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The Search For Bigfoot Via Animal Planet
Lez Get Real
Ranae Holland is taking on the whole myth of the Sasquatch for the Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, which begins this Sunday at 10pm. The open lesbians and biologist is the skeptic of the group, and often going toe to toe with a group of male Bigfoot ...
More than one "Bigfoot" out there?

Is there a 7-foot-tall man-like creature in Kentucky?
Image unrelated to story: Frame 352 from the Patterson-Gimlin film, alleged by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin to show a Bigfoot, and by some others to ...

Watch Matt Moneymaker smile gracefully on CBS with John Miller as he describes the Bigfoot population in North America

New Breakdown of New York Baby Bigfoot Footage by FB/FB Confirms Nocturnal Abilities, Observing From Strategic Position, Arboreal, Long Arms, and Inhuman Abilities

Is 2012 the year of the Sasquatch?

The popular monthly video with Jon Downes and friends from the Centre for Fortean Zoology in England is ready for viewing. Enjoy! Meanwhile, the antipodean arm of the British organization has two videos of witnesses to a couple of separate incidents involving the Australian version of Bigfoot that can be seen in The Lake George Yowie and A Blue Mountains Yowie? Also, a very inconclusive short film segment asks, simply, Bigfoot Video From Kansas? Well, we believe the Kansas part, anyhow. In other creature features, today, Micah Hanks reveals The Monster Files: Holiday Monsterphilia Strikes!; a pygmy chimpanzee acts strangely in Video: Bonobo Ape Lights Campfire, Cooks Hamburgers; an avian species appears a bit out of place in Like Magic, Harry Potter's Owl Spotted Across US, and some risque literature about North America's favorite hominid appears through a link provided by Nick Redfern in The Coming of Bigfoot (Literally!). On another note, claims made in the report World's First Shark Hybrids Discovered Near Australia lead to a thorough debunking administered by James Taylor in Finding Big Foot, Finding Global Warming.

Fact or Faked: Bigfoot Hoaxer Dies

Episode 195: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show
How to Sound Like Bigfoot | Finding Bigfoot

New Bigfoot Conference Announced!!

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News Interviews Ranae Holland

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Cliff Barackman From the Finding Bigfoot crew talks to Fox and Friends.

The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) Review

What is the biggest controversy in Bigfoot research?

Woman refuses to go back into woods after witnessing a sasquatch pounce on a snake

Spokane, WA is not only home to fake Bigfoot video, it's also home to fake Whale photo

Florida film crew discovers "largest amount of Bigfoot prints ever found in North America"

Cliff Barackman 2012 on Fox and Friends

Canadian Bigfoot Researcher Todd Standing Ramping Up Production by Showing Clear Photographs of Sasquatch [Video]

Matt Moneymaker and Crew Returning to Ohio to Film Season 3 Episode of Finding Bigfoot

R.Crumb Releases New Etching: Whiteman Meets Bigfoot

30 Rock's Tracy Morgan Will Look for Bigfoot This Year

Fox and Friends (of the Sasquatch)

Bigfoot: A Creature of Controversy There's Something in the Woods
What exactly is in the woods is the topic of Lisa A. Shiel's latest book. Full of unadultered interviews that seek to out-maverick the science of cryptozoology by putting another perspective on the Bigfoot phenomenon, the culture which has sprung up around it and the tensions within. Elsewhere, there are kids who grow up wanting to eat a dinosaur only to be told they taste like chicken since chickens are, well, dinosaur descendants. But What is it Like to Dine on a Prehistoric Beast? Read on because Keith Veronese writes you may find the reason to be disappointing and unpalatable. Meanwhile, the sea continues to disgorge its mysteries, some of the latest revelations being found in the reports World’s First Shark Hybrids Discovered Near Australia; 'Lost World' Dominated by Yeti Crabs Discovered in the Antarctic Deep and Tiny Fish Filmed Mimicking Octopus That Mimics Fish. And many other beasts have been added to Mother Earth's menagerie over the past year, described in Still a Wild World: Top New Animals of 2011, with links to discovery stories and a stunning image gallery of new denizens from land, sea and air.

