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Russian Snowman Riddle Continues
The Kazan Herald
Back in 1983, following a field trip to Mongolia, Dr. Myra Shackley, a British lecturer in Archaeological Science, devoted a book–entitled “Wildmen: Yeti, Sasquatch and Neanderthal Enigma”–to detailed reports of such creatures from Mongolia, ...

Sasquatch the Legend of Bigfoot

Dr. Melba Ketchum Swats Down Another Rumor: The Relict Hominoid Inquiry

Understanding How Sasquatch May Eat

Wisconsin 'Bigfoot' Video Breakdown

Scaly beasts abound in Namibia, and Clemans Miyanicwe got an earful about this sneaky beast known for kisses, clambering over roofs, turning invisible, and absconding with burning wood. Yet despite the strange saurian lurking in the shadows, the people of Blaukrans Farm are taking it in stride, unlike some Americans. True to its name Bigfoot Evidence has New Footage: Colorado Bigfoot, Woman Sounds Somewhat Believable, if not for the panic at the end of the video. Now if she had come across the formerly elusive tree lobster, we could understand the drama. For your approval Robert Krulwich has the tale of a Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years with pics and video.

1313: Bigfoot Island (2012)
Dread Central
Then DeCoteau went and announced he was making 1313: Bigfoot Island. It's like he did it just to taunt me. He knew my passion for Sasquatchploitation and wanted to draw me in like a fly to a spider's web. Knowing what I experienced last time and ...
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SnowWalkerPrime Interviews Fraud Standing

Short Bigfoot Stories: Redneck Calls George Noory, Kurt's Rhode Island Encounter, Three Fingered Jack Talks About Bigfoot

Watch What It Took For These People To Create Street View For Our National Parks

Please Throw Money At These Guys So They Can Release "Letters From the Big Man" To Home Viewers

New Footage: Colorado Bigfoot, Woman Sounds Somewhat Believable

Texas and Oregon: Many Things In Common

Home of Chinese ‘Bigfoot’ seeks to boost eco-tourism

Thursday, March 08, 2012

MonsterQuest SeLinkason 2: Episode 20 - Sasquatch Attack II

Bigfoot Lunch Club: Letters from the Big Man, The First True-to-Life Portrait of Sasquatch, Is avail

Photos Of The Day: Bigfoot Skull, Winged Chupacabra Kills 35 Sheep

Check Out This Review Of David Paulides' New Book: Missing 411

Who Are The Real Bigfoot Researchers?

Is Bigfoot Possible? Oh Hells Yes!

When it comes to the field of homology, it doesn't get much more succinct than that. Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum takes the most pervasive evidence of bigfoot and proves we're dealing with something lurking in the forests which isn't human. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman tells us of the Hunt For The Last Kakapo. There are probably only about 50 left. Coleman also writes the obit for James H. Powell in Mokele-Mbembe Expedition Leader Laid To Rest.

Letters From The Big Man DVD Available

Home of Chinese "Bigfoot" seeks to boost eco-tourism
Philippine Star
BEIJING (Xinhua) -- Shennongjia, a forest region and long rumored home of the elusive Bigfoot-like ape man in the central province of Hubei, wants eco-tourism there to boost the underdeveloped region's economy. Less than two months after the ...
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Exclusive interview with Fraud Standing - Bigfoot Expert (TeamTazerBigfoot)

Melissa Hovey - Bigfoot Investigator!

In defense of Melissa Hovey

Melissa Hovey Pushes Back At One Of Her Biggest Critics, Damian Bravo

Loren Coleman relays a fisherman's first-person encounter with a strange human-like creature at Thetis Lake in British Columbia that left a lasting impression him and his car door. On the other side of the pond, we have Some Tales of Mhorag of Loch Morar. Stories of the mythic creature Mhorag have come to light with the translation of early 20th century Gaelic sources. In the midst of the folklore, there's one simple description that raises the most questions, that of the Mhorag appearing as a "black heap" moving through the water like a "boat water logged," which sounds more than a little like good old Nessie from a few lochs down the road. Speaking of mythological beasts, Karl Shuker demonstrates how easy it is to photoshop Modern-day Nagas, the multi-headed cobra deity of Buddhist mythology. There's even a step-by-step youtube tutorial to help you create your own.

