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  • Review: USBRA Radio 3-16-07

    This was a pretty wild show, with the ever-controversial Jon-Erik Beckjord, who gave out his theories on what he thought Sasquatch was, as well as taking calls from various people (some of less-than-stellar qualities). One gentleman representing an organization based in Arizona called several times and basically agreed with Beckjord on his paranormal theories. Beckjord was very civil and respectful and seemingly calm. He basically called me out on my assertion that a Sasquatch that he found a trackway of which basically stopped in the middle of a snowfield was the creature stepping backwards in its own tracks. He does not believe that. Still it was a good show, even a bit controversial.
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  • Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Once More a Ghost
  • Tenacious D-Sasquatch

  • Tenacious D-Papagenu (He's my Sassafras)

  • USBRA Radio Tonight...

    It's gonna be a wild one, with the ever-controversial Jon-Erik Beckjord joining Steve and Robin Pickett on their program tonight. The show can be found at and starts at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central Should be...interesting.

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  • Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Investigation
  • Thursday, March 15, 2007

  • Bigfoot Callers
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  • That rare bird flies back into the picture

  • Scientist challenges ivory-billed woodpecker sighting
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    Lithgow mega-cat footage goes live

  • New Bigfoot Documentary Goes On Sale Soon
  • Review: Bigfoot Live 3-14-07

    This was a wild marathon 3-hour show, with guests Greg Long, Philip Morris and Bob Heironimus, giving their versions of proof that the Patterson Movie is a hoax. M.K. Davis represented the pro-side very well, showing files he was given exclusive permission to use by Mrs. Pat Patterson. Pat Holdbrook was also a guest, defending the Patterson Movie and also promoting his movie project based on the work M.K. did on the film. M.K. and Long, Morris and Heironimus had some heated discussion, but Tom Biscardi, the host, handled things quite well. The show was quite balanced and unbiased, and I got to call the show and ask Long, Heironimus and Morris the questions I have been waiting three years to ask ever since this controversy started. So did Chris Murphy and Steve Pickett, as well as others. It was a great show. Great job to all concerned. The archive is now available
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  • The Sasquatch: A take on the Yeti

  • Update: Manitoba Bigfoot Video
  • Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    DVD Review: On The Trail Of The Pacific Northwest Sasquatch

    This nearly hour-long documentary profiles the Washington State Sasquatch Search Group in the field in the late-'90s in some truly beautiful country at the base of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Researchers such as Andrew Peterson, George Kelley, John Pickering and Fred Bradshaw are out to find evidence of the hairy bipeds in the area, and one team member stumbles across some strange foot, hand and elbow prints near a muddy creek. They also find flattened-down trees and set out game cams as well to catch something, perhaps a Sasquatch, on film. They film all sorts of wildlife, such as elk, raccoons, bear, salamanders and birds, really giving the viewer an idea of the diverse animal life in the area. If nothing else, it gives the viewer a relaxing look into the Pacific Northwest and its beauty, and is really highly-recommended.

    No "Sasquatch Experience Lite" Tonight, But...

    Tom Biscardi is hosting the marathon 3-hour show on Bigfoot Live Radio on the Patterson Movie. Guests will be Greg Long, the author of The Making of Bigfoot; Philip Morris of Morris Costumes who claims to have made the gorilla suit and sold it to Roger Patterson; Bob Heironimus, the man who claims to have worn the suit in the Patterson Movie; M.K. Davis, amateur astronomer and 10-year pioneer of studies into the Patterson Movie and Pat Holdbrook, producer of the upcoming movie project devoted strictly to the Patterson Movie and M.K.'s work on it. The show starts at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central and ends at 1:00 A.M. EST/12:00 Central. The show can be found
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  • Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    14 Researchers Make Unprecedented Bigfoot Discovery

    Imprint left in soil of Bigfoot's lower half

    Click Here For 'Media Player' Video Footage

    One of the Northwest's biggest mysteries, the Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, is no longer a legend - it's alive, according to researchers who have discovered what they say is its imprint.

    Deep in the northwest mountains, a team of 14 researchers tracked the elusive primate-type beast for a week deep in the mountains of the Gifford Pinchot national forest.

