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The Internet Lets Us Attend The 'Finding Bigfoot' Ohio Wrap Up Without Actually Being There

2012 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium Tickets are Available for Purchase

Robert Lindsay: Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Research is Death Knell for Giganto Theory

Sasquatch The Quest The Movie [Erickson Project]

According to Dr. Melba Ketchum, Mitt Romney Will Eat Crow [Bigfoot DNA Study]

Cliff Barackman: Finding Bigfoot Returns to Ohio on January 21st

Thanks to Romney, Bigfoot Endorses Newt Gingrich

The Canadian Mounties occasionally find themselves investigating bigfoot sightings. In fact, it may be that no other police force in the world has had to deal with more cryptids than the RCMP. Yet these descendants of Dudley Do-Right do right by forteans by treating each case seriously, as you will read. Though sasquatch is far too clever to have gone extinct, over at The Guardian they tell of an 'Extinct' Monkey Rediscovered in an Indonesian Jungle, showing that sometimes extinction isn't forever.

Finding Bigfoot: Filming Special Episode in Ohio

Bigfoot Endorses Newt

New information on the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium!!!

4 guest on the speaker roster thus far.

Bob Gimlin with Bill Munns will be speaking together about new digital renderings that Bill will show as an exclusive to the 2012OSS. The two of them will go over the PG film step by step with new evidence to verify what many have already suspected.

We will also be inviting Julie Scott from Washington state. She is the author of "Visits from the Forest People". This eyewitness report details her families encounter at home with a group of Sasquatch in the state of Washington.

Thom Powell will also be on hand. If you have never heard Thom give a Sasquatch lecture, man oh man...don't miss out this year. Author of "The Locals" and "Shady Neighbors", Thom is known as one the premier researchers into the Sasquatch phenomena.

Also, photos are on hand of the venu we will be meeting in. Take a look and imagine yourself sitting amongst friends, old and new, at the 2012 OSS.

Tickets are now on sale.

$25.oo a ticket....all day fun and invite to the kick off party the night before!!!

Also, check out the new Facebook page Guy Edwards helped me out with. Guy has been a real help all 3 years, and if you ever want a wise sage in your computer corner, look up Guy Edwards on BIGFOOT LUNCH CLUB. THANk YOU GUY!!! WHAT A GUY!!!!

any questions, ya know where to find me.
Finding Bigfoot: Filming Special Episode in Ohio

The Legend Of Boggy Creek - YouTube

3B Theater: Gonzoid Cinema: The Legend of Boggy Creek!

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  • THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK. Undoubtably the best Bigfoot movie ever made. The Legend of Boggy Creek is based upon a number of bigfoot sightings that took place in ...

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The Legend of Boggy Creek Movie Review

BIGFOOTERS OF THE YEAR, plus Season Two: BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT Videos; Announcing... The Coalition for Reason, Science, Satire and Sanity in Bigfoot Research

Bluff Creek Film Site Project, Journey of Rediscovery: Confirmation! By Guest Blogger Robert Leiterman

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North American Bigfoot: Finding Bigfoot Returns to Ohio on January 21st

Casting Firm On Nationwide Hunt For Bigfoot Researchers, Tim Fasano Thinks It's Bad For Bigfoot Research

5 Things You Should Know About Finding Bigfoot in Ohio

Is This What a Bigfoot Nest Looks Like?

Justice for Riley Rawlins

The Bigfoot Filmography

The Bigfoot Filmography Now Out! « Dave Coleman, Author

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Book Review: Big Footprints/

The Search For Bigfoot: Justice for Riley ~ UPDATE!!!

Bigfoot-Evidence: Fur

Extinct Grizzled Languar Rediscovered

Dallas County District Attorney: Bring Justice for the unnecessary death of Riley Rawlins - Sign the Petition!

