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New Outdoor Shots I took with my new Samsung WB150 Digital Camera 6-1-12

Watch Video of Jeff Meldrum Discussing new Idaho Bigfoot Video





A student in Idaho on a school field trip filmed a few seconds of a tall, dark figure striding along a ridgeline. It has apparently impressed everyone's favorite Bigfoot scientist: Dr. Jeff Meldrum Suggests Idaho Footage Filmed By Students Looks Like A Sasquatch. The student who filmed it has not given out his name as of yet, but we have a feeling Bigfoot hunters are going to be knocking at his door pretty soon. "Finding Bigfoot" is already making a stop in Pocatello to look into the sighting. Let's hope they don't scare it away by yelling and banging on stuff in the woods. And finally, Loren Coleman asks Were You At Champ’s Woodstock? back in 1981 in Vermont. The milestone conference was centered around Lake Champlain's resident sea monster, Champ, and was later the subject of a book.
Bigfoot Evidence: Patterson Rolls Over In His Grave As New Documentary Threatens To Debunk Patterson


Bigfoot Spotted In Idaho?

ABC News (blog) - 17 hours ago
(Image Credit: ABC News) A group of high school students may have come close to Bigfoot during a class project in the Idaho wilderness.
Highly Cited: High School Students Capture Video Of Possible 'Bigfoot'
Bigfoot: Best Evidence Ever Found?
ABC News Thinks Big Foot May Have Been Spotted In Idaho ...Village Voice (blog)
Daily Mail
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alex MidnightWalker Thinks Tim Fasano's Bigfoot And Deer Photo Is Too Good To Be True





Bama Gives Bigfoot Chicks His Custom Wood





British Journalist continues to bring us Yeti news from Russia





Benjamin Radford Goes Beyond Bigfoot Prints and DNA





A guest blogger on Bigfoot Evidence has a likely theory for mermaid sightings centuries ago. She thinks they may have been Amas, deep-sea divers, a theory which makes a good deal of sense. However, the most interesting mystery surrounding Animal Planet's rather ridiculous and silly mermaid mockumentary is how people can be gullible enough to believe it as fact. The arguments being played out all over the internet right now are far more entertaining than the show itself. Meanwhile in Michigan, Bigfoot's much less famous cousin, the Nain Rouge, is getting a bit of attention as writer David Claerr recounts his encounter with the bizarre primate: The Demon of the Straits Revisited. Claerr spotted the creature huddled in the middle of a field, crouched down and doing its best tree stump imitation while peering at him under its arm. Understandably alarmed, he tossed a rock at it and watched it run away with a decidedly primate-like gait. And finally, Richard F goes to Boggy Creek and tells us he liked it. He highly recommends The Legend of Boggy Creek by Lyle Blackburn. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FB/FB Releases Footage of Bigfoot With Screaming Infant





Here's the photo of "Big Phil" that we can't show [Bigfoot Photos]





David Claerr's Depiction Of The Demon of the Straits AKA Red Dwarf





Animal Planet's Imaginary Dr. Paul Robertson And "NOAA Fisheries Dept" Probably Found An Ama, Not A Mermaid


Big Phil - Trail camera image comparisons, etc.

era image comparisons, etc.

Back in the late 1980s-early 90s, Lizard Man mania spread across South Carolina after a man claimed his car was scratched and damaged by a huge creature that had a lizard-like head. Local folklore has related stories of Bigfoot in the area for decades and with dense forest and swampland in some places, it is not hard to imagine a large hominid evading detection for centuries. Snow Walker Prime interviews a low-country resident and expert hunter about his first-hand experience with strangeness, from strange growls to unidentified scat signs. His accounts are frank, convincing and fascinating. In a very different sort of investigation, 'Monsters' star angler Wade in Champlain waters, as he films an episode of River Monsters for Animal Planet. While he won't say specifically that he is hunting for Champ, resident lake monster, there's little doubt that is the plan. In other rather fishy news, experts are trying to explain the Mystery of the one-in-a-million 'Frankenstein fish' after a fisherman in the UK hooked a very Tim Burton-esque fish that appears to be 3 different species together. The general consensus is that an escaped pet fish bred with a common carp and this beautiful oddity was the result. The fisherman kindly threw the strange fish back into the water, which we found to be a nice touch as we like the thought of it going on to create more possibly even stranger fish rather than ending up hanging on someone's wall as a trophy. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Official Preview for the Bigfoot Project 2012 (HD) 





Public Relations? Anybody? [Ketchum Project]





Telepathic Bigfoot Research Friends of Sasquatch
We are starting off this week with a doozy: communicating with Bigfoot via telepathy. The Friends of Sasquatch advise researchers who are looking for mere physical evidence to back off and give it up because telepathic communication is where it's at. They say one can ask Sasquatch for a face to face meeting but most likely the answer will be No. Imagine that. When a telepathic "researcher" can show us tangible evidence like hair, bones, DNA or a body or even a live one, we're going to continue to doubt these claims, telepathically of course. In more sane crypto news, Nick Redfern gives us a glimpse into Wild Britain with the tale of the copyu, a very real giant rodent that "munched its way" across parts of the UK decades ago. Because of efforts to drive it out, the copyu has not been seen in several years but Redfern believes they still roam the forests in certain spots. Meanwhile, Forteana brings us some disappointing news: ABC Spells Otter. The supposed alien big cat body discovered in Scotland a few weeks ago is actually an otter, which is unmistakable when viewing the body. And finally, Glasgow Boy runs across an odd report from 1959 of A Strange Sight in Loch Duich that appears to be a dorsal fin of possibly a killer whale.


And if you meet a veteran or soldier today, say "Thank you."

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Dr. Ketchum Addresses Fake Sally: "There are sick individuals out there that are impersonating us"

Skeptics crow that with technological advances, there should be a definitive image proving the existence of bigfoot. The Patterson-Gimlin film is clear as a bell being 45 years old. A.Z. has no evidence of sasquatch, but he makes a case that our multi-gigapixel SLRs aren't all that eagle eyed in the field. No word on the equipment Christopher Maloney will be packing for his upcoming crypto-documentary. His latest, Cryptotrip, will feature interviews with witnesses. Robin Swope had the pleasure to sit down and talk about the project and its inspiration. While Chris is seeking crypto-contactees, there's bad news that the VIC Big Cat Search Called Offfor budgetary reasons. Who knows, if they could've continued they might've encountered the Stone-Throwing Yowie Stalks Four Terrified Stockmenback in 1892. Andrew Nicholson relates the account for our edification. A more recent submission hit Lon Strickeler's inbox about The Dark Walker. In the letter, "John" retells the story of his grandfather's deadly encounter with this Native American psychopomp one night. As May draws to a close, we'd like to direct you to the Creature of the Month - The Hairy Trolls by Nick Redfern. A queer tale of Barry and Elaine, with missing time, memory gaps, and little hairy men which haunts the couple to this day.

Bigfoot: Beyond Footprints and DNA 

Discovery News - 19 hours ago
Bigfoot samples have long been subjected to scientific testing...and yet science has yet to confirm the sightings.
Highly Cited: Bigfoot & Yeti DNA Study Gets
Blog: Bigfoot, Yeti Hair Samples Requested for DNA Analysis at Oxford‎ ABC News (blog)
Tug Gettling: Bigfoot's DNA‎ Daily Herald
Bend Bulletin New York Daily News

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Bigfoot of Perkett: Hunt for mythical monster turned into elementary ... 

Minot Daily News - 2 days ago
A group of third-graders at Perkett Elementary have spent the school year in pursuit of the truth about a mythical beast: Bigfoot.