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In Hall County, GA, a family has spent a year trying to figure out what has been killing and mutilating their cows. John and Kathy Cooper have had 20 of their bovines butchered by someone or something unknown. And the local enforcement agencies that have looked into the situation have been stymied by the lack of evidence. The Coopers believe someone is poinsoning, then mutilating, their livestock. Meanwhile, one of the most serious serial cattle killers has shown up again in South America, as explained in a report from Silvia Perez Simondini, translated by Scott Corrales, as seen in Chupacabras Attacks in Argentina. Elsewhere, Micah Hanks takes on the legend of the giant penguin of Clearwater Beach, FL, that turns out to have been a hoax, as he explains in Emperors of Ice: Giant Anomalous Penguins?


Conspiracy - Bigfoot

Conspiracy looks in to the existence of Bigfoot and spotlights an eyewitness account of a sighting in Edmond, Oklahoma.

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October 1980 Bigfoot Encounter

Old newspaper article I found and thought I would share it with you.

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The Patterson Film...Why the Foot is White.wmv

there on the film. Why are the feet of the Patterson subject white?, or are they white? ... "Patterson Film" Bigfoot Sasquatch "Bluff Creek ...

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Australian Big Cats: Reviewed There's Something in the Woods
Nick Redfern turns over his blog to the author of Monster!, The Mystery Animals of the British Isles: Kent, and Paranormal London for a review of the new book by Michael Williams and Rebecca Lang, Australian Big Cats: An Unnatural History of Panthers. Neil Arnold has the honors of describing the new release from the two Australian natives, and draws an immediate parallel between the mystery feline story in Australia and the same phenomenon in the United Kingdom. Arnold calls the new book the the finest he's read on the subject of out-of-place large felines, saying even dyed-in-the-wool skeptics will like the over-400-page long effort from Williams and Lang. The book holds numerous eyewitness accounts of big cat encounters and "impressive photographs" of the wide amount of evidence, from slaughtered livestock to pawprints, including actual images of the cats themselves. Then Redfern takes back his blogspot to expound about the difference between what is being called a chupacabras in Texas and Oklahoma, as opposed to the much different cryptid that originally bore the name from Puerto Rico, in Chup Chasing. And Redfern follows up with the announcement of his new writing assignment for TAPS Paramagazine in Realm of Monsters. Elsewhere, images reminiscent of the Mothman that might even drift into the realm of UFOs as living organisms finds Lon Strickler presenting a follow up to a story first presented by Chris Holly in Additional Ray-Shaped Cryptid Sightings in WV Ohio River Valley Revealed. With images.

From the maverick science news: Two scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia have determined through examination of extinction reports that were followed later, often by decades, with news that the species reported to have become extinct was still extant. Records indicate more than a third of the animals reported to have suffered extinction since the year 1500 have been rediscovered at a later date. Elsewhere, in an examination of science that wasn't depicted as such, Dr. Beachcombing points out that the claim the ancient Irish "knew far less than their neighbours on the Continent about the workings of the heavens" is not true, showing that the Irish had quite a penchant for stargazing in Dragons and Hairy Stars in Early Ireland.


Rolling On Bigfoot Country 2010, Bluff Creek, California

a fun compilation of video and photos from our Bluff Creek trip in September 2010. We spent 4 days surveying the area and traveled over 300 miles ...

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#48 - Abominable (2006) Movie Review

films. This time I review the 2006 flick Abominable, in my opinion a Bigfoot movie that does it right. A man (Matt McCoy) recovering from a ...

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Some pics i put togther of Patty, i believe her to be a real bigfoot, please enjoy! :)... Bigfoot cryptozoology weird sasquatch ...

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Book Review: Soul Snatchers: A Quest For True Human Beings by Robert W. Morgan

Assault of the Sasquatch (on DVD) Is So Bad It's Hilarious

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