Saturday, October 20, 2012

Extreme Expeditions Bigfoot Photo: "It very clearly shows an adolescent Sasquatch"



 Extreme Expeditions Bigfoot Photo Analysis: Is This The Back Of A Bigfoot?




 We Will Be Live Blogging From The Bigfoot Discovery Day V In Felton, CA Today




 Dallas Gilbert Calls Rick Dyer "A Dumb Bunny" [TeamTazerBigfoot]




 Are Russian Yetis Migrating?



 This new GoPro HERO video is mind blowing




 Breaking: Very "Clear" Footage of Possible Bigfoot Captured By "Extreme Expeditions"




 Unknown "Creature" Captured On Trail Camera Extreme Expeditions

Take a good, long look at the picture before passing judgement. Has an international team of cryptozoologists captured Bigfoot on camera? What's more, this appears to be a leucistic specimen. Extreme Expeditions's press release may be a little over 300 words long, but this picture may say more than a thousand words. Until more data is released, satisfy yourself with these 10 Lesser-Known U.S. Monsters And Cryptids. Hairy, and scaly, hominids are just the beginning as Laura Moss runs down a clutch of decidedly American cryptids. Give it a peek as some have eluded even us!
In search of Bigfoot
Marietta Times
Creeping deep into the dark woods at 3 a.m. was old hat for Mark Hudak, 45, of Clinton, Ohio. An avid bow hunter, Hudak often began hunting long before daylight. So 11 years ago, when Hudak got an opportunity to hunt on more than 2,000 acres of private ...
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The Patterson/Gimlin Film: 45 Years Later

Cops: Man Says Bigfoot Behind Winnebago Attack
The Smoking Gun
OCTOBER 19--A Pennsylvania man today told police that a Bigfoot attacked his 1973 Winnebago motor home, smashing out windows and taillights with a fusillade of rocks. The purported sasquatch attack on John Reed's vehicle is being investigated by state...
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The Smoking Gun
Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes: Film Review
Hollywood Reporter
As the title suggests, it revolves around the search for a Sasquatch conducted by a ragtag group consisting of a disgraced journalist (Drew Rausch) looking to parlay the experience into a reality television series; his new agey ex-girlfriend (Ashley ...
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Hunter Claims Bigfoot Vandalized His Winnebago




 Sasquatch Rock Art?





 Watch this: One of Antarctica's Deadliest Predators Tries To Nurture a National Geographic Photographer




 Listen to this incredible Bigfoot return howl from North Alabama





 Bob Gimlin's Birthday, October 18th
Review: 'Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes' is an irritating tease
Los Angeles Times
"How cool would it be if we made a movie that looked like recovered footage from some kind of expedition gone wrong? Nobody's seen that before!" Only that sort of willful ignorance could have inspired "Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes." There's simply no ...
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Review: 'Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes' Offers Some Decent Scares But Doesn't ...
Indie Wire (blog)
"Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes," is, for most of its running time at least, a nifty little horror movie about a group of seriously unlikable filmmakers who go into northern California's Lost Coast, a hotbed for Bigfoot sightings, to investigate claims ...
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Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton to screen long-lost film
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Larissa Mueller/Sentinel Bigfoot Discovery Museum curator Michael Rugg stands outside the museum with cryptozoological artifacts and donated bones in the museum's collection on Tuesday. The Felton museum will host the 4th annual Bigfoot Discovery ...
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Founder of Falcon Project Talk About Bigfoot Encounter On Local News

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MKDavis discusses the Sasquatch "Bucket List"

the videos that originated from the area. MKDavis explains... ... Greenwave 2010 fb ... Bigfoot Sasquatch "White Bigfoot" "Bigfoot bucket feeders ...
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The same explorers that debunked the myth of Cain as Bigfoot set out on another adventure to discover the true nature of the Yeti. ---------- This ...
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Oh there he goes - The Lost and Last Interview of Paul Freeman Website ... zombietom 69 ... Paul Freeman bigfoot interview lost last passed away death sasquatch real hoax video ...
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Justin Smeja Will Be At The Bigfoot Discovery Day V This Weekend




 Watch Founder of Falcon Project Talk About Bigfoot Encounter On Local News




 For Some Reason, I Believe This Man's Bigfoot Story




 New Footage: Bigfoot Caught on Tape Ouachita National Forest




 I want a baby bear



 Celebrate 45th Anniversary of Patter/Gimlin Bigfoot Film




 Bigfoot Research Gets Lift from Stealth Airship Yahoo News

Big news from the world of Bigfoot investigation--the "Falon Project" helmed by none other than Jeff Meldrum himself will begin searching for Sasquatch in his natural habitat via stealth aircraft. This method is unprecedented and may end the Bigfoot debate once and for all with hi-def thermal imaging that will not disturb the subject in any way. It seems it would be very difficult for Bigfoot to completely evade that sort of detection.


Director Corey Grant Talks Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes
Dread Central
In keeping with the Bigfoot legend, Grant hoped to really bring some of the key elements of the tale to his film. "Basically, we tried to make it as authentic to theBigfoot legend as possible but, at the same time, add some core elements to it," Grant ...
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Dread Central
Ex-Medicine Man drums up backing for 'Bigfoot' film
Memphis Commercial Appeal
His latest project is a "found-footage" horror movie titled "Bigfoot County" that reportedly does for Sasquatch what "The Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity" did for spell-casters and poltergeists, respectively. Sam Ayers, aka Sam Bielich ...
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Special Birthdays Today, including one that comes from the Bigfoot Community!!!

LIVE ACTION with Sasquatch!!!!!!

A Kentucky Bigfoot exclusive! Parker obtains the 1st ever interview with the Turtle Man regarding his bigfoot encounter as a child! Wow!