A short but intriguing Facebook question and answer sessions with Dr. Melba Ketchum on Bigfoot and DNA. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman offers an explanation for ESPN writer Buster Olney’s Bigfoot Tweet. But he wonders which MLB player Olney is referring to. Then in From a Haunted Abbey to a Beastly Bridge, Nick Redfern brings us the tale of a horrific humanoid beast first spotted in in the late 19th century, frightening English villagers in Shropshire, England. The description of this terrifying beast seems a bit familiar and Redfern wonders if it could be the English version of Bigfoot. On the other end of the scale, we have an Interview with Caroline Loughridge, Menehunee Encounter Experiencer. Loughridge of Hawaii shares her encounters with a tiny bidedal creature that seems to be a Hawaiian version of an interdimensional gremlin, causing mischief and wreaking havoc.

HealyFX weighs in on the "Clawed" Costume

Mr. Shakycam Films Sasquatch On Thermal Somewhere In Georgia

Finding Bigfoot Spoof: Flushing Out the Squatch

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

TeamTazerBigfoot Tries To Duplicate The Mid-Tarsal Break, Dr. Meldrum Says The Human Foot Is Incapable of a Mid-Tarsal Break

Putting An End To The Hovey Bigfoot Photo Fiasco!

Folks get lost every day, regardless if they're told to or not. Even more wind up wandering the wilderness of vast national parks. Now David Paulides has written a book, Missing-411, that attempts to make sense of the statistics, finding patterns and correspondences that suggest a connection with America's most elusive hominid. Less scarce and twice as awesome, without having to shill Dos Equis, is Michael Merchant. Who? You might know him as SnowWalkerPrime on YouTube, and if you have a moment Listen To This Intimate Interview With The Most Interesting Man In Bigfootery and, trust us, he delivers with the goods. But giving him a run for his money is Dale Drinnon who's just as interesting but much more thorough. Today's installment covers The Local Bigfoots. It seems the cryptids of the Bluegrass State come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from skunk apes, traditional sasquatches, and the goat-like Pope Lick monster. Leave it to Drinnon to find plenty of photos, accounts, and evidence for these cryptids. Meanwhile south of the border, the wily chupacabras still roams, raising cain and letting blood from unwary livestock. With his hand on the pulse of Latin American forteana, Scott Corrales has a dispatch of Chupacabras Strikes in Michoacán where these monsters remain more clever than one could dare imagine. Don't just take Scott's word for it because there's video regarding the Chupacabras Attacks in Michoacán. From one bloodsucker to another, Cyriaque Lamar has come across Probably the Only Medical Study of the Effects of Garlic on Vampires. Since humans make awful vampires, they tested on more humble subjects with similar appetites. And this isn't the first scientific study of Homo sanguinus, as you'll discover.

Anatomy of Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Picture by David Claerr

Buster Olney’s Bigfoot Tweet

Review: MNBRT 3-5-12

Breaking News: Creature In Melissa Hovey's Bigfoot Photo Is Not The Costume From The Movie "Clawed"

What's On Radio Tonight: MN.B.R.T. Radio with Peter Byrne then Tim Stover & Ron Boles At 6PM PST

This Wild Bear Uses A Stone To Exfoliate, Photo Confirms Bears Use Tools

Most Beautiful Blobsquatch Photo Ever!

Dr. Melba Ketchum Q&A: Sasquatch Origin, Neanderthal DNA

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Finding Bigfoot: Season 2 Episode 9

Bigfoot In The Sierra? National TV Show On The Hunt

Dr. John Bindernagel Visits Arizona

The Heretical Bigfoot: After cheap fireworks show fails to attract sasquatch, FINDING BIGFOOT team v

A world-record holding swimmer claims to have had a close encounter with a Nessie-style creature in Lake Windemere, the largest natural lake in England. In addition to that, the snaps taken by a professional photographer from a promontory above the lake show some unknown object creating a wake in the otherwise placid body of water. Across the Channel, there's a rival in the Terror Of The Tarasque! Karl Shuker takes a look at the legendary hexapod, laid low long ago by St. Martha. Whereas Nessie takes its name from the Loch it inhabits, the town once terrorized by the Tarasque now takes its name from its legendary tormenter! Of course, there is no Tarasque footage like there is Indiana Dunes Bigfoot Footage, which was recently featured in an episode of Finding Bigfoot. Many of those who have commented on the post seem to find the brief video clip to be somewhat dubious. Speaking of the Sasquatch, Bigfoot Evidence asks: Is Sasquatch/Bigfoot Using Underground Caves to Elude Us? Might this explain how these lumbering wildmen have evaded capture all these years?

