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This Bigfoot Camera Prank App For Android Phones Makes Life Easier For Hoaxers

FB/FB Explains Why Sasquatch Can Easily Hide From Humans

It's one thing for a headline to be provocative. It's quite another for it to be true in the same breath. This is a wild and wooly coming-of-age story the author, Dennis Daryl, claims is true. It's full of mobsters, moving from house to house, incidental Nazis, big dogs and Bigfoot. We probably left something out, but it's a rambling tale and all laid out for you to take in as you like. Is it true? You decide. You may get better evidence for the existence of North America's best known cryptid tomorrow night in a popular television show's Virginia visit described by Roger Brown in Local Bigfoot-like Creature Explored in Sunday Episode of "Finding Bigfoot". And a list of human-shaped entities fills the online airwaves in Benjamin Grundy's latest podcast airing now at Episode 705 – Mysterious Universe, which also covers the recent "wooly mammoth" sighting in Siberia and video of an Icelandic water monster. That water monster video has taken on an Internet life that Jon Downes lists copiously in That Iceland River Monster Again, and Downes points us to a humorous site that appears to concern itself with the possibility of a water monster in an American neighborhood blogged about in the link provided with Yer Jamaica Pond Monster. There's a tad more humor in a cryptozoological vein today with a report about what's big, bipedal, hairy and odoriferous, as revealed in Bigfoot Mystery SOLVED, Da-da Style.

Local Bigfoot-like creature explored in Sunday episode of "Finding ...
Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, an associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho – and one of the nation's ...

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Major Conference Announcement!

Bigfoot Community News: Archaeologists Find Giants in Greece, The Crypto Crew Releases White Bigfoot Photo, Jay Haas' Mother And Baby Bigfoot Photo

Mammoth Video Is Hoax Update

How Does Bigfoot Walk?

Bigfoot Footage

The loss of a valiant four-legged friend and companion leads to the posting of a report from the archives of Ralph, the Australian men's magazine. You get to go along on the adventure from about eight years ago in search of the Australian Bigfoot in the famous Blue Mountains. Elsewhere, the video clip some think shows a wooly mammoth in a Siberian river has created a stream of comment across the Internet, addressed by Loren Coleman in Mammoth Madness? New Developments. There's a bit of a mystery concerning the description of a creature that could explain some of history's sea serpent reports explained by Dale Drinnon in Longnecked Seals: The Case of the Missing Specimen. And the British news is replete with reports of out-of-place large felines, assembled by Jon Downes in the report Big Cat News: Today's Stories, augmented by Nigel Wright on the South Lakelands Big Cat. Also, the natural history news of the day offers a triple dose of cuteness with photos included in the reports Whitening Strikes Wombats Twice in Ceduna and Puurrrple Squirrels!!

Puurrrple Squirrels!!

Bay Area Bigfoot Enthusiasts - Public Meeting this...

Oregon Bigfoot Blog

Sasquatch Encounters

Matt Pruitt's Sasquatch Research Blog

Texas Cryptid Hunter

PNW Roads

'Bigfoot' team to premiere show on area

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TcsjrBigfoot Speaks Out

BIGFOOT: Does the Ape-Like Cryptid Live in Bexar County?!

Dude Who Originally Uploaded "The Beast Of Gum Hill" Bigfoot Footage Uploads New Video

New Footage: Bigfoot Caught On Camera During Hunting Trip In Western Mass 2011

Popular New Zealand columnist Roger Moroney reveals a tale from a trusted source that goes back to 1893 and may lead Moroney into the New Zealand wilds to search for evidence of a water monster. The territory where a respectable youngster had his encounter with what some refer to as the legendary "taniwha" over a century ago is still a rugged undertaking, and the creature surely can't still be around. Or can it? Dale Drinnon follows Moroney's report with some possible creatures that could have sparked the archived report. Elsewhere, photos are often deceiving, and that's the case Loren Coleman suggests in his report accompanying video in Woolly Mammoth Sighting of the Day. Elsewhere, Lon Strickler gets lots of correspondence about weird subjects, such as today's offering from the Gulf Coast of the Sunshine State that leads to other cryptid reports from Strickler's files detailing Strange Encounters: Southwest Florida. Meanwhile, there continues to be reporting from the United Kingdom of out-of-place felines of a size much larger than feral house cats, the latest such report showing up as Big Cat News: The Calderdale Catbeast, and recent footage of one of the creatures is presented by Loren Coleman in “Black Leopard” Video Analyzed. There's also a cat of an entirely different kind, as you'll see, and it comes from the myths of the North American native populations, as explained in Underwater Mystery Cat.

