Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sasquatch Experience Tonight...

Now that October 20th is over, it is back to business on our show, as Sean, James and I have kind of an open-mic night (with perhaps some discussion about the P/G Movie) planned, starting at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: The Sasquatch Experience 10-20-07

This was a great show, with just myself interviewing M.K. Davis about the 40th Anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin Movie. We talked about the new DVD he is involved with John Johnsen in. We also discussed M.K.'s theories on what he thought "Patty" was, as well as his methods on working on the film. Johnsen himself called in and we discussed his work on the documentary, as well as his legal wranglings (or lack thereof) over the film. It was a great show, full of great information. Our next show is tomorrow night, with no scheduled guest, but we may turn it into a combination continuation of a discussion over the P/G Movie and an open-mic. The show starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Yahoo News Article on the P/G Movie

  • 40 years on, 'Bigfoot' film still the benchmark for believers
  • More Cryptomundo Headlines

    Good Night Patty

    Photos of a Juvenile Sasquatch?

    Famous (and semi-famous) birthdays today

    Jerry Orbach, better known as Lennie Briscoe on TV's Law & Order was born on this day in 1935. Also, Earl Hindman, better known as the mostly-hidden Wilson W. Wilson, the neighbor on Home Improvement was also born on this day in 1942. Both of those men are, unfortunately, no longer with us. However, the Bigfoot Community's very own Autumn Williams was born on this day in 19?? She is 29 (again! LOL) and is a great researcher and an even better person. Happy birthday to all!!!


    Anomalous Headlines

    Field Report 10-19-07 1:41 AM

    Field Report 10-19-07 Update.

    Nick Redfern's "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter"

    Some corrections on my "40 Years Ago Today..." Post from Roger Knights (Thanks, Roger!!!)

    Hi Henry,

    Thanks for citing me as an authority! I liked your post, but there
    are a few things I didn't like about it, which I suggest you correct.
    You needn't credit me:

    1. Pendulous breasts. This technically (I think) only applies to
    breasts that hang straight down--Patty's hang only 45 to 60 degrees.
    I'd call them "matronly" maybe.

    2. Patty's look of scorn (see Perez, p. 10): This was given when RP
    had the camera off and was madly running after her. It wasn't caught
    on film, but instead caused him to stop in his tracks and get the
    camera going again. Both RP & Gimlin attest that the creature looked
    back at them twice--but the first look-back wasn't filmed. Many
    people don't realize this, so you should make a point of spelling it

    3. (based on Perez, p. 11-12): After Gimlin returned when Patterson
    called him back, their next step was to chase down the horses (with
    RP presumably riding behind Gimlin--your comment that they both
    remounted their horses is incorrect), which had fled upstream.
    Then they loaded a new roll and filmed the tracks.
    Then they went back to the truck and got plaster.
    Then they cast the tracks.
    Then they followed the creature's footprints, eventually dismounting
    and going up a rough, steep hillside, at which point they abandoned
    the quest. (They had to get to town and get the film shipped.)
    Then they went back and filmed RP holding the cured tracks.
    Then they rode back to camp and drove to town.

    4. Here is additional detail you might give: The rain started hard
    about midnight, and P&G left at about 6 AM, arriving in Yakima about
    14 hours later (confirmed to me by Gimlin), after dark, around 8 PM.

    5. The third bigfooter present at the initial screening was Jim

    6. I wouldn't say that "many" anthropologists and specialists studied
    the film. Few would look at it. I'd change that "many" to "a few".

    7. Lyle Laverty was interviewed by Jeff Meldrum and told him (it's in
    Perez's newsletter--and Laverty confirmed it to me by e-mail) that he
    photographed the tracks on Monday, the 23rd, which was his first
    workday. He took four photos, one of which has become famous.

    Back to the start: You might mention that the tree-root system was
    "room-high"--Gimlin's words--and concealed their approach perfectly.


    Friday, October 19, 2007

    Sasquatch Experience Tonight...

