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Daniel Perez's Book Review of The Bigfoot Filmography by Dave Coleman

Coleman, David. The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional And Documentary Appearance In Film And Television. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., January 4, 2012. $49.95; 338 pages, paperback (8.5” x 11”); ISBN: 978-0-7864-4828-9; profusely illustrated with needle sharp images/photos; foreword; acknowledgements and index. McFarland, Box 611, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640. Telephone: (800) 253-2187 .
A good way to start off a review is to see what the promotional literature states and match that with what is actually presented in the book.
“Here is a fascinatingly detailed look at the cinematic history of Sasquatch, from the earliest trick films of George Méliès to the most up-to-date CGI [computer-generated imagery] efforts.” So it says.
On page 233 the citation is Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer, a television special that first aired in 1964, and it becomes clear the author has left no stone unturned. The detailed, meticulous nature of the author far exceeds the promotional literature.
David Coleman, no relationship to the author of his foreword, Loren Coleman, has produced a winner with an original reference work. In spite of the high cost, the serious student of the subject should eventually aquire this important contribution to Bigfooting, as it is presently peerless.
“In many odd ways,” he writes, “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer is as important to 1960s Ciné du Sasquatch as any other entry except Patterson’s footage of his Bluff Creek Bigfoot. This is because Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer was an immediate hit when first shown to American audiences and became a perennial yuletide television tradition ...Because a substanstial sub-plot of the fabled reindeer’s quest involved confrontations with a Yeti - albeit a towering one far taller than typically depicated in either films or television - an entire generation of youngsters grew up with a very seiminal image of an Abominable Snowman (or Snow Monster, as Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer calls it) that was at once terrifying for small childeren but ultimately comforting (since by show’s end the Bumble had been ‘humbled’ and was for all practical purposes an overgrown teddy bear seeking human affection and social acceptance.”
And to think such an American classic was stop-motioned photographed in Japan and not the United States, a belief held dear by fans of Rudolph and company. This is but one nugget of information you will find in this work, a monster-sized and thorough undertaking on Bigfoot and related movies.
Also, it can be argued strongly by the skeptics that movies like Rudolph (1964), Half Human: The Story of The Abominable Snowman (1958) with an original Japanese release in 1955 at 94 minutes and the U.S. version in 1958 with 63 minutes and The Legend Of Boggy Creek (1972) is the cultural raw material that inspires many to believe in Bigfoot-like beings and they have no basis in reality.
For the skeptical community they can see a start date, 1958, the same year Jerry Crew would find “Bigfoot” tracks in northern California, and then the impact of film further reinforces the motif of Bigfoot-like monsters in 1964, then 1972... and you can even jump to 1987 with the release of Harry And The Hendersons. The idea of the reality of Bigfoot-like monsters continues to be reinforced by seemingly fictional (?) movies.
John Cork, writing a review of the book in had this to say, “Bigfoot, Sasquatch or the Abominable Snowman has been a background noise in our lives, a constant presence in the wandering minds of filmmakers, a funhouse mirror of how we see our lost nature. Have we civilized our wild, destructive instincts?”
David Coleman is no stranger to film, as he has written screenplays for such Hollywood talents as Michael Douglas and Philip Noyce. He holds a B.F.A. in filmic writing from U.S.C.
“Cinema realized the fantastic,” writes the late Mark Chorvinsky, “and in that sense it is intrinsically a fortean medium. Something that does not exist is made to exist, and legends may be given life, as may anomalous phenomena. Films have had a much greater effect in the field of cryptozoology than in many others due to the fact that the creatures being studied are rarely seen and largely remain in the imagination of those who study them.”
Coleman’s Bigfoot Filmography can lead to a lot of argument, no doubt. For instance, 7 Faces of Dr. Lao clearly shows (on page 261) a snow woman with hair covered breasts and the argument can be that is how Roger Patterson was inspired. Dr. Lao was released in 1964, three years before Patterson captured cinematic history with a creature with hair covered breasts.
Coleman points to George Méliès as the ciné du Sasquatch founder, with his 1912 “giant-sized animatronic Yeti monster,” as the blueprint for all future movies on the topic. His book is the first ever reference guide that addresses a “secret cinema” genre.
Bigfoot: America’s Abominable Snowman, a 1968 documentary written by Roger Patterson, is noted as the rarest of the rare in Bigfoot films, “as no prints, videos, or even frame enlargements are known to exist.” Yet it appears to have been shown quite recently, at Don Keating’s annual Bigfoot conference a few years back, to a crowd that was largely unaware of its significance.
The final section of the book is devoted to interviews with Bigfoot filmmakers, Ryan Schifrin, Kevin Tenny and others.
In the end, what is clear from the very sharp reproduction of the pictures, is that nearly all the Bigfoot creatures portrayed in movies is representative of a man-in-a-costume and it becomes obvious when you look at close ups of the Sasquatch seen in The Six Million Dollar Man.
The films in this work is so exhaustively researched in The Bigfoot Filmogrpahy, the detail so insightful, one can only give this book two thumbs up.

