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Live Update-Special Permit Area 2/18/11

MNBRT Radio Returns 3-21-11!!!!!!

MNBRT Radio Returns March 21, 2011!!!!!!

MN.B.R.T. Radio with Thom Cantrall


Date / Time: 3/21/2011 9:00 EST/8:00 PM Central

Category: Fun

Call-in Number: (914) 803-4401

Join Elusive1 & Evie as they Welcome Thom Cantrall, Thom is a Bigfoot Researcher & Author and wrote the book " GHOSTS OF RUBY RIDGE " Thom is a native of Northern California, Where he graduated from Sonoma Valley High School in 1961. He is a Navy Veteran and attended the University of Washington. Years logging in the Pacific Northwest led to personal experiences with Sasquatch, Witch developed into a lifelong interest in the creatures.

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Bigfoot Calls?

Friday, February 18, 2011

The February Bigfoot Times will be released to th...
Cryptomundo » From Bigfoot’s bLog: Argosy and National Wildlife PGF Bigfoot Articles
Bigfoot-Sasquatch: Utah man claims he's seen Bigfoot 9 times...

Montgomery Herald: Searching for Bigfoot

Having already written Mystery Cats of the World, Dr. Karl Shuker has turned his attention to a canine companion volume that will include reports of paranormal doglike creatures, unlike the feline volume that concentrated solely on cryptozoological creatures. Here Dr. Shuker gives examples of the path his research has taken on the "in-progress" volume, concentrating on legendary canids from North America. Elsewhere, the Centre for Fortean Zoology announces Dale Drinnon's new blog Frontiers of Zoology, and Drinnon starts off with a post about his hypothesis relating a fairly common water fowl to the New World legends of flying serpents, as he explains in Ampitheres=Anhingas in the New World. With images. Meanwhile, a lake monster has posed for photos in the mist, seen in Is This Bownessie? Four- humped Beastie Spotted in Lake Windermere.

The Sasquatch Triangle-GM-42010

fooled by the wind, treebark and the end of a fallen tree while doing Bigfoot research. Thought I saw something walking and then a dog's severed ...

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Lenny Green Song Lyrics

The Ballad of Ape Canyon and Bigfoot

The Ballad of Ape Canyon

Written by Lenny Green

There's a story I'm told, of a long time ago, remembered by few anymore,

They say it took place in the Evergreen State in the Spring of the year '24,

They were miners by trade workin' their claim at the foot of St. Helens back then,

And in all of six years found little to fear from either the forest or men.

They built a log cabin where the five of them stayed, and finished it strong and secure,

And as fate had it happened, the snow and the rain wasn't all it would have to endure.

From the forest around they began to hear sounds, made by no critter they knew,

And found tracks left behind near the trail to the mine, like a barefooted giant walked through.

(Musical break)

It began, I believe, when they went to the stream to fill up their water supply,

It was there they would see leaning out from a tree what they thought was an ape of great size.

It was one man who dared bring his rifle to bear, and shot at the creature three rounds,

And the others could see bark fly from the tree, but the creature was not to be found.

They decided that night to leave at first light, safety was now on their minds,

And they all went to bed with dreams in their heads of going home after all this time.

(Instrumental break)

It was just past the hour of midnight, I'm told, when the start of the siege began,

There were sticks, and there were stones, and they were all being thrown at the cabin again and again.

There then came the sounds of walkin' around as the monsters all gathered outside,

And they pounded the walls and pushed on the door till the men became panicked inside.

So the miners yelled warnings and fired at the door, and fired at the walls through the night,

And they shot at the sounds that were heard on the roof, and this went on till first morning light.

When the morning arrived, they ventured outside, anxious to see what they could,

But the men could just stare at debris everywhere from the all-night assault they withstood.

It was then one man spied an ape near the side of the cliff where no trail did go,

And he shot several times and watched as the creature fell to the canyon below.

Well, they took up their packs and never went back, leaving all that they worked for behind,

Now the cabin and gear have all disappeared, lost to the passage of time.