    Sean, James and I will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the P/G Movie, hosting the ever controversial M.K. Davis, who will discuss his research into the Patterson/Gimlin Movie and his latest findings in it. The show begins at 8:00 EST/7:00 Central and can be found at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    In Celebration of Bigfoot’s Patty

    40 Years Ago Today...

    40 Years Ago Today...
    By Henry May, Based On Information Gleaned from Sasquatch: The
    Apes Among Us By John Green, Meet The Sasquatch by Chris
    Murphy In Association with John Green and Thomas Steenburg and
    Personal Testimony From Bob Gimlin
    Roger Clarence Patterson and Robert Emory Gimlin, two
    cowboys/ranchers from Yakima, Washington, were riding through Six
    Rivers National Forest in Del Norte County, California, 150 miles north
    of San Francisco, shooting a documentary on Bigfoot. At around 1:20
    P.M. Pacific Time on Friday, October 20, 1967, Patterson and Gimlin
    encountered a tree root system in the dirt, almost like a crow's nest
    with logs jammed together. They rode around this, and encountered a
    large, hair-covered creature standing by Bluff Creek. The creature,
    startled, began to walk away. The horses went absolutely ballistic, and
    began to buck. The packhorse ran away, as did Patterson's steed,
    after it either threw Roger off or he jumped off, but not before
    Patterson grabbed his movie camera out of his saddlebag. Gimlin was
    able to maintain control over his horse eventually after a mighty
    struggle. Patterson, on the chase after the creature with the camera,
    stumbled several times and even fell on the uneven terrain, which
    caused him to have to switch his camera off a couple of times (those
    who have watched the film in slow motion have noticed at a couple of
    junctures blank spots in the film, which indicate the film was stopped
    because either Patterson's finger slid off the trigger or he was
    conserving film). Patterson finally steadied himself on a log, and
    filmed the creature walk across his field of sight. Gimlin had by this
    time established control over his horse, and crossed the creek on his
    horse, at which point the creature turned and looked at him, revealing
    two large, pendulous breasts swinging and undulating (as seen in
    Frame 352, shown here). The creature gave Patterson a look he
    described as a look of contempt and scorn, as if, in his words, "You
    know how it is when the umpire tells you 'One more word and you're
    out of the game!' That's the way it felt." (He told this to John Green,
    who quoted Patterson in his chapter on the Patterson/Gimlin Movie in
    his opus Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us). Gimlin dismounted and
    removed his rifle from its scabbard, but did not point it at the creature.
    The creature kept on walking, being filmed by Patterson, until
    Patterson ran out of film. Gimlin intended to chase the creature down,
    but Patterson called him back, not wanting to be left alone out there
    without his horse or rifle in case of attack. Patterson and Gimlin then
    cast a couple of the creature's tracks, and then reloaded his film
    camera and filmed the trackway. Patterson and Gimlin remounted
    their horses, went and retrieved the packhorse and followed the
    creature's tracks for several miles until losing them among the rocks.
    Later, Bob Titmus investigated the site and found tracks leading to the
    hillside above, where it appeared that the creature had sat down and
    watched Patterson and Gimlin. Patterson and Gimlin then went to
    Willow Creek and called Al Hodgson, with Patterson excitedly
    exclaiming "Al, I got a picture of the son-of-a-buck!" They met Al at his
    general store and went to Hodgson's home to discuss the events of
    the day. After that, they went to a local airport and had the film flown to
    Yakima to Patterson's brother-in-law Al DeAtley to be processed in
    Seattle. Then the pair went back to their camp, but were surprised by
    a late-night torrential downpour. All of their equipment got wet, but
    Gimlin remembered the tracks left out on the sandbar and went and
    covered them with pieces of bark. Patterson and Gimlin, in Gimlin's
    truck, left the area as quickly as possible, encountering mudslides
    which threatened to push them off the mountain roads. They reached
    Yakima on Saturday the 21st, and Gimlin went home to rest as he
    caught a bit of a cold in the rain. Patterson also went home to rest.
    The next day, October 22nd, a Sunday, Patterson, along with John
    Green, Rene Dahinden and DeAtley all studied the film in DeAtley's
    basement (Gimlin was still at home resting). Many anthropologists and
    specialists studied the film, and most called it a hoax, but could never
    figure out how it could have been hoaxed. Lyle Laverty went to the
    filmsite Saturday the 21st, and took a rather famous photo of a track
    with what was described later as a mid-tarsal break, and Titmus went
    there about 9 days later and cast some of the best tracks of the film
    subject, including the one with mid-tarsal break. 40 years later, it is still
    the center of debate, whether it is called the Patterson Film, the
    Patterson Movie, the Patterson footage or (phrases coined by Rene
    Dahinden) the Patterson/Gimlin Film or Movie. Roger Patterson died
    of Hodgkins' Disease on January 15th, 1972, going to his grave
    swearing to the authenticity of this film. Bob Gimlin still lives in
    Yakima, quiet and private, reticent to give interviews, still attesting to
    the authenticity of the film. The most prominent current investigators of
    this film are M.K. Davis, Chris Murphy, Daniel Perez and Roger
    Knights. We celebrate this amazing footage today and every day.
    Happy 40th, "Patty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    UFOs Are Real; Bigfoot Is A Hoax

