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Link of the Month: September 2008

North American Bigfoot Search


Dr. Jeff Meldrum will be on Coast to Coast A.M. tonight to address this week's events, beginning at 1:00 A.M. EST/12:00 Central. The website is: Coast To Coast A.M.

and should prove to be most interesting.

Sasquatch Experience Tomorrow...

Sean, Melissa and James are tentatively scheduled to have Stan Courtney on beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at The Sasquatch Experience, Sunday Nights at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central

Plus there may be a bit of an overview of this week's events regarding the alleged Bigfoot body, so please tune in and support great research.

Bigfoot Mystery Tomorrow...

Hello everyone, Come join you hosts Darin Richardson, Janice Carter, and Henry May while they cover the globe with the latest investigations, research, interviews, live discussions, and ground breaking news of this mystery, Bigfoot... It will be an open mike night/roundtable discussion. We will be joined by Randy from Canada and possibly the folks from alabamabigfoot. It is a 90 minute show. Please remember: no bashing. That's not what the show is about. The call in number is 1-646-716-7496. where: when: Sunday, August 17, 2008, 4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern Link to Darin's book: Thanks Darin, aka Thunderhawk

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Reporter Daniel Silliman, with quotes from cryptozoologist Loren Coleman and claims from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, blasts the poorly-conceived, but well-attended, Palo Alto, CA, press conference conducted yesterday and its principals, Tom Biscardi, Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer. Has this unlikely trio really gone to the links described in order to pull a hoax? There's more commentary on the event in: Bigfoot Press Conference Casts More Doubt on the Discovery and Bigfoot, or Another Big Hoax? There are, of course, several thousand other reports on the fiasco in today's media releases. Are there any reports that cast a positive light on this affair?

Now that the Georgia Bigfoot claim seems to be smoldering in its own ashes, it's time to turn our attention to the efforts of a team of Japanese explorers who are setting out on an expedition to the "Rooftop of the World" to seek proof of the existence of the Asian version of Bigfoot, the Yeti. With photo.

More cryptid creature reports are pouring out of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Is there a tribe of subterranean creatures occupying the spooky section of the British countryside? Elsewhere, at Haunted America Tours, noted ghost investigator Richard Senate reports on the Ghost Lady Who Walks the Olivas Adobe.

New Monsterquest Wednesday...

What is the Monster of Whitehall? In 1976, in upstate New York, several police officers reported seeing an animal that they couldn't identify. It was described as a "large creature, seven to eight feet tall, walking like a gorilla hunched over and making a sound like "a woman screaming." More than 30 years have passed and the sightings continue. The original police officers have agreed to be tested. Follow our team as they work with local researchers and renowned wildlife experts on the trail of the Monster of Whitehall.

Rating: TVPG

Running Time: 60 minutes

Genre:Mysteries of History

Check local listings for time and channel.

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Might not be blogging as much as I usually do this weekend...

This whole Bigfoot body situation is really jangling my mind and causing me to question my purpose in this field, so if you guys don't see me blogging so much, it is because this whole issue is really messing with me. But I will be available for questions from anyone. After today's events, I am still 50/50 on this whole issue. Hope everyone will maintain their patience and cordiality with me. Thank you.

Update on Beyond The Edge Radio...

Join Sean and Eric tonight on Beyond The Edge radio at 9:00 pm est as we discuss the ground breaking news from the press conference today and take your calls and thoughts on it during our first hour. The second hour we welcome back to show our great friend Bill Bean, author of Dark Force and survivor of a malevolant demonic haunting in Maryland. An exciting show for sure tonight as Sean and Eric take you once again, Beyond The Edge.


Eric Altman
Director,Co- host, Conference Chairman
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society
Beyond The Edge Radio

