Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lancaster Commentary: What happened to mystery in the world? (KNXV-TV) (blog)
I fully admit it, with zero shame: I was scared to death of Bigfoot as a kid. Whenever we would go on family picnics in the White Mountains, I kept waiting for him/her/it to stalk me silently in the woods and then ultimately drag me off to feed to the ...

Tales of Abominables Go Way, Way Back
Wall Street Journal
Lurking behind every bush, just beyond every ridge, leaving tracks in the dusty road, we know we are in Bigfoot country. Poor Matt Ridley. He claims in his column "Mind & Matter: Getting to Know a Real 'Abominable Snowman'" (Review, July 23) that ...

A North Carolina resident reveals the strange happenings around his rural property near the Yadkin River, including the sighting of "a pair of large red-orange eyes." According to this account, something "kicked" the property owners dog, knocking the dog out for a few seconds, although the witness and his family members weren't able to see whatever attacked the dog. The resident says, "This is not a hot bed of Bigfoot sightings. But I have been hearing something very large walking in the woods beside my house." Will Bigfoot researchers soon target Davie County, NC? Elsewhere, Nick Redfern reveals his contribution to a new book about the supernatural in which he points out some reports of spectral cryptids, as noted inGhosts, Spirits, & Hauntings. Redfern will also be covering the same topic in Atoka, OK, September 10 - 11, 2011, as announced in The Cryptid Fest, and he'll step away from cryptozoology to discuss another detail of the paranormal in Los Angeles September 30 - October 2, as revealed in MIB at the Conscious Life Expo.

The Bluegrass Bigfoot: Sasquatch In Kentucky

A Kentucky native says his interest in Bigfoot finds its roots in a personal experience. He claims he saw the creature in Anderson County as a ...

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American mindset: It's about obsessions, not facts
By Guest Columnist By Michael McLeod Reading recently about the reclusive forest giant known asBigfoot ("Finding Bigfoot," July 16), I found it telling that in today's political climate the beast would have a TV series of its own. ...

Television news reporter Rowena Shaddox goes on the road to interview Greg Moore of California's Amador County who says he sighted Bigfoot while riding along a highway at night last October. And Shaddox goes on location with Bigfoot researchers Kathy and Bob Strain to the Stanislaus National Forest to use "call blasts" seeking the reclusive forest giant in a second news video. There's more news video, this time from Kentucky, inBluegrass Bigfoot and the Erickson Project.

Skull found by hikers is human — not Sasquatch
The Seattle Times
The hikers may have initially thought the skull belonged to a Sasquatch, but a Sasquatch expert told them it was human. By Alfred Diaz No comments have been posted to this article. WAITSBURG— Authorities are investigating a human skull that was ...
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Bigfoot In Kentucky
LEX18 Lexington KY News
Blame Daniel Boone for starting the Kentucky Sasquatch rumor mill. The American pioneer once bragged of killing a 10-foot hairy giant he called Yahoo, possibly a nod to Jonathan Swift's novel Gulliver's Travels. "When you grow up in rural Kentucky, ...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The chatter in the cryptozoology community and among fans of the science that seeks clues of undiscovered creatures continues to focus on footage filmed by Kelly Nash in Alaskan waters in 2009. In this news footage the video is included as cadborosaurus enthusiast John Kirk and biologist Jason Walton, as well as several skeptical commercial fishermen from the area, discuss the film and what the creature might be. Also, Loren Coleman has issued a BULLETIN: Champ Symposium Cancelled!! The symposium had been scheduled for this weekend in Vergennes, VT. Meanwhile, Richard Muirhead adds to Scotland's monster lore with a news archive from 1840 seen in Odd Aquatic Creature in Loch Assynt, Scotland, 1837 -1839.,0,7588679.htmlstory