    Links for tomorrow's Sasquatch Experience Show /braid.wmv

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    Sasquatch on the Oklahoma Prairie

    Joey Bishop’s Patterson Bigfoot Link

    Bigfoot Film: Happy 40th Anniversary

    Review: The XZone 10-19-07

    This was a rather interesting segment, with myself and Kal Korff discussing the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, and I got to talk about how I thought it was real, and Rob and Kal countered that with their assessments of it. Bill Green called in and he and Rob had a rather spirited debate, in which they were both passionate about their positions (I mistakenly took this for rudeness instead of passion, and I apologize). It was very spirited, very intense between Bill and Rob, with neither side really gaining or losing an inch. Bill actually showed some rather good debate skills, to be honest. Pretty great show.

    Review: The Sasquatch Triangle 10-18-07

    This was a great show, with guest Daniel Perez who discussed mainly the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, his investigations into it, his relationship with Bob Gimlin (and an upcoming interview in the Bigfoot Times newsletter with Gimlin) and other aspects of the Sasquatch mystery. Thunderhawk called in and asked Daniel a question about his Mysterious Encounters appearance in which he definitely said on camera that this was the spot (referring to the actual spot the film was taken on). He also discussed other films and still photos he has seen and investigated. It was a great show, full of great information. The next show will feature John Horrigan once again, who will discuss the recent Mass Monster Mash. That show will air next Thursday at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Review: Let's Talk Bigfoot 10-17-07

    This was a great show, with guest Scott "'Squatch" Herriott, who told the story of what happened to he and Darryl Owen the day they saw and videotaped two entities on a lonely hillside in northern California in 1992. Scott also discussed a bit the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, which he feels is probably a hoax, as well as his documentaries, including his non-'Squatch-related videos on the Pacific Crest Trail. He was also cracking quite a few jokes during the whole interview, which is a natural for a former stand-up comedian like himself. One caller, a fellow named John from the San Francisco area, also called in and asked Scott about possible future projects. I really enjoyed this show. Melissa and Teresa's next guest will be the one and only "Mr. Sasquatch," John Green, next Wednesday at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    Today is...

    BOB GIMLIN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Happy birthday to the man who was partially responsible for the most intriguing piece of wildlife footage ever taken. Hope it is a good one for you, sir.

    Special Birthday Announcement!!!

    My youngest niece celebrates her fifth birthday today. Her name is Tabitha, and she is a doll. See next post for an announcement on what famous Bigfoot personality she shares a birthday with...

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    Field Report 10-18-07

    Legend of the Goatman Still Lives on in Bowie and Around the World.

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    The Wildman of the Navidad

    Bigfoot & The Dover Demon in Red Sox Nation

    XZone Radio Tonight...

    At around 1:00 A.M. EST/12:00 Central, I will be appearing on the XZone along with Kal Korff, Bob Heironimus and Martina Tycova to discuss the Patterson/Gimlin Movie. The show can be found by scrolling down on this page and then clicking on the XZone logo. Should be an interesting show.

    Sasquatch Triangle Tonight...

    Don's guest will be Daniel Perez of the Center For Bigfoot Studies of Norwalk, California to discuss the 40th Anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin Movie. The show starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central and can be found at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    Celebration this weekend!!!!!!