Bigfoot Lunch Club: Fox Carolina: Dr. Jeff Meldrum Speaks at Wofford College Today

Monkey feared extinct rediscovered in jungles of Borneo

Watch Renowned Bigfoot Researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum News Interview From This Morning At Wofford College

Photos Of The Day: Bigfoot in Pawling NY, Barefoot Nepalese Porter, Cat-Boy

Key Supporter Pulls Endorsement [BigFoot vs Mitt Romney Humor]

The Minnesota Iceman is the name given to a hairy man-like creature frozen in a block of ice and supposedly found in Minnesota in 1968. It was subsequently displayed at state fairs in the Midwest. Frank Hansen, the owner, claimed that at one point he switched the real frozen creature with a replica. These photographs of the Minnesota Iceman from a 2011 book by Rick West entitled Pickled Punks and Girlie Shows have us wondering: is it the real thing or it is the replica? Elsewhere a consideration of California Monsters Featuring Lizardmen, whose broad range seem to prove that ancient cartographers were right when they said "Here be dragons." Strangely mundane by comparison are the Big Cats of Great Britain, where it appears some lab coats from the National Trust are fixing up some DNA Tests to Solve Mystery of Big Cat Sightings in Britain. The samples will be hand-me-downs from what is presumed to be their most recent meals: deer meat. Back at Cryptomundo, some old hairy giant wild man stories are featured in 1905's Mowgli Report. But none of these cryptids are featured in a round-up where you can Meet the 20,000 New Species We Discovered in a Single Year. Maybe next year?

Is This The Minnesota Iceman?

ICM Named On New Top Museum List

Watch Famous Barefoot Man, Cody From Dual Survival, Teach How People Clean Their Feet In The Wild

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are Strange Sounds Around the World From Sasquatch-Like Creature?
However, some people believe these sounds are from a Sasquatch, Yeti or Bigfoot-like creature. Could that be the answer? Do these instances of weird noise and strange sounds have a reasonable explanation? So far nothing has been proven. ...

Using Analogies to Describe What Bigfoot Looks Like

New Comment System Work-Around Fix

Photos of a "man left over from the Ice Age" [Minnesota Iceman]

More information on the upcoming Oregon Sasquatch Symposium!!!


The Oregon Sasquatch Symposium provides a yearly forum for those within the field of Sasquatch or Bigfoot research to come together and discuss the historical mystery. This is done in hopes of educating others as to the facts that exist surrounding Sasquatch's and at the same time dispelling some of the myths. The significance and implications of its existence weigh largely on those that have encountered them, but it should not remain there. For if such a creature has managed to survive our encroachment for 100's of years if not more, we should all be mindful of their historical relationship with man.

This years Oregon Sasquatch Symposium will be held Saturday October 13th, 2012 at the exclusive and historic Paesano Lodge in Cedarville Park. Located just on the outskirts of downtown Portland, Oregon; The Paesano Club is the premier spot for gatherings such as ours. Seating is perfect and not a bad seat exist in the house. The sound system is top notch as well as the video system. This place is just beautiful and has character at every inch. CAN YOU TELL I LOVE IT? You will to!!!


Now, there will be an open bar. With that will come certain obvious house rules and house prices, but you are welcome to enjoy spirits as well as catered food that day. What we think will happen is that there will be general seating and then adult seating for those that want a drink while the conference is taking place. Once you reserve your seat, we ask that you stay in that general are for the remainder of the day while you drink. If you want a to purchase a drink and are not sitting in a reserved adult seating area, there will be a general area roped off for you to enjoy your beverage.

The OSS will go from 10 am to when? We are most likely going to end before midnight, but with just one day to hang out with the likes of Gimlin and whomever else commits, lets not put ourselves in a box.

There will be a top notched kick off Squatch Party. This will be your chance to hang out with all the speakers and special guest. You will also be able to get your tickets in advance and go shopping for OSS gear. Time and place have yet to be hammered out, but we are working on a place and it is looking like a decision will be made shortly. We will let you know.




Tickets are easily bought through PAYPAL. If you don't have a PAYPAL account, they are very simple and safe to set up. Your Transaction ID # that comes up with your purchase of the ticket will be your receipt. Just print it off or write it down. We have been doing this for 3 years now and we have never had an issue or flub up with them.

If you would like to pay other then paypal, we ask that you make a personal check made out to us and mail it in. Your name will then be put on a list of people who have paid in full and your check # or money order # will be your receipt. Please email through the OSS Membership list or at

Plus, the three speakers announced so far are Bob Gimlin, Bill Munns and Julie Scott.