    The imprint appears to be a hair-covered body lying down on its side, reaching over to get some fruit, the researchers said. Thermal imaging confirmed that the body print was only hours old.

    From the imprint, they created a 250 lb. plaster cast of what they say is the lower half of the Sasquatch.

    "We actually almost missed it," said researcher Derek Randels. "It dawned on us all at the same time, and it was overwhelming."

    "These heel impressions weren't made by a person getting in the mud wallow and squirming around," said Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University.

    The trackers gathered hair samples that will be analyzed by DNA testing. They also made voice recordings of what they think is the Sasquatch wailing, also being sent off for analysis.

    The creature is believed to be 7 to 8 feet tall, weighing 800 to 1,000 lbs. The researchers believe there are hundreds just like it throughout forests in the Northwest.

    There are a lot of sightings, they added, but estimate that more than 90 percent of sightings go unreported for fear of ridicule.

    "This cast is very hard to argue with," said Randels. "We have had a lot of very intelligent people looking at it in the last two days and I think it's just going to be a heck of a shot in the arm for the credibility of the creature's existence."

    Attention Bigfoot Believers And Skeptics

    Searching for Bigfoot Inc.
    (WebWire) 3/13/2007 2:39:55 PM
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    March 13, 2007


    The Bigfoot Live Radio Show will bring

    together five key figures to discuss

    the facts and controversy behind the

    making of the famous "Roger Patterson"

    Bigfoot film.

    When: Wednesday, March 14, 2007, 7:00pm-9:00pm PDT

    Where: Listen to it Free on internet radio at

    For more information: Robert Barrows, R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising

    and Public Relations, Burlingame, California


    Tom Biscardi, Searching for Bigfoot, Inc.

    Menlo Park, California, 650-566-4001


    Say it ain’t so, Joe...OR, The truth shall set you free...Maybe!

    First Loch Ness, now Bigfoot! Get ready to listen in to an internet radio show as another famous piece of controversial monster film is set to get outed on Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 from 7:00pm-9:00pm Pacific Daylight Time, at

    A guest list of of five key figures will discuss the facts and controversy behind the making of the famous "Roger Patterson" Bigfoot film in 1967. In that film, Patterson shot the most famous footage of the creature known as Bigfoot - and now, you will hear from the person that claims to have worn the Bigfoot costume and another person who claims to have made the Bigfoot costume. Plus, you will also hear from several other guests who will add even more comments and controversy to Bigfoot lore.

    Listeners can tune in for free to listen to "The Bigfoot Live Radio Show" hosted by Bigfoot explorer C. Thomas Biscardi, founder of Searching For Bigfoot, Inc., headquartered in Menlo Park, California ( Biscardi has been hosting this weekly radio program for seven months and this show is going to be the first time that all these people will be talking live on the same program, according to Biscardi, and Bigfoot believers and skeptics are invited to listen in and find out the facts about the controversial "Roger Patterson" film.

    Was it a man in a monkey suit, or was it really the creature commonly known as Bigfoot?

    "Tune in and decide for yourself," says Biscardi, "it’s going to be a very exciting program."

    The show will feature the following guests:

    Bob Heironimus: This is the man who claims to be in the Gorilla suit that allegedly was purchased by Roger Patterson. Mr. Heironimus has taken two polygraph tests and reportedly, passed them both.

    Phillip Moris: The man who alleges that the gorilla suit in the Patterson Film was commissioned by Roger Patterson himself, and was made and sold by Mr. Morris.

    Greg Long: The writer who published the story about the Patterson discovery - The name of his book, "The Making of Bigfoot."

    Pat Holbrook: Movie producer who just completed the movie using the work of M.K. Davis’s Stabilizations and study of the Patterson film for more than ten years. Mr. Holbrook appears confident that the famous Patterson

    film is accurate and it’s not a man in a monkey suit.

    M.K. Davis: An amateur astronomer who has devoted ten years of his life to dissecting the Patterson film through stabilizations and modern technology, and for the first time ever, will reveal and show on, new startling evidence why he believes that this is not a man in a gorilla suit.

