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Belief in Bigfoot Still Exists
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In the article we stated that the previously robust belief in the American Bigfoot has waned recently because of lack of sightings. Well, it appears we may have been telling tales out of school: Discovery News is reporting that a Michigan woman said ...
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Finding Bigfoot – new Animal Planet series
Fayetteville Observer (blog)
Bigfoot is still being hunted by cryptozoologists around the world and ever since the infamous footage from the '60's the question still remains: does Bigfoot exist? You would think that after 44 years, (the famous Bigfoot video was in 1967), ...
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Short take: Russia invites you to come meet a yeti.
A yeti is sort of the Russian version of Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman. The government of Russia's Kemerovo region said a two-day expedition last weekend by yeti experts had "collected irrefutable evidence" of the yeti's existence. ...
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The Murphysboro Mud Monster Phantoms & Monsters
Lon Strickler researches the archives for some of the strangest tales from a wide variety of paranormal reports. In today's example of the gold Strickler frequently mines from forgotten accounts, he takes you back to June of 1973 when "a young couple was parked by a desolate riverside for a romantic interlude when they came face to face with a huge, wet, hairy, mud-slathered monstrosity with a penchant for disturbing teenage lovers." That's how the two-week reign of terror began for the rural Illinois town, and Strickler lays out the encounters that terrified the countryside, encounters with something that remains unidentified nearly 40 years later. But Lon Strickler isn't the only researcher of the highly strange reporting about a terrifying creature today, as Nick Redfern slips on his cryptozoologist togs and reports about another monster, another time, another town, another state in a tale of what he says is "the weirdest thing I’ve ever investigated." You'll find Redfern's account in Goat-Man Terror! Meanwhile, the director of the Portland, ME, cabinet of curiosities known as the International Cryptozoology Museum, just a few weeks away from its grand re-opening in new and larger facilities, responds to a column by Eric Niiler about claims of Bigfoot and Yeti evidence, repeating some of Niiler's report and offering several photographs to accompany Coleman & Meldrum Question Contactee Claims.

Photo of the Day: Yeti footprint cast from 2011 Yeti Expedition in Russia

Guest Post: Sasquatch behavior - rock stacking

Friday Video: Lost Tapes-Bigfoot
Ghost Theory
By Scott McMan · October 14, 2011 · 2 Comments, 128 views In keeping with the big week of discovery and expeditions, I decided to find something on Bigfoot, something scary. First I looked for the movie but figured it would be highly unlikely. ...

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Camera Traps and Bigfoot

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11 October 2011: Kate Bush’s Wild Man

Russian Report On Siberian Conference

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Erickson Project: How Erickson and the Olympic Project obtained Bigfoot tissue samples

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Erickson Project: Bigfoot fetus sample accepted by peer review journal?

A Michigan woman says she feeds a Bigfoot family blueberry bagels

Can camera traps prove the existence of Bigfoot?

Photos of the Day: Stunning macro-photography of animal eyes

Land Mammals of British Columbia: Sasquatch

Sasquatch - Welcome to

Friday, October 14, 2011
Abominable science

New Bigfoot Sightings: Proof Still Lacking

Bigfoot loves blueberry bagels and other news

Photoshop and other software is often implemented to fake photos causing nothing but headaches for Forteans across the globe. Could its evil powers be turned for good and end the stream of blurry images that have been dubbed "blobsquatches"? Loren Coleman posts an eye-opening video covering Photoshop Image Deblurring Sneak from Adobe MAX 2011 that can tease detail from the foggiest photos. And such a tool would be indispensible throughtout the field of cryptozoology, where the cry for more definitive proof continues to echo, along with calls for better methods of research, such as the admonitions of Brian Regal in Yeti Hunters Must be More Scientific. Eric Niiler has some criticism for recent claims, as well, in New Bigfoot Sightings: Proof Still Lacking, and Jeremy Hance, while expressing his skepticism, still says there's a possibility something big, hairy and manlike is out there, saying If Camera Traps Don't Prove Existence of Bigfoot or Yeti Nothing Will. In other cryptid news, CFZ-Australia adds to recent accounts about the alleged sighting of an animal believed to be extinct, as reported in More on that Queensland Tiger..., and the Australian group also expands on coverage of out-of-place large feline reports in Australia with Panther Spotted in Lithgow, NSW.

Michigan Bigfoot Prefers Blueberry Bagels

Thom Powell’s Shady Neighbors

There's a Bigfoot family that loves blueberry bagels?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Bigfoot is considered to be another tribe"

Thumbs up for "Finding Bigfoot"

New docu-series about Bigfoot (updated)

When experts are wrong: Eugenie Scott


New Bigfoot Film

The Sasquatch: Where science fails

Bigfoot 'habituators ": When is the unbelievable part of everyday life

"Die Fussabdr├╝cke sind der beste Beweis" — Interview mit "Bigfoot-Professor" Meldrum

Hoffnung auf eine bessere Welt dank Bigfoot

Bigfooting in Alaska

If camera traps don't prove existence of Bigfoot or Yeti nothing will

New Bigfoot Sightings: Proof Still Lacking

Yeti "Evidence" Found in Russia?