Robert Lindsay Wants You To Stop Calling Bigfoot an Ape

Watch Cliff Barackman's Debriefing of 'Peeping Bigfoot' Episode [Video]

Cliff Barackman Organizes Videos and Fieldnotes

Since it's an election year in the USA, some politics are going to squeak through our rigorous editorial gauntlet. Lon Strickler takes Mitt to task for an offhandedly ignorant remark and kicks it up a notch by discussing Romney's membership with the Mormons and their controversial background. To Lon's credit, he does it with style and class. Putting two and two together, it appears the leading Republican candidate won't be getting one vote from Louisiana since Jefferson Parish Bigfoot "Loves That Chicken From Popeye's", where an anonymous contributor shares his experience of a precocious primate picking through garbage. Some anomalists may consider a write-in candidate after reading An Interview With Mike Rugg whose platforms on sasquatch and ideals behind studying these beasts serve to embiggen us all. Finally, Cryptozoology Online has another photo and report on Afghan Mystery Cats that haunt the periphery of the nightvision of American soldiers.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finding Bigfoot: Debrief of “Peeping Bigfoot” by Cliff Barackman

5 things you should know about finding Bigfoot
Canton Repository
By Jim Hillibish In the Famous Carnivore Legends Dept., Sasquatch, Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, Yeti, Werewolf and the Missing Link endure as the large hairy humanoids a lot of folks think they've seen, but really? The official word from science ...

Listen to Bigfoot Language Expert Scott Nelson Analyze 'New' Sasquatch Language on Midnight Walkers BlogTalkRadio Tonight

Arizona Bigfoot Hunters Raising Money To Do One Month Investigation of 'Hot Zone' [Video]

Top Trail Cam Pics Of All Time by FB/FB

Todd Standing preemptively attacks 'Finding Bigfoot' before team debunks him on TV this Sunday

Stop SOPA and PIPA

Mitt Romney Loses Bigfoot Vote

Titles To Be Available As eBook & McClean With New...

Sasquatch-Bigfoot - Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Your online source -

Sasquatch Information Society

Shaffer: N.C. man stays on trail of Bigfoot | CharlotteObserver ...

Sasquatch tracks are sighted in Bossburg in Stevens County on ...

sasquatch legend - Sasquatch - Fact, Fiction or Fantasy?

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What's the political implication of calling Bigfoot a hoax?

Thoughts on a simple methodology with proven results [Science and Bigfoot]

Romney calls Gingrich super PAC flick 'biggest hoax since Bigfoot'

'Finding Bigfoot' has Animal Planet feeling squatchy

Missouri Momo on the Travel Channel

Romney calls Gingrich super PAC flick 'biggest hoax since Bigfoot'

Sad news ...

Finding.Bigfoot: Birth Of A Legend (Full Episode)

MonsterQuest Season 2: Episode 4 - Ohio Grassman

Monday, January 16, 2012

Behind the Scenes of Finding Bigfoot: “Peeping Bigfoot” with Cliff Barackman

Bigfoot Lunch Club: Finding Bigfoot Could Have the Same Staying Power as Ghost Hunters

Strange eerie sounds in the woods are all the rage these days

Listen to Andy Pieper's Interview With Two Minnesota Bigfoot Witnesses

Robert Lindsay: List of purported samples accepted by Dr. Melba Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA Lab

Finding Bigfoot-S2E03

Finding Bigfoot in 2 1/2 minutes (Peeping Bigfoot )

Huge is Better Than Big: Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot - Minnesota Field Notes

Cliff Barackman's Minnesota Field Notes Talks About the Peeping Bigfoot Who Has a Nickname

Cryptozoology, mythology and UFOlogy all come together in the latest report from Scott Corrales of the Institute of Hispanic UFOlogy. And the reviews of incidents in which diminutive humanoids have made their presences known stretch far and wide in this lengthy gathering of anomalous events. A little more complicated, however, is the hunt for Bigfoot, and Craig Woolheater adds a new wrinkle to the ongoing adventure with his report, Updated: Dr. Melba Ketchum a Bigfoot Witness? Is it just a matter of who saw what where and when? Also, Loren Coleman studies possible unintended consequences of a popular television series in Will Finding Bigfoot Have A Negative Impact On Sasquatch Research?, suggesting it's science vs. sensationalism at its best and noting sensationalism's impact on the signal to noise ratio within cryptozoology. And in what is just a slightly amusing footnote to the seriousness within the cryptozoology field, the NH Supreme Court Rules On Bigfoot Filmmaker.

