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If you squint, the figure appears more like Slenderman than sasquatch. But according to Nicolas Grizzle things are even stranger with the likes of Tom Biscardi getting involved. Thing is Biscardi's been b/s'ed in the past, casting doubt upon this latest venture. In light of these shenanigans, Do You Believe In Bigfoot? Jan Boston Sellers posed the questions to some Crossville, TN locals and turns out they're sitting on the fence about the existence of this hairy hominid. At the other end of the spectrum is H. floresiensis who has some scientists saying Tiny Monkey Teeth Suggest Flores Hobbit Was A Dwarf rather than an extant, diseased specimen.

Recurated With Meuse: Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Diorama

Bigfoot reported in Washington State! Eye witness account!

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Washington woman reports seeing a Bigfoot in Washington State. cryptozoology gigantopithecus meldrum ketchum erickson project ...
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Lair of the Beasts: Bigfoot: The Problem of Food
Many researchers of the Bigfoot phenomenon take the view that the hairy, man-like beasts are some form of unknown ape. Or, they suggest that the creatures may represent a surviving, relic population of the presumed long-extinct, ancient ape known as ...
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Practical casting tip from Jeff Meldrum if you are using self-insulating foam...

Hi, Jeff. I was just curious about something-in the Field Guide, you said to use self-insulating foam and a few pieces of cardboard for casting. I was just curious, is there anything that a person has to do with the cardboard, like cut it into a certain size and shape in order to use it for casting? Thanks.
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  • Don Jeffrey Meldrum I just have a few pieces pre-cut so they can be slipped into the backpack -- say 12' x 18" -- big enough to amply cover a sasquatch track. Once the casting with foam is set, the excess cardboard can be cut away.

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Last Day To Save Nevermore’s Legendary Monsters

This is a lengthy article that explains how and why to argue against skeptics and it makes excellent points. What it all boils down to is really very simple: as our knowledge of science expands and grows, so do our answers for the hows and whys of the universe, and that essentially no one really and truly knows all there is to know about it so why can't we all just get along and unite in our pursuit of truth...okay, well actually the article is a wee bit more eloquent than that but there's the gist of it.

Bigfoot Sighting in Santa Rosa
North Bay Bohemian (blog)
If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is around, does Bigfoot hear it? If that tree is in the Mayacama Mountain Area of Santa Rosa, the answer might be yes. We get a lot of press releases at the Bohemian, but when the email subject reads “Bigfoot in ...
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North Bay Bohemian (blog)
Around the Town: Do you believe in Bigfoot?
Crossville Chronicle
CROSSVILLE — What is it about Bigfoot or Sasquatch that interests me, I mean people, so much? What is it about this mythical creature that has spawned myriad searches, articles, websites and even its own television series? Bigfoot has never been ...
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After massive footprints were found in Northern California in the early 50's,
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  1. The Sasquatch Song - Stompin' Tom Connors

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    March 6, 2013 Country legend Stompin' Tom Connors, whose rousing songs of
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  2. Paul Freeman's Sasquatch Prints (PFF)

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    Freeman's Bigfoot print/casts evidence contribution obtained from the Mill Creek
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    Tim Hus on Stompin Tom death

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    Tim Hus - Sasquatch Hunter (The Sasquatch makes an appearance!!!!) clip 2by
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Pamphlet Review: Sasquatch Field Guide by Dr. Jeff Meldrum

This short but informative booklet/pamphlet, clocking in at only 10 pages, gives a basic primer for the Sasquatch field researcher as to how to recognize footprints; distinguishing between bear, human and Sasquatch tracks; how to cast a track and what materials to carry to do just that (Meldrum gives a list of things to take into the field for casting, but says if you cannot carry a long list of materials to cast tracks, you can use a can of minimally-expanding insulating foam and a few pieces of cardboard); how to distinguish a standing bear from a human and Sasquatch; how to recognize different sounds and other important tips and advice. He also describes different areas that would be the most likely to have activity, and also answers to the best of his ability why bones of the Sasquatch are almost never found. This booklet only costs $7.95 and is laminated, designed to be waterproof and to be carried in a backpack or a back pocket or jacket pocket. It is available at Amazon and also And the only rating I can put on it is a perfect 10!!!!!!

