Saturday, March 27, 2010

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Reminder: Animal Planet, “Beasts of the Bible,” April 1st

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On the heels of the announcement of a startling find in a Siberian mountain cave, one of the world's foremost cryptozoologists enters the discussion with lots of illustrations and some well-formed points to ponder. Loren Coleman can call on fifty years of research and writings on the world's unknown animals to lend a scholarly tone to the cryptozoological nature of the Siberian discovery. Coleman and Patrick Huyghe authored The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates, giving Coleman what may be a unique perspective on the possibilities more human species have graced the planet's timeline than generally considered. Given that the discovery of Homo floresiensis occurred just six years prior to this new discovery, should we be bracing ourselves for even more hominin discoveries? Elsewhere, collection of proof of a living almasty will be the goal when Dr. Chris Clark heads for a remote region of central Asia, as Richard Freeman reports in Tajikstan Expedition.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

It Must Have Been Sasquatch

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X-Woman Discovered: Is She Yeti? Almas? What?

Where the Phantom Panthers Roam The Paranormal Pastor
First the Good Pastor reviews some of the history of Erie, PA, a town that takes its name from the Eriez tribe of Native Americans which once called the area home. The Eriez took their name from the panther skins they wore. So, was what Pastor Robin Swope saw at 2:30 in the afternoon on February 17, 2010, a black panther, a vision called up from the history of the Eriez tribe or a shadow creature, much like the shadow men often reported by people who experience the paranormal? Here Pastor Swope recounts the sighting, revealing that there were no paw prints in the snow where the creature passed. Key quote: "As soon as I saw the creature, I knew it was something...else." Meanwhile, at Cryptomundo, Sean Lesley writes about The Bigfoot Movies That Might Have Been: An Intro.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MQ Producer’s Exclusive Statement

Monsters of New Jersey Finished">Monsters of New Jersey Finished

Ropens on a Japanese Warship?! Cryptozoology Online
Lindsay Selby notes a story that appeared last month on Jonathan Whitcomb's blog under the heading "Japanese World War II Ship Shelled Pterosaur Caves." Whitcomb explained in his post how an email from someone who lives in the area of Papua, New Guinea, claims Japanese troops, occupying the area during World War II, were attacked by flying creatures the islanders refer to as "kor," a nocturnal flying reptile that Whitcomb's correspondent says was plentiful and a danger to fishermen prior to 1940. The kor referred to appear to match the descriptions natives give of the ropen, also reported to be a flying reptile. Does any record exist of the Japanese navy unleashing its guns to pound caves used by these creatures? There are more strange creatures reported in some very old news reports, as you'll see in Muirhead's Mysteries: Cheshire Odd Fish Reports in the 17th and 18th Centuries. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman and Bruce G. Hallenbeck announce the manuscript for their new book has been turned in to the publisher, and Coleman lists the chapters and presents the cover art in Monsters of New Jersey Finished.
Get Ready For More Sasquatchsploitation In "Boggy Creek" Remake

The Legend of Boggy Creek">Danny Vail’s remake of The Legend of Boggy Creek

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The Bigfoot Movies That Might Have Been: An Intro

Some of the most well thought out commentary on the existence and nature of Bigfoot come from this weblog maintained by The Blogsquatcher. His explanations and insights often go well beyond what is usually presented about North America's most famous cryptid. Today's lengthy essay is no exception. Here's a key quote: "(I)t appears to me that something exists which causes people to make the reports that they do, but whatever it is has something about it which frustrates our attempts to truly discern it." Could the answers to the Bigfoot question lie waiting in other scientific disciplines besides zoology, biology and hominology? Could answers for the mysterious beast that keeps cropping up be found in another post from The Blogsquatcher entitled Bigfoot Behavior; Observable Quantum Superposition, etc...? Meanwhile, Loren Coleman has a programming note in "Gable Film" Returns: Werewolves on MQ Finale and asks Have You Seen the Cape May Sea Serpent?
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Chrystina Trulove examines the Australian legend of a creature that has been variously described as resembling everything from an elephant seal to the North American Bigfoot. Is the bunyip actually a remnant animal from Australia's megafaunal period that has escaped extinction? Meanwhile, Lindsay Selby posts footage that may show an unknown lake creature in A Bowness Video for Consideration.

Boing Boing Highlights Bigfoot Finger Puppets

“Gable Film” Returns: Werewolves on MQ Finale

Obscura Day Is Here!

50th Anniversary on Obscura Day: Photo Updates

Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Crypto Programming Updates

Editorial Did Monsterquest Overstay its welcome
BFROs new YouTube channel

The life of a monster-hunter certainly has its ups and downs, including the hassles an author and lecturer on the subject might encounter at the customs counter when returning from a brief trip abroad, as described by Nick Redfern of There's Something in the Woods fame in this tale of Bigfoot fans among the U.S. Customs personnel at the Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman describes the day at the International Cryptozoology Museum (ICM) yesterday during "an international celebration of curious places happening around the world on March 20, 2010." You'll find the description, with photos, in 50th Anniversary on Obscura Day: Photo Updates. Strangely enough, the ICM doesn't appear in the gallery, presented as a slideshow, at the Fox News 12 Weirdest Museums on Earth. Elsewhere, a Long Island radio personality figured into two books written by the late John Keel, and one of the personality's claims gets a quick glance in Jaye P. Paro - and the Mount Misery Photo.
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When Did William Roe Die?

Them’s Fess Parker Dies">Them’s Fess Parker Dies

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