Saturday, November 06, 2010

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Nite Callers Radio Interviews Ro...
Nite Callers Radio Interviews Ron Roseman, Dr. Angelo Caperella, D....
Join Nite Callers Bigfoot Talk Radio as we bring Ron Roseman, Dallas Tanner, Dana ...
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Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files - "Sasquatch Sprint/Alien Attacker"
In an all-new sneak peek clip of the next episode of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, the team tries to walk through a video with the man who ...
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MonsterQuest - Mysterious Ape Island. pt4
Vancouver Island". A Sasquatch like creature said to swim between islands. ... monsterquest monsters bigfoot sasquatch apeman waterape vancouver yeti ...
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Neanderthals Had a Naughty Sex Life, Unusual Study Suggests.

Elusive1 Dusting & Lifting Print...
Elusive1 Dusting & Lifting Print's # 2
Just Thought I'd Share This, Hope It Help's out. SQUATCH ON!!!!!!!
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Dusting & Lifting Print's [HQ]

Announcements of Crypto Programming

The Legend of the Red Headed Giants

Q & A Follow Up.wmv
Q & A Follow Up.wmv
Here is the Video as Promised guys...
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Conimbla 4-11-2010.wmv
Conimbla 4-11-2010.wmv
Some Stlls from Local Area 4-11-2010 Enjoy.....& Yes this songs for all my Lady f...
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Bigfoot Research: Lost Videos Pt 2
Bigfoot Research: Lost Videos Pt 2
Back to my original core area and I really enjoy it here. Looking at some prints ...
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I Know Who You Are Bigfoot Buster!
I can't believe it ! You have 72 hours to delete your blog or I will expose you! What you did to me wasn't human!
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Bigfoot Research: Lost Files Pt 1
Noting a pathway for a very large someone
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MonsterQuest - Mysterious Ape Island. pt2
". A Sasquatch like creature known for swimming between islands. ... monsterquest monsters apeman sasquatch bigfoot waterape vancouver mystery ...
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MonsterQuest - Mysterious Ape Island. pt1
". A sasquatch like creature thought to swim between islands. ... monsterquest monsters sasquatch waterape apeman bigfoot vancouver mystery ...
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Evidence of Recent Activitey .
This is not something I will do regularly , unless it is requested . ... bigfoot sasquatch grassman timbergiant skunkape wildmen treemen yeti yowie ...
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"Strange Days with Bob Saget" Gets a New Premiere Date

Mike Greene on Fox TV in NC

Footprint Casts from Dave Ellis

Haunted Hikes

Friday, November 05, 2010

FoxNews Interviews Mike Greene
Still an interesting Day .
before . ( sorry about the audio , it was a primitive attempt ... bigfoot sasquatch 2010 sighting grassman timbergiant skunkape treemen wildmen ...
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Lost Tapes:Southern Sasquatch ... 國家地理discovery national geographic 無法解釋mystery 謎神秘傳說生物隱祕怪獸legend ...
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Lost Tapes:Southern Sasquatch ... 國家地理discovery national geographic 無法解釋mystery 謎神秘傳說生物隱祕怪獸legend ...
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Holy Crap 2.wmv
Holy Crap 2.wmv
Please read part 1
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New Bigfoot Video: Man Claims He Filmed Thermal Image of Sasquatch (stealing a ...
Fox 8 News: ASHEBORO, NC — A candy bar and thermal imaging equipment is said to have captured pictures of an elusive creature whose existence has ...
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Holy Crap.wmv
went out today. I dont think they were to happy with my last set up...could be wrong dont know for sure....... ... yowie bigfoot investigations ...
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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Meet Bigfoot's Chinese Cousin Xinhua
With a major expedition in the offing to seek the hairy biped known in China as the "Yeren" or "Wild Man," Erik Nilsson gives background on sightings, seekers and the wild area of the People's Republic of China, Hubei Province's Shennongjia Nature Preserve, where the creature has been spotted hundreds of times over the last thirty years. And there are other Chinese cryptids, as well, including Kanasi Lake's massive water beasts, filmed in 2007, and Tianchi Lake's strange creatures, also filmed in 2007. Meanwhile, North America's most fabled cryptid has had an interesting evolution of names, as Loren Coleman points out with archived newspaper reports in Early Sasquatch Were Called Mowglis. Elsewhere, two anomalies are brought together from eyewitness reports assembled between 1973 and 1974 and presented as Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO - Bigfoot Casebook. And another cryptid from the archives has been found to be less mysterious than thought, as Markus Hemmler explains in The Masbate Monster. There's also a programming note in the cryptid news today with the announcement of the release of Cryptozoology Online: On the Track (of Unknown Animals) Episode 38.

