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Locals on the Devon coast have spotted a creature with a long neck and small head just 30 yards offshore. Apparently chased by the creature, the fish in the area are beaching themselves. Photographs of what the newspaper is calling a "strange Plesiosaur-like creature" were taken on July 27th. Its neck is too long to be a turtle, but could it be a sperm whale? A salt water crocodile? Or a sea serpent?

Redchun's bigfoot head video reviewed by 73roadrunner1

David Letterman reports on Bigfoot 1978

Bigfoot in Oregon

Everglades Bigfoot

John aka Redchun's Sas

Friday, July 30, 2010

Scott Corrales of the Hispanic Institute of UFOlogy translates another tale of high strangeness from South America in this examination of a watery phenomenon by Luis Burgos of Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia. Burgos, well known to the Argentine UFOlogy community, presents a follow-up to a recent report of a strange photograph snapped at Laguna de Monte in "The Lagoon Creature: A Unique Argentinean Photo?" The reason Burgos asks if the photo is unique to Argentina can be found in the numerous instances of sightings in Argentina that stretch back to 1950, reporting humanoid creature encounters around bodies of water. Now a photo from March 14, 2010, depicting an unusual figure standing in or "on" the waters of Laguna de Monte in Almirante Brown district southwest of the city of Buenos Aires has come to light and has been examined closely by Burgos' expert photoanalysis team. Is this photo a hoax, or is it a rare example of an entity captured by the camera? With photos. And Burgos has begun a new investigation, too, beginning with another photograph from La Plata, included in the post Argentina: A Possible UFO Landing?

Australia's Northern Territory has been the scene of many big cat sightings through the years, despite the fact the continent has no native big cats. In this respect, the Northern Territory hasn't been unique, though, as big cats have been reported in other Australian states as well. Now a still from a 1990s video has been brought forth by Australian co-authors Rebecca Lang and Mike Williams who spent five years collecting photos and videos of large cats "that resemble leopards and pumas" for their new book Australian Big Cats: An Unnatural History of Panthers. With photo and sometimes snarky comments. Do you think the photo looks like a house cat? There's more on the photograph of the "Territory Tiger" in CFZ Australia Writes.... Meanwhile, an archived newspaper clipping from July 17, 1934, retrieved by Richard Muirhead, tells the tale of Another Giant Testudine.

of a Sasquatch hunt that may have resulted in the famous Patterson Bigfoot film. An enigmatic piece of cinema that may finally be explainable. ...
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My Apology to MK Davis

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Audio Interview with Mike | Oregon Bigfoot Blog

A recent report from Chris Holly about the possibility UFOs may be living organisms could become more relevant after this report of a sighting that was made by a church group camping at a Utah park on June 27, 1981. The group watched a flying light for 90 minutes as it swooped around the walls of Cow Canyon in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. When the object came within 30 feet of the group, a member shined a spotlight on it, reporting it looked like a creature, not a metallic UFO. The spotlight holder says the "creature" was "winged and larger than a bat." The full Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) report is taken from a National Park Service report of the incident. In other MUFON reports surfacing today, a June 10, 2010, comment by a five-year-old to his mother has led her to speculate the child has had a harrowing experience, as detailed in Kentucky Mother Suspects Son May Have Been Abducted, and a July 16, 2010, incident has a couple spotting a UFO performing a tricky maneuver, as noted in Falling Object Over Ohio Splits into Pieces and Moves in Formation. Elsewhere, check out the July 23, 2010, footage of the Impressive Daytime 'V' Orb UFO in California.

Javier Ortega cuts through the jumbled phraseology of a Google translation to paraphrase a story from Ecuador that tells of a powerful unknown predator preying on cattle of the local farmers. Speculation ranges from an escaped cougar to el chupacabras. With photos and the ragged Google translation. What do you think is savagely devouring cattle in La Cuadra? Elsewhere, Loren Coleman posts a revisitation of some speculation from 2008 about the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film that includes references to "Hypertrichosis", also known as werewolf syndrome, and the reasons for the reposting can be found In Marlowe Missive on Massacre Revisited.

Myth Busters Episode 3: Bigfoot Real or Fake?

A Figure by the Bench: Oklahoma Habituation Site

Patterson film...not a continuous roll of film..wmv

Monster in the Woods 2010 Trailer

Sasquatch research part 45

Sasquatch research part 46

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ART-Herroneous vs. Herroneous

Sas Lib Apr 30 Two

Van Museum - Jan 20 2008

Aaa Quark Panels - Mar28-06


pocatello exhibit rev mar 9

Secrets News File Mar 11 for Upload


Bigfoot Links

Strange creatures?

Hundreds gather to tell stories of Bigfoot

Bigfoot Bites Back Bigfoot Links Media Blitz Productions

SRRCH Wild and Hairy Men

AUSTRALIAN BUSH APES / YOWIES: Wild and Hairy Men by Dave McBean

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  • Information on the Nguoi Rung, a Vietnamese wildman. · Cached page
  • The Batutut or Ujit, sometimes also known as "forest people", is a proposed hominid cryptid, reputedly similar to the bigfoot, thought to inhabit the Vu Quang nature reserve and other ... · Cached page
  • Bigfoot Encounters Vietnam's, Nguoi Rung. No specific location was given; told to Steve Williams on June 11, 1996... "While at an army military police school, my brother ...​vietnam.htm · Cached page
  • The Người Rừng or Batutut also called Ujit is a hominid cryptid thought to inhabit the Vu Quang nature reserve and other wilderness areas of Viet Nam and Laos.​title=Nguoi_​Rung · Cached page

