Saturday, November 28, 2009

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The 'Older Couple' in Our House Paranormal Journalism
Twenty-two of Jason Offutt's journalism students have been writing of high strangeness for several weeks now, reporting tales told to them or their own personal experiences. Here are eight more tales the students have gathered through their journalism efforts, ranging from the opening tale of a child's interactions with the spirits of an elderly couple in the lead story to another youngster's report of a childhood experience during a game of flashlight tag.

Friday, November 27, 2009

That’s No Beaver; It’s A Gator

Santa’s Family Tree ‘09

The Dwarfs of Mount Atlas

New cattle mutilation reports from San Luis, CO, have prompted Colorado Mutual UFO Network investigator Chuck Zukowski, who investigated other mutilations earlier this year in other San Luis Valley locations, as well as last year's mutilation reports near Trinidad, CO, to visit the scene. Local Law enforcement agents have been unable to find any signs of human or animal attacks in the latest case, "(b)ut in the San Luis Valley, where a mutilated horse maintains celebrity status four decades after its death and a UFO watchtower graces the roadside near Hooper, some may look upward for an explanation of the incidents."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Woman Had Black Eyes From the Shadows
Many reports have been made about "black-eyed" kids and the sense of extreme fear experienced by those who have encountered them. Among those accounts, there are occasional instances in which the darkly visaged person is not described as a child, but as an adult. Such is the case of Leanne Smith and her encounter in a Deale, MD, grocery store parking lot in 1999. What kind of being was the woman whose intense stare frightened Leanne Smith so deeply a decade ago? Meanwhile, Chris Holly discourses on the troubled state of paranormal research in The Head Banging Subject Known as the Paranormal.
Tim Binnall welcomes author Jim Marrs, annual premiere guest on one of most respected online broadcast programs of all. Binnall and Marrs cover a wide variety of esoteric subjects in the fifth annual edition of this weekly series. Topics include UFOlogy and the UFO phenomenon, 2012, and several different conspiracy theories. Topping off the nearly two-hour program, Binnall greets the star of the new TruTV series "Conspiracy Theory," Governor Jesse Ventura.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Questions concerning the identity of a Tibetan lake reportedly filled with monsters leads Dr. Karl Shuker to examine the changing names of some lakes, especially those lakes within the confines of mainland China. One such lake in the northwestern Xinjiang Autonomous Region was previously referred to as Lake Hanas, but a new appellation has been bestowed on that body of water. Now it's referred to as Lake Kanasi. In 1985, however, when it was still Lake Hanas, imminent Chinese biologist Professor Xiang Lihao and a group of students observed some monstrous salmon-like fish in the lake that they say were at least 33-feet long. What happened to these huge fish? Has anyone captured one? Elsewhere, there are more lake cryptids in the news, as you'll see in Muirhead's Mysteries: Lake and Sea Monster Archives Part Three.

The persistent urban legend of giant alligators populating the sewers beneath the streets of New York City comes full circle in this examination of how the story came about and grew legs that still propel it through some modern editions. The book that seems to have given the most impetus to the story was Robert Daley's The World Beneath the City, published in 1959, in which Daley talked with the former superintendent of the Big Apple's sewers, Teddy May. May said he didn't believe his workers claims of alligators occupying their workspace and descended into the depths to prove them wrong. However, according to what he told Daley, he did find quite a few small alligators cruising the polluted waters and set about getting rid of them. Daley duly reported May's words in his book, and an urban legend was born. So, were there ever any alligators of large enough size to present a danger in the sewers of New York City? The answer to that question comes from Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo in 1935 Sewer Gator Story Confirmed. With images.

Bigfoot Quest Tonight.../HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICK REDFERN!!!!!!

Hello All:
It's now been two years since the Bigfoot Quest radio show first debuted on BlogTalkRadio. So please join your hosts Bob Coyne and Mike Killen for this special show as we celebrate the anniversary of our second year on internet radio. Over these past two years we’ve had some great guests that have helped make this show a success and we’ve also enjoyed the support of our audience. If not for all our guests that have been gracious enough to accept our invitation and find the time to appear on the show and our loyal listeners who join us in chat each Tuesday night or download and listen to the show through the archives, this show would not be possible! So in gratitude we want to say a special thank you to all of you who make this show possible and hope many of you can join us in our live chat this week for this special show!
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Dubbed "The Little Lady of Flores" by the scientific team that uncovered her bones in a cave on the Indonesian island of Flores, the diminutive creature otherwise known as LB1 has received a full-body reconstruction by renowned Parisian paleoartist Elizabeth Daynes. Loren Coleman shares images of Daynes' recreation of the female Hobbitt as well as other such work offered by Daynes, including a female Neanderthal reconstruction. Also at Cryptomundo today, Brent Swancer continues a recent report in Japanese FeeJee Mermaids, Part II; and Coleman offers a cautionary tale in The Bear Lake Monster.
The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia - Is West Virginia part of Bigfoot’s migration route?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Harking back to a hunting even that occurred in 2006, Environmental Editor Jonathan Leake attempts to sound another alarm regarding polar bears and climate change. Are polar bears now threatened by global warming and grizzly bear encroachment into polar bear territory? Will grizzly's eat the cubs of their larger cousins, or will the polar bear line die out from crossbreeding with grizzlies?
Stayton Bonner visited the recent Ninth Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference, hosted by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. Bonner talked with many attendees and presents much of their stance regarding the search for the most elusive cryptid of all. Bigfoot research celebrities, such as Bob Gimlin of the Patterson/Gimlin 1967 Brushy Creek Bigfoot film fame and Smokey Crabtree of The Legend of Boggy Creek, as well as award-winning naturalist/author Peter Mathiessen and high strangeness author Nick Redfern were in attendance. With images and video. Also in attendance were many vendors, including one selling the "Sasqwatch," a timepiece featuring a plastic of a Bigfoot footprint, an example of which you'll find on the unfamiliar arm that accompanies a familiar face at Nick Redfern's "There's Something in the Woods". That arm appears again with a different timepiece in a photo that accompanies a tribute to a fallen comrade and news of a much-anticipated book due for release next year, as you'll see in Contactees, Cryptoterrestrials & Mac.