    So, is Bigfoot real or just a myth? Biscardi himself has seen Bigfoot creatures six times over the past 34 years of tracking and studying information about the creature, and from March 29-March 31, 2007, Biscardi will be leading an expedition to try to capture a Bigfoot in a swampy area outside of Paris, Texas. The expedition will also be filmed as a pilot for a reality TV show called "Capturing Bigfoot," to be produced by Ron Lyon of Big Cat Productions (

    The expedition is being conducted by the Granite State Paranormal Society. For additional information and for reservations to join this expedition, contact Jim Snell at The Granite State Paranormal Society in New Hampshire. People interested in joining the expedition should be in excellent health and experienced in the outdoors. Additional details on releases and waivers will be available through The Granite State Paranormal Society at 646-652-6529.

    Discussions are currently underway for the media, merchandising and ancillary rights to this expedition and the "Capturing Bigfoot" series.

    For further information regarding television, film and related media, submit all inquiries to Robert Barrows, President of R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising and Public Relations at 205 Park Rd., #208, Burlingame, CA 94010, Tel: 650-344-1951.

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    Host URL Bigfoot Live Radio Show

    Contact Information


    When will wonders cease? Robert Lincoln ESQ: Agent of The New York Western Lomber Company. He just returnes from the St. Peters River near the head of Steamship Navigation, on the upper Mississippi, bringing with him a living Anerican Orang Outang, or Wild Man of the woods, with two small cubs supposed to be about three months old.Mr. Lincoln informs us that he went out to the North-West as Agent for The York Lumber Company, in July last, with the view to establish intense saw-mills, on the Pine lands near the falls of Saint Anthony ; and he has given us a detail of the operations of the company, and the circumstances which lead to the capture of the extra ordinary creatures mentioned above.

    Article continues about lumber exploration then continues at their camp;-

    About the 15th of January, two of the carpenters who had been out in pursuit of a gang of Wolves that had proved very troublesome, came into the camp and reported that they had seen a huge monster in the forest, on a branch of the Mississippi,, having the form of a man, but much taller and stouter, covered with hair, and of freightful aspect. They stated that when first seen, he was standing on a large log, looking directly at them and the moment they raised their muskets, he darted into the thicket and disappeared. They saw him again in half of an hour, apparently watching them, and when they turned towards him he again disappeared. Mr. Lincoln was at first disposed to think lightly of this matter, believing that the men might have been mistaken about the size and height of the object, or supposedly it might have been a trick of the Indians to freighten them. He was informed, however, by some of the Natives, that such a being had often been seen on the Saint Peters, and near the falls of the Mississippi, and they postponed to guide a party of the workmen a Bluff where it was thought he might be found. The men were all ready for an adventure, and arming themselves with rifles and hunting knives, they started for the Bluff under the direction of Mr. Lincoln and the Indian guides. On the way they were joined by several of the Natives, and the whole party numbered twenty-three.

    They arrived at the Bluff late in the afternoon on the 21st of January, and encamped in a cave or grotto, at the foot of the hill. Early in the morning, two Indians were sent out to reconnoiter, and in about an houtr returned, and said they had seen the wild man, on the other side of the hill. The whole party immediateltprepared for the pursiut. Mr. Lincoln gave positive orders to the men, not to fire upon him unless it should be necessary fo self-defence, as he wished to take him alive. The Indians stated that although a very powerful creature, he was belived to be perfectly harmless, as he always fled at the approach of men. While Mr. Lincoln was giving his men the instructions, the wild man appeared in sight. He ordered them to remain perfectly quiet, and taking out his pocket glass surveyed him minutely. He appeared to be about eight or nine feet high, very athletic, and more like a beast standing erect than a man. After satisfying himself with regard to the character of the creature, Mr. Lincoln ordered his men to advance. The I ndian had provided themselves with ropes, prepared to catch wild horses, with which they hoped to ensure and bind the creature, without maiming him.

    The instant the company moved toward the wild man, he sprang forward with a loud and freightful yell, which made the forest ring ; the Indians followed close upon him, Mr. Lincoln and his men brought up the rear. The pursuit was continued for nearly an hour - now gaining upon the object of their chase, and now almost loosing sight of him. The trees, however, were quit open, and free from underbrush, which enabled them to make their way very rapidly. Whenever they came very near him, he stared forward again to yell, and appeared to increase his speed. He finally darted into a thicket, and although they followed close and made much search, they were unable to find him.