Finding Bigfoot: Debrief of “Baby Bigfoot” by Cliff Barackman

They’re Coming Back!

AlexMidnightWalker.. On the Sierra Shooting.

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Finding Bigfoot’s Tyler William Bounds Addresses the Cryptomundians

True Giant Spotted

New York Times Reviews Finding Bigfoot

Season Two Debut Of “Finding Bigfoot” Snares 1.6 Million Believers
A Closer Look at the 1967 Bigfoot Patterson Film (MondoBone's Video)

Squatcha doing?

Cliff Barackman on Finding Bigfoot Season Two Episode 1 New York

KATE BUSH - Wild Man [ 1080p custom fan video ] Lyrics

Finding Bigfoot: Shake your Moneymaker! [Humor]

Watch Cliff Barackman sits down with a bunch of Bigfoot folks and talk about the Baby Bigfoot in NY episode

Alex MidnightWalker: The Sierra Kills Scam? [Bigfoot Kill]

A Humorous Look at the Current Bigfoot Community

Rick Dyer offering $1,000,000 for a piece of Justin Smeja's Bigfoot Kill [Sierra Kills]

Small Fossil Primate found in Texas

Todd Standing's Complete Sylvanic Collection Available in Time for Finding Bigfoot Bump

Roland Watson keeps a close eye on the happenings on Scotland's world famous Loch Ness, having written the book The Water Horses of Loch Ness. Now Watson reveals conversations with some of the former students of the school at Fort Augustus Abbey that provides a good view across the mysterious waters. That's how Watson comes up with Sean O'Donovan's tale of an August sighting in 1962 that could have been the famed cryptid said to have enthralled area residents for hundreds of years. And O'Donovan reveals a possible explanation for his sighting that comes from former abbey schoolboy George Campbell, included in Campbell's book The First and Lost Iona. Watson goes on to explore St. Columba's encounter with a beast on the edge of the loch and another schoolboy's tale of Father John Baptist and the hole in the priest's fishing boat. But tales of water monsters don't end there, as Dale Drinnon shows us in expanding his recent coverage of North American lake monsters and sea serpents in Walker Lake Monster, Tahoe Tessie and California Monster Snake-Fish, with images; and as Loren Coleman reveals in the first in a series of Election Cryptids: #1 ~ Iowa’s Big Blue Beast that will follow the primary calendar leading to this year's presidential election. Elsewhere, the man who has claimed to have shot at least two of the huge hairy bipeds many theorize stalk the North American wilderness gives voice to his claims in an online broadcast available as MN.B.R.T. Radio with Justin Smeja Sierra Bigfoot Shooter; the lady leading the DNA research on substances submitted as Sasquatch evidence begs for patience from a clamoring crowd wanting to know what's happening, as presented by Craig Woolheater in Melba Ketchum: Sasquatch DNA Project Update; and, in recognition of the new viewing season, Jay Kirschenmann profiles a member of the team behind the popular Finding Bigfoot television phenomenon with The Sasquatch Skeptic, Ranae Holland. Also, Loren Coleman returns with a compilation of links to all the top cryptozoology stories of last year and some insight into the New Year with Top Cryptolists of 2011. There's a programming note today, too, and you'll find it includes such subjects as living dinosaurs in the Congo, monkeys bearing fire, a new species of yeti crab and more, as heard in The Gralien Report Podcast for January 3, 2012.
The Sierra Shooting.....

Review: 'Finding Bigfoot'
I have no idea whether or not Bigfoot actually exists. But the fact that the Animal Planet series "Finding Bigfoot" is kicking off season two this week illustrates that if Bigfoot does exist, he's probably very camera shy. "Finding Bigfoot" follows the ...
North American Bigfoot: Finding Bigfoot - NY Episode Video Debrief

