Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bill Green (10/23/2010 7:09:09 PM): here my review of assault of the sasquatch. it was a great movie alot action suspence alittle campy alot horror the stars were awesome i give this new movie A+++ 1/2 special effects on sasquatch were great . this movie kinda remind me of abominable ty bill green my review
Lair of the Beasts: Seeking the Indian Bigfoot Mania
Nick Redfern updates the efforts of the Centre for Fortean Zoology expedition to the Garo Hills of India's Meghalaya State in search of the Mande-Burung, a ten-foot tall, hairy, man-like beast. The CFZ team is led by Adam Davies, author of Extreme Expeditions: Travel Adventures Stalking the World's Mystery Animals, and includes Dr. Chris Clark, Dave Archer, naturalist John McGowan, and cryptozoologist Richard Freeman who wrote the book Dragons: More Than a Myth. The team will join up with an Indian team led by local Mande-Burung expert Dipu Marek. Redfern, and American representative of the CFZ and author of the sensational book Final Events, and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife, has promised to keep readers updated on the groundbreaking expedition that launches October 31, 2010.

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Sylvanic Bigfoot October 2010 Expedition
by toddster45 3 hours ago 16 views

Let's Go Squatch" at Salt Fork
Time to get back into real Squatchin',here I'm on my way to salt fork. ... bigfoot sasquatch "ohio state parks" thesquatchmaster ...
by TheSquatchmaster 5 hours ago 0 views
Conimbla Bait Area.wmv
Just a few pix of the last 2 times i went out this song.... ... yowie bigfoot investigations feild use bait parabolic mic ...
by rickrocket2010 12 hours ago 31 views

Albert Ostman Kidnapping - the purpose as described by John Green
were, seemed human, and would carry him off and hold him captive for 7 days. ... Bigfoot Sasquatch "Albert Ostman" "John ...
by trailriderresearch 1 hour ago 6 views

Redchun Falling Stick.
Further enhancements and 1/4 speed slowdown of redchun's Limb Toss video ... Redchun bigfoot cryptozoology ...
by GrymWraith 1 hour ago 0 views

Fisher-Price® BIGFOOT and the Ball


Lair of the Beasts: Seeking the Indian Bigfoot
"Strange Days with Bob Saget" to Premiere December 1st

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Friday, October 22, 2010

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Nightshot Blobsquatch Eliminator 1
This video was taken with a Sony TR517 Nightshot Hi8 XR. An example of using Nightshot under tree canopy, in dark areas. NO MORE BLOBSQUATCHES !! ...
by grazhopprr 4 months ago 349 views
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My Cave
Yes, I'm a monk without a monestary. This is my cave. ... cave1 ...
by grazhopprr 1 month ago 50 views
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10-14-10 Postcard Part 3
Camp Postcard, ready for dinner, with Mojo, TooRisky, and Dean. ... postcard3 ...
by grazhopprr 20 hours ago 0 views
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Nightshot Gorilla Part 1
This is an example of Nightshot in daytime, with a gorilla, against and within a backdrop of green leaves, to show the contrast. ... Gorilla1 ...
by grazhopprr 3 months ago 379 views
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Nightshot Gorilla Part 2
A larger family with kids and a monster Alpha Male that never came out, until I had my thermal camera going. ... Gorilla2 ...
by grazhopprr 3 months ago 182 views
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GorillaThermal Part 1
The stripped tree in the center, is about 50 feet away, to gauge distance. The tunnel to the left is about the same distance. ... GorillaThermal1 ...
by grazhopprr 3 months ago 223 views
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Gorilla Thermal Part 2
... ThermalGorilla2 ...
by grazhopprr 3 months ago 179 views
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My Equipment
Not the clearest video, but not the best lighting in a monks cave. Just a quick inventory of my equipment, collected over 15 years of research ...
by grazhopprr 1 month ago 37 views
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10-14-10 Postcard Part 1
Camp Postcard, with TooRisky, Mojo, and Dean. ... Postcard1 ...
by grazhopprr 20 hours ago 0 views
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Nightshot Landscape
Recorded August 14, 2010. This is broad daylight with Nightshot. It's 94 degrees out, the trees are green, but Nightshot with a visible light ...
by grazhopprr 2 months ago 40 views
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10-14-10 Postcard Part 2
Nightshot in daytime view of Camp Postcard, with Mojo, Dean, and TooRisky. Bright sunny day, by the river. ... postcard2 ...
by grazhopprr 20 hours ago 0 views
Quake Predictions: Giant Butterfly Sightings Mothman-Like Precursors? Cryptomundo
Loren Coleman pulls together a large number of strange occurrences in southern California recently, including a report he says "sounds like a Mothman," to come up with a prediction of impending geological danger for Los Angeles County. Tied into the current spate of strangeness is the 1942 "Battle of Los Angeles" event. Is another Mothman prophecy unfolding? With images. Meanwhile, Micah Hanks addresses the appearance of Mothman-like creatures as harbingers of doom, too, including the psychological side of the historic accounts of such appearances, in Folk Devils: More Wings and Things. Elsewhere, Coleman notes something that could join the spate of oddities in southern California with his report of the legal woes of the Bell Clown, with photo.

