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David Paulides and Dr. Melba Ketchum's radio interview last year on Bigfoot Busters Radio [AUDIO]

Watch this Condit Dam explosion on the White Salmon River in Washington [VIDEO]

We Stand for Sasquatch

Humor: Proof that the U.S. Government is open to the possibility of Bigfoot [VIDEO]

One of 2011's biggest cryptozoology stories about the Centre for Fortean Zoology-sponsored trip into the Sumatran rainforests in search of a legendary hairy biped is making its way into print from the keyboard of expedition member Richard Freeman. Here's a glimpse of the stunning cover art for Freeman's Orang-Pendek: In Search of Sumatra's Forgotten Ape, and a video of Freeman and Adam Davies telling of the expedition is included. Meanwhile, Richard Muirhead answers the aspersions cast his way by members of a popular British forum by presenting an archived news clipping that reported some uncommonly colored flying mammals found in shocking surroundings, as you'll see in Muirhead's Mysteries: Scarlet Bats in Cheshire and Scotland. Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon continues on a quest to unravel the fabric of dragon legends, far and wide, with Tatzelwurm: The Alps Dragon and More on Taniwhas, New Zealand Dragons.
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Sasquatch: A lecture by Cryptozoologist Jeff Meldrum
UVU Review
When Sasquatch is discussed, it's Dr. Meldrum's name that starts circulating. After graduating with a bachelor's in zoology from Brigham Young University, Dr. Meldrum went on to earn a master's and a doctorate in anatomical science, specializing in ...
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Sporting Big Feet and a Heart to Match
New York Times
“Letters From the Big Man,” with Isaac C. Singleton Jr. (in character as a sasquatch). By DENNIS LIM IN five features over two decades Christopher Munch has cultivated a singular career on the margins of the independent film world. ...
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Episode 190:Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show

In this episode, Mike gives us an update on what is going on with Bigfoot Discovery Day V.

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Moss Dog Mountain Monkey

Run Copyright 1996 Not Out of the Woods Records All Rights Reserved ... bigfoot sasquatch yeti cryptids yowie yeren rock grunge "Moss Dog" "Paul ...

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New York Times
Is Bigfoot Real? Renton Museum Explores the Myth
Parnell explores the enduring mythical creature through interactive displays that allow museum visitors to try to replicate Sasquatch tracks, share their own personal accounts of Bigfoot encounters, ask questions and make their own artistic rendering ...
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Sierra (Bigfoot) Kills: Justin Smeja and “The Driver” Speak Out
Ghost Theory
Rumor has it that several Sasquatch roam the area due to the protection afforded by the Game Refuge. As they drove along, suddenly they spotted what appeared to be a very large bear standing in the road, waving it's arms over it's head. ...
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Bigfoot, when the discovery is made, how will different organizations react?

MNBRT Monday Night...

Abe will be welcoming Henry May as news correspondent and Dr. Jeff Meldrum as his guest to discuss the recent trip he took to Russia. The show starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Long-term witness interview uploaded… update on DNA study… and more

Dr. Melba Ketchum: Hang in there, "We have the proof" of Sasquatch

Matt Moneymaker: During fall and winter, Bigfoots kill deer for their liver?

Super smart Capuchin monkeys gives insight into the origin of human intelligence [VIDEO]

The Hydra of Bigfoot DNA research

Hallowe'en was only a handful of days ago and it was a doozy. Out in Pennsylvania a man spotted a bird of unusual size or someone who would've won, hands down, best costume at the ball. Lon Strickler helps put out the call for those extra eyes who can confirm this sighting and enjoin the chase. Such serious supernatural sleuths sometimes find their way into the field by horsing around, and C.R. Wagner has the story of the group behind the new website Who Forted? reviewing the premiere of their movie "Big Foot Hunter: Still Searching" in From Ghost Hunters to Big Foot. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern offers the news of a new book, just released by fellow Brit Neil Arnold, that assembles accounts of the strange creatures reported around England's storied capital, as seen in Mystery Animals of London - In Print!