2012 Bigfoot Researchers Calendar

Season Two: Journey of Rediscovery, Bluff Creek Film Site Project, Part 51

Season Two: Journey of Rediscovery, Bluff Creek Film Site Project, Part 50

Monday, January 02, 2012

Finding Bigfoot: Season 1 - IGN

Photographing Sasquatch: Perhaps it’s time to rethink our strategy

As Bigfoot research heats up with the recent Russian conference and DNA research, Lon Strickler directs your attention back to the 1992 footage produced by Paul Freeman and considered by many to be the next best Bigfoot film to the famous Patterson-Gimlin recording. Strickler says he thinks there are elements in the film that could indicate his personal belief in a paranormal connection to Bigfoot exists. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic there is some evidence of a Bigfoot-type creature revealed by Nick Redfern, author of There's Something In the Woods: A Transatlantic Hunt for Monsters and the Mysterious, among many other books that cover the weird and Fortean, in his report Lair of the Beasts: Seeking the British Bigfoot. And a popular television cryptid show dedicated to the hairy biped is making news in the reports Finding Bigfoot Scours New York for Sasquatch; Sasquatch Seeker Cliff Barackman on Good, Bad, Hairy of 'Finding Bigfoot' and ‘Finding Bigfoot’: Believing in Sasquatch May Be More Vital Than Finding Him.

Melba Ketchum: Sasquatch DNA Project Update

Behind the Scenes of Finding Bigfoot: “Baby Bigfoot” with Cliff Barackman

North American Bigfoot: Finding Bigfoot - NY Field Notes

Animal Planet: Finding Bigfoot Live Blog at 10 PM PST Here! (Live blog ended)

Cliff Barackman Baby Bigfoot in New York Commentary [Finding Bigfoot]

Sasquatches Shot and Killed: Interview with the Shooter [30 Minute YouTube Clip]

Kate Bush Sings about the Yeti

Finding Bigfoot Co-Host Cliff Barackman Releases NY Baby Bigfoot Field Notes

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What Did You Think About The Season 2 Premire of Finding Bigfoot?

Review: Finding Bigfoot 1-1-12

This was a really good way to bring in Season 2 of the hit Animal Planet series, with the crew heading to Eastern New York about an hour from NYC, where they investigate a piece of video shot in 1997 of what appears to be a small primate swinging in a tree after having jumped off the shoulders of a larger upright figure. They meet with the videographer, Doug Pridgen, and do a test with Cliff climbing a tree and acting the part of the primate in the tree, and video of this is compared to the original video, and it is obvious that the smaller primate is not a human. Ranae thinks it is a gibbon, while the rest of the team thinks it is a baby 'Squatch. They next take to night operations, where they hear woodknocks, but nothing definitive. They then leave Ranae alone in the area, where she finds nothing. Meanwhile, the rest of the team goes to a town named Pauling, where they engage in a town hall meeting and get some interesting reports. They investigate two of those reports, and then once again take to the woods, this time with an interesting tactic-but only after showing the footage to a primatologist at a local zoo. The tactic they use is bringing a live baboon in a cage into the field to see how 'Squatches will react to the shrieks and howls of an actual primate. They do hear a few screams, but nothing definitive. All in all, a good way to kick off the new season. 4 out of 5 stars. Next week, the team heads to Rhode Island to investigate Big Rhodey, that state's version of Sasquatch, 10:00 EST/9:00 Central on Animal Planet. Check local listings for time and channel.
Finding Bigfoot Scours New York for Sasquatch
Wired News (blog)
In the first episode of the upcoming season — titled “Baby Bigfoot” — four members of the BFRO go looking for a small sasquatch in the wilds of New York just outside of Poughkeepsie (video above). “Even though this area of the Hudson River Valley is ...
Bigfoot, Giants, And Disasters

Bigfoot howls, knocks, and whoops from 2009 BFRO Minnesota expedition

First full investigation of Baby Bigfoot in New York by Steve Kulls

MN.B.R.T. Radio with Justin Smeja Sierra Kills Bigfoot Shooter at 2 P.M. PST Today (Jan. 1st)

Why Can't We Find Bigfoot?

Finding Bigfoot Season 2 Video Previews

Happy New Year 2012!
AlexMidnightWalker - Clarification....??

Despite naysayers, Texas group uses technology to search for Bigfoot | The ...
The Republic
HOUSTON — Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Skunk Ape. Yowie. Yeti. Abominable Snowman. In Texas you may have heard of the Caddo Creature, the Lake Worth Monster/Goat-Man or the Liberty County Monkey Man. There are many names for the hairy humanlike creature that ...