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Sylvanic Bigfoot Breakfast TV with Todd Standing
by toddster45 22 hours ago 32 views

Bigfoot Footprints and Infra-Sound - Update from 09/24/2010
I find some interesting similarities between two foot prints found 35 miles apart and made a year a part. I also include a video of me ...
by joebblack1963 22 hours ago 6 views

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Part 2 of 5 new Bait Area.....Please Excuse the Swearing also.... ... yowie bigfoot investigation feils use bait ...
by rickrocket2010 19 hours ago 65 views
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Carefull guys im sure you can hear different sounds apart from the bird life.... ... yowie bigfoot investigation feild bait watchers sounds ...
by rickrocket2010 17 hours ago 44 views

new bait area part 4 ... yowie bigfoot investigation feild use ...
by rickrocket2010 16 hours ago 35 views

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Plant Species Found in China's Land That Time Forgot Xinhua
With Chinese researchers busy trying to assemble an expedition team and seeking $1.5M in funding for a trek into the Shennongjia Nature Reserve of central China's Hubei Province, researchers are revealing more about the mysterious region and what has already been found there. The head of the reserve's research institute says 23 new plant species have been discovered in the reserve since 2005, and the place is home to over 100 plant species found nowhere else on Earth. With hundreds of square kilometers of primeval forest never explored by man, the region's preponderance of albino bears, snakes and magpies continues to puzzle scientists. Meanwhile, a gathering in Felton, CA, over the past weekend brought the Alliance of Bigfoot Researchers and the Bigfoot Discovery Project to a museum devoted to evidence of North America's most famous cryptid, as described in Bigfoot in Santa Cruz County?: Enthusiasts Make Their Case During Bigfoot Discovery Day. Elsewhere, Jon Downes of the Centre for Fortean Zoology addresses the participants at the Bigfoot Forums with An Open Letter to the Good Folks at Also, Dr. Karl Shuker presents some images that leave him asking From War-Time Vampire to Modern-Day Chupacabra?