Live Update-11/3/10 5:51pm
Live from the field. Entering new area. ... Tcsjrbigfoot Sasquatch Bigfoot ...
by tcsjrbigfoot 22 hours ago 123 views

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A Short Recon of the Gully .
do a thorough search as this area is of interest and is quite remote . ... bigfoot sasquatch grassman timbergiant yeti yowie skunkape wildmen ...
by timbergiantbigfoot 6 hours ago 54 views

Big Foot (Sasquatch) in Virginia Part 2 (Virginia Time Travel)
Virginia Time Travel interviews Billy Willard, Director of the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia.
by Havoscar 2 hours ago 1 views
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Big Foot (Sasquatch) in Virginia Part 3 (Virginia Time Travel)
Virginia Time Travel interviews Billy Willard, Director of the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia.
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Encounter at the caves p1
scent. When he hiked off the trail alone he was shocked and dismayed to see a huge Bigfoot that had been following them. ... Encounter at the caves p1 ...
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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Video: N.C. Man Lures Bigfoot with Candy WGHP-TV
A former fraud investigator reveals thermal images of something manlike taking a candy bar he left on a stump. The video, shot over a year ago in North Carolina's Uwharrie National Forest, has investigator Mike Greene claiming his film is the most convincing evidence yet of North America's best-known cryptid. And in a claimed glimpse of the hairy hominoid, a Mountain State resident driving along a rural road is reporting a Bigfoot Sighting in West Virginia. Meanwhile, the sightings of similar hairy, manlike creatures near Azass Cave in Mount Shoriya, not far from a Siberian ski resort, has prompted Russia's Western Siberia to declare Yeti Day, November 11, 2010. Elsewhere, the Centre for Fortean Zoology directs your attention to their expedition in search of another hairy hominoid, the Mande-Burung, in First News from India, and Oll Lewis explains some of the difficulties the expedition faces in The Garo Hills. Also, Robert Krulwich has pointed out Chinese & European Monsters Strangely, Eerily Similar, using some ancient illustrations. And Loren Coleman cleverly reveals a title change for a new book he and Mark A. Hall will release next month through Anomalist Books while celebrating a Major League Baseball event, as seen in Crypto Name Game: Giants Win World Series. With multiple illustrations.

Bigfoot Information Introduction
The Bigfoot Hunters have started their quest to get bigfoot on Youtube. We need your help by subscribing us and adding us and please comment. The ...
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Bigfoot Right in Front of Me .
In this video I revisit the location of a possible encounter and explain how it happened then show the clip of how the event came about . The ...
by timbergiantbigfoot 14 hours ago 172 views

Big Foot (Sasquatch) in Virginia Part 1 (Virginia Time Travel)
Virginia Time Travel interviews Billy Willard, Director of the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia.
by Havoscar 9 hours ago 3 views

Sasquatch's Hunting Safety Tips
Jack Link's® Beef Jerky, the No. 1 US meat snack brand and fastest-growing meat snack manufacturer worldwide, along with Realtree® Camo, home of ...
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daw ep04 seg01 youtube 01 1
daw ep04 seg01 youtube 01 1

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Is BigFoot Real?
by eagleintheblue 12 hours ago 1 views
DVD Review Creature From Black Lake With Spoilers !!!
Bigfoot Sighting In West VirginiaGhost TheoryEither way, the report mentions a sighting of a “Sasquatch-like creature” near State route 16 by a life long resident. Stephen Summers claims that what he ...See all stories on this topic »
Ghost Theory
Video: Man Lures Bigfoot with CandyMyFoxOrlando.comGreene said he was able to capture a thermal image of Sasquatch that night. "The image is the first comprehensive thermal image of a Sasquatch… even though ...See all stories on this topic »