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new jacobs interpretation I

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sasquatch "Jacobs photo" "Jacobs bigfoot" "Allegheny sasquatch" "Allegheny bigfoot" "Jacobs bear" bear "black bear" "Bigfoot ...

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Author Kirk Sigurdson on Radio Show Inspired by Bigfoot

This "troll" could be anything, really. In fact, it's one of the best examples of blobsquatch we've ever seen. Perhaps it's a blobtroll imitating a blobsquatch? Either way, the image is way too indistinct and blurry to figure out. Still, if we'd spotted this thing at night we wouldn't stop and ask for ID; we'd be hightailing it back to the campsite and the flimsy safety of the tent and campfire. However, we'd much rather deal with a possible troll than an encounter with a giant spider as described by Julian Thomas Duguid, an explorer who published his adventures in a book calledGreen Hell. The spider was the size of a kitten. A kitten.Ghosts & Spiders: M.R. James, Green Hell, and a giant spider.

What's the most logical thing to do when your mother in law calls you hysterical with fear to report a Bigfoot stealing her chickens? Why, collecting the hair hung up in the fence and selling it on eBay, of course! Meanwhile, Nick Redfern is considering the theory of another sort of A Monster Brought to Life --the giant black dog, an infamous spectre in countless paranormal legends throughout the UK. He speculates that perhaps smugglers brought huge Newfoundland dogs along with them when they came ashore, and when frightened villagers reported seeing giant black dogs with glowing red eyes, the smugglers took full advantage of the exaggerated legend to cover their own tracks and keep their stolen treasure safe. Like Redfern, we think that maybe that explanation is responsible for a few of the encounters but it'd take a whole lot of smugglers with a huge cargo of large black dogs to pull that off.

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SU's Real or Not Real w/Max and Melissa 3/5/13

Order the Sasquatch Field Guide by Dr. Jeff Meldrum HERE!!!!!!

Dr. Meldrum Joins Chuck and Stacy on the Bigfoot Tonight Show

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Dr. Jeff Meldrum joins Chuck and Stacy on The Bigfoot Tonight Show. Topics covered in this interview include, Dr. Meldrum's ...
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Conspiracy Files 2013 Big Foot Documentary sasquatch evidence classifieds government hiding

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Conspiracy Files 2013 Big Foot Documentary sasquatch BigfootPhenomena US government evidence classifieds ufo conspiracy alien ...
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Devil Names, Fortean Places, and Cryptids

The Bigfoot Ketchum circus continues! Experts weigh in! TeamTazer TazerMedia 2013

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UFO News, Sasquatch SHOCKER, Aliens & More: MONSTERS AND ... (blog)
Mysterious shadows. Screams in the night. A hair-raising sense that something is watching. Stories of the unknown capture our imagination and curiosity in Destination America's new series MONSTERS AND MYSTERIES IN AMERICA, premiering Sunday, ...
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Bigfoot, Richard III, And Outsider Science Andrew May's Forteana Blog
Andrew May loves forteana, you might say it's in his genes. At first glance, his argument is for giving credit where credit is due with discoveries. The deeper subtext given is oversight by professional scientists isn't necessary for a successful investigation. Since Dr. May raised the spectre of Bigfoot, Bud Phillips covers the history when A Bigfoot Sighted Near Bristol Began A Reign Of Terror in anomalous Appalachia after the War of Northern Aggression. Of course, don't take every headline at face value. Case in point, Letitia Atkinson's piece on Tauranga's 'Bigfoot' Spotted In Valley on some rare specimens, known to science, dwelling in New Zealand. Over on the mainland, countless gum trees have been devastated by weevils over the years. Question at hand is why are these Mystery Predators so active in Monaro when the weevils exist in other areas of Australia?