Mammoth Madness? New Developments

A Tour of the Cryptozoology Museum of Portland Maine
Top Secret Writers
He has personally researched Black Panther sightings and North American ape sightings in the Midwest, and he's hunted down giant snakes, the Mothman, and yes – even Bigfoot – in the course of his adventures. Dressed in the garb of a field guide – a ...

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A December 2010 trailcam photo has just made its way onto the Net, and Loren Coleman is quick to offer details of the filming taken from remarks by an editor of an Ohio magazine which had been the only publication carrying the photo until now. What do you see? Meanwhile, another of our favorite monster hunters, Ken Gerhard, gets a nice mention from his local television outlet in Does Big Foot live in San Antonio? Then Loren Coleman casts a critical eye on another film product that's making the rounds these days, seen in Iceland River Monster? Or Robotic Hoax? Elsewhere, the continuing tangled tales of out-of-place big cats in the United Kingdom continues apace with The Beast of Stroud and Neil Arnold on a Kent Big Cat Photo.

Blurry Footage of Woolly Mammoth Show That Their Tusks Are Really Made of Rubber [Science]

New GameCam Photo: Ohio Sasquatch, Elderly Grassman, or Bumble Costume?

Does Big Foot live in Bexar County?
KSAT San Antonio
According to cryptozoologists, it roams the forests of the great Northwest to the brush land of Southwest Texas, it is known to the world as Bigfoot. "I'm very convinced by all the evidence that I've studied for years and years.

A Man's Encounter With A Juvenile Bigfoot Asking For Fish

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"Was That a Sasquatch?” The Misery of Watching Canadian Super Bowl Ads
Slate Magazine
And 4: "Was That a Sasquatch?” The Misery of Watching Canadian Super Bowl Ads Canadians might love the Super Bowl, but we hate the commercials. Not the commercials you get to watch. I'm talking about the ones we get stuck with in Canada.

MIT Scientist Offers $100K To Anyone Who Proves Quantum Computing ...

BostInno - 7 hours ago
Aaronson thinks his challenge is the equivalent of proving Bigfoot doesn't exist, saying that, “Whether Bigfoot exists is a question about the contingent ...

Possible Bigfoot Caught On Trail Cam Near Massillon in Strasburg, Ohio

Walking Gorilla At Port Lympne Wild Animal Park Is A YouTube Hit [Video]

Bigfoot: Fabricating Sasquatch Footprints

    • 0 posts ·
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    • Published May 31, 2011

    May 31, 2011 · Jaime has been tracking a couple Bigfoot individuals in the Sierras for about 3 years now. He has made some interesting discoveries about the footprints he ...​...analysis-of-footprint-casts.html
  • The information presented in this article is based on personal inspection of the pictured plaster casting of the Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, footprint that was made on ...​bigfoots_​footprint_​a...
  • Bigfoot casts a philosophical shadow On the heels of Darwin Day, the Hearst Museum displays plaster casts of alleged Sasquatch footprints - and ponders the nature of ...​bigfoot.shtml

  • What is known today is this specific 1967 filmsite track copy is certainly the most recognized Bigfoot cast in the world. Of course, ten footprints were found in the ...​filmsite-casts
  • Because of the dubious authenticity of the two other tracks, the third footprint, know as the Onion Mountain cast, is of primary importance. Found by veteran Bigfoot ...​cast_doubt_on_​bigfoot_​evidence

***New Compilation*** "Bigfoot footprints, casts, trackways, the inline step, inline toes and mid-tarsal break" Video of Krantz, Meldrum, Noel and Roger Patterson ...​v=167172126656932 · Cached page

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    • By william jevning ·
    • Published Oct 15, 2011

    Oct 15, 2011 · I placed alphabetical assignments to each cast here, A is my own human foot, B is a Sasquatch footprint cast by Al Hodgson at Bluff Creek California in 1963, C ...​footprint-comparisons.html

