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The Sasquatch Summit - A Tribute to John Green

My name as it's called

Nite Callers Bigfoot Talk Radio'...

Newly updated and up-to-the-minute information on the Sasquatch Summit

North American Bigfoot: 2005 Hand Print from Mescalero, NM
The Fall of the House of Blogsquatcher Dreams and Phase Transitions
A popular Bigfoot website folded up its tent and left the blogosphere in the Spring of last year. The blogger responsible for the well-received website protected his identity for reasons explained in this piece, but now reveals himself. And, in the process, he reveals some startling possibilities for the creature known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Skunk Ape and other appelations. Equally surprising are the sequence of spiritual events that led to the demise of the popular web presence. What made a dedicated Bigfoot researcher quit the field? Elsewhere, Raheel Mughal gives the history of a mysterious salamander of epic proportions reputed to exist in a California wilderness area in the report The Trinity Alps Giant Salamander. Is there a salamander that grows up to 9 feet in length hiding from man in California's wilderness? Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon continues his efforts to decipher the Tibetan wording in descriptions of the Yeti, offering further reasons for separating reports of Yeti sightings from reports of Tibetan Blue Bears, with images.

The Sasquatch Summit

Coleman The Sasquatch

Southern Spotlight

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Coast to Coast AM - 1 of 6 Bigfoot.

Coast to Coast AM - 2 of 6 Bigfoot

Coast to Coast AM - 3 of 6 Bigfoot

Coast to Coast AM - 4 of 6 Bigfoot

Coast to Coast AM - 5 of 6 Bigfoot

Coast to Coast AM - 6 of 6 Bigfoot

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Lenny Green Song Lyrics

Running Bears

You hear it all the time from a witness,

Someone who saw a Bigfoot clear as day,

Watched this hairy giant walkin' just like a man,

And with a blaze of speed run away,

So they tell their story to someone who'll listen,

But that would be someone who wasn't there,

the reply they're gonna get, still hasn't changed a bit,

"Seems to me you must've seen a bear."

Ain't it amazing just how many bears are learnin' how to run on two feet?

Their legs are gettin' longer, they're developing agility and speed,

They tell us if it's upright, and covered all in hair,

The only thing you could've seen in this world is a bear,

and it's amazing just how many bears are learnin' how to run on two feet.

Well, I've been out campin' high up in the mountains,

Caught myself a mess of hungry trout,

Finally it was time to head back home again,

So I packed up all my things and headed out,

Suddenly I see this shaggy monster, run across the trail on two big feet,

Ain't no bear alive, got that kind of stride, but that's just what they told me that I'd seen.

And it's amazing just how many bears are learnin' how to run on two feet,

Their legs are gettin' longer, they're developing agility and speed,

They tell us if it's upright, and covered all in hair,

"The only thing you could've seen in this world is a bear,"

And it's amazing just how many bears are learnin' how to run on two feet.

We've got ourselves a unique situation, Evolution's gettin' outta hand,

There needs to be a new investigation, on quadrapeds that run like a man,

Someone needs to call up Dr. Meldrum, see if he's familiar with the trend,

Maybe there should be a documentary, "Bipedal Skills of Ursus American."

'Cause it's amazing just how many bears are learnin' how to run on two feet,

Their legs are gettin' longer, they're developing agility and speed,

They say if it was upright, and covered all in hair,

"The only thing you could've seen in this world is a bear,"

And it's amazing just how many bears are learnin' how to run on two feet,

It's amazing just how many bears are learnin' how to run on two feet.

Look at that bear go! Hey, George, you ever seen anything like that before?

Look at him haul on two feet, yet! Ha, ha, ha, never seen nothin' like it in my life.

Patty, Roger and Me

You all know the story, I've told it for so long,

But this will be a first for me, to tell it in a song,

'Bout the time, a friend and I, rode into history,

When the cowboys met the lady, that was Patty, Roger and me.