  • Information on the Unknown Primates of the world. Including Nguoi Rung, Migo of Bhutan, Yet and much more.​Primates · Cached page
An Interview with Don Keating Alternate Perceptions
Brent Raynes talks with the man who epitomizes Bigfoot research for the state of Ohio. Don Keating is the director of Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center and authored the book The History of Bigfoot at Salt Fork State Park. Keating describes how he became interested in Bigfoot in 1984 and details why he thinks investigators are dealing with an actual flesh and blood creature, not something interdimensional. He also appeals to all the Bigfoot research organizations to come together to compare research and try to get to the bottom of the mystery. Elsewhere, Neil Arnold notes that some of the monsters said to inhabit the world are more likely to "be found in the minds" of those who have a dread of them, exacerbated by "the pages of the local newspaper", than in the jungles and forests where one would trust they'd be sporting about, as he explains in The Terror of Tondo. Meanwhile, Dr Karl Shuker writes of a land where many of the organisms are of an appearance that would ordinarily cry "Cryptid!" - but they're not, as he notes, with photo, in Coast of Skeletons, Desert of Dreams. There's an update for an event less than three weeks away that will be held in a village with the catchy name of Woolfardisworthy. That event would be, of course, the Weird Weekend. That's where you'll find the latest update. And Nick Redfern, author of Monsters of Texas, provides expert guidance to a local newsperson about the legendary "Goatsucker" in Welcome Mat: Why We Need the Chupacabra.

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this famous footage, and brings serious issues concerning this film to light. ... Bigfoot Sasquatch Paranormal "Patterson film" "Bluff Creek ...
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Are UFOs Alive? Chris Holly's Paranormal World
In an article that could be included among UFO reports or cryptid reports, Chris Holly speculates about whether alien civilizations are advanced enough to create craft that are part organic, sort of living creatures able to penetrate the atmosphere of worlds not the aliens' own, scouting out the landscape and, perhaps, performing abductions. But the item she includes from a West Virginia source seems to describe something of a cryptid nature, perhaps even a legendary Thunderbird of Native American lore. Either way, what was seen along an Ohio highway in 2004 appears to have been a living creature. With excellent illustrations drawn by the witness. Elsewhere, Lon Strickler offers a collection of sightings from the Lonestar State that seem to show a pattern of activity for the large, hairy hominid known as Bigfoot. A recent email Strickler received that reported a sighting from 10 years ago near Rose City, TX, prompted him to collect other sightings from the vicinity that are now in the Bigfoot archives, as shown in Cryptid Sightings: Jefferson/Orange Counties - Texas Gulf Coast. Is this part of Texas a favorite haunt of Bigfoot? Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon has collected many illustrations and articles in one report that follows up recent press releases from China about the finding of as-of-yet unidentified hair and a footprint that are believed by villagers to be from a "Yeren" as you'll see in Bears, Bearmen and Bearmonkeys. Meanwhile, there are reports of strange beasts and new beasts from research notes included in Top 10 New Species of 2009 Named and Discovered: The Biggest Rat That Ever Lived.

Review Bigfoot Quest 7 27 10 Overview of upcoming shows 7 29 8 2 10 Fact or Faked Programming note
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Revised Abominable Family Trees Cryptozoology Online
Dale Drinnon sort of dismantles a family tree for Abominable Snowmen provided by Ivan Sanderson in his 1961 book Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life, noting that Sanderson did not have the advantage of DNA research when formulating his evolutionary tree of life for huge, hairy hominids. Drinnon provides charts to show the evolutionary paths and branches he believes lead to today's sightings of the large, hairy bipeds that some think lurk on every continent. Meanwhile, another large cryptid occupies the commentary of Mike Hallowell as he supplies some interesting instances of mankind's interactions with Giant Eels. And there's celebrating at the Centre for Fortean Zoology following news vindicating their claims that the rarest of United Kingdom animals still exists in Northumberland, as reported in Manchester Martens.

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Nite Caller's Radio continues the Search for the American Bigfoot Researcher with our guest Mr. Phillip Spencer of the Wildman of Kentucky. ...
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Cryptozoologists in British Columbia study Sasquatch, Lake Monsters, and Giant Salamanders using scientific methods. Members of The British ...
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YouTube - BFGTV - Jimmy Chilcutt discusses dermal ridges on human vs bigfoot footprints

YouTube - Bigfoot's Big Foot

YouTube - Yeti Footprint Found


YouTube - Bigfoot Footprints Sierra Mountains Fresno Calif 3-28-10

YouTube - Animal X Classic Episode 5

YouTube - very large strange footprints march 9, 2009 016

Review Nite Callers 7 25 10 Overview of upcoming shows
British journalist Ben Judah goes in search of the mythical wild man - or "clever monkey" - of the Asian mountains, finding a fair number of citizens willing to swear on the Koran that they have seen the Yeti or evidence of its existence. As Judah puts it, "(I)n Romit, I touched a living myth." Judah compares the beliefs of the impoverished Tajiks in the legend of the Yeti to the beliefs of the European peasants prior to the French Revolution. With images. Elsewhere, Jon Downes comments on a YouTube video that appears to show you can fool some of the people all of the time, especially when it comes to such things as the Return of the Jenny Haniver. With video. Downes also has commentary today about an item from a 1947 edition of a newspaper published in China that appears to attest to an impossibly long-lived tortoise, as seen, with relevant questions, in Canton's 1000 Year Old Testudine. Meanwhile, the latest information about one of the year's most highly anticipated Fortean events is available in New at the Weird Weekend.

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The Search For Bigfoot: BFF Drama Update