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"I Would Say It Was Some Hybrid Creature Between, a Mix Between a Polar Bear, Arctic Wolf, An Ape and Some Big Cat" [Bigfoot Sightings]




 Stomping Ground, The Newest Bigfoot Movie




 New Sounds in OK, Not a Cat, Not a Bear...Perhaps Bigfoot?




 160 New Species Found On Malaysian Peak CNN

There are more creatures in heaven and on Earth, Horatio, than dreamt of in your menagerie. Sabah Parks and Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands have completed some cryptozoological studies finding snails, frogs, fungi, among other living things. Brad Lendon's piece emphasizes the search for hidden creatures isn't all lake monsters and hominids. Of course they're much sexier at the end of the day. In the midst of his research, Dr. Beachcombing found the tale of The Queen of Cuba, Mermaids and a Far-Swimming Slave. It reads like a fairy tale, detailing the underwater railroad of some fishy Harriet Tubmans. From Mermaids Gone Wild to Sea Serpents On The Loose, Nick Redern swims through colder waters for the low-down on 19th century monster sightings off the coast of Nova Scotia. And fellow bald countryman, Karl Shuker, has been busy Exposing Another Black Lion Photograph As A Fake. The perp's still at large, leaving Karl scratching his head why anyone would photoshop melanistic moggies.
Rumblings of Bigfoot
Rumblings of Bigfoot have been reportedly heard in Delaware County recently. Some people believe the never before heard sound is bears foraging their way out of the woods due to drought conditions. Others believe what they have heard and seen come ...
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This Is The Latest Footage Debunked By Carl Olinselot: Bigfoot spotted on Dirty Jobs




 A Possible Origin of Sasquatch





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"He's a Dumb Bunny" Dallas Gilbert 






 Squatching with the Sasquatch Hunters Dallas & Wayne

The Bigfoot Field Reporter: Special Edition: Rick Dyer

Wayne Tells Us What It's Like To Have Bigfoot Throw Rocks At Him [Team Tazer Bigfoot]




 You Know You're a Bigfooter When... (Gross Pictures)




 M.K. Davis Enhances Audio of Bigfoot Dragging Ice Chest





Watch: Stag chases man up tree in London park




 Boy Discovers Perfectly Preserved Woolly Mammoth




 Steve Kulls Evaluates The Psychological Profile of a Serial Hoaxer: Rick Dyer




 New Footage: "Bigfoot Sasquatch Sighting near Ashigan Lake" Needs A Good Debunking




 Sharon Lee Hung Up On Rick Dyer During Radio Show, Then Took A Long Shower Afterwards




 It's Not Possible To Ignore A Headline Like This: "Women report seeing 15-foot-tall creature with long dark hair"




 "Camper" Video Now FB/FB's #2 Video Of All Time, Next To Patterson-Gimlin




 Photos of Nunavik Sasquatch Tracks Cryptomundo

Cryptomundo has obtained photos of the footprints left by the Nunavik Sasquatch (or possible "True Giant," as Loren Coleman refers to it). The prints are 40 cm long and show only four toes, which is definitely unusual for a Sasquatch. There's also quite a bit more information on the sighting and the witnesses who came forward with their incredible story. Meanwhile, Bigfoot Evidence tells us that Once You See It... ('It" being a hairless bear) you'll never go back to believing that the infamous 2007 trail cam picture of Bigfoot is actually a bear. Glasgow Boy steps away from Loch Ness for a moment and gives us a blast from the past as he relays the story of Erik Kristopher Myers, a man who is on a A personal "hunt" for Mokele-mbembe, Nessie's cousin deep in the Congo. He says his curiosity was sparked by the 80s series, That's Incredible, which showed footage of Mokele-mbembe (that later turned out to be faked). He is determined to discover the truth behind the sightings. On a side note, we are positive that That's Incredible helped to launch that same Fortean curiosity in a lot of paranormal investigators and cryptozoologists today.
Episode 211 Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show

In this episode, Mike tells us all the details about the upcoming Bigfoot Discovery Day V

Science Museum Oklahoma hosts tonight free opening for new ... (blog)-12 hours ago
In addition, the exhibit will feature some of Pratt'sBigfoot artwork. As one of the leading forensic artists in the United States, he has helped ...
 Bigfoot Kindle Book. Completely Affordable!
 Bigfoot Times, September 2012

 Surrounded by Deer Hunters in the Sierras

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Something that does not belong: Sounds of a Crying Baby In The Woods



 Watch This "Battle Mountain Burned Bigfoot" Video From A Documentary




 Watch: Sleepy Bear Can't Stay Awake






Photos of Nunavik Sasquatch Tracks

Where To Find Bigfoot Hair Right Now: Greenbrier Valley, West Virginia




 Why Skeptics Like To Pick On Bigfoot




 Once You See It...




 BIGFOOT: THE LOST COAST TAPES Hitting Select Theaters Starting October 19th




 Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes Exclusive Clip




 Breaking News: Nunavut/Quebec Giant Hairy Biped Sightings Cryptomundo

Loren Coleman alerts us to a very recent encounter with a Bigfoot-like creature from Nunavut, a remote region of Northern Canada. Two berry pickers spotted a hairy, gigantic creature that was at least 10 feet tall. Photographs of prints and more details are to follow. Karl Shuker shares My Top Ten Strangest Aliens - Close Encounters Of The Bizarre Kind, with tales of high strangeness including "Vegetable Man", spaceship fairies and one creature known only the "Crazy Critter". Shuker then heads back to earth for a look at Kinkimavo and Bristle-Head-a couple of mainstream mystery birds and reminds us that "Just because a species has been formally named and described doesn't mean to say that it is no longer mysterious." Finishing up our cryptid news roundup today, Yahoo lists 5 of the most freakishly bizarre dinosaurs ever dug up.

Super Dark Footage of Alleged Bigfoot Captured in North Carolina




 Carl Debunks Christmas Valley Oregon Bigfoot




 Here's Why You Should Offer Bigfoot Pink Marshmallows (TeamTazerBigfoot)

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These Special Binoculars Will Cost You $5400




 Awesome Bigfoot Images From Strange World Fan Page




 Listen: Sasquatch Live Radio Talks About FB/FB "Camper" Video And M.K. Davis Videos [Uncensored]




 Joe Black Still Raving About Blurity, The Magical Software That Makes Everything Look More Like a Bigfoot




 Yeti Expedition to Cover New Ground North of Kemerovo




 Rocky Mountain Rampage Bigfoot Miniature




 Jane Goodall 'Fascinated' By Bigfoot Huffington Post

Jane Goodall is surprisingly open with her opinion on Bigfoot these days, whereas in the past she remained on the proverbial fence. Now she says she's "fascinated" with the idea of Bigfoot but wonders why there isn't more concrete evidence. That's what we all wonder, Dr. Goodall. However, Loren Coleman takes a slightly different view on the interview and wondersWas Jane Goodall Bushwacked About Bigfoot? Meanwhile, we'll let you decide for yourself what to think about this Craigslist ad purporting to give youYour chance to own stake in "Bigfoot discovery". "Turn-key investment" and "Bigfoot" should never coexist in the same paragraph, much less the same idea...

Win a Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes Movie Poster




 Jane Goodall Still Finds Bigfoot Fascinating




 Matt Moneymaker Shoots Down FB/FB's Prince Edward Island Video




 Watch Team Tazer Bigfoot Go Bigfoot Hunting with Dallas & Wayne