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ll Bill and the Sasquatch Stomp
The Eureka Reporter - Eureka,CA,USA
On Saturday, catch Ill Bill and friends in Willow Creek, at the Willow Creek Community Park for Sasquatch Stomp. Republican Duck Hunters and White Trash ...
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3 Shows Tomorrow...

It begins at 4:30 EST/3:30 Central with HBM's Crypto-Corner, returning for Author's Month and a Half, with Darin Richardson, at HBM's Crypto-Corner


Then, on The Bigfoot Mystery, 7:00 EST/6:00 Central, Darin and I have Billy Willard as our guest, at The Bigfoot Mystery


Finally, Dunno what is planned for 9:00 EST/8:00 Central on the Sasquatch Experience, but Sean, James and Melissa have something planned, I am sure, at The Sasquatch Experience

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
2006-11-05 Jeff Meldrum and Bigfoot
ISU professor Jeffrey Meldrum displays what he says is a casting of a footprint from a Bigfoot creature. ... Meldrum has collected more than 200 Bigfoot prints. ... • Found on
Jeff Meldrums Footprint Evidence Research
Dr. Jeff Meldrums work in Bigfoot research, focused upon foot print evidence. ... Dr. Jeff Meldrum Associate Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search,

Bigfoot Museum Raid Successful |
Agent Zero here, back at The Compound after returning from Felton, CA, home of the Bigfoot Discovery Project. Raid successful. Got pix of Dr. Jeff Meldrum, and
Meldrum Videos - Free Watch and Download YouTube's Meldrum Videos ...
Tags: Bigfoot Sasquatch Jeff Meldrum News Coverage Footprints Cryptozoology ... bigfoot footprint evidence: dr. jeff meldrum presentation ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

D. JEFFREY MELDRUM, Department of Biological Sciences, Idaho State University ... commonly referred to as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, have emanated from the ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search,
YouTube - Sasquatch: Dr. Jeff Meldrum T.V. News Coverage
Dr. Jeff Meldrum is featured on a Salt Lake City local news television station discussing bigfoot prints.For more detailed info on Sasquatch footprints go ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search
'Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science' : NPR
Nov 10, 2006 ... FLATOW: Talking with Jeff Meldrum, author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science. Do we think that Sasquatch or Bigfoot is related to Yeti, ...
YouTube - Bigfoot Footprint Evidence: Dr. Jeff Meldrum Presentation
A short clip of a presentation by Dr. Meldrum on Bigfoot tracks.For a detailed, illustrated, analysis of Sasquatch footprint casts, including some shown in t... • Found on Yahoo! Search

The area around Tuolumne County, California, is noted for Bigfoot sightings and other reports of high strangeness. With thirty-three Bigfoot sightings, the county ranks third in the nation in that department, but there have also been reports of UFOs and a "salivating half-lizard, half-dog like creature in a man's backyard." Join retired firefighter Bob Strain as he goes "calling for Bigfoot." Of course Tuolumne County, CA, isn't the only place with a Bigfoot history, as you'll see in Bigfoot Lore Alive in Estacada Area. And further north, Bigfoot news has made quite an impact, as noted in Just a Little Big, Hairy Idea. Meanwhile, reading and Bigfoot both get a boost as Crowd Cheers Bigfoot Banned Book Reading.
Science and Sasquatch talk radio show | Dr. Jeff Meldrum, GUEST
Listen to Sasquatch Experiences online radio show about Science and Sasquatch Dr. Meldrum will discuss BIGFOOT and his book Sasquatch Legend meets Science. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

Sasquatch and Bigfoot Meet Serious Science | Newsweek Animals and Pets ...
... Meldrum has been investigating the possible existence of the creature called Sasquatch ... Jeff meldrum or any other expert in the field, I also have a few pictures of one ... • Found on Windows Live

Bigfoot: Pocatello 2006 Bigfoot Rendezvous Jeff Meldrum
Bigfoot Encounters by Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Ph.D. • Found on

Bigfoot: Karl Rose's Review of Meldrum's book, "Sasquatch: Legend ...
Jeff Meldrum’s “ Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science” October 3, 2006 Before I begin the review of “ Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science,” I would like to quash any preconceived ... • Found on Windows Live

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Patterson film, Jeff Meldrum « Bigfoot Sasquatch
Jan 6, 2008 ... Tagged: Bigfoot, dermal ridges, foot prints, Jeff Meldrum, Patterson film, Sasquatch, sasquatch legend meets science ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search Sasquatch (Hardcover) by Jeff Meldrum (Author) ... Sasquatch (Hardcover): Books: by Jeff Meldrum (Author) ... [ Run a Quick Search on "Sasquatch" by Jeff Meldrum to Browse Related Products: ] ...
Bigfoot Anatomy: Scientific American
Sasquatch is just a legend, right? According to the evidence, maybe not, argues Jeffrey Meldrum--a position he holds despite ostracism from his fellow ... • Found on Google, Windows Live