Want to See Every Tree in America? (Updated)

Live Blogging and Commentary of Finding Bigfoot: Peeping Bigfoot Episode [Done]

'Finding Bigfoot' team divided on validity of Canadian Rockies video (VIDEO)
Yet another Bigfoot encounter is caught on tape, luring the Bigfoot Field Research Organization television team to the Canadian Rockies to have a look and determine the validity of the video. However, the video is in question from the beginning, ...

Finding Bigfoot: “Peeping Bigfoot” Tonight

Momo On Travel Channel

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review: Finding Bigfoot 1-15-12

This was a rather interesting episode, where the team heads to northern Minnesota, The Land of 10,000 Lakes, and finds a witness who has a recording of something. Ranae immediately calls it a wolf vocalization, but the other team members are not so sure, and decide to investigate a nearby island where Cliff and Ranae find a naturally-killed deer. They decide to go into night operations, where they split off and Matt hears knocks. Cliff hears what appears to be rocks hitting water. Bobo is left alone in the woods, while the others go to call a town hall meeting. Several witnesses come forward at the meeting, including a lady who said she saw a 'Squatch from a 4-wheeler. One elderly lady said she saw one looking into her trailer, and one gentleman heard a strange vocalization. Another lady saw a 'Squatch while jogging. In the meantime, Bobo finds some strange hairs on a utility pole and collects them. Matt and Ranae meet with the lady who saw the 'Squatch while jogging, and Ranae thinks it was a misidentification, while Matt thinks it is possible she saw one. Cliff looks into the elderly lady's sighting from her trailer and believes she saw one, they implement more night operations, and find...well, I won't spoil it for you. All in all, this episode was better than last week's, a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Next week they head to Canada where they will take a look at Todd Standing's footage. Check local listings for time and channel.

Watch Finding Bigfoot Debunk Todd Standing's Bigfoot Video (Updated)

Colorado Lottery 'Bigfeet' Pitch [Humor]

The pursuit of puzzling primates continues apace for the Orang Pendek which may have a wider range or a cousin to the north. Even better are the unexpected and unrelated discoveries which keep people like Debbie Martyr, Jeremy Holden and the article's author, Loren Coleman, going strong. When you're done, click over and spend a spell with Dale Drinnon, who has read up on the So-Cal Sandman and Such, a testament to the adaptability and diversity of California's cryptids, along with the myth of the elusive Yucca Man. And what would you do if these beasts flagged you down for a ride? Kwin the Eskimo takes a pragmatic view, declaring Sasquatch Must Die to settle the question once and for all regardless of the remaining population of the creatures. If one monster is going to be shot, you'd better be packing heavy heat if you stumble upon the Bipedal Canine Cryptid Reported Near Taylors Falls, Minnesota, raising lots of Cain-ine in the woods. Some would argue 2011 was the year of the homonid, but recent retrospectives beg otherwise. Getting the ball rolling is Loch Ness Monster expert Roland Watson's article about a New Witness that Corroborates 2011 Sighting, followed by Gavin Madeley's report explaining Why 2011 Was a Bumper Year to See Nessie: THREE Monster Hunters Compete for £1,000 Prize for Best Sighting.

Andrew Nicholson has an entertaining review of the Yowie, Australia's version of Bigfoot, showing things in the early days of Yowie sighting reports, claims of Yowies being killed and veiled references to Yowie captures stretch back in the wilds of the southern continent for nearly 200 years. As in the United States, the Australian search for undeniable evidence of a bipedal apeman gamboling through the wilderness has many bizarre claims. The Yowie gets some love from CFZ-Australia today, too, as a video interview is lifted from the archives for Yowie Encounters on NSW South Coast. Elsewhere, The Anomalist gets mention for offering the wrong photo to Dale Drinnon during his recent quest for anyone having the right photo to contact him, all duly noted in Another Poor "Sea-serpent" Photo from Argentina. We shall perish in ignominy! Drinnon also has an appreciation of a stalwart Sasquatch seeker, now gone from the search, who left quite an impact in his adopted country, Canada, as seen in the guest blogger entry at CFZ-Canada entitled An Appreciation of Rene Dahinden.

Bigfoots Instead of Bigfeet

Cliff Barackman was a celebrity even before Finding Bigfoot