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

This year's hot toys for Christmas

New Giant Butterfly Sighting Cryptomundo
Following the California sighting of a "Giant Butterfly" on October 15, 2010, comes a report from Arizona, also from October. The creature was "huge" with a wingspan of about 15-20 feet across and had "the color of like burnt orange or grayed-orange." Under each wing was a black circle within a yellowish circle. Are we seeing the emergence of a new phenomenon? Or is it just a new name for an old phenomenon? And at Horror News a review of Brad Steiger's Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Beasts from the Darkside, which is called "a fun, well-written book... [that] also serves as a must-have reference for genre authors and filmmakers who might be looking for the source of their next inspiration."

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In Search of... Minisode 5 - Bigfoot
Does Bigfoot exist?
by SailorsGrindhouse 13 hours ago 1 views

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An Interesting Day read discription .
we were home . I still haven't returned to the spot in witch this was recorded . ... bigfoot sasquatch skunkape treemen wildmen yeti yowie timbergiant ...
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The Elusive One Nearby ??
moving quickly threw the thick dry brush . And I proceeded to record this clip . ... bigfoot sasquatch grassman yeti yowie treeman skunk ape wild men ...
by timbergiantbigfoot 18 hours ago 96 views

Monday, November 01, 2010

The "Face" of "Squeaky" from the NC Thermal Video
. There is a biological entity on the video, so what ever it is, this is what it could look like. ... Bigfoot "Bigfoot Research" Sasquatch "NC ...
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Squatching-The Heights
cam will be in the shop for 2 weeks. I am puzzled as to where these bigfoot stay most of the time.They have to sleep,that`sa no brainer.They have ...
by redchun 14 hours ago 7 views

The Search For Bigfoot: Trouble in Florida?
Cindy & I Look For Clues
to the area across from where we heard unexplained sounds to look for clues. ... tcsjrbigfoot bigfoot sasquatch sightings encounters proof footage ...
by tcsjrbigfoot 16 hours ago 2 views
Review Bigfoot Busters 10 31 10 Overview of upcoming shows

Sunday, October 31, 2010

'Bigfoot' comes to East Texas

The Boggy Depot Bigfoot Mania
Nick Redfern gives an overview of the recent Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference in Oklahoma, a gig designed to raise funds for two very worthwhile programs: the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Children’s Miracle Network. Summaries of talks and presentations by Randy Harrington and Darren Lee of the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center; Cullen Hudson, the author of the book Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma; Ken Gerhard, the co-author with Redfern of Monsters of Texas; Redern himself, who spoke on the hairy wild men of the woods in his home country of England; and many more. Elsewhere, celebs of all stripes visit the International Cryptozoology Museum in Goo Goo Dolls, Gorightly, Gargoyles, and Grrrr and a mention of the 10th Annual Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy Conference in Does Bigfoot live in East Texas?

Why Real-Life Ghost Hunters Hate Salon
There may be more TV series about paranormal investigators than there are days in the week, and what's worse is that their hokey science is making them enemies--in this world at least. Real-life paranormal researchers, otherwise known as parapsychologists, say that reality TV ghost-hunting shows are exacerbating the woes that have historically plagued their field and making mainstream scientists even more suspicious of their research. Apparently, when it comes to looking for experts in the field, TV producers asking the question "Who we gonna to call?" never answer it with "the real ghostbusters." CNN profiles a few of the hundreds of ad hoc ghost hunting groups in Paranormal activity finds mainstream acceptance. And yet more Halloween-fueled stories in the Spooky Side of Research and the World’s creepiest attractions.

Proof: 'Bigfoot' Film a HOAX
Proof that the Patterson-Gimlin film shot in 1967 of an apparent 'Bigfoot' was, and still is, a HOAX.
by tom120ali 3 hours ago 2 views
Caves along the Corridor

Superstitious Beliefs Getting More Common : Discovery News

The Unexplained

Bigfoot spotted in Seligman, Arizona. - Tucson cryptozoology