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Space Shuttle Endeavor Flyover Photos

Watch This Pig Rescue A Baby Goat [WTF]




 Wild Man Seen Destroying Frogs And Snakes (1870)




 Tim Fasano Plays Spooky Vocalization For Halloween Bigfoot Hunt This October




 Finding Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting Coming To Waterbury CT In October [Season 4]




 Listen Sharon Lee's Interview With Derek Randles About Elbe Trackway




 The Australian Big Cat Study That Wasn’t Mysterious Universe

Peter Walsh has declared the ABCs haunting Oz are no more than misidentified moggies. Andrew Nicholson reports that Walsh declares this to be a 'desktop study', and many cryptozoologists find flaw with its methodology and conclusions. After all, how can one find physical evidence without going out into the field? For one, they wouldn't have revealed Exclusive Photographs From Record Breaking "Elbe Trackway" Site. Thom Powell and crew share their findings and images, including some of the clearest prints to date. Don't dismiss the concept of 'desktop study'. Evidenced by Nick Redfern's Seeking The Sinister Shug Monkey this can be an asset. Rendlesham forest's British Bigfoot is described in detail by Sam Holland with plenty of background on this crypto-chimaera. Nick doesn't stop there. Delving deeper into his beshadowed library, he learns what it takes to change From Man To Animal. He finds many accounts suggesting that black hounds, werewolves, and their kin are manifestations of a sleeping or dead human soul. Just as bizarre, but grounded in reality is Karl Shuker who finds glee in Unmasking The Moonrat - A Hairy Hedgehog The Size Of A Cat! Dr. Shuker profiles this odd little beast, who may as well hail from our moon, and its cultural impact beyond the shores of Borneo. Wrapping up our sideshow, Sharon Hill exclaims, "Heads Up, On Both Ends!" Really Strange Two-Headed Snake has been discovered in South Carolina. Not just any two-headed snake, but an ophidian pushmepullyou begging one question, "How does it poop?" With pictures and video!

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New Photo: Trail Cam Photo of Bigfoot Blasting Through




 Elbe Trackway: Derek Randles, Cliff Barackman, Guy Edwards




 Listen: Mysterious Universe Radio Show Talks About Mount St. Helens Burnt Bigfoot Story




 Exclusive Photographs From Record Breaking "Elbe Trackway" Site




 Possible Wood Ape Photo From Ranchita California




 This Chimp Photo Is So Damn Cute I Turned Gay For 5 Seconds





Two weeks ago, Loren Coleman posted a Russian email about one of Russia's lake monsters, Blackie. Reports are coming from the steppes of Siberia announcing 'Nesskie' to the world. A team of Moscow researchers are gearing up to trawl Lake Labynkyr to uncover its secrets. Should this be a case of mistaken identity, a bathing bigfoot per the images, it won't be the first time. Or maybe, as Glasgow Boy suggests in Russian Lake Monsters, it's just a man in a boat. Pundit Steve Plambeck continues his argument for The Beast With Two Backs. More clues are forthcoming suggesting the subject of the Gray photo is an undiscovered salamander. With the help of Photoshop, Gray's testimony, and an understanding of science, the conclusions are tantalizing for the most jaded cryptozoologist. Meanwhile on dry land, Mannix Porterfield heard through the grapevine that a Bigfoot Search Is Planned In West Virginia. Kris Allen, with help from Animal Planet will be staking out an area in hopes of getting a peek at sasquatch. Kris says he knows his hominology, having encountered sasquatch one time in the Mountain State among other hominids. If all goes well, he'll have another yarn to spin like his most recent encounter in Mannix's article.

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This Mangy Bear Looks a Lot Like The "Jacobs Creature"




 Extremely Detailed Account Of A Run In With A Wild Man (1879)




 Finally, A Dating Site For Bigfooters! (Repost)