Reviewed by Daniel Perez, editor of the Bigfoot Times newsletter and the author of Bigfoot At Bluff Creek.

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Watch Tim Stover Talk About His Encounter With A Silver Colored Bigfoot On WKYC-TV

Exclusive: A Message Regarding The "Body Recovery" Effort At Sierra Kills Site By Bart Cutino

Does 'Finding Bigfoot' Mean Killing a Sasquatch?
So far, despite Matt Moneymaker declaring definitively there is such a creature as Sasquatch, there is still no tangible evidence. What's it gonna take? A dead body? Time poses that very question and makes a compelling point.

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One of the best podcasts on the web is back after the holidays with host Tim Binnall interviewing the author of Extreme Expeditions: Travel Adventures Stalking the World's Mystery Animals and leader of the 2011 Sumatra Expedition, discussing the expedition's search for the elusive Orang Pendek, how the expedition was formed, evidence gathered, what this hairy biped means to humanity, the road ahead in 2012 and much more. You can listen online or download the podcast. In his book Davies tells of his two trips to the Republic of Congo in search of Mokele Mbembe, reaching Lac Tele, the supposedly dinosaur-like creature's home. And The Professor has been visiting the same site through his files to point out some other attempts to harness the legends of Mokele Mbembe, ending his efforts today with his background explanation of how a dinosaur, or any other ancient beast, could have escaped the apocalypse that saw the super-continent of Gondwanaland split apart, evidenced in Every Kid Likes Dinosaurs, Part Three.

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Jeff Meldrum Addresses Sierra Kills Rumors
The Professor follows up yesterday's history leading up to expeditions into the Congolese swamps in search of an alleged surviving dinosaur, the Mokele Mbembe. Today you'll learn of the efforts of NASA engineer Herman Regusters and his wife in 1981. Did the Regusters spot Mokele Mbembe in Lac Tele? Elsewhere, the question turns to the Bigfoot enigma as Lauren Daniels presents a slim report on the apparently ultimate question: Should We Declare Open Season on Bigfoot? Still addressing the Bigfoot search, Loren Coleman notes the dwindling numbers among the groundbreaking Sasquatch researchers with Sasquatch's First Discovery Generation At Trail's End, and Lon Strickler has the latest from the woman leading the DNA research into Bigfoot with Dr. Ketchum Addresses Recent Speculation, which sorts out some questions about the DNA project. Another cryptid is in the news today, too, as Micah Hanks tries to iron out the wrinkles inherent in the story line of a mysterious creature with Mothy Misconceptions: Clearing The Air About the Mothman Mythos, and Loren Coleman returns with an address about an entry in the filmography of the same cryptid on this relatively special date, seen in The Mothman Movie: Ten Years Later.

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Breakdown Of "Sasquatch Startled While Watching Kids Shoot" Video, "Magic Jump" Confirms It's A Squatch

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With a vast store of archived files to draw on, The Professor begins a detailed but brief and spirited history of the search for a living dinosaur in Africa. The narrative includes some excellent images to associate the reader with the geography and the characters involved in the search for the legendary Mokele Mbembe. The title of the post indicates there will surely be a Part Two to the venture, and The Professor hints a Part Three might even be needed. Another legendary creature comes to the fore in Dale Drinnon's latest posting at his Frontiers of Zoology weblog as Drinnon calls on British citizen Edward Crabtree, who has been residing in Central Asia's Kazan for the past two years, to reveal the relationship between a legendary creature and Russian attempts to track down "Wildman" reports, as seen in Shurale — A Tatar Yeti? Crabtree tells of the Russian report of a creature killed in the southern Urals that officials who examined the carcass described in a manner that indicated the creature was akin to the North American Sasquatch. And that leads us to Loren Coleman's displeasure with a currently popular television reality program he thinks has begun picking from the dregs of Bigfoot evidence, as he ably describes in Were We All Stood Up On Finding Bigfoot? Coleman also presents some historical perspective to the Chinese New Year, including what was once a cryptid that now resides in many of the world's zoos, as he expounds on the Year of the Dragon.