Bigfoot found in Georgia! Proof or hoax?
National Post - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
UPDATE: I wanted to see the Bigfoot body just as much as everybody else, but the two Georgia Bigfoot hunters didn't impress reporters at their news ...
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Bigfoot’ press conference reveals possum DNA
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
Supposedly, Bigfoot lives in North Georgia, and several of his relatives are still there. At least that’s what a pair of Georgia outdoorsmen and a ...
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Bigfoot press conference fails to impress skeptics - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
The two men who claim they've bagged Bigfoot would not reveal the location of the hairy corpse, adding further fuel to skeptics who claim the report is a ...
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Bigfoot press conference: An early report
Scientific American - USA
I just got off the phone with Erik Vance, a freelancer covering the Bigfoot press conference in Palo Alto, California, for us. We'll be posting his story as ...
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Bigfoot news conference has little proof
Detroit Free Press - United States
The Bigfoot news conference was a bust. Carried live on CNN and live blogged by websites across the globe, today's news conference offered no real proof, ...
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Internet captivated by Bigfoot hunters' press conference
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi held the press conference in Palo Alto, Calif. in conjunction with Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, the two men from Georgia who ...
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Bigfoot’ press conference fails to shock world
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
Bigfoot lives in North Georgia, and several of his relatives are still there. At least that’s what a pair of Georgia outdoorsmen and a California “Bigfoot ...
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Happy Bigfoot Day!
If they don't produce an actual Bigfoot body at the press conference, it's doesn't mean there's no creature, it just means they haven't caught one yet. ...
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We Call Bullsh*t on the Montauk Monster, the Goat-Sucker, Bigfoot ...
Discover Magazine - New York,NY,USA
Not content with just one old monster myth revival, two guys from Georgia say they have the carcass of Bigfoot in their freezer. ...
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Manimal Sasquatch, Bigfoot Press Conference Video: Autopsy, DNA
Post Chronicle - USA
by Mitch Marconi Two Bigfoot hunters claim to have the body of the man-ape known as Bigfoot. DNA and photographic evidence of a Bigfoot was the centerpiece ...
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Bill Green's review of today's press conference

hey researchers i just finished watching the press conferance about the ga gorilla-sasquatch body situation cnn a couple hours ago. i thought it was very inpressive very interesting etc indeed. it actually told me more about the ga situation to make less skeptic about this case. but its still makeing news & online newspapers. more new updates in weeks ahead. good evening bill green smile.gif - Bigfoot Hunters Press Conference Reveals... Little - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News

For those who missed it...

Link to the Press Conference in its entirety: Video | | News for Seattle, Washington

Watch and Listen during the live broadcast from 10 pm to 2 am EDT / 7 pm – 11 pm PDT at and chat with the greatest radio audience of all, The ‘X’ Zone Nation.


10 pm – 11 pm EDT / 7 pm – 8 pm PDT

JOHN LEE SCHNEIDER - Alien Invaders & Space Dragons

11 pm – 12 an EDT / 8 pm – 9 pm PDT

WILLIAM BUHLMAN - Out-of-Body Experiences

12 am – 1 am EDT / 9 pm – 10 pm PDT

ROB McCONNELL OPEN MIC - Rob will welcome all Bigfoot Researchers to come on the show to talk about The BISCARDI Press Conference.

1 am – 2 am EDT / 10 pm – 11 pm PDT

ROBERT W MORGAN and other BIGFOOT Researchers Comment on The Press Conference held by Tom Biscardi, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer about the Bigfoot find in Northern Georgia


Rob McConnell is going to be doing a show tonight at 12:00 EST where he invites any and all Bigfooters to call in regarding today's Press Conference, then will have Robert W. Morgan on from 1:00 A.M.-2:00 A.M. EST. Central times are from 11:00-1:00.

Full Review of Today's Press Conference

It began as scheduled at 3:00 EST/2:00 Central with Tom Biscardi's representative introducing him, and Biscardi went into the full explanation as to how the story came about and how the guys Rick and Matt got the body. It then broke away after about 8 minutes, but continued on CNN.Com where Matthew got up to the podium and told his side of the story (with some interruptions by Biscardi), and then Rick got up there and answered questions from the media, as did Matthew. Then, Biscardi showed a photo of the teeth and tongue of the alleged creature, as well as a blobsquatch photo of what appeared to be a live Sasquatch taken as Rick and Matt were in the area. The DNA results showed really nothing conclusive so far, and Tom implied that Igor Bourtsev and Dmitri Bayanov were coming to America to examine it. I have to admit, I have more questions than answers at this point.

The Press Conference is Over...

And I have to admit, I am more confused than before. I am still on the fence on this whole issue, pretty much back to 50/50. There are still details to be worked out over all this and details that have not yet been released. My full review of the Press Conference follows...

CNN and Headline News to carry the Press Conference (also

Countdown to the Press Conference...

