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Bigfoot's Terrain .

Yup I'm still out there looking .This area looks promising .

Photos of the Day: Bigfoot Baby on Mom's Back, Wildman Stills





Bigfoot Hunters Call 911-- Researcher Goes Down In Dark Forest





Why Searching for Bigfoot Makes Sense





Bigfoot Alaska: Bear Encounters Bigfoot And One Story About Inverted Trees





People who claim to contact Bigfoot on a regular basis are considered 'habituators', according to Vicki W. It's no surprise that Chris Noel has caught something intriguing on tape, as you'll see, but where is the hard evidence? Some fringe types, and skeptics, think bagging a sasquatch will end the debate once and for all. Fortunately Loren Coleman and company are Taking A Stand Against Killing Bigfoot. Loren has stepped down from the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, along with John Kirk, giving his reasoning behind the decision. Another cryptid which also needs protection is a Massachusetts monster. As you'll find in Loren's gallery is the Dover Demon Diversity in art.
Bigfoot Evidence: One of the Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery To Speak at Ohio Bigfoot Conference This.

M.K.Davis discusses the creek walker video and the unusual walk.mp4

Man Looking for People to Hunt Bigfoot, 'The Greatest Car Ad Ever ...

International Business Times - 15 hours ago
A Vermont man looking for a team of four or five people to hunt Bigfoot along with "The Greatest Craigslist Car Ad Ever." The Craigslist ad for "barton NEK" ...

Announcement of Yale BC Sasquatch Exh…
In BC, the Legend of Sasquatch Lives On (press release)
Sasquatch. This mysterious ape-like man of the forest has been the stuff of legend for centuries, and he continues to captivate today. The allure is the enduring mystery behind the beast, most definitely — not to mention ongoing documented sightings, ...
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BIGFOOT IS REAL: Real Bigfoot, Sasquatch Sightings in 





Nick Redfern. The British Bigfoot - Man Monkey! 





Fresno County Bigfoot Archives & Creature Revealed





Bigfoot Evidence: Photos of the day: Army Corp. Engineers Acknowledges Sasquatch, Cliff Barackman Cl

 Bigfoot Evidence: Loren Coleman Resigns From TBRC Over Pro-Kill Stance, Ketchum Camp Pushes Forward.

 Latest Bigfoot News | Bigfoot Lunch Club: Melba Ketchum Has a History of Failing to Deliver DNA Resu

 Bigfoot Evidence: A Glimpse Into The World of One Bigfoot Habituation, Or Type-2 Bigfoot Contact

 Bigfoot Evidence: Dr. Melba Ketchum Assures Followers That Her Bigfoot DNA Study Is No Hoax

Autumn Williams shares a different point of view on Bigfoot hunting from a psychological angle, citing basic human nature as reasons why capturing evidence of Bigfoot is so difficult. She explains how she thinks fear and also Psychology in Bigfooting-Control play a big role in the pursuit of Bigfoot, and states the undeniable fact that "You can't leave your personality at home", referring to ego and fear. We agree. Along the same lines, Sharon Hill at CSICOP points out the fallacy in Bigfoot "facts" and tells us You are not entitled to your own Bigfoot facts. Anyone can become an expert in a field with no constraints or rules, she says. The facts published by Bigfoot hunters such as the crew of Finding Bigfoot are not facts in the true definition of the term as most of them do not have evidence to back them up, only supposition. In less controversial news today, The Portland Press Herald pays a visit to Loren Coleman's museum in honor of Obscura Day, a day we've never heard of because it's apparently too...obscure. Obscura Day celebrates the Offbeat: Oddly Intriguing and Coleman's cryptozoological museum certainly fits the bill. In the interview, he clears up the misconception of what he does and what cryptozoology really is. It's not the hunt for only extinct animals, but also hidden and undiscovered animals. In a perfect example of what Coleman refers to, Imogen Reed recounts a Gaelic mystery of Wee Sleekit Cow'rin Tim'rous Beasties that wander the Scottish Highlands. The elusive beast called a lavellan resembles a shrew in size and shape but apparently that's where the comparison stops as the lavellan can kill a cow dead from 100 feet away via poison shot from its mouth, which is one of its more fantastic talents. Beyond its folkloric history, the lavellan may be an actual creature yet undiscovered but with a more likely mundane description. And finally, Beachcombing of Strange History reports on Fairy Shysters, individuals who had the rare talent of separating gullible people from their hard-earned money by claiming the missing family members of a grief-stricken family were actually kidnapped by fairies who would return the missing folks for a small fee. 