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Follow up on 5 sightings
10inch long/5 inch wide track with toe impressions in the mud. It was 40 degrees out that day last year when it was found. ... stymie02 sasquatch ...
by stymie02 11 hours ago 1 views
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Prototype 360 Bigfoot Cam
work to do but I believe I'm on the right track. For best results view in HD 720p ... tcsjrbigfoot bigfoot sasquatch sightings encounters evidence ...
by tcsjrbigfoot 15 hours ago 91 views

Wednesday, October 20, 2010!/video/video.php?v=156495457724599
New Bigfoot Video - 10/16/2010 Phantoms & Monsters
While most of us will see nothing but what is dubbed a "blobsquatch" in this video taken at an undisclosed location, whoever is operating the camera asserts there's a Bigfoot in the woods. You will have to judge for yourself. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman salutes today's date as the occasion of a momentous Bigfoot incident in October 20th: Patterson - Gimlin Footage Anniversary, with images. Coleman also shows a report that has him all smiles today in Oddball US Attractions: ICM, and, no doubt, the International Cryptozoology Museum's good showing will work its way into the festivities on Sunday, October 31, 2010, during the Free Halloween Open House: International Cryptozoology Museum. Show up in a cryptid costume and win a copy of Loren's Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology or Patrick Huyghe's Glowing Birds: Stories from the Edge of Science.
High Strangeness: Our Haunted Seas Inexplicata
Scott Corrales begins an account of the many phantasms, specters and cryptids that populate maritime lore with the tale of boat people from the Dominican Republic attempting to reach Puerto Rico and drifting for days without food or water, witnessing a winged entity along the way. From there he pursues tales of sea serpents and Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs). Of course, the seas aren't the only haunted places or places to find monsters, and Neil Arnold demonstrates that in the pages of his new book Paranormal Kent about which he speaks in Kent's Ghouls, Ghosts and Hythe Moth-man Revealed. Elsewhere, with text and photos, Michael Baker explains the spectral side of Dauphin Island, AL, in Southern Ghosts Haunt "Spirited" Alabama Island Destination. Meanwhile, author/investigator/lecturer Brent Raynes talks with a man who has seen his share of paranormal experiences in An Interview with Brian Henry: A Tennessee Ghost Hunter. Also, Pat Regan has much to say about the esoteric powers that some say accompany those who learn about Magick - The Power of Change.

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Size Comparison for Georgia Footage
Size Comparison for Georgia Footage
1 hour ago 3 views backgroundsquatch
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Dallas & Wayne: Episode 3 - Summ...
Dallas & Wayne: Episode 3 - Summer Hunting - Segment 1/2

2 hours ago 3 views DallasAndWayne

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Enhancement of "Bigfoot" footage captured by jmcmathortho
Many BF researchers are having a coronary because a girl and her mom have captured this footage. I will go on the record and make the following ...
by joebblack1963 17 hours ago 0 views

On this day in Bigfoot History...

-43 years ago today, the most recognized and perhaps best evidence for the existence of Sasquatch was taken in Six Rivers National Forest, Northern California. Two cowboys from Yakima, Washington, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, came across a female Sasquatch beside Bluff Creek, and Roger filmed her, a 50-second piece of footage which has inspired much debate for over 4 decades. Today is the 43rd anniversary of that event, and we celebrate it today and always.

-Also, on this day in 19??, Sasquatch witness, author and researcher Autumn Williams was born. She is 29 again, and she is a great mom. So happy birthday to Autumn.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bigfoot Research Salmon Run Expedition 11-17Oct10 (Part 3 of 3)
Part 3 of 3 of Salmon run expedition at Camp Postcard awaiting the annual run of salmon
by TheMojo1963 16 hours ago 10 views

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Experiencing the Sas - Out of the Box
of them telling the story for good reasons. These are all people that are professionals by day and research by night. ... bigfoot research ...
by BFResearchSE 4 hours ago 1 views
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Trying To Record Strange Audio Anomaly's
second sound can be heard off and on after the 06:04 mark on the timer. I use the term strange because I don't know what they are. ... Bigfoot ...
by QALETAQA1TheWarrior 2 hours ago 0 views

