Thursday, December 22, 2011

Local Residents Spot Bigfoot In West Virginia… and 2012

Matt Moneymaker: If a live Bigfoot were to be discovered, caught and studied... [Finding Bigfoot]

Tim Stover finds dead deer with broken neck near tree [Bigfoot Kill]

P.S. Hopkinsville Twilight Language
More thoughts about the temporal links for August 21st involving Hopkinsville and Budd Hopkins. The other people links and "coincidences" include Bud Ledwith, the old CSI, Dover Demon, Hopkinsville, Isabel Davis, J. Allen Hynek, Jerome Clark, Kelly, Ted Bloecher, and Walt Webb. Elsewhere, despite a dearth of publicity, Champ still incites imagination and piques curiousity over the depths of Lake Champlain. A video report is posted at Legend of Loch-Ness-Like Monster "Champ" Endures. Most young anomalists caught the bug watching In Search Of... while the next Loren Colemen will cite Peter Grave's pronouncement of "This May Be The Most Startling Film You Ever See...." from David L. Wolper's classic The Mysterious Monsters. The topic at hand is the recurring imagery of the beloved hairy hominid, including a link to some Rule 34. Rounding out the bunch are a pair of reviews expounding upon Animal Magic: Paul Trout's Deadly Powers: Animal Predators and the Mythic Imagination and Pat Shipman's The Animal Connection: A New Perspective on What Makes Us Human. The books also touch upon predators of the imagination and other liminal creatures.

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