Links on Bigfoot sightings near Richland, Washington, the location of next weekend's Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People

Sasquatch returns to Harrison Hot Springs
Agassiz-Harrison Observer
And no mystery has been as intriguing as the local folklore of the Sasquatch. This creature has baffled scientists, trappers, photographers and other curious travelers and residents alike for decades. First Nation historical stories are also filled ...
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bigfoot ok

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Adventurer speaks at bigfoot convention
Psychology in bigfooting – CONTROL

MonsterQuest Season 3: Episode 11 - Mysterious Ape Island 





Fear In The Bigfoot Community





New Footage: Turkey Hunter Spots A Bigfoot In Hancock, Maryland





Comments of the day: Building The Case For Dr. Melba Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA Study





Bigfoot DNA Press Embargo Unveiled With PressPass [Humor]





Robert Lindsay: Dr. Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Study Lifts Press Embargo Tomorrow?





Dr. Melba Ketchum Can't Believe The Hoopla Over Her Stick Structure Photo, Claims To Have More Stuff That Will Blow Your Mind





Carl Olinselo has crunched the numbers and the answer is--not likely at all. There are 84,000,000 acres of virtually undisturbed National Parks land and Bigfoot could be populating several thousand acres and most of us would never know. There is plenty of empty land outside of National Parks and we think this particular theory should be reworded slightly to only include the National Park land, otherwise it doesn't really stand up to scrutiny. However, we do agree with Olinselo that it is highly unlikely any of us will ever see a Bigfoot in person. In other doubtful crypto news, Loren Coleman predicted this would happen and now it has. Someone has taken uploaded Fake Thylacine Footage taken directly from the movie The Hunter. Speaking of movies, Bigfoot Evidence has an interview with the Eyewitness Interview For The Movie Skookum, a man who encountered not one but two Bigfoot 25 years ago while sitting in a tree stand watching for deer. He saw one hairy gorilla-like creature pursuing a deer and then heard a second one whistle to the first one and after that he, for lack of a better word, skedaddled right out of there and sprinted for his truck. Another gorilla-like creature terrorizing hunters and everyone else 25 years ago was the Beast of Boggy Creek and Jeffery Pritchett has New! 'Fouke Tales' Interview with Lyle Blackburn author of The Beast of Boggy Creek. Karl Shuker gives us the lowdown on a rather unfortunate looking creature believed to now be extinct and asks Was The Izcuintlipotzotli A Canine Quasimodo? The canine had a lumpy, ungainly appearance and was also saddled with an even more ungainly name. A New purple crab species found in Philippines is a bit easier on the eyes than the Izcuintlipotzotli, with brilliant purple and red coloring and a less unwieldy name, Insulamon
Search for Bigfoot gets a new leader
New Philadelphia Times Reporter
SUBMITTED PHOTO Bigfoot researcher Don Keating holds a plaster cast of a large footprint. After three decades of looking for Bigfoot, however, Keating has yet to find any scientific proof of the creature's existence. By Joe Mizer After investigating ...
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 Off Beat: Oddly intriguing
Press Herald
That's why Coleman's museum deals a lot with Bigfoot-type creatures and mermaids or the legend of Champ, the supposed sea-monster of Lake Champlain. Because they were reported, sighted and may be something real. Of course, they might not be real too.
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Psychology in bigfooting – FEAR

