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Worm: Sasquatch in our midst?
The Wenatchee World Online
Paul Graves, a local artist and tracker who has studied sasquatch sightings for 25 years went to the site and made plaster casts of footprints he described as looking similar to those of a bear, but with wide spread toes. The person who saw the animal ...
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Bob H and Phillip M explain how they pulled off the biggest hoax in history.

Posted by Rob Gaudet on January 19, 2013 at 3:00pmComments 
Those individuals who seek the truth stop at nothing, leave no stone un-covered in it's pursuit. Do you believe Bob Gimlin and Roger Pattersons accounts of what happened in Bluff Creek? If you have not listened to all sides of the story, perhaps…

Searching For The Mogollon Monster Phantoms and Monsters
Something's stalking the American southwest and there's tons of evidence. It's known to Amerindians since ancient times to the modern day. Among the evidence, there's an account from Finding Bigfoot and their close encounter with the red-haired stinky varmint. Lon Strickler's on the case of this unique beast. Karl Shuker has another astonishing tale, Going Ape About The Koolookamba! Their existence isn't doubtful, several examples have been in captivity, but their true nature remains up in the air. Karl covers chimeras, crossbreeds, and chimpanzees as he awaits further developments in this curious case. Over at Zoologger, Michael Marshall has a dispatch on The First Solar Powered Vertebrate! Turns outAmbystoma maculatum's symbiotic relationship with algae is key to the survival of their eggs. Speculation abounds that other aquatic critters do the same thing. No less strange is Jack Springing Up In Warrington. John Rimmer finds an astonishingly recent account of Spring-Heeled Jack who supposedly vanished at the turn of the century.

Friday, January 18, 2013

New Information on the Upcoming 25th-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference!!!!!!

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a great Holiday season. With the Ohio Bigfoot Conference just three months away on April 13th, I'd like to pass along some information.

1- VIP tickets- We have sold over 75% of the available premium seating (center section, first eight rows). For those of you who bought, thank you so much. For those of you thinking about, better do it ASAP. I'm guessing they'll be gone in a few weeks at best. Once there gone, I'll let everyone know. General admission tickets will be sold for $15 at the door from 12 noon on Saturday. It will be standing room only for sure!

2- SPEAKER UPDATE- As of right now, we have Dr. Esteban Sarmiento, Loren Coleman, Thom Powell, Dr. Russ Brown (BFRO WV curator), and Mark Maisel (BFRO Ohio curator). There still might be one surprise speaker...if it happens it'll be HUGE!!! 

3- Lodging update- Our official Lodging partner is the Salt Fork State Park Lodge. We have secured excellent room rates for an affordable family weekend. Theses rates are good Friday and Saturday. Lodge room $75.00 per night, stay Sunday for $39.00. Cabin rates $95.00 per night, stay Sunday for $39.00. To book your room before we sell out call 740-435-9000 and enter 0 to be connected to an operator. Ask for the Ohio Bigfoot rate. 

4- Other planned events
Friday (12 noon to 3PM) will feature an advanced hike into some of the best Bigfoot area's of the area. This is for the more advanced and could get dirty..
* Friday evening (6-8PM) will be having a VIP Speaker Dinner at a designated off site location. All VIP's will get preferred seating. Non VIP's will put on a wait list and notified of the availability. Last year, everyone who wanted to attend had no problem getting a seat in our private room. 
* Later that night (9PM til 11PM) at the Lodgethere will be an informal meet and greet with the speakers.

*Sunday from 10:30 AM until 1 PM will be having our Ohio Bigfoot Festivalfeaturing multiple "how to" clinics hosted by a multitude of (TBA) experts in the field. A "free" cookout will be provided by our friends at the United States Bigfoot Research Association 

To finish up on Sunday, we will be hosting a family friendly hike in the generalSalt Fork area from 1 to 3 PM. 

5- SPONSORS- I've had numerous people inquire about sponsoring a speakers presentation. If you, your group, business, etc... would be interested in sponsoring a speakers presentation please contact me at for all the details. You'll receive a business card ad in our Conference program, name mentioned before and after presentation, and an advertisement (provided by you) on our website for a full year. As of right now, Loren Coleman is sponsored.

Other than that, stay warm, stay healthy, and stay thirsty..LOL!!! Take care and thanks!


