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Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show: Mike Rugg is back on YouTube to let us he's doing OK [Video]

The Crypto Hunters Bigfoot Footage Breakdown Marathon [3 New Breakdowns]

Documented Bigfoot sighting

Dr. Jeff Meldrum analyzes sierra Bigfoot tracks over telephone [Video]

Why it is illegal to kill a Bigfoot in California

MonsterQuest: Swamp Beast [Free Streaming Episode]

Strange Flying Creature Live Pterosaur
Jonathan Whitcomb has been chronicling reports of pterosaur-like creatures in the skies from various spots around the world. The latest report is from a few weeks ago, according to Whitcomb, and comes from Pennsylvania. Like some reports Whitcomb has chronicled from New Guinea, the creature described by Whitcomb's Pennsylvania correspondent appeared to feature "bioluminescence," making the woman who reported it "one of the few eyewitnesses who have reported both a form of an apparent living pterosaur and a glow coming from the creature." Elsewhere, another primitive creature that appears to fit the description of encounters some have reported in the United States, the Caribbean islands and South America draws the attention of Dale Drinnon and a correspondent, with incidents and observations assembled in the accounts of Appalachian Groundsloths, and Others Southwards. Meanwhile, something is roiling what should be peaceful waters in England and dining on full-grown swans, leading to the report of the 'Olympic Monster' Lurking In Waters By London 2012 Site, which may have absolutely nothing to do with the tales Richard Muirhead has dredged up from the Victorian Era archives and presents in Cheshire Devil Fish and Eels in a Devon Pipe.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Episode 192: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show

Guest Post: USFS possibly intercepted letters related to Bigfoot hunt [Cover-Up]

Rick Dyer invites Rex Dutton to join his team, hints at new show and believes in M.I.B.

Mike Rugg: The Curse of Bigfoot?

Did you know that Bigfoots can swim?

Watch Bigfoot Hunter and Survival Expert Jim LeBus demonstrate Fireball Gun on mock Bigfoot [Free Video]

Coalition for Reason, Science and Sanity in Bigfoot Research

Orangutan Physiology and Possible Parallels

Some folks go on the defensive when confronted with an enemy, like Troy Hurtubise and his Ursus armor. Greg Newkirk wants to introduce you to Jim Lebus who's gone on the offensive against the oddest opponent. Video and interview are one-of-a-kind. Meanwhile, with 2011 on the wane, everyone will be coming out with "best of" lists. Loren Coleman is no different, awarding accolades to one of his peers in Cryptozoologist of 2011: Mark Murphy, which celebrates the accomplishments of a man who broke one of the biggest cryptid stories of the last twelve months. Also, Doug Skinner has a newspaper column from the Mothman archives in Mary Hyre's Where the Waters Mingle 1/22/67 which kept pace with the burgeoning strangeness in Point Pleasant. And Lon Strickler reveals correspondence from a woman who has encountered high weirdness in the Buckeye State that leaves him wondering Was It The Frogman...Or Something Else Lurking In Loveland, Ohio?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

MonsterQuest Season 1: Episode 9 - Swamp Beast

Meldrum is Interviewed by NPR and is criticized by Wired Magazine
SPS Bigfoot Researchers Claim To Have Uncovered Solid Evidence
Top Secret Writers
But Sasquatch supporters have at least two esteemed scientists in their corner: Idaho State University Anthropology professor Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum and ...

Guest Post: USFS possibly intercepted letters related to Bigfoot hunt [Cover-Up]

Scientists say humans are just as hairy as any other apes [Science]

Scientists find over 200 new species in Southeast Asia, but still no Sasquatch, yet [Science]

Bob Gimlin's Bigfoot Encounter at Bluff Creek [Video]

Man in Norfork claims to have video of Bigfoot in its natural habitat, then pulls an Erickson Project when he tells people they can't see it

JavaBob's story about Bigfoot DNA results coming back as human and why he believes DNA tests will prove the existence of Bigfoot

Man Shoots Bigfoot, Makes Bigfoot Mad, and Then Builds a $9000 Statue

The rest of the title of Chris Parker's review of dragons as dinosaurs is "How Evolutionary Science Hides Historical Man and Dinosaur Interaction in Plain Sight", which is certain to cause agitation for a large portion of the citizenry. Parker offers numerous photos and illustrations comparing dragon images to dinosaur representations in what he refers to as "cryptozoological historical archaeology," and he indicates the subject is so broad he may offer a second and third part to this study he says shows dinosaurs survived alongside man into the dates of the ancient historical record. Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon has been analyzing tales of the Latino cryptid that has morphed through local lore into a canid in some quarters but should, perhaps be centered on a flying mammal, as detailed in CHUPACABRAS @ 2000 AD: What We Knew Back Then and ChupaBats, SuperBats with numerous illustrations throughout.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Henry May is mad as hell and wants a retraction from M.K. Davis about Bigfoot massacre at Bluff Creek

Mitchell Waite: "The Bigfoot World (humans) needs to decide if they are Bigfoot Hunters, or Bigfoot Researchers"

The meanest review of Finding Bigfoot ever!