7 Minutes and Counting

Rumor: Fox News may carry the Press Conference Live

Keep an eye on your TV for further details.

Countdown to the Press Conference...

52 minutes
This FOX News story and the ABC News story, Legend of Bigfoot: Discovery? Try Hoax, are no doubt the reaon you're having trouble accessing the Cryptomundo website today. Paul Wagenseil at FOX News notes the skepticism that has gathered steam over the past few days, as does Ki Mae Heussner, who brings together commentary from Matthew Moneymaker, who is assuring everyone the Georgia Bigfoot claim is a hoax; Professor Jeff Meldrum, who sees a number of "red flags," including Tom Biscardi's reputation for lack of credibility; University of Minnesota research scientist Curt Nelson, who was given tissue samples, but says even if he has analyzed the samples by today's press conference time, it wouldn't be enough to prove the creature's existence ("If the guy claims to have a body, he really should produce one."); Skeptical Inquirer Managing Editor Benjamin Radford, who notes skepticism doesn't diminish the public's interest in the creatures; and noted cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, who says, despite his excitement, the Georgia creature is "99 percent a hoax and 1 percent a probability of reality." Elsewhere, at Cryptomundo, Coleman notes the continuing Georgia Bigfoot saga has begun to drift apart, in "Bigfoot Body" Has Red Flags. There's also word from the swamps of Florida, where David Shealy, the Skunk Ape "Expert" Checks In with his analysis of the Georgia claim, and the pre-press conference reports wouldn't be complete without reprising the 2005 report Biscardi's C2C Legacy: "I-Was-Hoodwinked". Meanwhile, there's a nice video overview of this remarkable summer in The Summer of Cryptids, 2008.

With a press conference scheduled for today to show off the alleged proof of the existence of Bigfoot in the forests of Georgia, one Australian news source takes a look at some of the times when the entire world seems to have been flummoxed by "evidence" that proved to be contrived. With photo and videos. Meanwhile, all the hoopla over the Georgia Bigfoot body has one columnist wondering How Come the Flatlands Don't Have a Legendary Creature?
The recent $1M prize offered by Bushnell Corporation and Field & Stream gets discussed in this report. Could the Georgia Bigfoot Trackers collect this prize? And, in another report, Micah Hanks at The Gralien Report was in telephone contact with Tom Biscardi Thursday and posts Straight from the Horse's Mouth: Bigfoot Body News. From other commentary: Georgians Say They Have Proof of Bigfoot; Two Georgians Say They Have Bigfoot's Body and Cop's Bigfoot Sighting Has Roots in Georgia Lore.