China to Search for Elusive 'Bigfoot' Fox News
The search for the Chinese Wild Man, described as looking like a 7-foot-tall Orangutan continues to make news as Chinese researchers seek funding for an extended expedition into the mountains of Hubei Province. Nicholas Redfern speaks up for the Chinese effort, saying the lack of funding has always hurt such expeditions, since it's nearly impossible to find such elusive creatures in just a week on the trail. Redfern also notes evidence in the Chinese fossil record that could point to the existence of the Wild Man, sighted 400 times through the years. Elsewhere, the Centre for Fortean Zoology expedition to the Garo Hills of India gets underway October 31, and updates from members of the expedition that will be seeking the Mande Burung are available at the explorers' website, such as the update available in Chris Clark Writes... Meanwhile, another objection to the authenticity of film that is among the most important evidence of the existence of the North American Bigfoot is made in Mikael Andrews: The Patterson Film. Also, a personal history defines the making of a cryptozoologist and praises the open-mindedness of children, as Tom Bryan writes A Defence of the Whole Animal.


Monday, October 18, 2010

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Bigfoot Research Salmon Run Expedition 11-17Oct2010 (Part 1)
Part 1 of our week long expedition at Camp Postcard waiting on the annual Salmon Run. In this 3 part video, we include a description of an strange ...
by TheMojo1963 2 hours ago 10 views

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Bigfoot Research Salmon Run Expedition 11-17Oct2010 (Part 2)
Part 2 of our expedition at Camp Postcard for the annual salmon run
by TheMojo1963 1 hour ago 0 views

Arriving At The Remote Forested Area
Park, it's a remote section that has no trails and is ideal for Bigfoot Research. I will be bushwhacking thru a Forest area that has ...
by QALETAQA1TheWarrior 8 hours ago 0 views

Day Trip.wmv
Some stills from the 18-10-2010 plus some other stuff thrown in ...Enjoy. ... yowie bigfoot investigations feild research conimbla ...
by rickrocket2010 7 hours ago 27 views
Book Review North Americas Great Ape The Sasquatch by John Bindernagel
The White Thing, Or Something Like It Cryptomundo
Craig Woolheater reveals some new information coming from a reader about an account of a creature spotted by generations of residents in Trussville, AL,. The search for answers about the creature that has created a stir for so long around this Alabama community continues. Meanwhile, Jon Downes is seeking information on the provenance of a photograph in Chinese "Bigfoot" Picture. Elsewhere, Dr. Beachcombing has the story of a Galapagos tortoise that outsurvived Darwin and those who accompanied him on the historic journey that led to the theory of evolution in Harry: a 175 Year Old Survivor of the Beagle? With images.

Harrison Lake Bigfoot Encounter - Long Island
In 1990 a Harrison Lake resident had a frightening Sasquach encounter on Long Island. The event sparked much interest regarding a small bay on ...
by trailriderresearch 12 hours ago 57 views

bigfoot pics 017
by sharonlee0827 21 hours ago 1 views

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Freak Encounters 2.wmv
we only heard about as mythe. ... creatures paranormal satan devils demons ufo's alien's Hell Bigfoot ghost hauntings "jersey devil" mothman Lucifer ...
by BudPeters44 36 minutes ago 0 views
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Freak Encounters 3.wmv
we only heard about as mythe. ... creatures paranormal satan devils demons ufo's alien's Hell Bigfoot ghost hauntings "jersey devil" mothman Lucifer ...
by BudPeters44 27 minutes ago 0 views

9:31 Add to Added to queue Freak Encounters 1.wmvby BudPeters441 views
9:11 Add to Added to queue Freak Encounters 2.wmvby BudPeters442 views
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Bigfoot in Santa Cruz County?: Enthusiasts make their case during...Santa Cruz Sentinelis pleased with the photo that a friend snapped of him with the Big Foot wood carving at Saturday's Big Foot Discovery Day in Felton. ...See all stories on this topic »

Double-Review: Nite Callers and Squatch Detective Radio 10-17-10

On Nite Callers, the guest was Jason Weaver, who discussed his research as well as his encounter with Sasquatch in his hometown in New York State (the name of which escapes me) as a young boy. He and his family have been familiar with the 'Squatches in their area for a long time. Jason now lives in Madisonville, Tennessee, where he does research on the Forest Giants in the Volunteer State. On Lauren Macgrory's regular Footers In The Field segment, she discussed some UFO sightings in China and also in the US. Next Sunday, the crew welcomes Charlie Raymond, 7:00 EST/6:00 Central.