  • ... Jeffrey Meldrum and his brother drove to Walla Walla, Wash., to see if they could find Paul Freeman, a man renowned in Bigfoot circles as a source of footprint casts.​bigfoot_​anatomy.html
  • The Bigfoot Research Center Committed to the study of the unknown primate.​Cast.html
  • Dr. Jeffery Meldrum said he doesn’t take on faith that Sasquatch is real but ... Meldrum said his collection currently has over 200 footprint casts and they are working ...​in-search-of-bigfoot-1.1667290

  • Jeffrey Meldrum displays what he describes as a casting of a footprint from a Bigfoot creature, taken in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Washington, in his laboratory ...​ID=189029

  • The Bigfoot Exhibit houses displays of critical bigfoot evidence, a variety of footprint casts, a collection of bigfoot related pop-culture toys, and collectables, as ...

  • When there are photos, videos, casts, or anything else that can be shared ... out, some hikers on the Olympic Peninsula ran across some probable sasquatch footprints just ...​footprints-on-elwha.html

How To Calculate Bigfoot Population In Squatchy Areas

Last year was a banner one for Bigfoot thanks to cable television's unblinking eye upon the subject. Greg Newkirk is no stranger to the hairy hominoid enigma, and he's got some insider information about another upcoming project. Sounds like it's a mix of Survivor and Finding Bigfoot, but will a hefty reward help close the case on Sasquatch once and for all, or just make money for cable companies? While that project may be less than seriously aimed at Sasquatch discovery, there is an individual who has accompanied Dr, Jeff Meldrum in his research who has equally impeccable credentials and is intent on pursuing the creature he believes is real, as reported in John Mionczynski: Naturalist, Accordionist, and Bigfoot Expert. Other cryptids besides Bigfoot are making their way into reports today, as well, brought to light by Dale Drinnon in Other Big Birds Possibly Being Reported as Pterosaurs and Texas Big Bird of the 1970s. And Loren Coleman demonstrates the depth to which the Bigfoot phenomenon and Fortean occurrences have penetrated into public awareness with two examples of Super Bowl advertising exhibited as Hyundai Canada Squatch Spots and Apocalyptic Fortean Ad.

Iceland River Monster? Or Robotic Hoax?

Review: MNBRT Radio 2-6-12

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Listen to MN.B.R.T. Radio with Wildlife Biologist And Bigfoot Researcher Dr.John Bindernagel at 6PM PST Tonight

Unexplained Deer Kill in Saline Valley Conservation Area

Photo Of The Day: Water Ape

FB/FB: Interview With Witness Who Was Cornered By Two Sasquatch Near Greenbriar West Virginia

Hyundai Canada Squatch Spots

Judging by the reports Andrew Nicholson offers here, 1935 was a blue ribbon year for sea serpents in Australian waters. Nicholson takes you back to the scenes where everyone from young boys to road workers got into the sea serpent sighting act. But sea serpents haven't been the only waterborne beasts to populate the tales of Australia, and CFZ - Australia reprints an article from a recent edition of The Geelong Advertiser that salutes a former paper mill, the Devil's Pool and a creature the aborigines say is The Bunyip Terror of Geelong. Alas, the sea serpent and bunyip stories do not exhibit any photos or illustrations of the beasts concerned, but a possible lake or river cryptid seems to have swum into the focus of a prepared videographer in Iceland, and you can view the footage in Video: Iceland 'Lake Monster' Captured on Film? Elsewhere, we turn your attention to North America's favorite cryptid with tales from the Four Corners area of the American Southwest woven together by Dale Drinnon's guest blogger Alysa Landers who points to the rugged mountains on the Navajo Nation, quoting Navajo Bigfoot experiencers and a 2002 field report posted online by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization in Tracking Bigfoot. And Drinnon offers some surprising remarks of his own about the huge, hairy biped, including the claim there are two different kinds of Bigfoot creature in North America, the West Coast Creature and the Eastern creature, as explained, along with reference to some skeletal material, in Observations on Bigfoot Observations.

John Mionczynski: naturalist, accordionist, and Bigfoot expert

High Country News - 5 minutes ago
An irate superior threatened to have him fired if Mionczynski's name were ever publicly associated with "this Bigfoot thing." In the late 1990s, though, ...

Apocalyptic Fortean Ad

  • Minnesota Bigfoot Mississippi Swamp Apes mongahela Monster Hunter Photos Munns Report
  • New Bigfoot Sightings: Proof Still Lacking. Posted by Eric Niiler Thu Oct 13, 2011 03:00 PM ET | 0. A Michigan woman says she feeds a bigfoot family blueberry ...