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A case of an out-of-place creature killed when struck on a Connecticut highway last month has turned out to be a case of a way out-of-place creature. The first confirmed wild mountain lion found in Connecticut in a century turns out to have made its way from South Dakota, a distance of around 1500 miles. Connecticut officials traced DNA from droppings and hair samples showing the big cat's progress across the nation, a journey reported as "one of the longest ever recorded for a land mammal." What drove this male cougar to trek from the Black Hills of South Dakota to Connecticut? That question - and other more important ones - lead to commentary from Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology Jon Downes in The Latest on the Connecticut Puma. Has information been withheld in what Downes has referred to as the "Connecticut Cougar Caper"? Another large feline has shown up where it wasn't supposed to be, too, as indicated in a report from Cheshire, England, found in 'Big Cat' Spotted at Lymm Rugby Club. And there's even a report of a large cat seen as a harbinger of doom ever since the days of President Abraham Lincoln, as Shawn Lindseth explains inAwesome or Off-Putting: Washington DC’s Demon Cat. Elsewhere, illustrations accompany Rob Morphy's treatise on The World’s Strangest Lake Monsters, Loren Coleman remembers the influence a book about denizens of the inland deeps has had on him in Rethinking Lake Monster Traditions and Craig Woolheater spotlights the work of Bob and Kathy Strain in Calling Bigfoot: Will He Answer?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cliff Barackman has the background story for the filming of this episode of the popular Animal Planet television program. With numerous photos, Barackman offers proof of the findings the cast and crew found during the very first filming for the show. Elsewhere, monsters of fable occupy the tales of Scott Corrales in Cryptozoology: Dragons in Spain and a news report from New Zealand in 'Swamp Monster' Threatens Auckland Rail Project. Meanwhile, The Professor, in the spirit of the late Ivan T. Sanderson who maintained multiple files concerning sea serpents, gives the latest videos from the North Pacific a gander in Quick Addendum of the New Film of the Alleged Alaskan Monster, with images. And Loren Coleman has an update on the coming weekend's discussion in Vergennes, VT, celebrating the most famous resident of the area, as noted in Champ Symposium.

Bigfoot Times, July 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011​011/07/dna-game.html

Footage that appears to have been filmed early last year near Carbondale, PA, is alleged to show a white-haired Bigfoot that was reportedly prowling around the rural neighborhood. Craig Woolheater gathered several analyses of the footage and comparisons with other alleged Bigfoot footage. What do you think? Meanwhile, Steven Streufert updates information on additions to Bigfoot's blog, showing plenty of video features in Al Hodgson Interview, Rip Lyttle's Bigfoot Class, Tour of Willow Creek, and More. Elsewhere, one bulging eye and a froglike snout are all she has captured on camera, but Naomi West feels some victory in her latest backyard encounter detailed in Puddle Monster IV - The Terror Revealed, with photo; and the existence of some sharks of uncommon size in Canadian waters has Stephen Turnbull of CFZ - Canada revisiting a 1999 sighting in Giant Shark Sightings in the Bay of Fundy. Also, there are indications of possible trouble for a Texas youngster who thinks he bagged a renowned cryptid, as seen in Benjamin Radford's In Killing Chupacabra, Did Teen Commit a Felony? and Regan Lee's Fear of the Unknown: Another Hairless Creature Killed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

From the maverick science files: Jennifer Viegas reveals that previous findings of "human/Neanderthal interbreeding" have been confirmed by new research that shows "some of the human X chromosome originates from Neanderthals, but only in people of non-African heritage." Does this make modern non-African heritage humans hybrids? And more than hybridization occupies the mind of a commentator known more for her revelations concerning UFOs, alien abductions and general paranormal subjects. Chris Holly discourses on the creation of chimeras in the laboratories of the world, sometimes with little to no oversight, and the possible horrific outcome of such genetic manipulation, all put together in When Science Visits Frankenstein Thinking! Meanwhile, Dr. Andrew May shows where his own consideration of missing time in European history went askew with his explanation of The Phantom Time Hypothesis.

Ed Grabianowski pays homage to a select group of cryptids he says "are so bizarre you kind of hope they're real." Here are the eight beasties Grabianowski selects with some images and videos. Jonathan Wilkins, meanwhile, has photo evidence to back up his report on Ten Extinct Animals That Have Been Rediscovered. Elsewhere, adding a bit of welcome humor to the field of monster hunting, Nick Redfern offers a few words about the appearance of a "puddle monster" in Texas, with Naomi's Nessie... before directing your attention to the words of Naomi West herself in Beware the Puddle Monster, Puddle Monster 2 - The Mystery Continues and Puddle Monster 3 - The Nightmare Continues. And there's more Nessie news, including an indeterminate photo, in Could This be the Latest Nessie Sighting?