An Appeal For Calm

Some Sad News

Cop’s Bigfoot sighting has roots in Georgia lore
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
But according to dedicated Bigfoot followers, a large, hairy, mysterious creature has been popping up in north and middle Georgia since before European ...
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100% Definitive Proof Bigfoot Lives
Jawa Report - Austin,TX,USA
World's second most important question: What does Bigfoot taste like? Yet to be answered, but soon people. Soon. Seriously, I've loved Bigfoot lore ever ...
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Bigfoot Expert Weighs In: "I'm Extremely Skeptical"
Scientific American - USA
A press conference in Palo Alto, Calif., tomorrow is planned to showcase yesterday's bold claim that the remains of a Sasquatch, or bigfoot, have been found ...
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Bigfoot Found - Press Release
Times of the Internet - North Olmsted,Ohio,USA
by Press Release in press-releases A body that may very well be the body of the creature commonly known as “Bigfoot” has been found in the woods in northern ...
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Men Claim To Find Bigfoot Remains
Sky News - Isleworth,England,UK
Two men claim to have found Bigfoot in the US state Georgia, and will hold a press conference on Friday to reveal their find. According to a press release ...
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Bigfoot Poised to be Next Celebrity Star
Celebrity News - Hollywood,USA
After years of gossip concerning his existence, Bigfoot has been found by two trackers... or so they claim. Matthew Whitton, a policeman from Georgia on ...
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Closing the Mississippi; Bigfoot found?; The Procter & Gamble story
Southeast Missourian - Cape Girardeau,MO,USA
The big news today across the Internet is that some hunters may have found the elusive Bigfoot. The key word in that sentence is "may. ...
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Smartphones, Saas, Cloud computing and Bigfoot
InfoWorld - San Francisco,CA,USA
No doubt, it can feel like the search for Bigfoot. Song's company, Soonr, has a suite of apps that lets people share their files across PCs, Smartphones, ...
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BIGFOOT UPDATE: Dranginis Weighs In
Washington City Paper - Washington,DC,USA
William Dranginis is skeptical—make that highly skeptical—about the claim by two men that they discovered a dead Bigfoot in the Georgia woods. ...
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Big Foot Found In Time For Slow News Day (satire) - UK
MATTHEW Whitton, a policeman from Georgia “on medical leave”, and Rick Dyer, an ex-prison warden, have found the body of Bigfoot. They retrieved the body of ...
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Giant lobsters, big cats and other monster mysteries
Shields Gazette - South Shields,England,UK
Mike has had a number of cryptozoological encounters himself, including a brief encounter with Big Foot, or sasquatch, while living on tribal land in ...
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Bigfoot Press Conference
Times of the Internet - North Olmsted,Ohio,USA
They've affectionately named the furry carcass RickMat since the two of them discovered him together. (Sasquatch must be too run of the mill for them.)
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Bigfoot Found Dead: Video and Photos of Sasquatch Online, Real or ...
National Ledger - Apache Junction,AZ,USA
There are always those that will believe in the Bigfoot legend and the lore of the Sasquatch and there are others that will always show great skepticism ...
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US hunters claim to have found Bigfoot
Times Online - UK
Two American hunters say they have a bit of a surprise in their freezer: a Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. The pair, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, say that they ...
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Pictured: Amazing photo of creature hunters claim is 'Bigfoot'
Daily Mail - UK
The Bigfoot, also known as a Sasquatch, is said to roam the forests of north-west America and some suggest that it may be related to the Asian Yeti, ...
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Hunters claim to have nabbed Bigfoot, Internet goes nuts
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
A couple of hunters in northern Georgia (the state, not the country) claim to have found a carcass of the legendary creature known as Bigfoot (or Sasquatch, ...
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Men claim to have found 'Bigfoot'
Metro - London,UK
The sasquatch body, from the photo already released, has reddish-brown hair, an ape-like face, and generally looks a bit like a slightly mildewed ...
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Bigfoot is alive and well.... and living in Birmingham
Sunday Mercury - Birmingham,West Midlands,UK
Forget the stories of the Bigfoot corpse in the freezer found by a load of redneck sasquatch hunters, Bigfoot has been safe and well and living on Cannock ...
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Pictures: Dead Bigfoot stored in a freezer - London,UK
Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, who run Bigfoot expeditions, have told how they found Sasquatch two weeks ago in the woods of north Georgia, storing it since ...
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Breaking: Bigfoot’s Body Apparently Found
Environmental Graffiti - London,England,UK
Also known as Sasquatch, the creature is allegedly ape-like and said to inhabit the remote forests of northwest America and British Columbia, Canada. ...
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Beyond The Edge Radio Tonight...

The originally scheduled guest was Stanton Friedman, but he had a prior commitment, so Bill Bean is returning for his third appearance, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Beyond The Edge Radio, Friday Nights at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central

Plus the latest news on today's Press Conference and Scott Hackenslash's Movie News and Reviews, so Please make sure to tune in and support great research.

Press Conference at 3:00 EST Today!!!!!!

It begins at 3:00 EST/2:00 Central/1:00 Mountain/12:00 Pacific possibly on Fox News. Watch your TV and your Internet.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Countdown to the Press Conference...

13 Hours, 57 Minutes, Don't ask about the seconds.

Book Review: Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide by Robert Michael Pyle

This wonderfully-written travelogue of the area in Washington State known as the Dark Divide was released in 1995, and I received a copy of it in about '95 or '96, a signed copy no less. I read through it back then, and just recently read through it again, and it is still as terrific today as it was nearly 15 years ago. Pyle takes the reader on his journey through this rugged wilderness (though in some spots not so rugged due to motorcyclists who put ruts in different trails as well as hikers and campers all over the place) and gives us a great narrative of his journey, which is not so much to find Bigfoot as to just walk the difficult trails and byways in the region he has chosen. He does meet several people who are open-minded to the possibility of the Sasquatch existing, but does not meet any direct witnesses except the late Datus Perry in Carson, Washington. He also meets with and talks to such Bigfoot luminaries as Peter Byrne (with whom he has a close friendship today), John Green, the late Grover Krantz and the late Rene Dahinden, as well as meeting Ray Crowe and the then-Western Bigfoot Society, as well as meeting some other Bigfooters along the way. He also delves into the headaches that would come as the result of discovery (which seems to be about to occur here in August 2008) as well as the implications of what the finding of a Sasquatch could do to imdustries of all shapes and sizes. This is a terrific read, whether for Summer or just for curling up by a fire on a cold Fall or Winter's Night. Highly-recommended.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum weighs in on the Georgia Body situation...

