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21 Degrees Between Bigfoot And Humans

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Video pretty much explains itself.. What is really interesting is the video I'm going to share a link to, you will see it ...

Les Stroud Alaskan Bigfoot Encounter

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Survival Expert Les Stroud Reveals His Personal Story About An Encounter He Had With Bigfoot



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Paul's Bigfoot pic

Finding Bigfoot Season 3 To Feature Mink Creek Footage




 New Footage: Pennsylvania ATV Bigfoot Sighting




 The Bigfoot Diaries: The Incredible Story of Justin Smeja




 New Footage: Hulbert, Oklahoma Bigfoot




 November 11th: Cryptozoology On CBS Sunday Morning Cryptomundo

Barring another catastrophe, there's no reason Loren Coleman's eagerly awaited cryptozoological contribution to CBS Sunday Morning should be pre-empted again. Check your local listings for airtimes and set your DVRs, VCRs, data crystals, and eight-track cassettes for this examination of our favorite fortean field of research. They'll have clips of the new bigfoot filmExists, but we're unsure if they'll be covering the Scott Norman Memorial Expedition In Search Of Mokele-Mbembe. Good thing John Kirk is on the job with details of this upcoming cryptosafari whose quarry will also include Ngoubou, Dodu, Yoli, Emela-ntouka, and the elusive Morou N'gou. The team would be wise to stay on the African mainland as Karl Shuker expounds upon The Madagascan Man-Eating Tree - More Than Just A Monstrous Myth?. Descriptions range from lurid Lovecraftian accounts of sacrifice to reasoned, scientific inquiry on the nature and possibility of the fabledCrinoida dajeeana tantalizing cryptophytologists to this day.

Hulbert, Oklahoma Bigfoot (Enhanced Audio)

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Sent into NBC News 2 Oklahoma

Bigfoot Captured Video At Mink Creek, Idaho 2012

by thebigfootreport  3 hours ago  97 views • http A sighting by some high school students near Pocatello has Sasquatch hunters coming to southeast ...

Matt Moneymaker begins new Finding Bigfoot season with exclusive Huliq ...
Matt Moneymaker, president of the BFRO, discussed questions readers and FindingBigfoot fans have had about the Animal Planet show, and about the team's techniques, methods and observations. Follow. Reality TV · Latest News. Today, in a great Skype ...
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'Bigfoot' runs roughshod over reason
Boston Herald
Answer: Nothing on this show. But that won't stop the determined crew of BFRO, the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, from chasing down every grainy video, rumor and eyewitless — excuse me — eyewitness account as they track the elusive creature.
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Bigfoot investigators believe creature has taken a toehold in area
The Banner-Graphic
Showing plaster casts supposedly made from Bigfoot footprints Thursday night at the Putnam County Public Library are professional wildlife biologist Tim Cassidy (right) and Steve Abney, director of the Indiana Chapter of the North American Fortean Society.
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Knox County mayor to proclaim 'Bigfoot Day'
Memphis Commercial Appeal
Yes, the Sasquatch aficionado and well-known conspiracy theorist has lured one of Animal Planet's biggest shows to the area, and he hopes to capitalize on its publicity and, perhaps, help find what some people (not him) assume is the missing link ...
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