    They then began to retrace their steps toward the place of encampment, and when within about a mile of the cavern, the wildman crossed their path, within twenty rods of the main body of the party. They immediatly gave chase again, and accidently drove the creature from the forest and into an open field or prairie. The monster appeared to be much freightened at his situation, and leaped forward, howling hideously. At length he suddenly stopped and turned upon his pursuers. Mr. Lincoln was then in the disadvance. Fearing that he might attack them or return to the woods and escape, he fired upon him and lodged a charge of buckshot in the calf of his leg. He fell immediately, and the Indians sprang forward and threw their ropes over his head, arms and legs, and with much effort succeeded in binding him fast. He struggled, however, most desperately gnashed his teeth, and howelled in a freightful manner. They then formed a sort of litter of branches and limbs of trees, and placed him upon it, carried him to the encampment. A watch was then placed over him, and every effort made that could be devised to keep him quiet, but he continued to howl most pitiously all night. Towards morning two cubs, about three feet high, and very similar to the large monster, came into the camp, and were taken without resistance. As soon as the monster saw them he became very furious - gnashed his teeth, and howled, and thrashed about, until he burst several of the cords, and came very near effecting his escape. But he was bound anew, and after that was kept most carefully watched and guarded. The next day he was placed on a litter and carried down to the mills on the Saint Peters.

    For two or three days, Mr. Lincoln says, he refused to eat or drink, or take any kind of food, but continued to howl at intervals for an hour at a time. At length, however, he began to eat, but from that time his howls ceased, and he has remained stupid and sullen evr since. The cubs took food very readily, and became very active and playful. Mr. Lincoln is a native of Boston, and some of the workmen engaged at his mills are from the city. He arrived here Saturday afternoon in the brig St. Charles, Stewart, master, from New Orleans, with the wildman and the cubs, and they were all removed from the vessel that evening. By invitation of Mr. Lincoln, who is an old acquaintence, we went down to his rooms to examine the monster. He is a horrible looking creature, and reminds us very strongly of the fabled satyrs, as we have pictures them in our mind. He is about eight feet three inshes high, when standing erect, and his frame is of giant proportions in every part. His legs are not straight , but like those of a dog and other four footesd animals, and his whole body is covered with a hide much like that of a cow. His arms are very large and long, and ill-proportioned. It does not appear from his manner that he has ever walked on "all fours". The fingers and toes are mere bunches, armed with stout claws. His head is covered with thick, course, black hair, like the mane of a horse. The appearance of his countenance, if such it may be called, is very disgusting - nay, almost horrible. It is covered with thinner and lighter coat of hair than the rest of his body ; there is no appearance of eye brown or nose ; the mouth is very large and wide, and similar to that of a babboon. Mr. Lincoln says he is beyond dispute carnivorous, as he universally e4jects bread and vegitables, and eats flesh with great avidity. He thinks he is of the ourang, outang species ; but from what little we have seen, we are inclined to consider him a wild animal, somewhat resembling a man. He is, to say the least, one of the most extraordinary creature that has ever been brought before the public, from any part of the earth, or the waters under the earth, and we believe will prove a difficult puzzle to the sceintific. He lies down like a brute, and does not appear to possess more instinct than common domestic animals. He is now quite tame and quiet, and is only confined to a stout chain attached to his leg.

    This is the first creature of the kind, we believe, ever found on this contenent. It was to be expected, however, that in penetrating the remote recesses of the new world, monsters would be found, and great natural curiousities brought to light ; and it has been a matter of surprise to many that so little of the marvelous has ever been discovered. But we can not tell what the wilds of the far North-West, the shores of Lake Superior, the regeons of the Rocky Mountains, andd the vast territory of the Oregon, may yet bring forth.

    It is Mr. Lincolns intention to submit these animals to the inspection of the sceintific for a few days, in order to ascertain what they are, and after that to dispose of them to some persons for exhibition. Mr. Lincoln himself will return to the Saint Peters in the course of two or three weeks.