Ray Crowe Gathers Group in Portland, Oregon

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Uncon 2011 Full Finalised Speaker Schedule

Fortean Times - 7 hours ago
Mummies, psychopaths, Sasquatch, talking dogs, voices from the dead, the forbidden universe, apocalypse and much, much more! Just what does the Egyptian ...

Research group searches for Sasquatch

Plattsburgh Press Republican - 4 days ago

Memorial Day Bigfoot Fact or F...

Meet Bigfoot Monsters' Ba...

Siberian Hunters Claim To Find...

Finding Bigfoot- The Bigfoot L...


Bigfoot or Man? MonsterQuest

Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide

Bigfoot in China

Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie...

Real Fake Bigfoot Print Examin...

The Old Man & The Bigfoot Web ...


Legend of Bigfoot


ADAPT THIS: It's Bigfoot vs. werewolves in Steve Niles' "Savage"
This 2009 comic pits Bigfoot against a pack of werewolves in a movie-worthy supernatural showdown! With Hollywood turning more of its attention to the world of graphic novels for inspiration, I'll cast the spotlight on a new comic book each week that ...

The latest episode of the monthly video coverage of the work, workers and wonders from the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ), hosted by CFZ Director Jon Downes, is ready for airing with a number of reports on such topics as new and rediscovered creatures, an Orang Pendek witness from Sumatra and much more. And, in another programming note, Tim Binnall hosts the latest edition of his popular podcast, this time with a decidedly cryptozoological theme, to be downloaded or listened to online at BoA: Audio: Loren Coleman: An In-Depth Conversation on Cryptozoology as Binnall interviews one of the most familiar faces and voices of the Fortean science, setting the stage for an exciting new year of discovery with rapidly accumulating physical evidence that defies most skeptics. Then, if you haven't gotten enough of the very busy Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum and co-author of The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates with Patrick Huyghe, follow the interview by reading Coleman's take on a new report from researchers in Did Denisovan-Neandertal-Human Interbreeding Result in the Headless Valley's Nakani? Mixing folklore with hard evidence, Coleman presents a strong case for this creature's existence. Even if there may be gray at the temples of many cryptozoology researchers, fans of the search for unknown animals can take heart as cub reporter Trevor Delaney shows with the article Bigfoot: Fact or Fiction?, a hopeful sign of new blood among the cryptozoology ranks. Those of you on the West Coast seeking to spark that interest may want to head up to Seattle where cryptozoology reconstruction artist Eugene Parnell's recently-opened exhibit asks Is Bigfoot Real? Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon adds more scholarship to the field with his treatise on scaly rather than hairy beasts in Some More On Oriental Dragon Development, exploring myth, reality and where they overlap.

David Paulides tells supporters to stand tall, results from Bigfoot DNA study will come

Sierra Kills driver speaks up, gives exact date of Bigfoot shooting. Describes what happened.

Todd Standing reportedly in negotiations with Les Stroud (Survivorman) to do TV show about Bigfoot

So it's true: Ancient humans mated with Neanderthals

Comment of the day: What Bigfoots probably thinks of us as human beings

A Yeti Saves the Day

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Finding Bigfoot-S2E01 6/6
Rampage: Bigfoot: Fact or Fiction?
"Given the scientific evidence that I have examined, I'm convinced there's a creature out there that is yet to be identified," said Jeff Meldrum, ...

Recently, Richard Freeman and Adam Davies led an expedition to Sumatra seeking the fabled Orang Pendek with interesting results. Perhaps next time they venture to the region they can include a stopover in Borneo, especially after they read about Sam White's missive regarding a pair of soldiers who got more than they bargained for on Borneo's Mount Kinabalu. Another expedition took place last month thousands of kilometers from darkest Borneo, but also in pursuit of a wild, hairy homonid. The event is described in Igor Burtsev’s Report of the Russian Conference and Siberian Expedition Results, which Burtsev believes show promise that in the not-too-distant future attendees will be remembered as part of the vanguard of discovery of the Kemerovo Yeti.