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  • living Bigfoot-icus baby of her feet are in the books 1 st ... background including paleoanthropological studies of higher hominid & human evolution.
  • So, bottomline, is Bigfoot a hominid, a hominoid or a homin? A hominid or a pongid? ... ancestors but dehumanized offshoots from the main stream of human evolution, some ...​hominx
  • Yeti, Bigfoot, Saquatch Stuff. Amazing Missing Links - Part One; Bigfoot ... Anthropology / Human Evolution News. Earliest hominid: Not a hominid at all?

  • Different evolution. Back to Bigfoot. Is it possible that this creature, which may be a divergent hominid species with which he share a common ancestor, has not only ...​bigfootsasquatch/a/aa050106_​2.htm
  • In human evolution, hominids are most often compared to their living descendants—us. ... is clear- their descendents are the hominoids of today-bigfoot sasquatch, yeti ...​hominids/2011/11/​...models-of-human-evolution

  • In human evolution, hominids are most often compared to their living descendants—us. ... is clear- their descendents are the hominoids of today-bigfoot sasquatch, yeti ...​hominids/2011/11/​...models-of-human-evolution
  • Human evolution: Did we come from monkeys? The short ... Tags: book, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, The Bigfoot ... An introduction to hominids. moalindberg wrote 1 week ago: ...

  • The comparison of the data of the morphological evolution of the brain of fossil hominids and ... are given in pages 78–79 of Bayanov’s America’s Bigfoot.] ...
  • Hominids: By definition of Evolution - Members of the family Hominidae, which includes only modern humans and their ancestors since the human lineage split from the apes.
  • The implications for evolution It has always been thought that the first hominid to leave Africa was Homo erectus (or ergaster), and that this had happened after erectus had ...
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    • First post: Dec 07, 2009

    Dec 07, 2009 · Sasquatch is no hominid, he's just a guy in a suit! Hominids are in documentaries ... Do humans have different blood temperaments? How can you prove evolution?​qid=20091207092550AAoqSfM
  • Sasquatch tracks are sighted in ... rewrite the story of human evolution. We shall have to accept that Homo sapiens is not the one and only living product of the hominid ...​id=7938

  • Dr. Jeff Meldrums work in Bigfoot research, focused upon ... the fossil record of primate and human evolution, and ... in ape foot dynamics, early hominid ...​jeffrsch.htm

Holy Crap! Hyundai Canada Meets Sasquatch In Superbowl XLVI Commercial

Can Spy Satellites Help Us Find The Relict Hominoid?

BFRO Investigator Matt Pruitt Chimes In On Ape-vs-Human Debate [Bigfoot Debate]

BFRO: "WARNING: Do not use this forum to invite people to meet you in the woods!"

The Snow Walker Bigfoot Hoax Video

Piltdown Skull To Be Tested

Super Bowl Sunday CryptoArt Quiz

Three Cryptozoological Mysteries The s8intcom Blogger
Chris Parker is certain to rouse controversy with this latest post, the full title of which is "Three Cryptozoological Mysteries: The Penn State Dinosaur that Was?; the Ancient Chinese Rhinoceros that Wasn’t; and the 19th Century Pterosaur Displaying Previously Unknown Morphological Features That Might Have Been." But his copiously illustrated discourse should surely pique even the most zealous protector of the current dogma about the coexistence of ancient man and extinct creatures. What do you think? Elsewhere, a creature that could fit right into the menagerie demonstrated by Chris Parker shows up in drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, prompting Danish researcher Lars Thomas to write Jon Downes at the Centre for Fortean Zoology seeking help in identifying the incongruous creature, as you'll see in A Little Something for the Blog. Meanwhile, the author of several cryptid creature books, Neil Arnold, takes on a new gig writing a newspaper column about the creatures that prowl the British countryside, and his first offering is Are There 'Big Cats' Roaming Britain?

Big-By Lloyd Pye

BIGFOOT ENCOUNTER monsters paranormal demons strangers animals mystery ghosts

Tracking Bigfoot
Farmington Daily Times
By Alysa Landry Whether you call it Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skookums or one of the more than 60 names American Indian tribes have given the legendary beast, the harder you look, the less likely it is you'll find him, ...