    P.S. Mr. Lincoln informs us that he will exhibit the wild man and his cubs, gratuitously, this afternoon, in the rear of No.9 Elm Street. We presume that our citizens will not be slow to take advantage of this offer..

    SDSMT says it doesn't have body of a Bigfoot

    By Tom Lawrence, Black Hills Pioneer August 11, 2006
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    RAPID CITY -- Of course they'd deny it.
    The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology doesn't have the body of Bigfoot, the school announced in a press release Wednesday.
    Breanna Bishop, SDSMT's public information coordinator, issued the unusual press announcement Wednesday morning. The release was sent after an Internet site "reported" that the body of one of the mythological creatures was on campus after it had been shot near Slim Buttes last week.
    "According to a report appearing on a number of blogs, Bigfoot was shot and killed Tuesday, Aug. 1, on the Pine Ridge Reservation," the release states. "After a smudging ceremony, the body was allegedly transported to a School of Mines laboratory for studies."
    The body was supposedly seen and given a ceremonial treatment by three Lakota elders, including Wilmer Mesteth and Oliver Red Cloud.
    "Tell them it's a bunch of baloney," Mesteth said Wednesday in a telephone interview. "I think someone is playing a practical joke."
    He said he was starting to get phone calls from people who had heard the report. He said Red Cloud is an amputee who does not travel and could not have gone to the site of the Bigfoot shooting.
    Bigfoot, which is referred to as "Chiye-tanka" or "The Big Man" is in some books about Native American culture and spirituality.
    SDSMT chose to play the story as a joke.
    "Despite receiving nearly $14 million in research and development funding in the 2006 fiscal year and having a wide array of cutting-edge research initiatives, the School of Mines has no facilities dedicated to Bigfoot or other cryptozoology research," the release stated.
    You can read the Bigfoot "news" at or at
    For more on Native American Bigfoot legends, go to

    ©The Black Hills Pioneer, Newspapers, South Dakota, SD 2007

    Bigfoot Encounters Website ..

    Cowlitz County Washington 1980 May

    At one of Ray Crowe's Western Bigfoot Meetings, someone brought up the topic of corpses of sasquatches after the May 18, 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State. The witness heard of two sasquatches the Army Corps of Engineers had taken out of the volcanic devistation, this was two months after the inital blast.

    Terry Reams heard of a dredging operation of the Cowlitz River and two bodies were found in the sand (probably same case?). A chopper flew them off.

    Joe Beelart offered that the crane doing the dredging was from the Manatowaka Company and that the bodies were found two weeks after the Mt. St. Helen's blast of May 18, 1980. He suggested that somebody might want to track down the company and find out who was working the shift that the bodies had been found on.

    Source: Track Record #91 .. During a tour of the devastation by helicopter in 1985, the Viet veteran helo pilot mentioned a similar tale to Bobbie Short saying there were military helos that choppered out nets full of burned and semi burned elk, deer, bear and something with hairy charred arms hanging out of the drop nets. They were taken to a common pit where the bodies were burned to avoid disease and contamination of the rivers. (it might be the same story as above)

    The International Bigfoot Society
    IBS Report #: 3493

    Location: COWLITZ county, WA. UNITED STATES

    Sighting Type: 1

    Month: MAY
    Year: 1980

    Data Source: TR 91 SEPT 1999
    Credibility: 3
    Locality: MT ST HELENS
    Researcher: Fred Bradshaw
    Witness: MR Bradshaw

    Sighting Type: 1

    Sighting Text:

    TR 91 SEPT 1999 *

    Fred Bradshaw report concerning dead Bigfoot bodies near Mt. St. Helens.

    My father worked for Weyerhauser Co. at Green Mountain ,WA, east of Vancouver. The site has security on their roads to check on the equipment and check closed areas to keep people out.

    My father was working the day Mt. St. Helens blew up. He was at a meeting in Kelso, WA, and as he was a supervisor, when Mt. St. Helens blew it's side out, all heck cut lose.

    My father was sent back to Green Mountain right away but like most he wasn't allowed to go very far because of the mud slide coming down the river. He did get to the town of Toutle, WA, on highway 504 off I-5. He and his crew were placed at different spots to watch mud flow and of course help people get out of the blast zone after the major blow up. He was sent to the area of Sprit Lake to keep people out.

