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New Video Slideshow of Tom Yamarone's Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Pics

Tom Yamarone Video Slideshow 2 Yakima Bigfoot Round Up

Tom Yamarone Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Slideshow Number 2

HBM's Crypto-Corner Tomorrow...

Bill and I will be discussing the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up, beginning at 9:30 EST/8:30 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

New Vid(s)

bigfoot facts
[TRANSLATED] bigfoot facts
[TRANSLATED] bigfoot facts
A collection of known pictures that suggest that bigfoot exists( sorry no audio)
21 hours ago 17 views 16Washington

Bigfoot Nasty Stinky ApeMan Scares Hunter - Sasquatch Lives - StinkFoot - Beware He Stinks!!
4:50 - Bigfoot body found in georgia body of sasquatch in freezer Man sees Bigfoot in Washington State bigfoot sasquatch video new ...
3 days ago 27 views UfoFootage2
Strange Creatures - Bigfoot Sasquatch Yeti ApeMan - The Legend of the StinkFoot
0:49 - strangest creatures bigfoot lizardman sasquatch cryptozoology legends crypto strange creatures stinky nasty apes bigfoot head ...
3 days ago 90 views UfoFootage2
Sasquatch Caught on Photos - Proof of Bigfoot - SkunkApes - Strange Creatures
4:58 - strangest creatures bigfoot lizardman sasquatch cryptozoology legends crypto strange creatures stinky nasty apes bigfoot head ...
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In this video clip, comedian Colbert gives SETI man Seth Shostak, a self-professed "alien hunter" as per his latest book title, a hard time (and, frankly, deservedly so). "How many alien head do you have on your wall of your den?" "They may not exist, in which case your life is meaningless." "Why search for another thing to bum me out?" And to Colbert's question: "Any nibbles?" Shostak replies: "It's either it or not it, and so far it's been not it."
Some two dozen researchers will be braving the Kiamichi Mountains in southeastern Oklahoma this weekend in search of Bigfoot. The area is rich with deer, berries, honeysuckle and plenty of woodsy cover, an ideal habitat for the apelike creature, according to believers. A cast of a 15-inch-long footprint was taken in the area last year, and others reported seeing "eye shine" from a creature standing about eight feet tall. Elsewhere, Cryptomundo asks if you can identify a Mystery Photograph and also provides More Clues. And at a reservoir in the UK, Anglers spot ‘Nessie’ in Horwich. Make that a "monster" branch.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Researchers to hunt Bigfoot

Tulsa World - ‎19 hours ago‎
"You could hide an army in there and never know it," said DW Lee of Stilwell, global director of the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center. ...
Researchers go looking for Bigfoot United Press International

Passage Into the Primeval on a Bayou Lake

New York Times - ‎May 21, 2009‎
I've never seen Bigfoot.” Mr. Winn turned the Go-Devil down one of the lake's 42 mapped and marked “boat roads” in search of the animals that definitely ...

Tom Yamarone's slideshow of the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Video/Roger and Bob Special Bigfoot Round-Up Edition/Tenacious D-Sasquatch (Live)

Tom Yamarone's Picture Slideshow and Song The Skookum Cast

Roger and Bob Special Bigfoot Round Up Edition

Tenacious D Sasquatch Live

Review: Beyond The Edge Radio 5-22-09

This was a pretty terrific show, reviewing the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up, with guest Scott Herriott, who discussed his encounters and his sighting, as well as discussing with the hosts about his theories on the Big Hairy Guy. The only callers were myself and Indy (I mainly discussed the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up, and Indy asked Scott some questions about his DVDs). Next week, a Psychic Medium is the guest, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Tom Yamarone's slideshow of the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up

the_munns_report_r1.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Sightings October 2, 1994

YouTube - Sightings - Bigfoot
By all indications, Nick Rednern seems to like Jason Offutt's new book Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us. He calls the book "a heady, ominous and roller-coaster ride into the twilight world of some of the strangest and most unsettling creatures to ever grace our planet." Redfern points out that not only does Offutt relate numerous reports of encounters with the Shadow People, but "he also addresses the many and varied theories that have been presented to try and determine who they are and what they may want with us." All in all, he concludes, "this is a great, informative, detailed and highly thought-provoking study of a phenomenon that straddles the realms of the paranormal, the occult and ufology."
A brief report on Scott Nelson's presentation at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up on Sasquatch language. After a study of the "Berry/Morehead tapes," Scott, a retired Navy crypto-linguist, has "verified that these creatures use language, by the human definition of it." Scott's complete report: Characteristics of Human Language Evident in the Berry/Morehead Tapes. Also, an anonymous report of a huge snake that makes noises like cows on the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Apache Cryptids.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Slideshow of the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up/Slideshow of my road trip/My Bigfoot Collection

Big Slideshow on the Yakima Bigfoot Round Up

Long slideshow of pics from me and John Cartwright

My Bigfoot Collection

Beyond The Edge Radio Tomorrow...