Back in '67, if you were like most folks,

And someone mentioned Bigfoot, well, you'd just laugh at such a hoax,

Not so with us, 'cause we were bound by fate, to go and see,

A date with no one else around, just Patty, Roger and me.

So we rode into Bluff Creek, to see what we could find,

Roger needed background scenes for a film he had in mind,

Suddenly the horses shied, we fought to keep control,

There before our eyes she walked, so real, so big, so bold.

The camera rolled, the film ran out, as Patty walked away,

To leave us shocked without a doubt, out lives, forever changed.

Roger packed his camera, while I put away my gun,

Both of us relieved that we had only needed one,

As for me, through all the years, time was kind you see,

it left the memory crystal clear of Patty, Roger and me.

Whether you believe or not, the choice is yours alone,

Roger's film still looks the same every time it's shown,

Someday soon, they'll have the proof, for all the world to see,

Then they'll know, we told the truth, 'bout Patty...Roger...and me.

Bigfoot site of the month January 2011

Thom Powell's New Book

New Evidence of the Lady Sasquatch - The Hoop: a P...

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Bluff Creek Film Site Project Part 35-Investigation-Gen. Con. Discussion (10-10-10) (PGF BIGFOOT)

Book Review-Re-Casting Bigfoot by Gian Quasar
In a guest contribution for Cryptomundo, John Green, "an outstanding straightforward spokesperson for clear thinking in Sasquatch studies," addresses some of cryptozoology's biggest stories, including Jacko, Ape Canyon, Albert Ostman, the Patterson movie, and some prime examples of early stories that he found completely convincing. Elsewhere, in Dogman Entity, witnesses report seeing a "black creature" in a suspected portal area in North Central Texas. And in a cryptozoological tangent to the story that has been all over the news lately, we learn that the Jared Loughner, a/k/a erad3, posted on Chupacabras, NASA conspiracies, and even, apparently giants: Tucson Shooting Suspect Posted On Giants

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Oregon Caves Bigfoot Sighting

  • Southern Oregon Bigfoot Lore By Jane Sauls. While tales about the legendary Bigfoot are scattered around the world, southern Oregon has its very own claim to fame thanks to a decades ... · Cached page
  • Oregon Live's The Search for Bigfoot page. This page contains updates and resources regarding the Pacific Northwest's elusive hairy biped.

  • The Southern Oregon Bigfoot Society (SOBS) are based in Grants Pass, Josephine County, Oregon. Dr Matthew Johnson co-founded the SOBS after an encounter with a Sasquatch in The ...​britishbigfootresearchcenter/​id3.html · Cached page
  • Johnson rounded up his family and high-tailed it back to the Oregon Caves. Derek Randles, a Bigfoot aficionado from Yelm, Wash., who has investigated well over 100 alleged ... · Cached page
  • Bigfoot Encounters Is Bigfoot real? This is a question that is often debated among people interested in strange phenomena, cryptozoology and other similar topics. · Cached page

    • By Regan Lee ·
    • 0 posts

    There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying​north-american-bigfoot-oregon-sasquatch.html · Cached page

  • 224 total listings: State map of individual report locations (requires Adobe SVG Viewer ... Maps for Oregon. Map type:​state=or · Cached page

  • A couple of photos are in the Southern Oregon or Rogue River National Forest photos linked from the bottom of the page. The Bigfoot trap was built in 1974 with a special use permit · Cached page
  • Bigfoot Sightings in Oregon From The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Sunday, July 2, 2000 Submitted by Dr. Matthew A. Johnson (licensed psychologist)​bigfoot.ssf?/special/current/​bigfoot_​sightings.frame · Cached page
  • Phantoms and Monsters has reported that footage of a strange, long-armed figure was captured by a passing video camera as it walked away from the edge of Oregon's upper ...​bigfoot-filmed-in-oregon · Cached page