Skeptic Assumes Too Much in Cryptomundo Attack

Man Who Fed McDonalds Pancakes To Bigfoot Now Part Of Olympic Project Team

Mid-Tarsal Break Challenge (TeamTazerBigfoot)

True Life Bigfoot Encounter

Sasquatch Lives? Interviews SnowWalkerPrime

Listen To Robert Alley On Bigfoot Tonight Radio At 6PM PST [Bigfoot Shows]

Live Blogging and Commentary of Finding Bigfoot: "HOOSIER BIGFOOT" Episode

Watch This David Paulides Interview About His New Book "Missing-411" About Missing People And Bigfoot (Update: Henry May Retracts From Statement)

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Review: Finding Bigfoot 3-4-12

This week, the team heads to the Hoosier State of Indiana to investigate a piece of footage alleged to be a Sasquatch. The footage was apparently taken in the Indiana Dunes area and shows something, either a Sasquatch or a human in a suit. They apparently find a hotspot in Morgan Monroe State Forest. Cliff has doubts about the authenticity of the footage, but does want to check it out. Ranae thinks it looks like a person in a suit. The family has asked for anonymity, so they have their faces blurred out on TV. They put Bobo in the same position as the alleged Sasquatch, and Bobo looks bigger. Matt does think it is a human and not a Sasquatch. The general consensus of the team is it is a person in a suit, but Cliff believes that the people who took the footage were not in on the hoax. Night operations commence in the State Park, and they do calls, to which they get a response, possibly of a coyote or a wolf. It was a coyote according to the team members. Ranae and Bobo attempt some woodknocking, with no success. The group decides to head to southern Indiana because, in Bobo's words, "Northern Indiana sucked." In Bloomington, they hold a town hall meeting where they get several accounts. Cliff decides to spend a few nights in the woods alone. Cliff does some 'Squatching in a cemetery (which is a good idea considering there have been sightings in cemeteries). He does woodknocking and hears coyotes. He says that is a good sign because that means the food is nearby. The rest of the team goes to meet with the witnesses who claim to have seen Sasquatches in the area. Bobo meets with a hunter who had a sighting, and recreates the sighting for the hunter, who says what he saw was 9 feet tall and jumped a good distance. Bobo is convinced the fellow is telling the truth. Matt and Ranae go to meet with a witness who saw a Sasquatch breaking a freshwater clam open with a rock. The witness Matt and Ranae meet with says what he saw was about 6 1/2-7 feet tall. Ranae inserts her opinion into it and says she does not think it was a Sasquatch that the fellow saw, but might have been a bear. The other three team members other than Cliff meet with a father and daughter who say they saw a Sasquatch. The team does more night operations, where they set off fireworks, which I am not so sure is a good idea, but what do I know? Their results are...well, interesting to say the least. All in all, not too bad an episode this week. I would probably give it about a 4 out of 5 stars. Next week is the Season Finale where they head to Utah, 10:00 EST/9:00 Central on Animal Planet. Check your local listings for time and channel.

Special MNBRT Tomorrow Night!!!!!!


Join Elusive1 has he welcomes for the first time on blogtalkradio the legend Peter Byrne. After Peter we will be having a round table talk about infrasound with Ohios Tim Stover & wilt B.F.R.O. Ron Boles of Missouri. So dont miss... And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Retraction of an earlier video and apology

Retraction of earlier video

Man Who Fed McDonalds Pancakes To Bigfoot Now Part Of Olympic Project Team

Indiana Dunes Bigfoot Footage Will Be Featured In Tonight's Episode Of Finding Bigfoot

Watch This David Paulides Interview About His New Book "Missing-411" About Missing People And Bigfoot

That Sound... What Is It? Bigfoot Evidence
Today's batch is more fun than a barrel of... well... you'll find out. Our business begins with what does a sasquatch sound like? Turns out that Tom Fonner has a good idea and puts the money where his, or its, mouth is with the linked file. Over in a country famous for its simian deities, authorities have gone a little over the top when they caught wind of a 'Monkey man' Rumor: Cops Arrest 72 in Crackdown. According to the report, they say all suspects are pranksters but no word on the prankster deity behind the chaos. We're not done monkeying around here as we go ape with Tyler Stone declaring The South Carolina Lizard Man Is a Freshwater Monkey, Too! It may sound bananas but we'll be something's uncle when it comes to the true nature of this cryptid.

Werewolf Fur Compared to Hovey Bigfoot Photo

Boggy Creek Movies Poster Artist Dies

Bigfoot Believers: Americans vs. Canadians

Animal Planet Leaves a Bigfoot-Sized Footprint With Its Best February Performance

These Navajo Police Investigators Use Federal Law Enforcement Resources To Investigate Bigfoot And Other Paranormal Reports [Video]

The Heretical Bigfoot De-Enhances Melissa Hovey's Bigfoot Photo To Comply With FB/FB's 6 Point Confirmation

Rense & David Paulides - 100s Of Missing People In US National Parks