Marc A. DeWerth
Ohio Bigfoot Organization

In an interview in Esquire, the Transformers bombshell reveals that she believes in aliens, leprechauns, and the loch ness monster, and considers Bigfoot her "celebrities," whatever that means. We are told that she has yet to make an appearance at the International Cryptozoology Museum, however. Today, a town meeting takes place in the Louisiana home of the the legendary Fouke Monster for the TV show "Finding Bigfoot." Lyle Blackburn, author of The Beast of Boggy Creek, is helping Matt Moneymaker on this episode, which asks:Can Finding Bigfoot Find the Fouke Monster?

TV Bigfoot chasers expanding search to Kansas
The Garden City Telegram
Now, the object in the photo has drawn the attention from producers of the Animal Planet series Finding Bigfoot, with the cast and crew filming in the region over the next few weeks. "I had no idea, no clue it would be this big," Wood said Wednesday ...
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Bigfoot Holiday Resort to Open in Siberia
A holiday resort specialising in Bigfoot sightings is to open in the Sheregesh ski resort on Shoria Mountain in Kemerovo, Siberia. The Yeti Park is being developed in an area that claims to have one of the highest number of Yeti sightings in the world.
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kelly Milner Halls' comment on my review of her book In Search of Sasquatch

Kelly Milner Halls commented on her Wall post.
Kelly wrote: "Henry, how great is this? Thank you so much for writing the review and for sharing it here. I'd love it if you spread the word about the book. I think it's a great introduction for readers of all ages, even if I did write it for kids. You totally made my day! Thanks again!"

What's attacking dogs in Neosho, Missouri? Residents are shaken up and understandably so as several of their dogs have been attacked and even killed by something lurking in the woods. Whatever it is, it seems to be attacking the dogs out of either defense or pure sport, as it leaves the dogs and does not drag them off or eat them. Our guess is an out of place, frightened bear but there's just enough mystery surrounding this to consider other stranger possibilities...meanwhile, over in Wisconsin, people have reported seeing 7-foot-tall 'werewolves'. As if that wasn't enough, they also reported a UFO sighting along with the werewolf encounter. Paul Dale Roberts considers the possibility that the Werewolves of Shawano County, Wisconsin may have more to do with the 'OZ effect', sometimes reported in conjunction with UFO encounters, that leaves witness in a dream-like state and hallucinating. ..Nick Redfern gives us examples of high-strangeness from the UK, with this report on Primitive Humans in the UK, with encounters both in the wild and during a seance, of all places. Micah Hanks creeps us out a bit closer to home with this look at Abduction and Anomalous Non-Alien Kidnappings (Bigfoot?) that are a lot less rare than you'd like to think they are.

Book Reviews: New Turn in Russian Snowman Research by Igor Burtsev/In Search of Sasquatch by Kelly Milner Halls

The newest book by Igor Burtsev is a follow-up on his colleague Dmitri Bayanov's three excellent books In The Footsteps of the Russian Snowman, America's Bigfoot: Fact, Not Fiction and Bigfoot Research: The Russian Vision, and is really well-done. It profiles the Russian research into the Russian Wildman since the 1950's, spearheaded by the late Dr. Boris Porschnev and Marie Jeanne Koffmann and also by Pyotr Smolin, as well as Burtsev and Bayanov themselves. It also profiles the research done in the United States into the Sasquatch/Bigfoot and how it correlates with the Russian research. We see for the first time Igor's full record of his visit to America in 2004 in Tennessee investigating the Carter Farm alleged happenings, as well as photos of what appeared to be possible markers and intricate tree constructions both in Russia and the U.S. The book concludes with more recent research from 2010 in Russia, where expedition members seemed to find some pretty interesting evidence. On a scale from 1-10, this book gets a pretty solid 8 1/2.


This book by a Spokane, Washington schoolteacher and author is great for kids-of ALL ages!!! It gives us a basic rundown of some past history of sightings, as well as profiling researchers like Paul Graves, Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman, Derek Randles of the Olympic Project, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Bob Gimlin, Tom Yamarone and other researchers. It also looks at modern technologies being used in the search, as well as looking at tree twists and breaks attributed to 'Squatches, along with the famous Patterson/Gimlin Film and Bill Munns' research into it. There is also the language  consideration via R. Scott Nelson. There is also some great color photography, with several pictures from the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up, which Kelly attended. All in all, a short but sweet book, one that I highly recommend, especially since I know about 95% of the  people profiled in the book!!! This one gets a 10 out of 10!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is an interesting account of extremely tall, bipedal, hairy wild men seen in British Columbia a...