Norwegian TV show looking for Bigfoot, signs of Norwegian culture ...

Comic-Con: Finding Bigfoot booth serving free beer?

A Tale of two casts

How Bigfoot got its name

Watch Jim Bobo early days, Hilarious video

The Sierra Bigfoot Shooting, One Year Later

Skeptic: 10 Reasons to NOT Believe in Bigfoot

Humor: The squatchiest car commercial ever

Any fans going to see the Finding Bigfoot crew at Comic-Con?
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Scientists in Siberia claim Bigfoot is real

Many articles have been written about last week's Russian conference about the wild hominoids many believe prowl the world's most forbidding landscapes. Vince Soodin went with the scientists and other researchers from around the world and contributes this article with some new accounts of human/hominoid interaction. Among the accounts related to Soodin: Canadian researcher John Bindernagel says film will be released later this year that shows one of the creatures near an Ohio home. One of the most respected researchers in the quest to solve the Bigfoot conundrum in North America, related, of course, to the Yeti search in Europe and Asia, was a participant in the Russian conference and provides some comments through Loren Coleman, even taking time to address some skeptical scorn from Benjamin Radford of Skeptical Inquirer, as seen in From Russia, With Love: Dr. Meldrum Comments. Meanwhile, the folks at CFZ Australia have some footage from the recent Sumatra Expedition that went in search of a mysterious apelike creature, as seen in Hunt for the Orang Pendek 2011 - the Video! Elsewhere, Manuel Navarette has the details of a September 30, 2011, experience in the Windy City that leaves investigators asking if the event was A Possible Mothman Sighting in Chicago, Illinois?

Video News Footage of Yeti Hair From Russia

Sasquatch and the abominable forecaster

Bigfoot lives in 'Savage'

  1. Bigfoot - Myth or Reality?

    Technorati - Brett Hilarides - 10 hours ago
    Many names have been given to this creature such as bigfoot, yeti and sasquatch. This creature is usually described as a large, hairy human like creature ...
    Scientists in Siberia claim Bigfoot is realThe People Speak Out
    Russian Expedition leaves scientists feeling 95% that Sasquatch
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  2. How sure? They say they're 95 percent sure the mythical yeti ...

    Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - 1 hour ago
    That could mean big things for Seattle-area Bigfoot believers, who have been scoping out the ... But this news comes with a few Bigfoot-sized caveats. ...
  3. 'BigFoot' Sightings Reported in Salem - Aubry Bracco - 9 hours ago
    BigFoot is coming out of the woods, and he's looking for a little help from locals and tourists as he acclimates to the Witch City. ...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scientists '95% Sure' Bigfoot Lives in Russian Tundra
But numerous sightings of such creatures have been reported in Himalayan countries and in North America, where it is known as Sasquatch, or bigfoot.(See a list of the top 10 heroic animals.) Joe Jackson is a contributor at TIME. ...
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Cryptozoologist tells tales of Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster
The Independent Florida Alligator
He also talked about the Loch Ness Monster and the Skunk Ape, an animal native to the Southeast that is similar to Bigfoot and is extremely aggressive. However, he said a lot of the time encounters with these mythical creatures aren't something people ...

Around town
Marietta Times
The speaker will be Don Keating, a member of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center. The Emerald Basket Branch of Longaberger sales associates is sponsoring a bus trip to New York City as a fundraiser for breast cancer research. ...

Manitoba Bigfoot Encounter Frontiers of Zoology
Dale Drinnon reprints an article that originally appeared at Paranormal Studies & Investigations Canada, very carefully written by Robin Pyatt Bellamy after a lengthy interview with the protagonist of the story, Archie Motkaluk, a Canadian farmer who sat on his story of an hours-long close encounter with what he thought to be a female Bigfoot in the winter of 1960. Moktaluk came forward with his tale of the encounter after becoming angered by a researcher on television who claimed tales of the creature were all in the imagination of witnesses. Bellamy gives a detailed description of the area in which the sighting was made, details Moktaluk's description of the creature and concludes Archie Moktaluk is telling the truth. Drinnon adds just a few short comments to the narrative, noting he thinks what Moktaluk saw was a female of a species he calls "The American Almas," as opposed to the description of a similar creature from the Caucasus of Russia. Is this the most complete description of a wild manlike creature, perhaps a Sasquatch, you've ever seen? Elsewhere, those following the Russian Snowman Conference that concluded last Saturday will recall a photograph available in a report from a Russian news correspondent accompanying the Siberian cave visit by conference attendees that included a photo of some trees woven into a pattern some researchers think indicates the presence and handiwork of the alleged apelike hominoids believed by many to populate the world's most isolated wildernesses. Nick Redfern has a couple of North American examples of these supposed constructions in Bigfoot Tepees. And Redfern, author of Memoirs of a Monster Hunter and quite a few other titles, has an interesting comparison of two books, the aforementioned title and a new title from "Destination Truth" star Josh Gates, in Monster Memoirs vs Monster Memoirs. Be sure to check out the comments for some humorous remarks. Meanwhile, Neil Arnold addresses the legends of the Cyclops, including some not-so-long-ago reports of encounters with one-eyed monsters in Sleep With One Eye Open.