I camped near the place where the old cabin stood, only part of the fireplace remained,

Along about midnight a tall figure appeared, and in the moonlight I saw him plain.

He was hairy and big, he was Sasquatch, I knew, but with age his hair had turned white,

And he stared for a while at the cabin's remains, then headed back into the night.

Then he stopped and he turned, and looked straight at me, and I sensed no emotion but one,

Then as he walked away, I noticed a limp, as though shot long ago, by a gun.


Written by Lenny Green

It's a story as old as the hills, of a wild man covered all in hair,

Without fear, he goes where he will, and few would ever know he was there,

A legend from down through the ages, in 1958, came to fame,

When tracks of his were found on California ground, everyone was soon to know his name.

They called him Bigfoot, barefooted giant of the wild, Always somewhere out of sight, like a phantom in the night, watching all the while.

He's a legend from the ages, but as real as you or me, He's the one they call the Bigfoot, ever wild and always free.

It's a story that's often been told, by Native Indians from the Northwest land,

Of a tribe of hairy people long ago, who wanted not a thing to do with man,

All dismissed as old superstitions, by many who have faded now with time,

But the winds of change are here, you can see this creature clear, but only if you open up your mind.

We call him Bigfoot...(rest of chorus same as above)

There are skeptics who would have us believe in a hoax lasting several hundred years,

Or they tell us, we can't be sure of anything we've seen, but they're the ones who cannot see it clear.

You don't need a degree that applies, to evaluate the evidence at hand,

All you really need to bring, is the ability to think, not to fear what you don't understand.


Bigfoot Language

  • One of the most impressive presentations at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium was R. Scott Nelson's breakdown of the sasquatch language recorded on the what is formally known as the ...​sasquatch-phonetic-alphabet-documents.html
    • 1 post ·
    • By Bigfoot Hunter

    ... many conversations in foreign languages. The following information has been cleared for publication and I will share it with you at this time. Fm: R. Scott Nelson To: Sasquatch ...​sasquatch-phonetic-alphabet.html
  • Ron Morehead (shown above) passes along this summary from Scott Nelson’s presentation on Sasquatch language. Scott Nelson at the Yakima gathering. Tugboatwa photo. R. Scott Nelson​crypto-ling
  • ... of Sasquatch Language study, than to standardize the documentation of evidence. With highest regard for all those engaged in the work of Sasquatch recognition; R. Scott Nelson​sid=213

  • Perceived Sasquatch Phonetic Language (SPA) by Scott Nelson (Part II): Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet and Transcription Standard Submitted by R. Scott Nelson​bigfoot-language-syntax-and-pronunciations.aspx
  • Characteristics of Human Language Evident in the Berry/Morehead Tapes By R. Scott Nelson The Functions, Properties ... Emotional Expression: If we presume that Sasquatch possesses ...​msg02444.html
Review of: "Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide."

