a suntan, Elvis died on the toilet, and the release of Star Wars. Let's not forget a young man from Illinois who raised a ruckus in biological circles and his very first book celebrating Bigfoot, giant birds, among other beasties of the bumper crop of 1977.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! S04E04 - Cryptozoology (18+)

DON"T YOU DARE FLAG THIS! Concerning mythological creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. Cites the belief and study of these ...
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The "Freeman Video" A Second Look

down two scenes from the Freeman Video. Detailing the face and the body of the Bigfoot. ... joebblack 1963 ... Bigfoot "Bigfoot Research ...
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Film site walk across BW and color vignetting removed

A good comparison of a young man of 6'11/2" to the film subject as she walks by the spot. Background photo by Peter C.Byrne.
Greenwave2010fb Greenwave2010fb uploaded 

Walk across HD with audio

This kind of gives the viewer the feel for being there. The panorama was created with a very high quality 352 frame with the walk across overlay.

What does it mean to be a "Bigfoot Skeptic"?