Monday, December 26, 2011

Fun Facts about Matt Moneymaker, also find out where his last name came from

Using a live baboon to lure in Bigfoot [Finding Bigfoot]

Vancouver Island Bigfoot Video Breakdown

Tim Fasano: Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA paper rejected by scientific journal [Breaking]

Bigfoot only ranks #2 on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Top Cryptid List

Bringing a Baboon Bigfooting? Yep.

Dale Drinnon serves up a wide examination of the types of creatures said to have been sighted in the many inland bodies of water of North America and along the continent's marine shorelines. Serving as the guest blogger for the Canadian Fortean research group, Drinnon makes some keen observations about the differences between the creatures seen along the coasts, including waterways close to the coasts, and those spotted well inland, offering many images. One of North America's most famous inland waterway cryptids is featured in new video Loren Coleman reveals, along with some excellent commentary, in Button Bay Bobber: New Champ Video? And Coleman has a compilation of television and motion picture footage addressing those large, hairy bipeds stalking the wilds - and a few suburban neighborhoods - in Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner? The case for unknown hominids in the wild is also featured in Lon Strickler's reminiscence about his own involvement in the 1973 search for The 'Sykesville Monster'. Also, the search for the wildman has occasionally led to the launch of emergency rescue missions. Consider the claims of Canadian Bigfoot hunter Todd Standing from the report Reality Turned Into Cliff Hanger.

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