Bigfoot Expert Weighs In: "I'm Extremely Skeptical": Scientific American Blog
Policeman Matthew Whitton's claim to have the corpse of a Bigfoot he and his partner dragged from the woods of northern Georgia seems to be having an impact on the police department he works for in Clayton, GA. The police chief of Clayton is getting far too many calls about Whitton's hobby. Meanwhile, there's a new revelation about documentary filming of scheduled scientific research on the body allegedly in the possession of Whitton and Rick Dyer in Claim: Dead Bigfoot Stored on Ice, and there's a good take on the controversy in the Beliefnet report Bigfoot and Chupacabra Double Feature, including commentary by skeptic Michael Shermer. For other commentary: Body of Bigfoot Found in Georgia, Claims Group and Everyone Awaits the Evidence on Bigfoot. Also, be sure to tune in tonight for Nick Redfern's stint to talk about his new book There's Something in the Woods, and the unfolding Bigfoot Body saga on Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack.
Loren Coleman reports a YouTube video has been posted of Tom Biscardi's FoxNews appearance from Wednesday, the announcement that some DNA results may not be ready in time for tomorrow's press conference and a warning that the film documentation of the scientific research on the Bigfoot body must be conducted "in the light of day" to be fully accepted. And, in a further UPDATE from a different source: Skepticism Mounting Since the Georgia Bigfoot Corpse Press Release at Phantoms & Monsters includes this link to The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization: Georgia Bigfoot Body Hoax, where further links lead you to Bigfoot Discussion Board - Major Media Hoax in the Works: Biscardi and and Here's How the Bigfoot Body Was Debunked. But...isn't that a tongue sticking out of the mouth of the supposed Bigfoot body in the freezer? If you've been unable to access the Bigfoot Video post at Cryptomundo, you will find the Tom Biscardi FoxNews film at Video: Georgia Bigfoot on FOX News.

P/G Movie Filmsite

Three Bigfoot Books coming from Hancock House next month

Bob says Just Say Know

Hancock House Library

Sasquatch Triangle Tonight...

My guest on The Sasquatch Triangle show Thursday August 14th will be Darin Richardson of Mount Hood, Oregon. Richardson, better known as "Thunderhawk" in Bigfoot chat rooms, will be discussing his sighting of 1991 as well as his research into the Bigfoot phenomenon since that fateful day. He will also be discussing his new book on the subject in which The Sasquatch Triangle Internet show gets mentioned. Here is Richardson's bio...

"Darin Richardson is a 33-year-old Bigfoot researcher who has been involved in the Bigfoot phenomena for 17 years since his encounter with one of these creatures in 1991. He is also the author of the book "Bigfoot and I: A Personal Journey into the World of Sasquatch" and the host of the highly-rated show "The Bigfoot Mystery" on In addition to Bigfoot research, Darin is also involved in Civil War reenacting, a prolific writer, and an avid comic book collector. He lives in The Dalles, Oregon."

Link to Richardson's book is:

Link to Richardson's show is:

It begins at 9:00 EST/8;00 Central at The Sasquatch Triangle, Now On

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Reviews: Tom Biscardi on America's Newsroom/The XZone 8-13/14-08

Tom Biscardi was on America's Newsroom yesterday morning, being interviewed by the lovely Megan Kelly, and did a great job, describing in detail the circumstances surrounding the Georgia body situation (it is in an undisclosed location at the moment) and Tom announced about the Press Conference which is one day and counting from now, as well as showing the famous photo of the alleged creature in the freezer. He also invited Megan and Fox News to come and see the body. It was a good segment, to be honest.

