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Fast Food Films was a show that aired back in 1999 on FX. Produced and created by J. Elvis Weinstein after MST3K ended. The show took 3 movies and ...
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The latest and greatest discovery on the famous old film
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Show! ..It's About How Hybrid Humans Could Exist Like The Yeti Or Bigfoot & How Russsian Scientists Tryed To Make Superhumans From Ape Genes ...
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at this spot I was 12 miles away on another ... Sasquatch bigfoot aliens creatures ghosts phantoms outdoors wildlife weird strange ...
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posted on YouTube. You can see the entire footage at, and I highly recommend it! ... Bigfoot Sasquatch Thermal Footage Michael ...
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Loren Coleman points out the article he posts today from a 64-year-old newspaper in Ohio "has nothing, really, to do with 'Sea Serpents.'" What it does have to do with is something strange being reported in Illinois and Indiana at about the same time, although the descriptions of the creatures claimed to have been observed are a bit different. Have a look. Meanwhile, the International Cryptozoology Museum gets some love in David Carkhuff's article U.S. Navy Captures Bigfoot. There's some sad news in the world of cryptozoology today, also, as reported in Updated Healthwatch: Jerry Dale Coleman and Updated Healthwatch: Laurelyn Fanshier.

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Sony DCR-TRV17 Night Vision camera. ... sasquatch bigfoot "sasquatch sighting" "bigfoot sighting" "night vision" nightshot footage oregon northwest ...
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Episode 156: Bigfoot Discovery M...

Something by Lenny Green

Valley of the Skookum by Lenny Green

Nite Callers for 7-18-10.wmv
Dr. Karl Shuker writes of the largest eagle of all time, New Zealand's now-extinct Haast's eagle that preyed on the very large flightless birds known as the moa. The huge birds were also considered to be man-killers by the local Maori. Although the bird is believed to be extinct, Dr. Shuker has stumbled upon a reference that indicates the Haast eagle, or another extinct large bird, lived on into much more recent times. Did a 19th century explorer shoot and eat the two last Haast eagles? Elsewhere, with all the talk of the Texas-style chupacabras, Paul Dale Roberts reveals an email he received about a similar animal, as seen in Deer Dog of Keeler, California. Meanwhile, there may be an out-of-place feline prowling near the Gulf of Mexico, according to a report of such an animal carrying off a dog as detailed in Mysterious Creature Found in Bay St. Louis. With photo of cast made from paw print.

CNN Monkeys Around Anomaly Magazine
A few odd stories in the news: A recent report says monkeys are being trained by Afghan insurgents to kill American GIs. Jeanne Moos of CNN has an interesting news video about the claims of simian warriors. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman presents a skillfully designed chart of comparative skeletons to ask Where Are the Bones? Any Giants in Those Days? And there's what some may think is evidence of a pre-World War II secret UFO base in England, while others exclaim, "Who Says People Don't Make Crop Circles?" Matt Williams supplied the photo of a "crop circle" in York, England, that appeared on the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Did aliens make this agricultural glyph to thank the Royal Air Force and the staunch folks of Great Britain for saving them from the Nazi threat 70 years ago?
YouTube - Bigfoot is Real
Piney Woods Wildman by Lenny Green

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What the Heck?
Mike Greene says he has videotaped Bigfoot in North Carolina's Uwharrie National Forest. NewsChannel 36 reporter Michelle Boudin recently accompanied Greene into the Uwharrie National Forest and reports on Greene, his claims and a night venture into the woods. Meanwhile, what some call "Bigfoot of the Latino Culture" is in the news again from Texas, as seen in the television news report, including video, Texoma Woman Tries to Debunk the Myth of the Chupacabra. Grayson County, TX, resident Kris Zedler is worried about her dog after reports of two "chupacabras" being killed recently in Texas. The reports of those alleged chupacabra incidents can be found in 'Ugly Beast' Found in Texas: Another Chupacabra?, Chupacabras? Mysterious Animals Spotted in Texas and Chupacabra Found in Texas: Is It a Coyote? featuring commentary from cryptozoologist Loren Coleman of the International Cryptozoology Museum and author of Cryptozoology A to Z: The Encyclopedia of Lake Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature.

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would like to hear any comments you may have Thx ... MN.BRT Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team Iowa Expedition Sasquatch Skunk Ape Skookum Yeti Yowie ...
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Review-HBMs Crypto-Corner 7-14-10.wmv

In this episode, Mike shows off his Bigfoot art and lets you know how you can get ...

The Man Eater of Lake Chany Cryptozoology Online
Recent reports crediting an unidentified lake monster in Russia's Lake Chany with the deaths of 19 fishermen have cryptozoologists agog, and Richard Freeman tackles the background on the reports of the monster in this post. The monster has been given a name, apparently by the British press, and Dale Drinnon has more on the continuing saga, including a photo and a map of the region in "Nesski". Meanwhile, there's some footage from bygone years of the pursuit of the most famous of the world's lake monsters, Nessie of Scotland's Loch Ness, in Classic British Pathe Newsreel from 1969.

Mr. Mike: The End? Cryptomundo
Loren Coleman reveals more of the saga of Lan Lamphere, Lamphere's Overnight AM broadcasts concerning the Backyard Bigfoot claims of a 70-year-old veteran in an undisclosed location, FaceBook updates on the broadcasts and whether or not the entire episode has been laid to rest. The answer is apparently "No." Meanwhile, the owner of the Cryptomundo brand is warning of the site's possible demise in Cryptomundo: The End?
Attention Nite Callers Radio Listeners!! Are you ready to get your Bigfoot world rocked? We're not talking about rock throwing either. We're ...
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Radio Pre-expedition Show 7/19/10 ... MN.BRT Radio Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team Iowa Expedition sasquatch Skunk Ape Skookum Yeti Yowie Booger ...
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Review-Bigfoot Quest 7-13-10- HBMs Crypto-Corner 7-14-10-Condolences to Joedy Cook.wmv
Sharon Lee gives the background of the case in which a 70-year-old gentleman appeared on Lan Lamphere's Overnight AM radio program to claim that a Bigfoot family was camping in his backyard. Lee takes pains to explain the events that transpired following the claims made by the gentleman, who, it appears, suffers from some form of dementia. The gist of her post, however, has to do with the sometimes vicious response to the initial claim that began to rain down on Lamphere from the "Bigfoot community." With links. Despite the "Backyard Bigfoot" setback, and many other missteps on the road to Bigfoot research, there still appear to be enough serious and credentialled people pursuing the question of a giant, hairy, manlike creature in the wilds of North America, as Michael Newton shows in a rundown of the claims of Ray Wallace entitled "Bigfoot Just Died".

This video shows fact on the Bigfoot in the Patterson and Gimlin Bigfoot film. BBI copyright 2010
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includes the novels The Hunt for Bigfoot and Lord of the Dead. Lisa's other nonfiction books are Backyard Bigfoot: The True Story of Stick ...
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Scenes from the movie ABOMINABLE. Written & Directed by Ryan Schifrin ...ABOMINABLE Bigfoot Jeffrey Combs Lance Henriksen Ryan Schifrin Rex Linn ...
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