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A 2009 report from Sri Lanka off the southern tip of India claimed the discovery of the carcass of a female black tiger, but new evidence indicates that despite the claims in Sri Lankan press releases that the carcass was a tiger, there was a translation problem involved in identifying the melanistic cat. There "are no tigers in Sri Lanka", according to this report, and the 2009 carcass was a black leopard. Loren Coleman has the report, with photographs. There's also news of out-of-place (OOP) creatures turning up with increasing regularity in the Land of the Rising Sun, as seen in the reports Alligator Gar Sighted in Tokyo River and OOP Gators in Japan. And, although it's been nearly a century since the newspaper article included here was written, no further identification has been forthcoming for the Red-Headed Monster of Sylvia Lake. Elsewhere, a skull from an Australian university's celebrated collection forms the centerpiece of the report It's a Horse, of Course.
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USA: BIGFOOT EXPEDITION — THE SKOOKUM CAST In this compelling Animal X special we present the latest scientific evidence that Bigfoot is more than just a myth.​animal-x-classic-the-skookum-cast-expedition-episode-14.html

A replica of the Skookum Cast, a cast made near Mt. St. Helens where a Sasquatch is said to have laid down will also be on public display.

Evidence collected by the BFRO, including the Skookum Cast, is featured. This cutting edge 1-hour 35mm film documentary is a co-production ...

  • Oct 31, 2002 · In Sasquatch, which airs in January on Discovery, a small cadre of scientists pore over audio, video and the Holy Grail of molds called the Skookum Cast, a plaster ...​x.htm · Cached page

  • From DNA investigation to the famed skookum cast, everything is covered. The DNA result is fairly disappointing but regardless it’s a great documentary. · Cached page

  • Meldrum’s forensic study of a 400-pound plaster cast known as The Skookum Cast is featured in the 2003 article, “ Forensic Expert Says Bigfoot Is Real,” which is posted on ...​EStansberry.html · Cached page

  • The group’s claim to fame is the “Skookum Cast,” a body impression of an ape-like figure found in the Skookum Meadow ... Wallace made a wooden cast from an outline of a friend ...​cryptid-sightings · Cached page

get to search around. We were on our way to check the rocks but were running out of daylight. ... bigfoot sasquatch yowie yeti wildman bfro paranormal ...
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due to no flashlight and darkness approaching. No sign of any bobcat, mountian lion, or Whitey. ... bigfoot sasquatch yeti yowie wildman ...
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An instructional film on the Do's and Don'ts of Bigfoot encounters. ... Bigfoot Yeti Sasquatch ...
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MrMayDX08's webcam video August 06, 2010, 03:33 AM

William Barnes of Nevada City, CA, describes his 12-year-long effort to validate the existence of North America's best known cryptid. Barnes is in the process of deploying a 35-foot-long blimp, electrically powered, that will drift high above historic Bigfoot sighting areas at night to use thermal imaging cameras to record the creature. The unmanned blimp will be remote-controlled from Barnes' RV. Barnes was supposed to have brought his research team and blimp to Humboldt County, CA, last month to search out the creature which Barnes thinks is misnamed. According to Barnes, the Bigfoot name has been "over-commercialised" and should be discarded for "native American ape/hominoid." Not very catchy, is it? Elsewhere, an out-of-place large feline is believed to have injured a horse, as reported in Don't Think a Big Cat is Prowling South Georgia? Just Ask Peppy. Meanwhile, Dr. Karl Shuker posts a puzzle of cryptozoological and mythological importance, with lots of images, in Guess What This Is!!!.

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get to search around. We were on our way to check the rocks but were running out of daylight. ... bigfoot sasquatch yowie yeti wildman bfro paranormal ...
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skookum cast - Bing

JDC Update

Fix The Yeti

New Red Panda Discovery In Tennessee!!