 Howling at nothing: A hunt for bigfoot
Bend Bulletin
By Amanda Petrusich / New York Times News Service Cliff Barackman and Matt Moneymaker, the founder and president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, are co-stars on the Animal Planet series “Finding Bigfoot,” in which they amble through dark ...
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 Did Bigfoot Get a New Agent?
Who2 (blog)
For a guy who's never even been seen, Bigfoot sure has been getting a lot of press these last couple of years. Did he get a new agent? If so, double that agent's salary because Bigfoot is hot right now! This week the New York Times Travel section ...
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Man Complains About People Believing In Bigfoot, Made Rick Dyer Laugh





Watch: "The Beast of Wolfe's Bay: Graphic Novel" KickStarter Pitch





Eyewitness Interview For The Movie Skookum




The trend in media this week seems to be reporters tagging along on Bigfoot hunts as we have two separate reports on the same subject. NY Times writer Amanda Petrusich rides along with the Finding Bigfoot crew in Florida. The number one rule in Bigfoot hunting is "Don't freak out", she was told. The hunt had the usual result of not producing any evidence of Bigfoot, but Petrusich was impressed with the team's enthusiasm. On the other side of the US, writer Aaron Carnes goes Hunting for Bigfoot in the Santa Cruz Mountains with the founder of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, Michael Rugg. Rugg is an extremely dedicated Bigfoot hunter and says his obsession began with a childhood encounter in 1950 on a camping trip. Since that time, Rugg has collected a museum's worth of evidence and information and Carnes calls him a "walking Bigfoot encyclopedia". It's refreshing to hear from a Bigfoot hunter who isn't running through the woods yelling and knocking on trees in front of tv cameras. We want to hear more from Rugg. In other cryptozoology news, a Mysterious 'monster' discovered by amateur paleontologist has baffled scientists wondering what on earth this creature could have been. The seven foot long fossil was found in Cincinnati and does not resemble any creature scientists have ever seen before as it is lobed and covered with bizarre nodules. The only thing definite is that it is biological in nature and may have resembled a tree or bush. Research is ongoing. 

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Who Will Be the Next Generation's Star Bigfoot Hunters?





Matt Moneymaker Blocked A Guy On Twitter For Asking About Sierra Kills





Dr. Melba Ketchum Shares Photo Of Sticks, Says Sasquatches Are Playful





Vote Whether a Bigfoot Video Is Real or Fake





Listen To M.K. Davis on "Inspired by Bigfoot", Tonight at 7PM Central





Dr Ketchum, author of the upcoming Bigfoot DNA paper, has taken a photo of a pile of sticks that appear to have been arranged in a specific way. She claims that she has spotted a "family of five" and that they are playful. Apparently, Bigfoot has the amazing power to blur photos of anything slightly Bigfoot related. Another crypto-beast who enjoys posing for blurry photos must be enjoying her recent popularity in the news as Nessie Sonar controversy goes on. Glasgow Boy defends the recent evidence and also the man who is responsible for it and addresses every skeptical point made against it. On a lighter note, Dr. Karl Shuker discusses St George and a Very Polymorphic Dragon and rounds up a beautiful collection of paintings of the various portrayals of the dragon St. George conquered. 
Sasquatch Sighting

Day Trip - Return to Bigfoot Discovery Museum 









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Florida Man Files Lawsuit Against Cryptomundo and Matt Moneymaker For Defamation





The Ketchum Camp Answers To Rumors About October Publication Date [Bigfoot DNA]





Train Hopping Bigfoot





As expected, much skepticism surrounds the newly discovered sonar image from Loch Ness. Loren Coleman asks: is it a marketing ploy? With a newly launched Loch Ness Cruise and other businesses along the shore, it's hard not to be less than convinced that Nessie has posed for a new photo, especially when you learn that the person behind the photo is also the same person behind the new Cruise. Meanwhile in even worse fakery news, New Footage: Bigfoot Filmed Walking In Background While Kid Falls Off Skateboard and the only thing worse than the badly faked "guy in a suit" effect is the awful acting done by the two kids. We can safely say that neither has much of a future in videography or scooter stuntman. Nick Redfern has Reviewed: The Beast of Boggy Creek and was impressed with the well-researched work that as Redfern describes, reads like a horror novel. The Beast has been terrorizing the Boggy Creek area for much longer than was originally assumed.