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A lengthy and well-illustrated consideration of a type of hominid report first identified by Mark Hall that is distinct from Sasquatch and the Almas types and which became more widely known under the name that Loren Coleman bestowed upon it, the Marked Hominid. While the poster, Dale Drinnon does not see a need for a separate species of Almas and Marked Hominid to be involved, he does agree that the two forms are distinctive. Elsewhere, Coleman tackles the question of lions in Europe, specifically in England, in Shades of Xerxes: Mystery of The Royal Lions, and a skeptic reviews Patty Wilson's Monster Stories From Pennsylvania, and faults the author for not citing sources, a lack of analysis, and no cohesive conclusion.

McKenzie River Oregon, Bigfoot Footage, trimmed.flv

MonsterQuest - Sierra Sasquatch 1/5

MonsterQuest - Sierra Sasquatch 2/5

MonsterQuest - Sierra Sasquatch 3/5

MonsterQuest - Sierra Sasquatch 4/5

MonsterQuest - Sierra Sasquatch 5/5

the freeman footage sasquatch.flv

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"Finding The Missing Link" Rick Baker Documentary on Making Harry

Live Update-East Fork State Park

Wineka column: Messin' with Sasquatch


He is 84 years young today.

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Spreading the Word - Jeff Meldrum gives talks in I...
The Cry of Bigfoot?
Bluff Creek Film Site Project 42 Overview #6 (1-16-2011) (PGF BIGFOOT P-G FILM PATTERSON GIMLIN)

Bluff Creek Film Site Project 43 Overview #7 (1-16-2011) (PGF BIGFOOT P-G FILM PATTERSON GIMLIN)

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Loren Coleman disputes a recent critique saying that there is “quite explicit evidence” that the Myakka photographs are a hoax. "Where’s the smoking gun?" he asks, "No one has proven a hoax was behind the Myakka photos. Period." He also disputes those who believe that theory of multiple forms of unknown hairy hominoids existing at the same time undermines the scientific acceptance of Bigfoot. Today, he reminds people, it is clear that the prehistoric world of hominoids was concurrently populated by several species; why can't the same be true today for unknown hominoids? Elsewhere, in Bishop Pontoppidan Versus The Tree Geese, a discussion of the Bishop of Bergen, who was a scientist and a skeptic, but who also was a pivotal early proponent of the “Great Sea Serpent” of the North Atlantic and argued for the existence of mermaids. Finally, we call to your attention a documentary depicting the facts behind and investigation of the Mothman phenomenon that is about to be released: Eyes of the Mothman.

Bigfoot was nearby ?? June 10 2010

Nite Callers Bigfoot Talk Radio Interviews SIR

West Coast Sasquatch

New Sasquatch Summit Vid

Massive NC Bigfoot Search Gains Momentum

Sasqwatch Watch a Valentine's Gift for Bigfooters

Animal Planet is Filming in North Carolina

More Sasquatch Ecological Niche Modeling

The Voice of Russia: Tea party with the Yeti?

Anna Nekaris: Searching for the Yeti

TV Skeptic: 'Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide'

Animal Planet Conducts Bigfoot Town Hall Style Meeting in N.C.

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Producers, actors, and crew from the cable television program "Animal Planet" are following around Michael Greene, a man from Salisbury, NC who claims he saw Bigfoot in the Uwharrie National Forest two years ago. Greene said he has a video of the apelike creature and said he even knows Bigfoot's favorite treat. The film crew will try to document Greene’s attempt to find Bigfoot again this weekend. Elsewhere, a profile of Jeff Meldrum, an associate professor of anatomy and anthropology and adjunct associate professor of the Department of Anthropology at Idaho State University, who is using his expertise in foot morphology and locomotion of monkeys, apes, and hominids to bring a new level of scientific inquiry to the search for Bigfoot: Does Bigfoot exist?

MonsterQuest Season 1 Episode 5 - BigFoot Part 1/4

MonsterQuest Season 1 Episode 5 - BigFoot Part 2/4

MonsterQuest Season 1 Episode 5 - BigFoot Part 3/4

MonsterQuest Season 1 Episode 5 - BigFoot Part 4/4

Bigfoot Movements - From Various Timbergiantbigfoot Videos

Book Review: Visits From The Forest People by Julie Scott

Tribute to Steven (Indy) Pickett

Snow 2-9-11
Bigfoot Calls?

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Mike Swaords receives an issue of the mainstream journal Science and reads an article which he thinks comes very close to being solid scientific evidence for the claim made decades ago by Dr. Myra Shackley that there are/were wild-living non-Homo Sapiens sapiens living in modern times in the central regions of Asia. The article is about the various researches that Russian scientists are doing trying to determine the DNA sequences of extinct species, such as the Mammoth and the Neanderthal, with the focus being a cave in south-central Siberia named Denisova, where they found a pinkie finger that belonged to a completely new human-like species. Swords notes that the cave in question is right smack in the Altai Mountains, a consistent favorite lurking area for Almas and other cryptobeasts of such nature.

Nick Redfern on the Woodwose, the hairy wild-man of the woods, a legendary creature whose origins date back centuries, and whose form can be seen in numerous pieces of medieval European artwork from countries including Germany, Italy, and Britain. But unlike Bigfoot or the True Giants, the Woodwose was more human-like in appearance and nature, which has led some to speculate that these creatures may be feral people, human-beings who, either by choice or circumstances, chose to live solitary lives, deep in the woods. Elsewhere, Karl Shuker discusses one of the most remarkable yet unexpected palaeontological finds of modern times in England in When the Mammoths Came to Town. And finally, the folks at Magonia review True Giants: Is Gigantopithecus Still Alive? and other tomes of cryptozoological interest in Bigfoot and Bigger.