The XZone had a show on the Georgia body situation, where the guest was supposed to be Robert W. Morgan, but he was unable to be reached, so Rob discussed the Bigfoot body situation quite a bit, then called me and got my feelings on the whole issue, and then called Sean Forker and got his feelings on it. It was pretty great. Rob wants to do a show Monday night, with Robert W. Morgan, myself, Sean and Eric Altman (time TBD).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Review: Bigfoot Live 8-13-08

This was a terrific show, but the chat (at least some of the people in there) left a bit to be desired. The show was of course all about the Georgia Bigfoot body situation, with the two guys responsible for it, Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton. They took a lot of phone calls, including from myself, Becky Sawyer and Steve Kulls, and several others, who congratulated the two on their find and also asked some questions. There will most likely be more on this next week, especially in light of the press conference on Friday. The show starts at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central at Bigfoot Live, Wednesday Nights at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central

Announcement from Rob McConnell and also some Bigfoot News Stories

TONIGHT: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 on The ‘X’ Zone with Rob McConnell

Is This Really A Bigfoot in a Freezer?

Is this a Bigfoot or the missing costume from the Patterson / Gimlin film of an alleged Bigfoot? Is it a coincidence that this story is breaking on the 40th anniversary of the famous film of a Bigfoot? Your comments would be appreciated at or

Watch & Listen to The ‘X’ Zone LIVE at and chat with the coolest radio audience in the Universe – The ‘X’ Zone Nation also at

Join us for the preshow at 9 pm EDT / 6 pm PDT.


10 pm – 11 pm EDT / 7 pm – 8 pm PDT

JEFF BELANGER - Ghostvillage, Ghost Stories and Haunted Truths

11 pm – 12 am EDT / 8 pm – 9 pm PDT

WILLIAM E MARKS - Water Voices

12 am – 01 am EDT / 9 pm – 10 pm PDT

DAVID MATTHEW - Busting the Male Myths

01 am – 02 am EDT / 10 pm – 11 pm PDT

ROBERT W MORGAN and other BIGFOOT Researchers Comment on The Alleged Bigfoot find in Georgia by Tom Biscardi

Stories from The ‘X’ Zone Newsroom:

XZone Tonight...

For all you night-owls, Rob McConnell will have Robert W. Morgan and others on to discuss the Georgia Bigfoot body situation, beginning at 1:00 A.M. EST/12:00 Central at The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show

Should prove interesting.

Forty bucks and RuPaul pumps
LA City Beat - Los Angeles,CA,USA
She’s got nothin’ on a sasquatch like me, a galumphing size 10-and-thensome. Those hard-to-cram-a-fit Hammertime feet of mine are the two reasons I braved ...
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Policeman's claim of Bigfoot sighting a headache for boss
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
The search for Bigfoot, the mythical half-man/half-gorilla beast also known as Sasquatch, may have ended in Georgia. Or it could just be a hoax that has ...
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Creatures that inhabit our guilty conscience
Times Online - UK
Yeti, Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman, Big Foot - he comes by many names, and whether he actually exists or not, he is a vital part of human society. ...
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Has Bigfoot Been Found?
Associated Content - Denver,CO,USA
Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is alleged to be a primate that inhabits remote woods, mainly in the Pacific Northwest. Proponents maintain that Bigfoot ...
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Bigfoot Found Dead Video: Press Conference Pending Sasquatch ...
Post Chronicle - USA
The Sasquatch was found in the northern woods of Georgia according to a company that calls itself "Searching for Bigfoot, Inc". The group has scheduled a ...
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Kokanee Media Alert: The Results Are In! Find Out If Ranger Lives ...
Market Wire (press release) - USA
Tune into Global TV, during the Family Guy on Sunday, August 17, to find out whether Ranger will live to see another day, or if Sasquatch has triumphed in ...
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Bigfoot exists? Group claims it has DNA evidence
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
It's long been thought that the best way to prove Sasquatch exists is to shoot the darn thing and show everyone the body. That's exactly what a group of men ...
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Photos: Bigfoot Found in Georgia, Sasquatch Mystery Solved?
National Ledger - Apache Junction,AZ,USA
Is the legendary tale of the Sasquatch mystery solved? In Georgia two men named Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer are claiming they have found the legendary ...
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Bigfoot Found
Times of the Internet - North Olmsted,Ohio,USA
It looks like Friday will be the day for them to unveil everything they've learned about the mysterious Yeti or Sasquatch.
See all stories on this topic

Body of Bigfoot is 'found'
Daily Telegraph - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is an alleged ape-like creature said to inhabit remote forests, mainly in the Pacific northwest region of the United ...
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Bigfoot Live Update...