Interesting thread on BFF about Grover Krantz

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Message from Larry Lund

Regardless of what is on those "Lost Feet" of film...MK Davis has hoaxed and faked and altered his way along the "Fame Trail" way to long. I have watched Rene Dahinden's excelent copy...or should I say copies...since MK was in Pampers and not any of the old 16 MM Film versions had any red running down the Creek ! Just go back ten years, Pre- M.K.B.S. and B.S. does not stand for just Bobbie Short. There is and never was any red flowing water or still puddles in the original films.
The place to go for the "Other Roll" is the BBC, as Roger let them use it in a documentary in 1968 or 1969 I believe. I am really not sure what year, but Rene Dahinden had a copy of it, which may have been handed down to his sons Erik and Martin. It certainly wasn't in the 14 boxs of things Rene left to me.
All I remember from back then was a bit of film showing John Green with another man and a couple of dogs, which was supposed to be down in the Bluff Creek area. Then the short footage of Roger pouring a track cast, which I already mentioned we can't prove was from Oct. 20, 1967.
Hope this helps, but I truely don't believe this thing will ever come to a definitive answer. Those of us who been there since the begining, almost 44 years now, mostly believe it is a true account of what happened. I understand that the Newbies and hanger-on's that come out of the woodwork on a semi daily basis think they have all the answers...but so far they have nothing and have proven nothing. Either way, I hope it is solved sometime in the new future. Too many good people have wasted a good portion of there lives on this one mystery.
You may print this anywhere you wish.
All The Best,
Larry Lund To Steven Streufert
Searching for Bigfoot Montgomery Herald
Reporter Tammy Dunn covers the meeting at the Troy Fire Department in Montgomery County, NC, where film crews from Animal Planet have been busy chronicling the tales of locals who believe they have encountered Bigfoot in the vicinity of the Uwharrie National Forest. Several of the encounters are detailed in this report as the crew of "Looking for Bigfoot" continues gathering information for the upcoming television feature. Robin Swope has news of a recent encounter with the hairy hominoid that took place February 8, 2011, in Pennsylvania, including photos and a slideshow, in New Bigfoot Sighting Near Pittsburgh. Elsewhere, Peabody Award-winning reporter George Knapp includes an update on a prediction he made last year that may make some Bigfoot searchers take notice. Knapp's update is found in the last few lines of his report Cutting the State's Museum Budget Exhibits a Lack of Vision. Is "a respected lab" on the brink of releasing "its findings concerning the confirmed discovery of a large, previously unknown primate in North America, a primate with very large feet"?

Paranormalities episode five: Bigfoot, the unknown ape

Les Stroud's Bigfoot Encounter.wmv

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Bigfoot Tonight Welcomes Wayne Ford and Jeff Wells on BlogTalk R

Southwest Ontario Sasquatch 8 22 10 [HQ].mp4

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Taking Sasquatch sighting investigations to the next level. [HQ].mp4

New Bigfoot sighting near Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh paranormal |

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ape To Man, Excellent Documentary from History Channel

Ape to Man- Creation Studies Institute

Evolution - The Missing Link From Ape to Man

  • I’ve been playing with Visio 2007′s new Data Graphics features more and more lately, and have been getting all sorts of ideas for new Data Graphics to share with Visio Guy ...​ape-to-man-data-graphic
  • The evolution 'ape man chart' was considered to be very scientific at one time. No more. Huge holes have been punched in this idea.​The-Evolution-Ape-Man-Chart-and-Nebraska-Man&​id=3808051

  • General Information . History, Science Documentary published by BBC in 2000 - English, Chinese Multilanguage narration Cover Information . Why did our earliest ancestors leave the ...

  • As one might imagine, different answers to this question come from different "authorities." Obviously, creationists and evolutionists disagree, but major schools of thought vie ...​what-distinguishes-man-from-ape

  • The Predatory Transition from Ape to Man. Ramond A. Dart, "The Predatory Transition from Ape to Man," International Anthropological and Linguistic Review 1.4 (1953).​dart.php
    • User rating: 3.2/5 ·
    • 0 posts ·
    • Science & Tech ·

    Falsehoods In Textbooks - Ten Icons of Evolution - overview - Dr. Jonathan Wells - video ...

  • The Scientific Evidence For the Origin of Man By David N. Menton, Ph.D. St. Louis, Missouri 1988 (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc.
Will Bigfoot be Discovered This Year?

True Giants Cryptomundo
Nick Redfern sits in for a detailed analysis of the new book by cryptozoologists Mark A. Hall and Loren Coleman, True Giants: Is Gigantopithecus Still Alive? Redfern says, "Hall and Coleman detail a remarkable theory – and a rich history, too – that serves to explain the many and varied accounts of huge, hairy giants in our midst." Was Gigantopithecus a giant ape or a giant beast-man? While fossils have shown Gigantopithecus was no myth, other creatures remarked upon by the ancients have come to be known as myths, such as the subject of the latest discourse by our favorite bizarre history buff, Dr. Beachcombing, in The Last Unicorn in Medicine. Ancient medical texts attribute amazing powers to the horn of the purportedly mythical unicorn.