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  • Dr. John Mionczynski.BFWiki is an information rich repository for words and terminology used in reference to bigfoot. A bigfoot is a hairy and large undocumented ...​434-dr-john-mionczynski.html

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  • A hard-working John Mionczynski experimented with using goats in a big-horn sheep research project in Wyoming back in the early 1970’s.

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  • Speakers included wildlife biologist John Mionczynski, who retold stories of investigating Bigfoot encounters; ...​posts

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A pair of Floridians were center stage for a sighting in a small lake of what may be a new cryptid, a snake-like creature which "appeared as if it had multiple parts of its body rising out of the water at the same time." From Florida we go to Scotland, for a most unusual vantage point to witness a lake monster--underwater. Classic Sightings - Robert Badger details a sighting in which a skin diver may have gotten a brief glimpse of Nessie in those dark, peaty waters. We then move on to a consideration of avian cryptids in More Thunderbirds. A look at a couple of photographs and some sightings in Wisconsin in the summer of 2011. Even higher above those wings are other lost creatures waiting to be recognized once again. The International Astronomical Union is making no friends dismissing Felis - Lost Constellation of the Cat, as well as the planet Pluto. Will Felis return someday to scratch again? A few days ago we got word that some extinct monkeys had resurfaced, but now we have the sad news that the Thylacine Passes Extinction Test, where skeptical biologists are closing the case by jiggering the numbers in hopes of putting an end to all inquiry despite numerous sightings.

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"Bigfoot Ridge" Campground Doing Well Compared To Other Campgrounds In Salt Fork State Park

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'Finding Bigfoot': BFRO insists evidence exists, nonexistent remains easily ...
By Mechele R. Dillard on 2012-01-22 The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization insists that, yes, there is evidence and, yes, there are credible reasons bigfoot remains have never been found. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization—or ...
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Season soggy during 2011, but Salt Fork capitalized on Bigfoot notoriety
The Daily Jeffersonian
The exception was the newly opened Bigfoot Ridge primitive campground. "It was successful," said Harper of the tent only camping option. "It gave us another option instead of turning people away, as we have had to do in the past, at the full hook-up ...
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Live Blogging and Commentary of Finding Bigfoot: "Canadian Bigfoot, eh?" Episode

Finding Bigfoot: CANADIAN BIGFOOT, EH? Episode Tonight!

Review: Finding Bigfoot 1-22-12

The team ventures to the Canadian Rockies, where they investigate a piece of footage from Todd Standing which Bobo seems convinced by, but the rest of the team thinks it is a hoax. (Actually, Cliff thinks it is ambiguous). Bobo recreates the footage as best he can, but the comparison seems to be a bit inconclusive. Going into night investigations, the team splits up, with Matt and Cliff on one team, and Bobo and Ranae on the other. Matt and Bobo each do calls, but get no response. Bobo believes he sees eyeshine and uses a thermal imager to scan the area, but sees nothing. It turns out to be a reflector. The team decides to head back to base camp after a fruitless night. The team is in a valley which is 20 miles long, and they want to continue to work that valley to see what they get. They leave Matt out there alone. The rest of the team goes to meet with the indigenous tribe where they hope to get a blessing and maybe some insight. Meanwhile Matt is alone in the wilderness (except for the camera crew) and searches the area. A town hall meeting is scheduled in Camp Horizon. Cliff and Ranae go to meet with a witness who claims to have seen a Sasquatch jump across a trail. Ranae attempts to recreate it, but the witness says that Ranae does not even come close. Meanwhile, Matt is pursuing solo night investigations. He is actually doing the investigations at dawn, which he figures is the right time for possible interactions. Matt does a howl, which echoes through the valley, but only gets a pack of coyotes. Bobo meets with another witness, a hunter who apparently had something urinate on his tent one night. The three go to pick up Matt and go to meet with two more witnesses. The witnesses apparently hear strange growls. The team does more night investigations, and find...well, I won't spoil it for you. All in all, kind of a disappointing episode, a 3 out of 5 stars. Next week, the team heads to Ohio, 10:00 Eastern/9:00 Central. Check local listings for time and channel.
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I don't believe Bigfoot exists, but I watch the television show “Finding Bigfoot” with my son, who loves Bigfoot. During the commercials I ask if he thinks they'll find him, and my son always says — “maybe.” I was discussing the show with a friend the ...

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