This Weeks Line-Up:


Tom With SFBI Team - What's Go'In On!!!


Read The Press Release Click Here!

Show starts at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central and promises to be a blockbuster. So please be sure to tune in. Hold on to your hats, and watch those valuables, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

It didn't take long for the breaking Bigfoot news to draw analysis, and the detailed analysis of the initial photos claiming to be those of that Bigfoot body that has been on ice in Georgia are very revealing. With photos, measurements and comparisons. Is it possible the photos released thus far are fakes intended to build up the suspense or muddy the waters?

Following yesterday's Bigfoot Body: "Georgia Gorilla" Will Shock the World story from Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo that site has become difficult to access, possibly due to heavy traffic, but persistence will eventually pay off. Keep trying to be rewarded with the latest updates on this historic story. Among other stories concerning this breaking news story, Cryptomundo offers Georgia Gorilla: Bigfoot Body"s First Photo! Meanwhile, the story is beginning to take hold in the mainstream media, as seen in PALO ALTO: News Conference to Discuss Claims of 'Bigfoot' Find and Purported DNA Evidence of Bigfoot to Be Revealed in Palo Alto Friday.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 - Local Wire

Local 'Bigfoot' Tracker Set To Announce Major Find - News Story - KTVU San Francisco

BIGFOOT ON ICE: Georgia Bigfoot Body Story Gathering Steam Again


Georgia Bigfoot | 'QuatchWatch » Georgia Gorilla: Bigfoot Body’s First Photo!

Are these photos of the Georgia Bigfoot Body?

Tom Biscardi on Fox News Tomorrow Morning!!!!!!

Tom Biscardi will be on Fox News tomorrow morning at 10:45 EST/9:45 Central. Check local listings for time and channel.

Monsterquest/Bigfoot Live Tomorrow...

First, on Monsterquest...

MonsterQuest : Boneless Horror Airs on Wednesday August 13 09:00 PM EST/8:00 Central

Throughout history there have been sightings of a massive Octopus big enough to attack and sink boats. Could such a creature really exist? Our divers probe the depths of the North Pacific where the world's largest known species of octopus lives. Could these octopuses be a food source for a monster? The investigation will use various underwater camera systems, including a tiny camera small enough to probe inside octopus lairs. Deep waters, rough currents, freezing temperatures and the prospect of encountering a 20-ton boneless horror make this a dangerous expedition.

Check local listings for time and channel.


Then, on Bigfoot Live...

Bigfoot Live, Wednesday Nights at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central

Check back to this blog for further details, and as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Bigfoot Quest 8-12-08

This was a terrific show, with Podiatrist Dr. Richard Eisner, who discussed his theories about what he believes to be casting artifacts in the mid-tarsal break casts which Dr. Jeff Meldrum has espoused. He also discussed dermal ridges and how they too could be casting artifacts. There were several new developments regarding the Georgia body situation as well, and I called in to ask Dr. Eisner about his experience with feet and the mid-tarsal break and dermal ridges. Thomas called in and discussed the Australian perspective, and Bill Green called in with an impassioned diatribe on the body situation and also asked Bob, Mike and Dr. Eisner their feelings on it. Next week, Bobbie Short and Luke Gross are the guests, and there may be some huge developments by then, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Bigfoot Quest, Tuesday Nights at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central

You can download past shows there, as well as subscribe via iTunes. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

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Hunt the Dogman There's Something in the Woods
Nick Redfern reviews a documentary on DVD about a diabolical beast that roams the woods of Kentucky. Speaking of which, if you're in that state in the middle of September, you might want to check out ScareFest 2008.
A press release has been issued, announcing that a press conference will be held in California on Friday to present the DNA and photo evidence on the existence of a "Bigfoot" recently found in Georgia.

In what may be the biggest story of the year--or just another hoax--more details are leaking out about the Georgia Bigfoot body reportedly being kept in a freezer . The photos of parts of the body reveal little. What will the DNA results reveal? What will happen when the body is made public, reportedly this month. Further musings in Bring Me The Head of Bigfoot.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bigfoot Quest Tomorrow...

