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New Vid for the 22nd Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference

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The creature that is arguably the most famous cryptid in the world is featured in photographs from a book "taken out of circulation because of allegations of plagiarism". The book was the work of Frank Searle, one of the many curious characters who've peopled the Loch Ness scene searching for Nessie since the 1920s. Here Lindsay Selby shares photos from the scarce Searle book with some background on the photographer himself. And continuing the story of the creature that made Loch Ness famous, Selby offers Loch Ness Migration. Could the Loch Ness Monster or a similar creature be moving through a waterway near you? Elsewhere, Paul Dale Roberts slips on his waders, gathers some equipment, contacts Shannon McCabe for backup and goes in search of the Laguna Creek Wetlands Salamander.

Javier Ortega presents the photo and English translation of a Russian newspaper account provided by a Canadian cryptozoologist who claims the photo shows an adult Bigfoot peeking from some foliage not far from the ongoing events of the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. What do you see? The Blogsquatcher also has commentary on the photo in The Face of Bigfoot, and Other Sundries.... And in another report Ortega reviews the phenomenon that seems to have its origins in Puerto Rico and migrated to the United States and down through the Central and South American countries, as you'll see in 10 Year Chupacabras Study: DNA Unknown. Elsewhere, Nick Redfern has a programming note in Chupacabras TV. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman announces a new addition to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Paranthropus at ICM and looks for some support in The Zorgys: Vote Cryptomundo and Vote Often & Often for Cryptozoology Museum.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Updated Vid on the 22nd Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference
MNBRT Radio for 2 26 10
Following the lead presented in a recent post at The Blogsquatcher that discussed electromagnetic effects that are common to both Bigfoot and UFO reports, Greg Bishop asks, "Doesn't it seem a bit odd that two things that are considered so dissimilar could have the same effects associated with them?" Then Bishop proceeds to add more to the discussion, saying the apparent electromagnetic effects of the two disparate phenomena could be an "epiphenomenon of the forces at work when something strange is experienced". Could it be that the observer influences what is being observed just by the act of observing?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New update on the upcoming 22nd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Man-eater or Only Killer? Cryptozoology Online
Not all unknown lifeforms inhabiting Earth are animals; some are from the plant world, fitting into a cryptobotany mold instead of cryptozoology. Such is the subject covered here by Ivan Mackerle as he calls on historical accounts that seem to have originated in the late years of the 19th century and still persist today. Mackerle describes what has been reported about Madagascar's man-eating trees in the past and describes his own dangerous quest to find these mysterious trees. Meanwhile, some commentary is generated by a 'Giant' Anaconda Picture that probably owes its supposed gargantuan size to the nearness of the camera, and Lindsay Selby points out how a 1993 sighting of one of the world's most famous cryptids differs from other reports of the creature in Nessie Sighting?

From today's maverick science reports: Robin McKie joins the science writers who have lately given time to the amazing discovery of the little people who once inhabited the Indonesian island of Flores. What do the remains of this diminutive human tell us about how today's humans have evolved? Meanwhile, there's a planetary mystery between the Earth and Mercury, and that mystery hasn't been solved despite several space missions in search of answers. The question remains, if Venus was formed from the accretion disk that formed the rest of our Solar System, why is it so different? Perhaps we should listen closer to what ancient stargazers had to say about Venus, as reported by Stephen Smith in Venus: Flame Broiled Pressure Cooker.

Closing In On Fifty Years


Teach the Controversy?

Photographs show a series of apparently three-toed tracks in the snow that are puzzling those trying to figure out just what kind of animal could have left them. Do you have any ideas? Elsewhere, Dr. Karl Shuker produces some photos of winged cats and a bit of Turkish text he's hoping someone can translate in Translating a Turkish Delight...or Two. Meanwhile, a 101-year-old edition of a newspaper prompts this report: Muirhead's Mysteries: A Living Dinosaur from Idaho 1909?
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Bigfoot History: The History of Bigfoot

Bigfoot History

Bigfoot History

Bigfoot History

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Major Feature Article on Cryptozoology Online
Through the assistance of Australian correspondent and cryptozoology author Paul Cropper you'll be able to read some of the latest findings about the diminutive ancient beings whose remains were excavated from a cave on the Indonesian island of Flores. The article is available in a downloadable PDF from the February, 2010 issue of Discovery Magazine entitled Solving the Hobbit Mystery. Elsewhere, another mystery has appeared on a Newfoundland shoreline, as you'll see, with photo, in Another 'Sea Creature': Mysterious Headless Marine Animal Washes Ashore. Meanwhile, Lindsay Shelby writes about The Heavenly Lake Creature found in a remote region of China's Jilin Province, and Richard Freeman needs some help from you to head out to search for a creature widely believed to be extinct, explained (with extra link for your use) in Richard Freeman Writes. Will you vote to help send Richard Freeman and two associates to Tasmania in search of the thylacine? While you're voting for Freeman's expedition, don't forget to exercise your right to cast as many ballots as there are days between now and March 10 for a particular Portland, ME, cryptozoology hotspot, as explained in Vote Early & Often for Cryptozoology Museum.

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Overview of upcoming Bigfoot Shows 2 22 2 28 10

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“IBW Photographer” Faces Unrelated Charges – UPDATED

The Amazing Story of Yolie and the Sasqwatch

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Shine on Nessie

Cashing In On Quatchis

Dan Mitchell's childhood experiences with an entity referred to as "The Harlequin" continues as author Jason Offutt follows up previous tales of Mitchell's experiences with the entity. Here's what happened when Mitchell and his wife returned to their old home in southern Wisconsin and found "someone had been looking for them." Meanwhile, other tales of such high strangeness reveal Five Paranormal Stories Offered to Convince the Skeptics and Paranormal Stories - National Geographic Style.
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