Mythical Bigfoot Creature hunt is on In Uwharrie National Forest

Bigfoot, or sasquatch crying in Red Dead Redemption

Sasquatch High In The Mountains

My nieces opening their Valentine's Day gifts

Reviews: Nite Callers and Bigfoot Tonight 2-13-11

Official "Letters from the Big Man" Trailer

Annual Bigfoot Conference, Ohio, May 14, 2011

Thom Powell Lecture from November 2010


Monday, February 14, 2011

Today, Roger Patterson would have been 78 years young

May we remember him always.
23rd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference

2nd-Annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium
Bluff Creek Film Site Project 45 Overview #9 (1-16-2011) (PGF BIGFOOT P-G FILM PATTERSON GIMLIN)

On Saturday, more than 300 people joined Michael Greene and about 10 staff members of the Animal Planet cable-TV channel at the Eldorado Outpost on N.C to search for the elusive hairy creature. A grid search organized by Matt Moneymaker of BFRO had the searchers spread out and stay at arm's length from each other as they headed into the woods looking for hair on trees or barbed wire, nests of stick structures, and trails cleared of twigs and limbs. Hair samples were found, and the Animal Planet crew saved them for analysis. Another account confirms that, if nothing else, the Bigfoot hunt made for a fun outing. Elsewhere, a profile of Bigfoot researcher Loren Coleman that appeared recently in the Magazine of the Alumni of Southern Illinois University: In Search Of Bigfoot.

The Yeti In Assam Still on the Track
Richard Freeman reports on a sighting of the Khenglong-po, a yeti-like creature unheard of in the west. As Assam boarders onto Bhutan there is a corridor along which yetis are reported. The account appears in a book written by one of India’s best known naturalists, Awaruddin Choudry.The sighting, made by an accurate and reliable observer, tells of following some "large man-like footprints that were around 18 inches long and 6-7 inches wide" until they encountered a sleeping ape-like female creature with long curly jet black hair, leaning against a tree. They reportedly observed it for about one hour.

Boy films bigfoot in backyard.flv

The Sasquatch Files - Pt 1 - Vocalizations

Bigfoot Research outing - 11-13 Feb 2011 at Camp Postcard

Night Audio of Recent Events: Georgia T-Rex and Friends

bigfoot speaks!

Grover’s Valentine Goodbye, Nine Years Ago

In Search of Bigfoot

NC Knobby Videos

9 Years Gone...

Dr. Grover Krantz passed away 9 years ago today. May we always remember his contributions to the studies of Sasquatch.
Bigfoot hunt made for a fun outing

Leonard Braley gives Bigfoot Interview to Animal Planet

A Little Levity, North Carolina Bigfoot Remix

Hundreds in North Carolina (still) hunt for Bigfoot

Bluff Creek Film Site Project 44 Overview #8 (1-16-2011) (PGF BIGFOOT P-G FILM PATTERSON GIMLIN)

Bigfoot: Do you think it exists?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

On November 22, 1932, Bermuda-based zoologist William Beebe was 2100 ft beneath the surface of the sea in a bathysphere when he spotted several unknown species of deepsea fish that he discovered and eventually named, but was unable to capture. One was Bathysphaera intacta, which is one of the 20th Century's most mysterious ichthyological discoveries, perhaps most notable for its row of luminous organs that emits a powerful pale blue light. The fish has never been examined in the flesh and has no known representative in any of the world's museums. Elsewhere, photos taken on Feb. 12th suggest that a New 'Montauk Monster' Washes Ashore On Long Island. Is it just a dog or an indigenous mammal? And in Missouri, a Mystery Predator Attacks, Kills Alpacas in Jefferson County. Meanwhile, two mountain lions have been killed in Missouri already this year and another was caught on camera in Chesterfield.