Join us this week as Eric Altman joins with Sean Forker and Joe Biello to talk about Eric's recent trip to Washington State to attend the 2009 Bigfoot Round up held at Nachees Washington paying tribute to Bob Gimlin. Eric will discuss the event, the trip with fellow Bigfoot researchers, and the over all trip to Washington State. We also invite anyone who was at the event to call in and share their fond memories either good or bad.
Scott Hackenslash will also be on the first half hour of the show with the latest movie news and reviews from Hollywood.
Be sure to tune in tommorow night, May 22, 2009 from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm est/8:00 to 10:00 Central as we have an open mic night and discuss a overall review of Eric's trip to Washington State for the Bigfoot Round up at Nachees Washington.
Eric Altman Host/Producer
Sean Forker Host/Executive Producer
Joe Biello Host
1-646-716-9640 Call in And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Book Review: The Bigfoot Coloring and Activity Book by Michael Rugg

This short but terrific book is really great, not just for kids, but for adults too (I enjoyed the activities in the book). This is lavishly illustrated by Rugg, and has great pages for kids (or adults) to color. Not only are there illustrations of the Big Hairy Guy, but also of some of the personalities in the field, including the Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery, along with Bob Titmus and Tom Slick. I highly recommend this particular book for kids of ALL ages. 5 Stars!!!
The Notzuchitokage Cryptomundo
A guest column by Brent Swancer first discusses one of the most famous cryptids in Japan, the Tsuchinoko, a type of unknown snake recognized by its distinct fat body and its ability to make giant leaps or roll end over end. He then goes on to describe the Notzuchitokage, which has an upper body like a lizard with two legs and a lower body that resembles a snake. Are they misidentifications of blue tongued skinks? Or an undocumented type of reptile lurking in the remote forests of Japan? Also, check out the Round-Up Of Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up.

Slideshow of the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Pics Part 2

Yakima Bigfoot Round Up Pics Part 2

Video Slideshow of the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Part 1

Yakima Bigfoot Round Up Pics Part 1

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New Videos

Episode 61: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show
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Episode 60: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show
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Episode 59: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show

stick formations and arches
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Checking the bird nest and thinking of my friend Irish
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Sassy the dog
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may 5,2009
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Review: The Sasquatch Triangle 5-20-09

This was a really terrific show, with myself as the guest discussing the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up and my impressions of the event. Scott Herriott was also on the show discussing a bit of controversy regarding who was invited to the event and who wasn't, but overall the show was not dragged down by that. Several folks called in, including Joedy Cook, Bill Green and a fellow named H.C. Chicky. Bill of course, discussed the Georgia Hoax, and also discussed a good bit about being one step ahead of hoaxers. Dunno what Don has planned for next week, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Pics from Friday's trip to Seattle and Yakima

Photos from Seattle from Monday

Sasquatch Triangle Tonight...

The Sasquatch Triangle Show is a show dealing with the Bigfoot phenomena in Ohio, North America and elsewhere whenever news permits. We occasionally have eyewitnesses as guests as well ear witnesses and other interesting guests. HENRY MAY JOINS US TONIGHT TO TALK ABOUT AND REPORT ON THE HAPPENINGS AT THE YAKIMA BIGFOOT ROUNDUP! I WILL ALSO HAVE SCOTT HERRIOTT ON THE SHOW WHO WAS "BANNED" FROM ATTENDING THE YAKIMA BIGFOOT ROUNDUP. I'LL GET HIS TAKE AND OPINION AS WELL AS WHY IT MAY HAVE HAPPENED FROM HIM. TO JOIN US LIVE SIMPLY GO TO www.blogtalkradio. com/sasquatch_ triangle THE CHAT ROOM WILL OPEN @ 8:45 P.M. EASTERN TIME AND THE SHOW STARTS @ 9 P.M. EASTERN TIME.8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Photos Sunday Morning

Photos from the event Saturday

Photos I took from Friday's event