Jeff Meldrum

He began his presentation by saying he appreciates enthusiasm, but cautions against losing objectivity and wants to see critical thinking take hold with reports. He has just returned from China for filming an episode of Monsterquest to investigate the Yeren. The origins of Bigfoot were discussed, as to whether it is Gigantopithecus or not (Meldrum says it is at least a strong candidate). Dr. Meldrum hooked up with Zhou Guoxing to research the Yeren, which lives in the Hubai and Shennogjia Provinces where there are vertical mountains (!). Grover Krantz also went there in Southern China several years ago on an expedition. According to Dr. Guoxing, the Wildman is not the same as Sasquatch so far as size (it is a little shorter, ala Orang Pendek). Shennong was a God interested in herbs in the mountains, and built a ladder or scaffold to reach the herbs, prompting the name Shennongjia, which means "Shennong's Ladder." Meldrum's working hypothesis is that the Giganto is our North American Ape, and Meldrum went into the work of Russ Ciochon and his appearance on Giganto: The Real King Kong. Dr. Meldrum commented that the fossil record is biased when it comes to Giganto. An interesting observation was made about an orangutan which took a catfish out of a net and ate it, and other orang followed suit. Meldrum also said that there is a bit of a misconception about the entire Bering Straits Land Bridge being a frozen tundra, when in fact some parts of it were temperate jungle. Dr. Guoxing is not convinced that the Yeren and Giganto are the same thing, and the official position of the scientific community is cool and somewhat nonchalant. Meldrum showed a slide of a Chinese footprint cast which resembles a cast made in Washington State by Paul Freeman. Meldrum discusses the Anthropoidipes Ameriborealis, the North American Ape footprint, the archetype of which is the Patterson/Gimlin Movie casts. Meldrum said he would eventually put all his virtual cast collection online.

Presentation rating: **** 1/2 out of *****
Chasing Discovery - The lives and struggles of cryptozoologists

Xenophilia - Big Foot

Friday, October 03, 2008

Schedule for the remaining 5 Episodes of Monsterquest

29 16 Giant Squid Ambush October 8, 2008
30 17 Monsters Spiders October 15, 2008
31 18 Real Dragons October 22, 2008
32 19 Sasquatch Attack II October 29, 2008
33 20 Jaws in Illinois October 29, 2008
Mysterious Creature Spotted In New London of New London, Connecticut, reports that a photo of an unidentified dead creature was taken on the shoreline. The body is now gone.
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PBS Guided Tour Video: The Spillway - Courtesy of Sean Forker

PBS Guided Tour Video 3 - Courtesy of James Baker - Forker Recalls his Rock Throwing Encounter

PBS Guided Tour Video 1 - Courtesy of James Baker

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Beyond The Edge Radio Tomorrow...

Dunno what Sean and Monica have planned, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Beyond The Edge Radio And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Sasquatch Triangle 10-2-08

This was a pretty great show, with guest Billy Willard, who discussed his research into the Virginia Sasquatch, as well as a bit ab out this past weekend's East Coast Bigfoot Conference. There was a good bit of talk about how skepticism should be applied more to the research, as well as about tree twists and how they are made by SOMETHING, but no one knows what, and I called in and talked a bit about the twist Sally Ramey and Olaf which was presented at the conference this past weekend, as well as about how skepticism is definitely required in the field, as well as how we should not be TOO skeptical. Dunno what Don has planned for next week, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Sasquatch Triangle And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Shows upcoming this weekend...

Friday Night- Beyond The Edge Radio, 9:00 EST/8:00 Central

Sunday afternoon- HBM's Crypto-Corner, 4:30 EST/3:30 Central, with guest Darin "Thunderhawk" Richardson

Sunday Evening- The Bigfoot Mystery, 7:00 EST/6:00 Central, with guest Larry Battson

Sunday Night- The Sasquatch Experience, 9:00 EST/8:00 Central

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Sasquatch Triangle Tonight...

Don's guest will be from Sasquatch Watch of Virginia Mr. Billy Willard starting at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at The Sasquatch Triangle, Now On And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Reports of Bigfoot sightings in British Columbia, Canada, are on the increase, and Brian Vike of Houston British Columbia Canada UFO Research has a quote we should note: "There seems to be a lot more bear sightings nearing hibernation and as the animals move down from the mountains, maybe something else large and hairy is moving too." Could the Canadian Sasquatch/Bigfoot be covering its tracks through the movement of the bear population?

Is George Schaller a Cryptozoologist?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Review: Bigfoot Quest 9-30-08

This was a GREAT show, a continuation of the discussion of the East Coast Bigfoot Conference, with unscheduled guests Bruce (Creature Seeker) and Kelly Beverly (Squatch Biatch_13), as well as Billy Willard, discussing some activity that occurred after the Conference, such as woodknocking. Kelly, Billy and Bruce were part of a group researching in the woods, along with others. I called in to talk to Bob and Mike about their experiences at the Conference, and also to ask Bob and Mike and Bruce about their impressions of Bill Dranginis' Eye Gotcha Cam system, and they were deeply impressed with the working model, which of course more can be added to, such as audio equipment, zoom lens, infrared, thermal imagers and other bits of equipment. Dunno what Bob and Mike have planned for next week, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Bigfoot Quest And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
The State | 09/04/2008 | Bigfoot can’t hide from believers
Big cat reports from Australia continue, and got a little stranger with a report of the shooting of a large black cat in 2005. The cat killed in 2005 weighed 40 kilograms, or about 120 pounds. The strangest thing though, is that DNA testing revealed this large cat was a feral descendant of domestic species. Michael Williams of the Centre for Fortean Zoology Australia says, "We don't know if the source of these reports is some kind of introduced exotic cat species or a feral cat mutation." A 120-pound house cat? With photo. And out of place big cats are making headlines in England, too, as explained by Nick Redfern in Cemetery Cats.
  1. New England Outdoors - hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking, climbing ...