Andy Finkle Baldfoot T-Shirts Selling Fast

Book Review-Dark Woods by Jay Kumar
Review-MNBRT Radio 10-10-11
Scientists Find "95 Percent Proof Of The Existence Of Yeti"

'Proof' of Yeti existence revealed

PHOTOS & VIDEO: Harrison revealed

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scientists close in on Yeti
The Russian-led conference that addressed the presence of elusive manlike creatures in the world's wildest regions, concluded over the weekend in Kemerovo, Siberia, has come out with an announcement that could be the surprise event organizers had promised leading up to the meeting that brought researchers from around the world together. But not every cryptozoologist is onboard with the announcement out of Kemerovo claiming proof of the existence of the creature variously known as Yeti, Bigfoot, Yowie and a legion of other names, depending on the country in which they're reported. Loren Coleman, co-author with Patrick Huyghe of The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates, who also owns the world's only cryptozoology museum, the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, ME, explains why the surprise announcement may be counter-productive in Exaggerated Snowmen Claims Not Good for Cryptozoology.

Executive producer of Scare Tactics says the Bigfoot episode would probably frighten him the most

Photos from the 2011 Yeti Expedition in Siberia

New Footage: Kansas Bigfoot

Bigfoot Hunters: Stock up on peanut butter now before prices get ridiculous

95% Certainty and Indisputable Proof?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Yetis and other examples of 'Cryptozoology'

Bigfoot Forum Derided as United Russia Ploy

Yeti Expedition: Body not found, but scientists 95% sure Yetis are real

New Photoshop technology from Adobe will end blurry Bigfoot pics forever

Bigfoot: unfound and unfounded

Richard Freeman, Zoological Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology, was part of the recently concluded Sumatra Expedition 2011. The expedition was in search of signs of a creature long reported to roam the tightly-packed jungles of Sumatra, the undiscovered ape known to the Sumatrans as the Orang Pendek. Freeman explains the mission of the group and what it found in this entry, and his previous reports of the venture can be found in On the Trail of the Orang Pendek, Sumatra's Mystery Ape and Orang Pendek Quest Begins in Sumatra. Elsewhere, one of the arms of England's Centre for Fortean Zoology, CFZ - Canada, is looking for cryptid accounts from a sparsely settled area of the country, listing some of the creatures already reported to creep, crawl, swim and fly through the region in Manitoba Monsters. Meanwhile, Dr. Karl Shuker has all you ever wanted to know about a supposedly legendary beast, with many illustrations, in An Uncommonness of Unicorns as Loren Coleman updates the efforts to relocate his vast "collection of mysterious-creature artifacts" in CZ Museum Move Merits Maine Media and offers multiple images along with another refutation of George Cuvier's "Rash Dictum" with New African Antelope Discovered. Also, another Texas Blue Dog runs afoul of a man with a gun, as reported in Could This be a Chupacabra? Homeowner Thinks Animal He Shot Dead is Mythical Creature, and a 1977 incident in Pennsylvania echoes tales of the legendary Jersey Devil in the remembrance of The Beast of Bowman Hill.

Yeti Evidence Found During Kemerovo Expedition in Siberia

Huge Sunsquatch caught on telescope

Fantastic story by Native American, claims group of men traumatized after killing a Bigfoot

Book Review: Notes from the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Yeti expedition an abomination

A conference of international researchers who study the existence of a reported population of scattered wild manlike creatures officially came to a close in Tashtogol, Siberia, yesterday. With few reports from the scene, we turn to Russian reporter Lida Vasilevskaya for her commentary as she accompanied the researchers into the Siberian wilderness to visit a cave the Siberian Yeti had supposedly been recently frequenting. While much of the report is tongue in cheek, Vasilevskaya does pass along the words of Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University and provide some photos from the Siberian site. Another very good report from someone who was not on the scene and treats the conference as though it has yet to occur, nonetheless provides some excellent background on the accounts of wildmen in the region of Tashtogol cave and scientific reactions, as seen in They Leave Behind Large Footprints. Radio Free Europe also put together a report on the conference and its attendees, as well as the Kemerovo area of Siberia the researchers visited, as seen in Siberian Yeti Conference Seeks Out Elusive Hominid. The North American version of the Siberian hominid has driven lots of investigators to search for proof, and among them at least one has become notorious. The reasons for the notoriety and the latest plans of the Bigfoot hunter in question are the subject of Loren Coleman's posting of information in SF Examiner Spotlights Biscardi. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern has polled his readers about the elusive North American creature and came up with results he says are as "intriguing as the Bigfoot puzzle itself" as can be seen in his report Monstrous Statistics!

More government cover-up of Bigfoot: Forest Service Biologist disappears after finding Sasquatch footprints near Cougar Washington

The Crypto Hunters: Creston Flats Bigfoot breakdown

Tom Biscardi says he will put the Bigfoot mystery to rest

Finally! A Journalist Does Real Research on Tom Biscardi

Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference - Sights and Sounds (Earphones Reco

Legend Hunters - Bigfoot