Sunday, May 04, 2014

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Marc DeWerth
Today at 6:51 PM
Hello everyone,

First off all of us at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference and the Ohio Bigfoot Organization would to cordially thank you for coming out to Salt Fork State Park and supporting the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2014. It was an epic event to say the least and easily shattered every record in Conference history. The Salt Fork Lodge said at least 3000 people came through for the event which was record for the Lodge in a single day. A week has now passed and I'm finally caught up in the sleep department and decided this would be a good day to send this out.

Everything about this event was staggering to say the least. We had 576 VIP & overflow attendees in three rooms and could have easily done 300 or more if we had the space. This is truly amazing and really shows how popular the Bigfoot subject has become. We thank you all for supporting the event and wish there was a way we could accommodate everyone interested, while at the same time have the perfect venue location like the Salt Fork Lodge.

All five speakers were speechless at what they thought of the event. All five want to come back including Bob Gimlin and Cliff Barackman. The hospitality that all of you showed during the three day weekend was first class all the way. As the main organizer of the event I'm so proud of all of you. Thank you so much!

Sunday's Ohio Bigfoot Festival was also a record with close to 400 people showing up and enjoying a great cookout provided by John & Robin Cartright of the United States Bigfoot Research Association and additional help from Steve & Lila Slatzer of Gia Russo Foods. The weather was perfect making Sunday a great day to say the least.

Things that will be changed for sure in 2015 will be-

1- The VIP Dinner at Theo's will be a paid buffet on the upper level to ensure plenty of seating, and a speedy dining experience. Having used the room upstairs after the dining service there's no doubt it will be plenty large enough.

2- The vendor area needs to be opened to vendors earlier for set-up and closed off to buyers until all vendors are set-up and ready to go. They were a little overwhelmed this year to say the least.

3- For clarification reasons, a 24 x 36 schedule of events & location will be placed on easels and posted on the main lobby and conference levels throughout the entire weekend for those less informed about the Conference happenings.

4- An additional 120 overflow seats will be made available on the 4th level and we will be guaranteed no more accidental bookings of other groups.

We are looking for feedback, suggestions, speaker suggestions for 2015, etc, etc..... We greatly appreciate your input and value your suggestions.

Also, a lot of people have been asking for Conference t-shirts. Mike Esordi mentioned making another round of Camo shirts if the minimum number requirement can be met. Please contact me if your interested in shirts and include your size & quantity.

I personally want to thank all of you. Lots of hard work goes into this event and the results have been spectacular. Although no event is perfect, be assured we will keep striving for the ultimate 'Ohio Bigfoot Conference"..... Take care and happy Spring...


Marc A. DeWerth
Ohio Bigfoot Organization

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