Outside writer Katie Heaney goes in search of the truth behind the elusive Minnesota Ice Man and comes up empty handed, as most do when trying to answer the "Is he or Isn't He Real" question about the frozen man in a box. Another enduring mystery that is slightly easier to unravel (i.e. true) is that of Homo floresiensis, or the real life Hobbits. Now Evidence Shows That “Hobbits” Were A Separate Species, which adds a lot more fuel to the fiery debate. And finally, Cryptomundo drifts over into the land of high-strangeness with these tales of Elfland and Melonheads.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mixing two fringe sciences isn't conducive to increasing acceptance in mainstream circles. Making a distinction between the two fields is Matt Bille respectfully disagreeing with Nick Redfern by insisting on consistency in definitions and approaches. To say Tim Holmes of the Elmira Bigfoot Watch disagrees with SpikeTV's approach to tracking sasquatch is an understatement. Keeping tabs on his buddy, Greg Newkirk shares the news of this "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" Contestant Getting Canned And Spilling The Beans in a frank and honest fashion. ThoughSpikeTV wants a dead sasquatch, there was a Petition To Protect Bigfoot. Henry Peterson runs down the relevant legislation and discussing whether such a petition is necessary. Across the pond, Glasgow Boy doesn't want Bigfoot to hog the headlines. After perusing one of Dale Drinnon's latest pieces, GB shares Some Thoughts On The Surgeon's Photograph and how it applies to the second surgeon's picture.

Dahlonega hosts first ever Southeastern Bigfoot Conference
KPHO Phoenix
Nestled in the woods of the North Georgia Mountains is R Ranch, which held the first ever Southeastern Bigfoot Conference. Believe it or not, the event had quite a turn out Jan. 12 and 13. The two-day event covered an array of topics from interaction ...
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Finding Bigfoot: Witnesses impress Ranae, make skeptic of Matt
Suspicious activity attributed to Bigfoots brought Matt, Bobo, Cliff and Ranae to Louisiana last night, and the trip was full of surprises for the eager Finding Bigfootteam on Animal Planet. After being welcomed to the town of Zowolle with a Cajun ...
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Friend or Foe? The new question in Bigfoot Research

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: Finding Bigfoot 1-13-13

This was a fair episode at best, set in the Sportsman's Paradise of Louisiana. They went to the town of Zwolle where they were invited to a cook-out and people share their sighting stories. No hard evidence, but some possible sightings. They conducted night operations where they heard wolves, which are prodigious in the East Texas/Western Louisiana corridor. They left Bobo out there for solo operations, and they went and interviewed some witnesses from the cook-out. Bobo got an interesting sound, but it could have been a wolf or coyote. The team members interview four witnesses, conduct one more night operation, and find...well, really, nothing worth mentioning. A very disappointing episode, which I give about a 5 1/2 stars out of 10. This was the Season Finale of the third season, but next week they immediately begin the fourth Season, with a jaunt to Colorado, 10:00 EST/9:00 Central on Animal Planet. Check local listings for time and channel.

Man's best friend is poised to be a sasquatch's worst enemy. Guy Edwards caught this gem in the Tyler Morning Telegraph about an upcoming east Texas 'squatching' expedition, courtesy of Universal K-9. Catch Faith Harper's rundown of this plan so crazy it just. might. work. along with two videos of dogs being trained to track Bigfoot. Dr. Karl Shuker appears to be following in Dr. Seuss's footsteps as he presents theHippoturtleox - The Horned Monster Of Tibet's Lake Duobuzhe. Dr. Shuker has tantalizing details about odd critters that defy conventional zoology, applying his erudation to possible suspects which are just as unexpected as these accounts.

38 Tickets Left For New Haven Cryptozoology Talk of January 15th

Link of the Month January 2013
Bigfoot followers gather to discuss finds
Gainesville Times
DAHLONEGA — If you're into the search for sasquatch, Dahlonega is the place to be this weekend. The inaugural Midnight Walkers Southeastern Bigfoot Conference kicked off the first of two days of guest speakers and presentations about bigfoot Saturday ...
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