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My footprint cast collection

Photos top to bottom: All six of my casts; Al Hodgson 14-Inch Cast, Bluff Creek, California, October 1963; Denny Heryford 15 1/2-Inch Cast, Greys Harbor County, Washington, April 1982; John Green 13-Inch Cast, Onion Mountain, California, August 1967; Roger Patterson 17 1/2-Inch Cast, Laird Meadow Road, California, October 1963; Roger Patterson 14-Inch Cast, Bluff Creek, California, October 20, 1967; Bob Titmus 14-Inch Cast, Bluff Creek, California, October 29, 1967.

Lan Lamphere of Overnight AM updates the story of "Mr. Mike," the 70-year-old veteran who claims to have a Bigfoot family camping in his backyard. Lamphere details steps being taken to document the case, including filming set to take place at the home, the location of which has not been divulged to the public. Meanwhile, at Phantoms & Monsters, Lon Strickler repeats Craig Woolheater's original Cryptomundo report of the alleged Bigfoot event and follows up with his (Strickler's) own commentary about the claims: Breaking News: Bigfoot Found in North America? CONFIRMATION! Has this Bigfoot claim really been confirmed? There's other news with a Bigfoot slant, of sorts, in Loren Coleman's weaving together of twilight language and other factors involved in the abduction of a four-year-old girl last weekend, as Coleman explains in Spotlight Location: Louisiana, Missouri.
Patty, Roger and Me by Lenny Green

Friday, July 09, 2010

Review-MNBRT Radio 7-9-10.wmv
4th of July 2010 1.MP4

4th of July 2010 3.MP4

Blue Jay that sounds like a cat 004.MP4

Blue Jay that sounds like a cat 005.MP4
Javier Ortega revisits yesterday's "Breaking News" from Craig Woolheater at Cryptomundo concerning a gentleman's claims a family of Bigfoots had been camping in his backyard. Ortega's posting of this information has drawn some excellent commentary, including one from Matthew Moneymaker of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization. Meanwhile, Woolheater has posted a link to listen to an interview with the claimant inBackyard Bigfoot Witness on the Air Tonight. The broadcast actually was scheduled for last night, Thursday, July 8. The link Woolheater provides to listen to the broadcast appears to be dead. Elsewhere, the new bookMonsters of Texas will be the topic tonight on Coast to Coast AM when George Noory welcomes Nick Redfern who co-authored the book with Ken Gerhard. A link to the program information can be found in Nick on the Radio, and, in another programming note, the subject of big cats in Australia is discussed by Michael Williams at the link provided in CFZ Australia on the Radio. Also joining the cryptid commentary today is Micah Hanks who points out the difficulties cryptozoologists can face in identifying what's been presented as an unknown creature: Attack of the Amorphous Monster: When Things Aren't What They Seem.

Episode 154: Bigfoot Discovery M...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

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Recent developments from an undisclosed location somewhere in North America of an alleged Bigfoot family in a backyard have come to my attention, and a radio show called Overnight AM addressed it this morning. It will be further addressed on the same show at 10:00 Eastern/9:00 Central at: Should prove interesting.
With part of the headline reading "Documented Events Reveal Sasquatch Lives," Craig Woolheater gets some Bigfoot afficionados' blood pumping with a short release from Overnight AM broadcasters claiming a family of Bigfoots have taken up residence in the backyard of a 70-year-old retired veteran's home in an unannounced location. Woolheater provides a link to the broadcast that features the alleged eyewitness. Reportedly, UFO Magazine and Clearly Skewed Entertainment have a film crew on the way to the site. PLEASE NOTE: Loren Coleman says the editor of UFO Magazine has been contacted and reports Breaking Bigfoot Story: Holes Developing. Is another Georgia Bigfoot event beginning to take shape?
Reviews-Bigfoot Quest 7-6-10 and HBMs Crypto-Corner 6-7-10 and Crypto-Programming Notes.wmv

Stop the Presses!!!
Sasquatch: Size, Scaling, and Statistics (part 3)

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Bigfoot Believers The Daily World
Count the Quinault Indians of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state as Bigfoot believers, as are many other Native American tribes. Here Rachel Thomson, following a recent trip to the area by a television crew preparing a new show for the A&E Network, visits with some of the Native Americans in the heavily forested area to trace some legends of North America's most widely known cryptid. Thomson accompanies her report with Sasquatch Creature Known by Many Names in Indian Legends. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman pays tribute to the work of Dr. Karl Shuker with a presentation, including many images, that shows the Top Ten Cryptid Ungulates.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sasquatch creature known by many names in Indian legends

Loren Coleman quotes extensively from The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates in this call for a discussion of the pros and cons of the question at hand. Along the way, he reveals some of the tales claiming Bigfoot attacks on humans, raising the further question of whether or not, as hunters pursue the huge hairy hominid, their prey is also stalking them. Elsewhere, Neil Arnold reveals an article from an 1887 edition of a New Zealand newspaper claiming the killing of a creature said to have wreaked havoc in the area: The Waikato Saurian Monster. Was the creature actually an elephant seal? Meanwhile, photos accompany Michael Newton's report on a mysterious creature spotted in Florida, dubbed "Florida Three-Toes," that was investigated by the famous biologist/botanist/cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson in 1948: Muddying Clearwater.
A small town has made an industry out of Bigfoot sightings and ancillary merchandising. All this may come to an end very soon though. A local ...
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Review-Send-Off Sasquatch Watch Radio 7-5-10-Overview of Shows for this next week.wmv
everyone knows bigfoot, but how many of you actually believe in it? tell me what you think of the pictures, videos, and if you've had an encounter ...
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A Mystery Animal in Ancient Africa Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
A deconstruction of a passage in Voyage of Hanno, which purports to describe a Carthaginian expedition down the western coast of Africa in the early centuries B.C. The passage seems to describe a "gorilla," but what is it really? It turns out that in the mid nineteenth century, when Dr. Thomas Savage named the animal that we today call the gorilla, he had borrowed the word from the Voyage. Could the animal described in the passage be Savage’s gorilla? If not, "what is left?" And in Cryptomundo, a look back at the furor in Malaysia four years ago in Johor Juggernaut.