MonsterQuest Season 1 Episode 2 ...

MonsterQuest Season 1 Episode 2 ...

MonsterQuest Season 1 Episode 2 ...

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Mike Rugg is this weeks guest on Bigfoot Tonight February 13th 201

Thinking Outside The Box-Part 1
Local Community Talks Bigfoot With 'Animal Planet'
WXII The Triad
TROY, NC -- The quest to find the mythical Bigfoot continued in Montgomery County Tuesday night. Producers, actors and the crew from Animal Planet met with ...
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Does Bigfoot exist?
Idaho Mountain Express and Guide
"The larger-than-life image of a Bigfoot deliberately striding across the screen made a lasting impression on a young and adventurous mind and served to ...
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Idaho Mountain Express and Guide
Animal Planet joins NC search for Bigfoot
Kingsport Times News
By AP SALISBURY (AP) — Is the legendary Bigfoot a Tar Heel? A Salisbury man thinks so, and he's trying to prove it. The Charlotte Observer is reporting ...
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Valentine's Day Gift for the Bigfoot Lover
Paranormal Utopia
By ParaNikki Still don't know what you're going to get that Bigfoot lover who has everything? Don't worry, you still have time! ...

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I'M HOME!!!!
Editorial on The Dark Knight Rises

Editorial on The Dark Knight Rises 2


Loren Coleman celebrates Jules Verne's birthday with a look at a creature appearing in the movie version of one of his novels, Mysterious Island, a classic cryptofiction story about a group of Union soldiers escaping from their Civil War prison via balloon, and landing on a remote island filled with prehistoric survivors, including memorable giant birds that terrorize the humans. Of course, early humans could never have come into contact with the giant carnivorous "terror birds" of North and South America, as it appears they became extinct at least 2 million years ago, not 15,000 years ago as previously thought. Elsewhere, Max Blake reviews an expensive set of books on another giant flightless bird species, the Moa of New Zealand, in Moa Sightings by Bruce Spittle. And speaking of ancient birds, what is Gabriel’s Feather - A Plume From The Wing Of An Archangel? Karl Shuker wonders if a feather that was once thought to be from an archangel of Heaven actually came from a bird of paradise.

Editorial: Did History Channel Take a Potshot at Roger Patterson?

Park Rangers And Bigfoot-Part 2

Sasquatch The Legend Of Bigfoot 1978 TV Trailer


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thomsquatch: The Out-Of-Town-ers

Bluff Creek Film Site Project 41 Overview #5 (1-16-2011) (PGF BIGFOOT P-G FILM)

The Voice of Russia: Tea party with the Yeti?

Adam Davies: In Search of the Mande-Burung

Anna Nekaris: Searching for the Yeti

Abominable Snowman/Superman Producer Brutally Attacked">Abominable Snowman/Superman Producer Brutally Attacked

Julie Scott's website
Bigfoot search begins nearby
Charlotte Observer
By Steve Lyttle A meeting of those who have encountered Bigfoot or have evidence of the creature's existence in or near the Uwharrie National Forest is ...
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The Ancient Powers of the Forest People
'Visits From The Forest People' also includes a wealth of information on the origins, history, and observed habits of Bigfoot, along with other supporting ...
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The Debris Field: 'Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide'

Manwolf's Howls & Growls

  • Bigfoot/sasquatch report investigation group centered in Ontario. ... Northwest - Kenora Region - Snelgrove Lake DID HISTORY CHANNEL FIND BIG FOOT?​4526090706
  • Monster Quest Sasquatch Attack at Snelgrove Lake ... This episode from the Monster Quest TV series examines reports of an aggressive Bigfoot that allegedly inhabits the ...​sasquatch/monster_quest_​sasquatch_attack_on_​snelgrove_​lake.html
  • Bigfoot Sasquatch Snelgrove Lake Ontario You Tube You Tube​30140-bigfoot-sasquatch-snelgrove-lake-ontario...
  • Watch Bigfoot Sasquatch Snelgrove Lake Ontario Video at - Embed our Bigfoot Sasquatch Snelgrove Lake Ontario Video Code on your favorite Social Networking site or ...​ontario+lake.htm

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BIGFOOT'S bLOG: ARGOSY February 1968 PGF ARTICLE; SQUATCHMASTER Tree-Break Hoax Update, plus more on

Green Bay Packers connection to Bigfoot Songs - Pa...
Lon Strickler posts an interesting reminiscence from a Long Island, NY, woman who recalled a July of 2006 encounter with the unknown while walking the beach at night with her fiancee. Strickler's contact, Jeni, describes herself as "an artist, was raised with an open mind, am a healthy skeptic and I don't scare easily." But what she and her fiancee saw that night on Long Island sent them running to the car. Did Jeni and her beau see "living UFOs"? Elsewhere, the first part of a two-part posting from Richard Muirhead (the second part will be from Glen Vaudrey) tells of a report in England of an out-of-place shark, discovered by two boys according to the newspaper accounts, and the efforts from several fronts to decide how this shark came to be in the wrong place at the right time, as explained in Muirhead's Mysteries: The Sad Sorry Saga of the Shark in Cheadle Part One. Meanwhile, the International Cryptozoology Museum needs a little love, and Loren Coleman is asking readers to Vote for Best Museum by Valentine's Day! And Coleman has posted additional comments following last Wednesday's Bigfoot program on The History Channel and Discovery Canada, as seen in Viewers React to "Definitive Guide" to Bigfoot [Updated 2.5.11].

The BigFoot Live Radio Show-27 14 March 2007 - Part 8

The BigFoot Live Radio Show - 27 14 March 2007 - Part 1