    When the second major blow up of the mountain came, my father and the other guy with him reported in, and they got out of there.

    He was then placed in charge of the helicopter landing zone. It was his job to help keep people out of the landing zone and let aid crews in so they could care for injured.

    Later. when all the people were out and bodies out, the National Guard was brought in to clean up. They hauled dead animals out that they placed in piles; deer in one, elk in another and so on. They were covered up with tarps and later burned.

    But my father was placed in charge of one pile of dead that were covered and no one was allowed to go near. Armed U.S. National Guard personal were around this pile, and one day when they were going to move this group of bodies, and my father was very close to it and was told to keep his mouth closed. And when the tarps were removed he saw the creatures, some badly burned and some not. They placed them in a net and lifted them into a truck and covered it over. My father asked a guardsmen what will they do with them and he said study them or what ever...he didn't want to know. He said it's like other things you don't ask, and off they went . AND NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM. My father and the rest were debriefed and sent home.

    Spies In Brazil Encounter Bigfoot

    ( Government Agents/Spies )

    We packed all our surveillance equipment and proceeded towards the extraction zone. That's when we discovered a guava tree (has a yellow skinned fruit used for jellies and preserves) pulled out of the ground (12 inches in diameter) by its roots. NO tracks of a tractor or man, so what did it? We carefully examined the structure and the crevice it was violently ripped from. No man did this, therefore it had to be an animal? Ape? (The fruit from the tree had all been eaten except for one half-eaten guava on the ground. There were large bare footprints, five clear ones, all around, and leading up a path before they disappeared. Not in this part of Brazil! We decided to hurry about our business, nevertheless the feeling was tense and awkward.

    That night (sunset 9-lOPM, saw creature about midnight) we put the heat intense lamp on so we could clean our weapons (lamp produces lots of heat, and a little light). We broke down our (30-.30s) weapons (believe that’s why it came when it did. Doug Howard suggested, although 7mm sidearm were still available) and then we began to smell something (musky Odor). We all did, only I looked up to see something staring intently with deep brown piercing eyes looking directly at me as though he could telepathically communicate with me (it had pulled back a branch and was holding it with its fingers showing, he didn’t recall if the thumb was being used to grasp or not. Could see the definition of its muscles and knew it was very strong to hold back the thick branch. The other hand was at its side. It bad a human-like face, the nose was spread, but there was a bridge, and a heavy brow. It was very broad, especially at the shoulders, guess at four feet. It didn’t make any noises. I nodded at Ian, he saw it but the creature seemed to sense I was the leader ("I had eye contact... it looked peeved.")

    I commanded this group of intruders. It has intelligence, sensitivity, emotions, and possessed strength no human had, yet a primitive nature that dictated when to use its brutal force. It bad hands and feet very similar to human, but it also possessed an animal instinct that we're not what we seemed to be. (as a group). A very cautious curiosity. I had a picture of the Mono Grande ape from Strange ..

    Magazine, #7, but Paddy said, it didn't look anything like that... that was nothing but a monkey.)

    I could feel this monstrous brute telling me - leave me alone, go away and leave my habitat alone - I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if you don’t leave me alone. He turned around showing a clear profile in the process that was human, not ape or bear or alien - he is human! or like. (My friends wanted to kill it, but the guns were still apart for cleaning, and I didn’t see any reason to shoot it anyway.)

    I didn’t realize that our surveillance camera captured pictures of the creature. I had accidentally tripped the switch and, live-in-color, we had Bigfoot. I took the camera out of the case to reload it and put the film in my Alice pack in case I had to ditch it. It held a full case of film 1 1/2 hours of video film used specially for night photos or slow motion (You'd play hell trying to get that film from the CIA, officially it doesn't exist, Paddy said).

    We found areas near the extraction zone where they (the creatures) slept in the grass (measured 8 1/2 feet long) leaving indentations in the wet grassy meadows. We found trails carved out by constant use leading toward the mountains, but never again did we find Bigfoot and as far as the crew was concerned, the better if we didn’t, they did not share my curiosity of him.