This fear-inducing biped is probably what it feels like when you see a Bigfoot for the first time [Video]

Watch this latest update on Hunt for the Orang Pendek 2011 [Video]

Making the case for the existence of Bigfoot [Talking Points]

Convention brings Bigfoot, ghosts to Mahnomen

In-Forum - Sam Benshoof - 2 hours ago
On Friday, attendees can learn about the existence of Bigfoot from cryptozoologist Ron Coffey (cryptozoollogy literally means the “study of hidden animals”) ...

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Bigfoot Search Revisited
My Fox 8
Mike Greene became famous with his thermal video of Bigfoot in the Uwharrie National Forest. Now, another man says his own evidence shows Greene wasn't that far off. In the video above, Lee Woods shares his evidence with Greene at the exact location of ...
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N.C. Man following Mike Greene's footsteps to hopefully catch that million-dollar footage of Bigfoot

If Bigfoot is 100% human, what could this mean?

Native American story about Colville Indian bride kidnapped by Bigfoot

Boggy Creek - A Book! There's Something in the Woods
Nick Redfern announces the release of Lyle Blackburn's upcoming book The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster which will shed light upon Arkansas's version Bigfoot. Now the Canton Daily Ledger is Following Some Big Footprints with a primer on cryptohominology related to everyone's favorite beast which delves deeper into the subject beyond the famous Patterson-Gimlin film. It's nice to see mainstream media taking the subject seriously. The Centre for Fortean Zoology Australia has some footage of a large predator seen in 2010 but can't tell if it's Cat or Dog? A WA Conundrum... that could certainly use more eyes to suss out the nature of this critter.

BIGFOOT'S bLOG reveals the reality of Finding Bigfoot's P/G Film episode

Igor Burtsev’s Report of the Russian Conference and Siberian Expedition Results

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! Here's a movie to watch: The Legend of Boggy Creek [VIDEO]

Following some big footprints
Canton Daily Ledger
Robert Patterson and a sidekick were exploring this remote area of northern California for signs of the legendary Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot. Suddenly a hairy manlike beast, walking upright, appeared, startling the horses on which they were ...
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Happy Halloween!

Reporter Gets It CZ Correct In Comeback to Anchorman!

What to watch: 'Finding Bigfoot' on Animal Planet
Sault Ste. Marie Evening News
By Anonymous "Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend" airs tonight on Animal Planet. Caught on film over 40 years ago, the Patterson-Gimlin footage is "the most important piece of evidence of Bigfoot in history." Is it real? The team investigates. ...
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Mt. St. Helens on top "6 Places To Have A Paranormal Experience"

"Bigfoot Books" owner recalls sighting on Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend [VIDEO]

Uncovered by William Jevning: Native American firefighters encountered 'smoldering' sasquatch running from fire

Animal Planet: Two Hour Special on October 30th, 2011


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Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend LIVE BLOG

Seattleite stars as skeptic on Sasquatch series
The Seattle Times
In this outing, a team of Sasquatch hunters, which includes Seattle's Ranae Holland, traipses through a California redwood forest to visit the site where the Patterson-Gimlin footage of a supposed Bigfoot was filmed 50 years ago. ...
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Research group searches for Sasquatch
Plattsburgh Press Republican
The Adirondack region has its share of reported Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, encounters. When Bill Brann decided to investigate what has become the legendary Bigfoot encounters in Whitehall, Washington County, back in 1976, he didn't know then what he was ...
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Review: Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend

In the first part of the show, the four principals get to go on horseback with Bob Gimlin to the filmsite, where he tells the story on camera of what happened that day. The group does a recreation right on the filmsite, with Bobo acting as the Sasquatch. Next step: investigate the area for sightings now. Also, they will investigate the Marble Mountain footage. The recreation of the P/G Film still shows that there is compelling evidence that the film is real, NOT a man in a costume. Ranae left it a question mark, though. The team goes into nighttime investigation mode, with Bobo's dog Monkey acting as a "Squatch Detector." Matt takes two pieces of wood and hits them together, getting an interesting response. Matt and Ranae hear something which sounds like something high-pitched, like a yell. Cliff does a scream, while Matt does a howl. Cliff stays in the woods for a few more nights alone (except for the camera crew). He sets up game cams in the woods. The rest of the team goes into Willow Creek where they meet with Al Hodgson, who tells of his recollection of meeting Patterson and Gimlin. The team takes a tour of the Willow Creek Museum. They then go to Steven Streufert's Bigfoot Books store. Meanwhile, Cliff decides to scout around the area and see about setting up some more game cams. He finds some bear scat, but no Squatch scat. There is a town hall meeting held in which the two sons of Jerry Crew stand up and show the original Bigfoot cast by their father. Several people stand up and tell of their encounters. They investigate the sightings, and find...well, I won't spoil it for you. All in all, I give this special a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. Pretty good stuff.
According to researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences, evidence keeps mounting in the mountains of Siberia that hairy homonids still claim this wilderness as their stomping grounds. Recent expeditions have returned hair samples that remain unidentified but, according to this report, are identical to specimens from California and the Russian Urals. Are Russian hominologists hot on the trail of the biggest cryptid story of the 21st century, or is the whole affair just wishful thinking? Out on the Frontiers of Zoology, Dale Drinnon discusses another kind of cryptid sample with Water Horse (Moose), Antlers Just Out Of Velvet before wading further into the murky waters of cryptozoology by poring over ancient Asian artefacts that demand closer inspection, as seen in Water Pigs and Pig-Dragons. Meanwhile, located in the middle of nowhere, Mississippi's Stennis Space Center is home to all sorts of myths, but none so enduring as reports of the Ivory Billed Woodpeckers and the state's own Sasquatch. Michael Newsom covers this Deep South mythology with Sasquatch, Rare Woodpecker Among Strange Stennis Tales. There's more on mysterious geography in tales from Massachusetts as Wicked Local and NECN trace a confluence of ley lines dubbed the "Bridgewater Triangle" by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. First Rebecca Hyman's BOO! The Tricks of the 'Bridgewater Triangle' enumerates some of the anecdotes that contribute to the area's notoriety. Then Greg Wayland puts his boots on the ground for video footage from this alleged "heart of darkness" in Greg's List: BridgewaterTriangle.

Why Ranae Holland is a Finding Bigfoot Skeptic

Watch these great Bigfoot documentaries based on the footage from Bluff Creek, CA [VIDEO]

Watch Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend, premiering Sunday at 9PM e/p on Animal Planet [VIDEO]

When did Bipedalism occur?

Award-winning Bigfoot Movie "Paper Dolls" Premiers Online Tonight

Book Review: The Yeti Incident by Clint Romag

This is terrific Bigfoot horror, featuring characters familiar to those who have read the Sasquatch Encounters saga from author Romag. Chad Gamin and Andrew Bridgeton, who survived up to this point and killed off many Sasquatches, and Victor Morey, an unethical individual who Chad and Andrew dislike. This time, their destiny takes them to Mount Olympus in Washington State where there are sightings of white hairy hominids (Yeti) which are terrorizing that area and killing indiscriminately, mostly hikers and campers. Victor wants a Yeti for experimentation purposes, while Chad and Andrew want to kill all the Yeti because of their previous experiences with the Sasquatch in Canada, near Mount Saint Helens and in Alaska killing dangerous creatures there. After many narrow escapes and bloody deaths, the book ends with a satisfying cliffhanger conclusion, to be continued in Clint's next book The Bigfoot Experiment. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

On Animal Planet Tonight...

...They are celebrating Halloween with a new two-hour special, titled Finding Bigfoot: Birth of A Legend. It airs at 9:00 Eastern/8:00 Central, all about the Patterson/Gimlin Film. Check local listings for time and channel.