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Bigfoot, Sasquatch Sightings and Eyewitness Testimony 42,721 views

The Wildman of Kentucky: The Mystery of Panther Rock 21,647 views

Reality Films Trailer 100 views
Sasquatch - Six Flags Great Escape

On the last day of June a large “black cougar” was seen in the Lac George area in Alfred-Plantagenet, according to police who found nothing after a search. But a comment by a Constable and a recent study indicate some official recognition of the creatures. Meanwhile, in Indiana, did someone take a photograph of what was said to be a tan-colored mountain lion? Elsewhere, in Fiji, a never-before-seen Creature drives villagers ashore. It was said to be "about three foot long, and had flippers like that of a turtle and had a strange long mouth."

How deep does denial go?

New Article at "Bigfoot's Blog"
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Nite Callers Radio July 4th Show

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Check This Out!!!!

Larry Lund sent me this link. It is VERY cool. A panoramic view from the top of Mount St. Helens.

Mt St. Helens - Summit Crater 2006
Researcher Robert Goerman wants people who believe in Bigfoot, fairies, and extraterrestrials to attempt contact with them on something he calls “OtherWorld Contact Day,” scheduled for October 10, 2010. Elsewhere, a 4-year-old awakens to find "an old man with a long beard, large nose, about three feet tall" standing at the foot of his bed in Encounters with Gnomes. And Fairies: Not Quite What You Might Think.


Anatomy of the Sasquatch Foot

Bigfoot- Sasquatch Dimensions and Traits, Characteristics, Bigfoot Biology, height, weight, speed, life cycle, calories, nocturnal, birth etc...


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Scientists have been searching for the cause of "colony collapse disorder" (CCD) for some time. Could cellphone radiation be contributing to declines in bee populations in some areas of the world? Researchers at Panjab University have conducted an experiment that suggests this is the cause. One theory is that radiation from cellphones is acting on a pigment in bees called cryptochrome, which is used for navigation.

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Bill Green's review of Enoch

MY NEW BOOK REVIEW : i just finished reading ENOCH a bigfoot story by autumn williams. its AWESOME WONDERFUL GREAT spellbinding couple suprises a wealth of info about sightings encounters experiences etc about the sasquatch pheanomena. this new book is both non fiction & fiction in a great way. alittle conterversal in great way. but it realy helps you with research & understanding the sasquatch pheanomena in clear way. the book cover is awesome it has 3-D effect cover to it. this book is DEFINETLY a must for sasquatch yowie yeti cryptozoology researchers books library. autumn even signed the book for me :) i give this new book A+++++++++++ 1/2 this book is 1 book that you never put down. thanks bill green connecticut sasquatch researcher Posted Image
"Albert Ostman claimed he was abducted by a family of Bigfoot in 1924. No matter how silly that story may sound out-of-context, his descriptions of Sasquatch have actually stood the litmus test of time." With that Loren Coleman begins his review of the first Bigfoot contactee case, including the sexual details of the encounter, and Ostman's reply to a disbeliever: “I don’t care a damn what you think.” Also on Cryptomundo, Coleman calls Chad Arment's new book, Varmints: Mystery Carnivores of North America a Rich Resource!

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Footprint Investigation on the Skokomish River

Molalla Sighting Investigation

Cliff Barackman Interview

Thom Cantrall Interview

Autumn Williams Story
Messin' With Sasquatch Exclusive

Sharon Lee Broadcasts

CNN Psychoanalyzes Bigfooters

Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet Documents

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Jun 20, 2010
As a final surprise. Under one of the seart was a special prize for lucky guest recieved the Sasquatch Garden Yeti. ...
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Jun 20, 2010
A new documentary coming out next month will include Meldrums work on the Vietnamese version of BigfootNgười Rừngs ("forest ...
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Jun 20, 2010
Jaime Avalos of also mentions sasquatch tracks often are in line as if walking on an invisible tightrope ...
by EpicGilgamesh
Jun 20, 2010
In full field research Gera Jaime Avalos has a unique technique towards looking for Bigfoot.Tecniques ...
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Jun 20, 2010
You can hear a pin drop for the first time at the symposium. As Scott Nelson reveals formal standard procedures for ...
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. My brief use of the original work falls under the Fair Use exception (Section 107) in copyright law. ... Harry Hendersons review dvd collection ...
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"Enoch" by Autumn Williams

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Sasquatch Watch Radio Tonight...

Date / Time: 6/28/2010 9:00 EST/8:00 PM Central

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (347) 237-5070 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (347) 237-5070 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Please join hosts Billy Willard and Mike Killen as we discuss the topic of expeditions. Are expeditions successful? This is a topic worth debate. We would love to have audience participation for this discussion. Have you been on a successful expedition? What are the positives and negatives of expeditions. Tune in and join in the discussion.

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Big Foot is worried about his future because of the Mythbusters.
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Great Sasquatch Music Sites
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Bigfoot Expedition Washington Ca...

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The Washington Sasquatch Research Team (WASRT) conducted a 3 day/2 night expedition in the Wash Cascade Mountains.

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Bigfoot Contactees Cryptomundo
What to call people who regularly see, claim mutual living arrangements with, and/or communicate with Bigfoot? Sasquatch contactees, Bigfoot magnets, Forest Giant abductees, or Wild People habituates? Loren Coleman reviews this modern trend in hominology, the prototype being the Albert Ostman encounter of 1924. Could any of their stories be true? Related, in May on Enoch, Henry May provides a video review of the new Autumn Williams book, Enoch.