    We were extracted and debriefed at Fort Meade, only to be given polygraph and drugs to find the validity of our "preposterous" statements - the photographs and the SATSCAN reports verified our discovery, yet the entire Federal apparatus clamped down on our discovery and swore us to secrecy in the interest of National security ("During the debriefing ordeal we were accused of: drinking and were asked if the thing had big wings, they just laughed the whole thing off, including the pictures; we were branded as nuts.")

    I went back with Dr. Antonio Salazar (died 1991, apparent heart attack) and Dr. Rolando Santiago (disappeared 1990) of La Paz University in Bolivia (Dept. of Anthropology) in the period of Oct.-May, 1984-1985. Both were acquainted with the sightings and stories told about a huge creature who roams the world over. (Paddy thinks the scientists deaths were suspicious, and that the government killed them.

    They told him that the creatures were not violent but that they have terrible tempers. Indian tales told of a group of the creatures that had apparently come into a village in the middle of the night in SE'rn Brazil, an "trashed" everything. The village Indians left and never returned. Indians throughout the area seemed to be aware of the monsters, calling them "Walking Gods" or simply "Diablo," Spanish for Devil. Whatever it was..."it scared the hell out of me.")

    We crossed illegally into the area and I showed them where we found the tree, and it was still there, the camp they (the creatures) made in the grassy meadows and where the facility was, everything was still there as when we left it when we discovered the nuclear facility. We set up our camp exactly where I was before, using a kerosene lamp, only I put (out a wood bowl of red delicious) apples in the area where I saw the creature. Each of us took turns waiting, one was on guard duty, two were asleep. Watching yet we saw nothing though the apples were missing when we arose at sunup. I never saw the creature again, but I sense he isn’t too far away from where I first looked upon him (there were no tracks, so anything could have taken the apples).

    All the proof of their existence is held in folk lore of the Indians, and people who have seen them, but; its world wide, not just the outback's and mountains, but every conceivable nook and cranny. Why do we deny their existence?

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  • Monday, March 12, 2007

    Review: The XZone with Rob McConnell 3-12-07

    This was a great hour with Ohio researcher Don Keating, who discussed his research in the Buckeye State, as well as sighting reports he has heard. Our own Bill Green and Billy Willard called in with some great questions, as well as Rob from Scarborough, Ontario. Don is one of the true researchers who has a lot of knowledge about the subject in Ohio. Great show as always, Rob, and it is good to see you treat the subject of Sasquatch fairly without delving into the old chestnut of the Patterson Movie. Thank you, Rob, for your support.

    Review: Squatch Detective Radio 3-12-07

    This was a great show, with Illinois researcher Stan Courtney, who discussed his research with sounds in his area, as well as a few sound clips that were played which may or may not have been coyotes. Chris Barto, Billy Willard and Dave Donlon called in with questions for Stan regarding sound equipment and other things like that. The show was great and really enjoyable. Steve's next guest will be the ever-controversial Jon-Erik Beckjord next Monday night at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at As always, please tune in and support great research.

    Bigfoot Week on Internet Radio

    Tonight-Stan Courtney, 9:00-10:00 EST/8:00-9:00 Central,
    Don Keating, 11:00-12:00 EST/10:00-11:00 Central, or

    Wednesday night-Sasquatch Experience Lite, 9:30-10:00 EST/8:30-9:00 Central,
    Greg Long, Philip Morris, Bob Heironimus, M.K. Davis and Pat Holdbrook, 10:00-1:00 EST/9:00-12:00 Central,

    Friday night-Jon-Erik Beckjord, 10:00-11:00 EST/9:00-10:00 Central,

    Sunday night-Bill Green, 9:00-10:00 EST/8:00-9:00 Central,

    Monday night-Jon-Erik Beckjord, 9:00-10:00 EST/8:00-9:00 Central,

    XZone Radio Tonight...

    Rob McConnell will have Ohio Researcher Don Keating as his guest tonight from 11:00-12:00 EST/10:00-11:00 Central. The show is located at or Please tune in and support great research.

    Squatch Detective Radio Tonight...

    Steve Kulls will have as his guest our good friend Stan Courtney to discuss his research in Illinois and his bird-watching hobby. The show starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central and can be found at As always, please tune in and support great research.

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