Hello Everyone:

Your hosts are Bob Coyne and Mike Killen. This week's guest is Dr. Richard Eisner D.P.M. who is a practicing Podiatrist for the last 25 plus years. Dr. Eisner disagrees with Dr. Jeff Meldrum's theories on Bigfoot's locomotion and will hope to explain in laymen's terms why he believes this creature would have a hard time walking, never mind running. For all of the informed and uniformed, this show will no doubt be something to think about. Also, we'll do a shout out, take a few calls and the chat room is always a lot of fun also. So come on by.


When: Tuesday Aug. 12, 2008

Time: 9:00 P.M. Eastern/8:00 Central

Duration: 90 Minutes

Mike Killen
Bob Coyne

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Squatch Detective Radio 8-11-08

This was a terrific show, Part 2 with John Cartwright, who talked about his encounter, as well as his feelings on the Sasquatch Mystery. Several folks called in, such as myself, Bill Green, YVE, Darin Richardson and others. YVE was the highlight of the last half-hour, telling her encounter straight on and without pause and no trepidation. Dunno what is on the agenda for next week, but YVE might be filling in for an out-of-town Steve Kulls, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Squatch Detective Radio, Monday nights at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central

You can download past episodes there, as well as subsrcibe via iTunes. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
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A big bird was sighted in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas in 1976. The giant bird made national headlines, but soon faded from the news. However, a 1973 find of a dying Jabiru, the largest wading bird in the New World, near Houston, TX, fit the descriptions of the 1976 sighting. Now 11 Jabirus have been sighted inTexas, Louisiana and Mississippi recently. Could the Jabiru be the cause of "thunderbird" sightings in southern Texas and New Mexico in recent years? Could a bird 5-feet-tall, with a foot-long beak and ten-foot wingspan lead to thunderbird reports?
Collier-Seminole State Park on the border of Collier and Seminole counties in southwest Florida seems to be home to pythons, Burmese pythons, and they seem to be breeding. Researchers have thrown out the estimate of 30,000 of the large constrictors in the Everglades region of Florida. Can Florida rid itself of these aggressive non-native serpents, or does the state just try to keep them under control? Meanwhile, they haven't announced plans for a survey yet, but state entomologists have already concluded Tarantulas Have 'Invaded' Southern California.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Know The Sasquatch

HANCOCK HOUSE PUBLISHERS - Know the Sasquatch Bigfoot - Full Synopsis

Full SynopsisBook ReviewsAuthor Bio(PDF)
Sample Chapter(PDF)Table Of Contents(PDF)Added Photos


Hancock House is pleased to announce its first e-book: THE BIGFOOT
FILM JOURNAL, by Christopher L. Murphy. The work is available as a
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E-books offer significant advantages: full color images, search
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actually reads the book) and above all, the ability to "link" other
information. In his e-book book, Chris fully utilizes the link
facility. If for, example, you are interested in the legalities of
the bigfoot film (Patterson/Gimlin film), you can click on a link and
review numerous legal documents.

What's more, Chris has provided an ERRATA/UPDATE link, so one can be
totally "up-to-date" on the subject. In other words, a link is
provided so that one can see necessary revisions and new information
on the subject.

AS TO THE BOOK ITSELF, it is a detailed account and analysis of the
Patterson/Gimlin film circumstances and aftermath. The work has been
"in the mill" for over ten years. Chris has worked with many
researchers and others to get what he believes to be a accurate
account of what occurred before, during, and after the filming. Among
his primary resources were Mrs. Patterson, Bob Gimlin, John Green, and
of course the late Rene Dahinden. Roger Knights was the prime editor,
and the noted researchers Thomas Steenburg and Daniel Perez were
associated editors and consultants. THERE ARE MANY SURPRISES is this
book - both arguments for and against the nature of the filmed
creature are discussed in relation to the circumstances. The work is
fully illustrated with photographs, maps and diagrams - providing a
virtual "behind the scene" adventure into what has become one of the
most controversial and famous films ever taken.

above. This book is also available in a special pdf format designed
for use with the new PRS-505 SONY PORTABLE READER. For those of you
who are not familiar with this new device, please click on the
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Much thanks

David Hancock

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