    New England's Bigfoot Forget those Georgia pranksters. Believe it or not, reports of sasquatch creatures can be found throughout New England. ... - 42k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
  2. New England Bigfoot

    Of course that Georgia Bigfoot corpse was a hoax. But many people report seeing sasquatch roaming the woods of New England. (See article on www. ... - 23k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Sasquatch in New England

In addition to investigating alleged sasquatch activity in New England, one of our goals is to help the general public realize that there is a history of ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Bigfoot in New York There is a history of Bigfoot & Sasquatch

The New England BIGFOOT Research Center · PENNSYLVANIA BIGFOOT SOCIETY · OHIO BIGFOOT RESEARCH AND STUDY GROUP · Eyes of the Forest ... - 21k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

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Bigfoot Quest Tomorrow...

Bob and Mike will be doing their own overview of the East Coast Bigfoot Conference held this past weekend, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Bigfoot Quest And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Sasquatch Watch Radio 9-29-08

This was a GREAT show, with many callers, giving an overview of the 2008 East Coast Bigfoot Conference this past weekend. Callers included John Cartwright, Tom Lancaster, Myself and Bill Green, Bruce (Creature Seeker, who had a funny incident occur to him this past weekend involving a broken chair during Billy Willard's presentation), Kelly (SquatchBiatch_13) and Eric Altman, who announced there would be a conference in the Summer of 2010. There was a good bit of discussion about the new Eye-Gotcha Cam which Bill Dranginis debuted this past weekend at the conference, as well as discussion of all the presentations at the Conference. Next week, Billy and DB welcome Dan from Florida to the show to discuss research in the Sunshine State, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Sasquatch Watch Radio And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Bigfoot Lore Draws Believers, Skeptics Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
The 2008 East Coast Bigfoot Conference in Jeanette, PA, took place over the weekend, and over 400 people were believed to have attended. Several attendees, ranging from the curious to the skeptical, were interviewed for this article, as well as some of the active Bigfoot investigators who attended.
The Yeren is a Bigfoot-type biped believed to inhabit China's southern wilderness regions. Could 2,000 years of Yeren reports all have been mistaken identity? Elsewhere, an Arizona Man Claims to Have Caught the Chupacabra on Video.


Our good friend Melissa Hovey has announced that she is engaged to be married to a fellow named Wayne who lives in Ohio. She will be moving to the Buckeye State to be with him, but they will not marry until 2010. I want to be among the first to send my most heartfelt congratulations to Melissa and Wayne, and MANY years of happiness to both of them.

Upcoming Monsterquest Episodes this month on History Channel...

October 8th, 9:00 EST/8:00 Central-GIANT SQUID AMBUSH

The Sea of Cortez holds a monster of gigantic proportions. Video
evidence of what appeared to be a huge squid, 1000 feet under the
ocean's surface, was captured in 2006 by a Monster Quest expedition
team. The footage is less than 2 seconds long, and difficult to
analyze, but some experts believed the squid was up to 100 feet long.
Now, MonsterQuest returns to the area with improved technology to find
proof of this legendary sea beast.

October 15th, 9:00 EST/8:00 Central-

In 2006 an American soldier in Iraq was photographed with what
appeared to be a three foot long arachnid. Meanwhile in the forests of
Peru there are reports of spiders big enough to eat an entire chicken.
A MonsterQuest expedition into the wilderness of South America goes on
the hunt for a monster-sized predatory spider and examines man's fear
of these creatures.

Check local listings for time and channel.

Sasquatch Watch Radio Tonight...

Billy and DB will be giving an overview of the 2008 East Coast Bigfoot Conference which was held this weekend, as well as giving us the latest Bigfoot news, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Sasquatch Watch Radio And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Congrats to the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society...

From what I have been told by Sean Forker, the East Coast Bigfoot Conference this past weekend drew 560 patrons to Pitzer's Townhouse Restaurant. BIG Congratulations to my good friends at the PBS for that record-breaking attendance, and I hope to be among those in attendance next year. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

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Niki’s Quick Six Thanks Cryptomundo

Kathy Strain Looks At Giants & Cannibals

MQ: Sasquatch Attack II?

Altman Speaks

Nick Redfern chats with Ken Gerhard, author of Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters. Gerhard speculates things that are believed to be extinct may still exist in parts of the jungle-covered Yucatan Peninsula, the unexplored mountains of Mexico and/or the jungle regions of Central America.