 This Strange Footprint is 4ft Long




 Talk Like a Pirate Day includes Bigfoot




 Tim Dinsdale, Nessie And The Paranormal Loch Ness Monster

Tim Dinsdale never came out and explicitly stated the belief that Nessie was spiritual by nature. Glasgow Boy has an abiding interest in the topic, giving a biography of Dinsdale with his paranormal prejudices superceding biological theories haunting this lake. Less tangible, but no less frightening, are some Photos: Pinellas Park, Florida Haunting sent in by David Garrison. There's no surprise that this woman's home is near an ancient Indian burial ground. Micah Hanks likes a good scare, too, and he shares his visions inAn Ode to Terror: The Steiger Effect. He, rightfully, gushes about the updatedReal Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places, which is certain to chill one's blood, while profiling Brad Steiger's colorful life. Rounding out our eerie articles, Jack Brewer completes his essay on Science Vs. Sensationalism. It's best summed up by the Sagan Standard, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" often forgotten in the serious pursuit of forteana.
Nearly one-third of Americans believe in Bigfoot
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Nearly one-third of Americans believe in Bigfoot. Tuesday, September 18, 2012. Comment. CommentsComments(1)Comments(). |. Email. E-mail. |. Print. By Eric Berger, Houston Chronicle. About 30 percent of Americans are pretty darn gullible. Find out who ...
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Batman's Birthday is Today!!!!!!

Mr. Adam West, TV's Caped Crusader, has a birthday today. Happy Birthday, Mr. West!!!!!!

Birthdays today...

My sister has her birthday today. She is 29 (again!) Happy birthday, sis. Love ya.

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If you haven't heard of Idaho State University's Jeff Meldrum, then you don't ...
The Idaho Statesman
Jeff Meldrum, a leading academic expert for Sasquatch, currently has more than 200 different Sasquatch foot casts and the Idaho State University professor is working on archiving all of them into a digital database. Pat Sutphin — AP. Story Photos ...
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The Idaho Statesman
B.C.'s rich, mysterious history brought to life at Kilby
Chilliwack Progress
Sasquatch researcher Thomas Steenburg speaks to a crowd about his close encounters with theSasquatch at last year's BC Legends Day at Kilby. The event runs again this Saturday at the historic site in Harrison Mills. Observer file photo. Share this ...
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There's plenty of evidence to be reviewed, and more ground to be covered, says Richard Freeman. His latest Orang Pendek: Sumatra’s Forgotten Ape and his pal Mike Hallowell has the pleasure of reading it. Covered are numerous tales of "Little Men of the Forest", the problem with carcasses, urban growth, and more making this a must for any cryptozoologist's library. Speaking of which, Karl Shuker has dug up dirt onNandi Bears And Death Birds - My Top Ten Deadliest Mystery Beasts. He spares no one with the gory details of these anomalous animals. With all his references to megafauna, whether living chalicotheres or Mongolian death worms, there's no mention of humanoid giants. A curious formation in South Africa known as the ‘Footprint of God’ May Have Been Made by Giant. If one of these prints survived, where are the others?

Posses Hunt In Vain For Wild Man Terrorizing Their Town (1921)




 Question From The Comments: Is one body enough? Or do we need two bodies?




 "Friend" Dan Baker On Facebook If You Like This Sculpture of "Cotton"





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Sasquatch DNA & New Videos is BigFoot a Real Animal? (press release)
Manasquan, NJ --( We cover a lot of serious hunting and conservation topics at AmmoLand Shooting Sports News, and along with the common hunting game records and scientific studies related to conservation, we have seen an increasing ...
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Watch Les Stroud Talk About His Bigfoot Encounter On Discovery Channel




 Watch Mike Rugg Talk About This Month's Reported Bigfoot Sightings




 M.K. Davis Releases Video of Bigfoot Climbing Over Fence




 Les Stroud Talks About Bigfoot Encounter On Tonight's Survivorman Episode (Update: Preview Clip)




 Listen to Uncensored Review of the M.K. Davis White Bigfoot Footage




 FB/FB's Interview With Bigfoot War Author Eric Brown




 Anonymous Former National Guardsman Claims Mount St. Helens Burnt Bigfoot Story Happened Bigfoot Evidence

The former guardsman tells a progressively wilder tale of rescuing a family of Bigfoots from a fire burning out of control in Nevada in 1999. Not only was the military fully involved, but one of them communicated with the "chief" Bigfoot in a strange spoken language. Of course it's from an anonymous source and of course it's of dubious origin. Much like the bluriness of Bigfoot himself, that has become a hallmark of Bigfoot sightings. It appears that China has finally caught on to the potential of luring in tourist via their hottest new celeb, the Yeren and it's One Big Foot For Hubei and plenty of tourist dollars for China's economy.

New Beautiful Video from Lenny Green, Bigfoot Scenic Byway