Top Ten Bigfoot Books + 20

The Top Cryptozoology Books of 2007

David Daegling Reviews Meldrum

Radford Reviews Meldrum

Michael Dennett Reviews Meldrum

Matt Crowley Reviews Meldrum
Jim Miles updates the Bigfoot situation in the Peach Tree State, and the situation is apparently that the big, hairy biped is making itself right at home. Miles reports the Bigfoot Field Research Organization lists 78 Bigfoot sightings spread out over 47 different Georgia counties, while the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization lists 29 and 23, respectively. Here Miles tells of a decade-long Bigfoot experience on a 30-acre property in rural Elbert County, GA, and an October 7, 2009, Bigfoot encounter by a Florida motorist and his wife driving at night through the Okefenokee Swamp. Elsewhere, the tales of a seemingly deadly area of San Diego County in California turn up more bodies than just those waylaid for their money, as seen in this compilation that includes tales of giant hairy "wild men" which were so warlike the local Indians drove them away before the first Spanish settlers arrived: Death Alley. Were these reportedly violent wild men, completely covered with hair, strangling travellers at Dead Man's Hole? Meanwhile, some minor bungling has been corrected, some minor confusion about camping arrangements is being addressed, and everyone in Woolfardisworthy is bracing himself for the international event that will take place there in less than two weeks, part of which is mentioned in Weird Weekend 2010: Latest News.

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Review: HBM's Crypto-Corner 8-4-10
The bipedal apelike creature famed as the Abominable Snowman or Yeti gets a once-over in this report with reference to different types of apelike creatures believed to frequent the locales where the original Abominable Snowman reports originated. Said to inhabit the regions of the Himalayas, including India, Nepal and Tibet, the creature or creatures appear to be adapted to more than one type of terrain from jungle to snow-capped mountains. Loren Coleman, author of many books about cryptid creatures, including The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates, co-written with Patrick Huyghe, speaks of a recent claim of a Yeti trapping in China that appeared to be a hairless civet cat. Is the Abominable Snowman, or Yeti, a different creature than the North American Bigfoot/Sasquatch?

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Pt 1: Bigfoot ... urban legends bigfoot ...
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Pt 2: Bigfoot ... urban legends bigfoot ...
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Reality TV comes to town
Rob and Tracy are cryptozooligist and hunt for mythical animals such as Bigfoot and swamp ape in their free time. In the foreground are a motion-activated ...
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The Abominable Snowman: Bear, Cat or Creature?
MyFox Dallas
(CANVAS STAFF REPORTS) - The Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, may be the Southern Asian version of Bigfoot. The creature is said to inhabit the Himalayan ...

Boggy Creek Depot Conference Website

The Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference
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More than meets the ear | Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science | Dr. Jeff Meldrum ...

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Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

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The Search For Bigfoot: September 2006

Sasquatch and Bigfoot Meet Serious Science - Newsweek

Sasquatch : Legend Meets Science - Psychedelic Adventure

BFRO Media Article 307

ISU Professor Meldrum to be featured on National Geographic Channel

Bigfoot | National Geographic Channel

Seeking sasquatch - - May 5, 2007

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Paper by John Bindernagel


Jeff Meldrum interview by Daniel Perez

Meldrum Interview
'Big Cat' Startles Jogger Hensley Standard
Large cats in England are a continuing surprise, and the latest large cat sighting continues a string that began in 1998 for the area of Henley on Thames. A jogger was startled by a black animal the size of a Labrador Retriever that ran across his path just a few feet away. Jogger Andrew Cleary says the animal moved like a cat and sported a long tail. As big cats continue to make the news from England, the recent news of strange canids from Texas and Oklahoma has been stretched to a much larger swath of the United States by the research of Andrew Gable, as seen, with photos, in Blue Dog Thoughts. And Dale Drinnon continues to look at "big hairy erect man-ape creatures" in The Da Nhan and Rock Apes of Vietnam, and, with images, in Land of the Giants. Drinnon agrees with the late Grover Krantz, PhD, that the western Bigfoot creature, referred to here as Sasquatch, is a remnant gigantopithecus and identical to many of the creatures reported in Asian sightings. Meanwhile, details of an upcoming event zealously looked forward to by cryptozoologists and fans of all things Fortean have been pretty much hammered into shape, with a link to the program available in Weird Weekend 2010: Latest News. Now you'll know what happens when and where when an international group gets together for what is, arguably, the event of the year for high strangeness devotees.

This video shows another man hat come in and out of frame as Patterson filmed Giml...
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A bigfoot song

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Please see www.Facebook/Impossible Visits and
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Review: MNBRT 8-2-10

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CryptoQuest - the search for Bigfoot in the Quabbin Reservoir
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Preview of SASQUATCH FIELD RESEARCH SERIES: TRACKING training video. In 2004 we were the first to create a complete tracker training program for ...
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Cryptozoology is to study about Bigfoot and such Mystry