Thursday, June 19, 2014

News Updates 6-19-14 Argues the Non-Existence of Bigfoot

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Our favorite Bigfoot debunker, Phil of ParaBreakdown takes a very close look at the Sundance, Utah footage that's got everyone all astir. For once, Phil has no idea. The clip is far too brief to make a guess as to what this couple saw standing on the side of the road, but we think that if they were aiming to fake a sighting, they'd put a little more effort into to make it clearer to the viewer. We don't think the video is a fake but there's no way to tell what it actually is. A bear? Curious Bigfoot watching the car drive past? A guy in a suit waiting for the perfect moment to jump out and scare a driver along a lonely road? Meanwhile, the Metro Times puts together a rather common sense list of supplies a well-rounded Bigfoot stalker would need to go hunting in Michigan, but we feel they left out a crucial piece of equipment as explained in the comments below the story--a companion whom you can outrun...

So what happens when one visits a well-known area that is a longtime, established spot where Bigfoot makes appearances on a regular basis? Well, mostly it's a lot of sitting and waiting. Bigfoot isn't exactly stepping out of the forest and giving interviews to waiting investigators. There's a lot of "Did you hear that?" and food items mysteriously disappearing from the "Gifting bowls" that are set out in hopes the big guy will swing by for a visit. In a previous trip to SOHA, the team captured what they called a Sasquatch photobomb last September. Bigfoot habituation is not a new concept and there have been several much published accounts of supposed habituation spots over the last several decades, the majority of which have turned out to be hoaxes. The practice has also generated controversy as it's considered by some to be far too dangerous both for Bigfoot and humans involved. Ambrose Kane suggests that habituation is the best way to finally prove that Bigfoot exists, but points out that there are several indicators that most Bigfoot are less than receptive to the idea of human contact, showing their displeasure by throwing rocks and branches at researchers and even destroying cameras and equipment. Some are fond of hurling boulders at trespassers in their territory and campers reporting incidents of rock throwing is quite common. However, in some cases it seems that Bigfoot is the one initiating the contact by lurking around a farm for several years and initiating communication with humans until a certain level of familiarity is created. Gifts of food and toys and other objects are left and even occasionally seemingly traded for other objects like rocks or sticks by Bigfoot. It's a bit like hanging a bird feeder in the front yard and eventually being able to walk nearby without frightening the birds away, except in this case the birds are upwards of 8 feet tall and able to break a human in half if he felt so inclined. There's also a startling lack of convincing photographic or video evidence in almost all cases of habituation, but then again Bigfoot is notoriously camera shy.