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On The Sasquatch Experience, Sean, Melissa and James will have author Linda Coil Suchy (Who's Watching You?) as their guest, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at The Sasquatch Experience

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2 Shows Tomorrow-First...

The Bigfoot Mystery airs at 7:00 EST/6:00 Central at The Bigfoot Mystery It will most likely be an open-mic show. 
A Cookeville, TN, man who recently discovered a set of huge fossilized footprints on his property says several scientists have expressed interest in his discovery. Among the notables seeking information on the artifact is Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum of Idaho State University, a noted Bigfoot researcher and author. With photo. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo uses multiple images and a good deal of sleuthing to reconstruct The Ultimate GA Bigfoot Hoax Timeline, and not everyone in Georgia is anti-Bigfoot after the recent hoax, as described in Rossiter: Bigfoot Mystery at Sandy Creek.
The question has been raised as to whether Homo floresiensis, the diminutive people whose remains were discovered in a cave on the Indonesian island of Flores, were a known human ancestor, such as Homo erectus, that evolved to smaller stature to fit its surroundings, or a new species, as originally proposed. With photos. Meanwhile, the continuing Hobbit question draws ink from Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter Massie Santos Ballon, who brings recent finds on the island of Palau into the equation in Still Searching. Elsewhere at Cryptomundo, various forms of felines are reported to be making their way into the media, as seen in the images of Weird Cat News, and a sad note is heard among the pongid admirers of the world as the Oldest Gorilla, 55, in Captivity Dies.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Scientists Interested In Large Footprint Discovery
WSMV - Nashville,TN,USA
About half-a-dozen scientists said they want to look at the print, including Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, a famous Bigfoot professor at Idaho State University...

Review; Beyond The Edge Radio 9-5-08

This was a terrific show (Sean's new co-host is Monica Rawlins), with guest Lisa Lindley, who discussed many encounters in her home with demonic forces, including encounters her family had with demonic forces. She described violent encounters, including her daughter being thrown across a room. The only folks who called in were myself and Bill Green, and I asked Lisa how her case compares with the Amityville case and also her opinion on that case. I also asked her about if she believed that demons and ghosts follow people from home to home, and also if she had talked to anyone regarding that. Bill asked if Lisa had any experiences with Cryptozoological creatures. Next Friday, Sean and Monica welcome Florida Hominid Researcher Diane Stocking, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Beyond The Edge Radio

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Special Hominid Issue II (6.7 MB)

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Those who are waiting for the new titles from Hancock House (The Hoopa Project by David Paulides, Giants, Cannibals and Monsters: Bigfoot In Native Culture by Kathy Strain, The Bigfoot Film Journal by Christopher L. Murphy and Bigfoot Encounters in New York and New England by Paul and Robert Bartholomew) wait no more-according to Nancy from Hancock House, the new titles will begin shipping late next week. Check for further details.
Brian Vike, head of HBCC UFO Research, in a report that has an eerie echo of the Bigfoot/UFO sightings report posted by two university researchers recently, has now begun receiving Bigfoot/Sasquatch sighting reports. Vike researches UFO reports in western Canada, for the most part, but now his phone is also ringing with sighting reports of the hairy hominid. At theHBCC Research site are other Bigfoot reports: Sasquatch Sighting on the Telkwa Highroad, Moricetown, BCSasquatch Sighting at Campbell River, BC; andPort Renfrew Vancouver Island, BC, Sasquatch and Alien Encounter, which also includes a link to the recorded interview with the witness.
A woman's skeleton excavated from an underwater cave on the coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula has been dated to 13,600 years ago, making it the oldest set of human bones ever discovered in the New World. What's more remarkable, perhaps, is that the skull does not appear to be related to the skulls of the northern Mongols believed to have crossed the Bering Straits land bridge. Where did the people originate whose bones lie underwater in the Yucatan? With photo.
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Scientists Kurt Nelson and Jeff Meldrum spent five days with a video and audio crew at a cabin in the utterly remote Snelgrove Lake, pulling DNA samples from the trap and exploring the fore... • Found on
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... in the utterly remote Snelgrove Lake, pulling DNA samples from the trap and ... The creatures are also known as Sasquatch. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search,

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... in the utterly remote Snelgrove Lake, pulling DNA samples from the trap and ... it has gotten so close to proving the Sasquatch monster may, in fact, exist. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

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I was happy with the DNA results that they were able to obtain, though. ... does this lakeactually exist? ... believe that the location was Snelgrove, Ontario. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

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An animated Sasquatch. Loading new images... November 9, 2007 ... audio crew at a cabin in the utterly remote Snelgrove Lake, pulling DNA samples from the ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search,
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MonsterQuest revisits the cabin located at Snelgrove Lake in Ontario to conduct further ... DNAanalysis suggested that the creature is a non-human primate. ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search
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They were able to extract DNA; it was primate DNA; they knew they were looking at the DNAstructure of a sasquatch. The DNA said ‘primate’ but not quite ... • Found on Google

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Bigfoot Climbing Country extends roughly from the Oregon border south down the Del Norteand Humboldt County, California coast. • Found on
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He had been on this job for 3 months that year before the eventful morning which blew up the storm that literally rocked Humboldt County, California and made the pages of the world press bu... • Found on

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... Norte, Trinity and Humboldt Counties, 1990's Del Norte County ... Siskiyou County, California, Happy Camp I spent many summers in Happy Camp and didn't see bigfoot but, did