    Coming up in Willow Creek, California, Saturday, October 20th, at the VFW will be the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, organized by Tom Yamarone and Joyce Kearney. It starts at 10:00 Pacific time, and goes to 3:00 P.M. Pacific. The following speakers will be presenting:

    Daniel Perez
    Cliff Barackman
    David Murphy
    Scott McClean
    James "Bobo" Fay
    Tom Yamarone

    Cost is $25.00 (this includes a barbecue catered lunch), and the event will be attended by East Coast Bigfooters Eric Altman and "Ranger" Tim Cassidy as well. When they present photos I will put them here on the blog.

    Bigfoot Captured on CBS Broadcast?

    One Year Later...

    The Sasquatch Experience: Remembering Krantz (Producer's Cut) Airing Today
    The Naturalist's Corner

    XZone this Thursday night!!!

    I have been invited to appear with Kal Korff, Bob Heironimus and Roger Knights this late-Thursday night/early Friday morning at 1:00 A.M. EST/12:00 Central to discuss the Patterson/Gimlin Movie. I will be taking that invitation. The show can be found at the link to the right (scroll down till you see the XZone banner and click on it). Hope everyone tunes in.

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    Stick-Signs and the Goat-Man

    Bigfoot in the Big City? Richmond, VA

    Binnall, Keating, and Me

    Review: Squatch Detective Radio 10-15-07

    This was a pretty wonderful show, with the first 15 minutes devoted to a fellow named Lindsay who was one of the filmmakers of the New Mexico footage of a possible Sasquatch, who described the circumstances surrounding it and saying that it might be released before the end of the week. The rest of the show was dedicated to members of NESRA, such as Mike Killen, Chris Bartow, Chuck Adinolfi, Corey Alairie and Kevin (can't remember his last name), who discussed their expedition from this past weekend in the Adirondacks, as well as an interesting deep growl which they all mistook for thunder. Bill Green joined the discussion within the last 10 minutes of the show as well, asking the various members questions about seeing possible glowing eyes and other anomalies. It was a great show, full of great information. The next program will have Bob Coyne, a former police chief from New Hampshire who is also Thunderhawk's co-host on Blog Talk Radio's The Bigfoot Mystery next Monday at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    Review: The Patterson/Gimlin Film Revisited

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    New Bigfoot Article

    Myth or not, Bigfoot is a story with legs

    Bill Green's Review of Spotlight on the Patterson/Gimlin Film

    i just finshed watching spotlight on : the patterson gimlin film dvd. it was very inpressive informative etc to watch. it realy helped me with my research & understand the sasquatch mystery very well. this new dvd is great for any sasquatch--cryptozoology researchers dvd library. please feel free to put my review in your blog or newsletters. thanks & good afternoon bill green. go to grendel films website to order your copy today ok thumbup.gif

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    Bill Parcells and Bigfoot

    Squatch Detective Radio Tonight...

    Steve and Billy will be welcoming the members of NESRA to discuss the recent expedition they took part in this weekend. The show starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    Review: Sasquatch Experience 10-14-07

    This was a pretty great show, with James and I discussing the life and career of Grover Krantz. We discussed his controversial theory that a Sasquatch should be shot to prove it to the skeptics, as well as Krantz's assertion that Gigantopithecus was a perfect candidate for the Sasquatch. We also talked about Krantz's scientific contributions in the field of Sasquatch, as well as his academic contributions. We had several callers, including Don Keating, Steve Kulls and that annoying caller from the 517 area code who seemed to get his jollies from harassing us over the air. Sean joined us for about the last 15 minutes and joined the discussion. It was a great show, a lot of fun. Our next program will air Saturday, October 20, at a special start time of 8:00 EST/7:00 Central with our guest M.K. Davis to discuss the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, and that can be found at the link to the right. As always, we do encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

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    Bigfoot and the Repugnance of Truth

    Filmed History: Watching Historic Films Can't Always Deliver the Full Picture

    As Urban Legends Go, Bigfoot Gets No Respect

    Comparison of East Central Ohio Chatter with Sierra Sounds.

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    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Former South Carolina legislator wins award for movie about Bigfoot
    Scientific Puzzlers go ape over Bigfoot Study: Grover Krantznew window

    Sasquatch Experience Tonight...

    James and I will be hosting and giving a tribute to Dr. Grover Krantz. The program starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the link to the right. You can call in and share your memories of Dr. Krantz as well, at 347-996-5814. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.