  • From Miners Lady New Photo Of Bigfoot In Oregon. I was out planting trees in the liquid sunshine that we have here in Oregon.​oregonbf.htm · Cached page

  • , MyFox Eugene is the Website for Fox 34. We have news, weather, entertainment. We are the source for information for Eugene.​Bigfoot_In_​Oregon · Cached page

  • By Steven Streufert ·
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Cryptic News from the Willow Creek View. Transhuman Sasquatch Strangeness from the Middle of Nowhere. A Voice Howling out from the Klamath-Trinity-Siskiyou Wilderness.​some-happy-thoughts-on-bigfoot-our.html ·

  • By Bigfoot Hunter ·
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Have you seen Bigfoot? Better head to Eugene meetup EUGENE, Ore. - Hiding behind many names - Wild man, Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot - our furry friend has been noted and talked about ...

  • By Steven Streufert ·
  • 2 posts

On her Oregon Bigfoot site and blog she has clearly ... slot that he had complained of the night before, THOM POWELL ... KATHY MOSKOWITZ STRAIN came on next, with her usual ...

Review-Bigfoot Truth N Lies and Bigfoot Quest 1-11-11
Creations: real or fiction?
Bigfoot Face Enhanced

Boggy Creek Review Promo

Proof is in the Videos from August 22 2010 .

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Sasquatch Sighting In 1960 Winnipeg
My First Video & Bigfoot Testimo...

2011 Conference Season Video

Spring 2011 is Bigfoot Conference Season!!!

Cliff Barackman added to 2nd-Annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium!!!!!!

Video for the 23rd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference/Expo

2 Speakers have been announced for the 23rd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference

BIGFOOT - Blog Talk Radio

The Horse Man of Bede Still on the Track
The borough of South Tyneside in the UK is said to be home to three anthropomorphic cryptids: the Cleadon Critter, a Bigfoot-type hairy hominid; the Splitback Demon (an odd “lizard man”); and a hairless, blue-skinned, blue-eyed weirdo called, well, Blue Eyes. But now comes news of a fourth. Witnesses report a man standing in the middle of the road wearing a long, black coat with a hood, who banged on their car with the flat of his hand as it came to a stop. An eccentric human? Not exactly, as although from the waist up the stranger looked reasonably conventional, from the waist down he was anything but. He had two legs, but they were not human legs; they were actually those of a horse. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman discovers that to locals the famous St. Augustine Giant Octopus of 1896 is apparently Florida’s Invisible Monster. Will that change now that it's made the local news as St. Augustine's Monster Mystery.
Review-Nite Callers 1-09-11
Web site tells of five southeastern Illinois bigfoot encounters

The Black Sasquatch in the Forest ?.

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Trailer Debut: Shriek of the Sasquatch

New Banner for the Sasquatch Summit

Rock Clacks in the Siskiyous

Human Ancestor Article

Bigfooting with Cliff Barackman - Olympics 2008

New Updated video for the Sasquatch Summit

A December 29, 1960, encounter in the woods near Renwer, Manitoba, Canada, finally makes its way into the news after 70-year-old Archie Motkaluk, upset by a television commentator's claims that the creatures don't exist, dragged out the book in which he detailed his encounter the day it happened. Motkaluk never told anyone about the encounter except his mother until this past Christmas. Motkaluk's mother encouraged the young man, 20-years-old at the time, to sketch what he had seen. Meanwhile, as a follow-up to a recent article intended to remove some confusion in Yeti identification, entitled Clarifications on "Dzu-Teh" as The Big Yeti, Together with an Ecological Specification for It , Dale Drinnon offers background to the previous article with lots of images in Footnotes on "Dzu-Teh". Elsewhere, a feline oddity makes the news in a Swedish report pointed to by Dr. Karl Shuker in New Video of the Tunceli Winged Cat, and Shuker carries on with a look at a venerated pachyderm in Pink Elephants on Parade!
Winnipeg man claims Sasquatch sighting