The Squatch Detective crew had an open-mic show in which they discussed the recent happenings in China of Yeren sightings, including a new article which shows an illustration of a Yeren which was said to be a file photo. They also discussed recent happenings on different blogs and forums, such as an upcoming mock trial conducted by Bill Munns on the Bigfoot Forums concerning the P/G Film. Steve announced they were working on a special guest for next week, 8:00 EST/7:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

2 Birthdays today...

My youngest niece, Tabitha Medders, is 8 today, and the one and only, the G in the P/G Film, Bob Gimlin, is 79 years young. Happy birthday to both of them.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lair of the Beasts: Monsters of New Jersey Mania
Nick Redfern, an author who has often delved into the cryptozoological in his own books, gives a spectacular rating to the latest effort of author-researchers Loren Coleman and Bruce G. Hallenbeck. Redfern runs through some of the other efforts of Coleman and Hallenbeck, on their own or with other authors, giving the reader a chance to list some great cryptid titles to add to his or her cryptozoological library. Meanwhile, Coleman's Portland, ME, collection of cryptozoological specimens of all types and sizes has gained another accolade, as pointed out in Huffington Post: ICM Is One of Top Ten Cabinets of Curiosities in World, which includes a reminder of the museum's Halloween Open House. Elsewhere, Dr. Beachcombing speculates about what the Admiral of the Ocean Sea actually saw when he reported in his diary that he had spotted the legendary female and fish combos so often included in ancient maritime narratives, as seen in Christopher Columbus and Mermaids.

Hair samples from unknown creature collected
research collect hair samples of unknown origin at an undisclosed location in the central united states. ... texla research hair sample bigfoot ...
by forteanthreat 21 hours ago 3 views

To true believers, Bigfoot livesThe Register-GuardBehind the man, on the wood-paneled wall, a drawing of a Sasquatch-like creature — “Enoch” — shares face time with the chinook salmon over the fireplace. ...

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New Bait Tins.wmv
New Bait Tins.wmv
Hi Guys New Bait Tins & New Location.........see you next time.
4 hours ago 18 views rickrocket2010

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Nite Callers Radio Interviews Ch...
Nite Callers Radio Interviews Charlie Raymond
Nite Callers Bigfoot Talk Radio continues their Search for the American Bigfoot Re...
2 hours ago 8 views NiteCallers

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Bigfoot from Helo, Middle Tennessee 4/27/07 Analysis
The video looks at the figure supposed to being a bigfoot.
by DumDDumDum 1 hour ago 0 views

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Reviewing Assault of The Sasquatch.wmv
Reviewing the movie Assault of The Sasquatch that has Shawn C. Phillips and M. Kelley playing their youtube characters Don and Murph. Overall ...
by AnotherWun 4 hours ago 5 views
Bigfoot in Santa Cruz County?: Enthusiasts make their case during Bigfoot ...San Jose Mercury NewsBy Jory John Andy Xie of Bejing is pleased with the photo that a friend snapped of him with the Bigfoot wood carving at Saturday's Bigfoot Discovery Day in ...See all stories on this topic »
Lair of the Beasts: Monsters of New JerseyManiaThat's right: it's time for New Jersey's very own Bigfoot to put in an appearance. Many people not deeply conversant with the whole Bigfoot controversy ...See all stories on this topic »
There's a mythical monster in our midstCoast NewsOh who cares, Bigfoot is here! Who expected that hirsute hunky hippie to bunk down here in our sleepy little beach town? Who is Bigsquatcheti? ...