Tim Stover explains why he uses his thermal camera during the day [Bigfoot Hunters]

Patrick from Ohio found this shelter possibly belonging to a Bigfoot near his house and wants to know if any researchers are interested in checking it out

Todd Standing Gets on TV Show for Getting Lost in the Woods

Blue Skinned Yeti is on the cover of Willamette Week's Gift Guide

Clifford LeBrecque, a 73-year-old Norfork, IA, resident says he encountered Bigfoot in his backyard, and the frightening event led him to commission an 8-foot-tall replica of the creature to display in his livingroom. While Frank Wallis' human interest story about LeBrecque stops with LeBrecque's remarks about skeptical ridicule of Bigfoot experiencers, Lon Strickler goes further into the LeBrecque Bigfoot experience, after first citing the Wallis report, with an archived news item from 2003 in which LeBrecque details the night he says Bigfoot attacked, an account that was dredged up during hypnotic regression LeBrecque underwent with an Iowa therapist, as found in Bigfoot in the Hawkeye State. The LeBrecque Bigfoot statue may or may not be the only Bigfoot replica constructed to scale, but it definitely is not the only Bigfoot replica out there, and Loren Coleman has the story and photos of another less fearsome representation of the creature in Jackson Hole’s Bigfoot. The creature also has different names in the legends and lore of various North American locations, and Lon Strickler has one regional monicker to reveal, along with several encounter reports, in The Yucca Man.

Norfork man recounts 'Bigfoot' encounter
Baxter Bulletin
Clifford LaBrecque, 73, of Norfork looks at his 8-foot-tall model of Bigfoot, which he keeps in his living room. LaBrecque commissioned the model in 1976. He claims he was grabbed by a Bigfoot in 1977. / Kevin Pieper/The Baxter Bulletin A closeup look ...

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Current thoughts on M.K. Davis Part 1

Current thoughts on M.K. Davis Part 2
The Erickson Project hair samples tested positive for Bigfoot DNA?

Evolution of Charles Middleton's Bigfoot eyewitness report drawings

FB/FB: New Jersey Sasquatch breakdown

Dr. Karl Shuker's next book, due out in the the spring of 2012, will feature the matings from zoos around the world that have produced hybrid big cats, the different combinations of which Shuker describes here. But one hybrid, of which there is apparently only one instance, has the eminent cryptozoologist scrambling for photographic evidence. Where are the images of Mickey, the offspring of a Siberian tiger and a jaguar born in June of 2009 at a zoo in Mexico? Is the photo Dr. Shuker includes here a depiction of the adult Mickey? While mysterious big cats are fresh in your mind, the possibility of melanistic pumas in North America, as well as the evidence of the presence of Eastern Cougars, can be found in the CFZ-Canada report Canadian Black Cats. And Loren Coleman, with the help of Dr. Karl Shuker, shows a certain instance of unreliability in an online encyclopedia's posting about The White Panther of Tring. A programming note for an online broadcast features Coleman, too, as can be seen in Loren on Paracast. Meanwhile, the hard working crew at the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ) have updates for you as you await two of their publications, found in Many Apologies. Also, one of the primary members of the CFZ efforts to track down the elusive Orang-pendek of Sumatra recently passed away, leaving a wife and children who could use our help. You'll find the particulars of the effort to help this man's deserving family in Donate to the Sahar Dimus Appeal.

Bigfoot Times, December 2011

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New kids' books: 12 days of a Washington Christmas and fairy tales for teens
The Seattle Times
Books by Northwest authors and illustrators for children and teens feature the story of a huggable porcupine, the search for Sasquatch and some fractured fairy tales for teens. Wrap them up now; read them by the fire with your favorite youngster later. ...

Who is FeralHumanProject.Info? [Bigfoot DNA Study]

OWFR: Safety in the field [Tips for Bigfoot Hunters]

Survival expert Jim LeBus responds to critics about his Bigfoot story and "Fireball Gun" featured on the History Channel article slams RadioWest producer for being too easy on Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Raytheon Vision Systems developing thermal cameras for smartphones, Bigfoot's anti-military sentiment at an all time high

Bigfoot Video Roundup: Tim Stover's bipedal anomaly on Thermal and SasquaiNation possible sasquatch snow tracks found near road

Webcam Photo of Nessie? Loch Ness Monster
Roland Watson, author of The Water Horses of Loch Ness, reveals images that have just come to light that were snapped in September. The images, taken at a considerable distance, appear to show something in Urquhart Bay, an arm of Scotland's Loch Ness. What do you think? Elsewhere, a group of searchers looking for the Australian equivalent of Bigfoot are featured in two videos you'll find in The Cheeky Fox and the Yowie Men. And such hirsute hominids may have been the inspiration for the ancient book Loren Coleman unveils in Das Buch der Natürlichen Weißheit’s Wudéwásá. Coleman also offers a link for you to download a book at no charge, today, found in Free Thunderbird eBook for Cryptomundians.

The Top Cryptozoology Books of 2011

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For Our New Readers: The famous Erickson Project story from Maple Ridge News

New Footage: Bigfoot crossing in Motley, MN

FB/FB: The Aquatic ape theory - Sasquatch - Human

The Erickson Project cracking down on leakers, does not want you to know Matilda was pregnant at time of filming

Finding Bigfoot Host, Cliff Barackman, Details His Bluff Creek Solo Adventure

The Afterbirth of a Legend - Part 2 - Solo at Bluff Creek

Lon Strickler presents two creature encounter reports, one of which may have been linked to a UFO sighting, that the author of the reports associates with words from the Holy Bible. The possible UFO linked event is related by author CK Quarterman from his soon to be released book Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters & The New World Order, and the second event, also from Quarterman's book, involved a Bigfoot sighting that occurred near Quarterman's encounter with what he terms a "Nephilim." Strickler has also collected two reports on research regarding alleged Sasquatch samples with the first report found in Recent 'Leaked' Bigfoot DNA Information and immediately followed by UPDATE: Recent 'Leaked' Bigfoot DNA Information From 'Flawed' Test. The DNA testing in question is part of what is known as the Erickson Project, and noted author and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman admits things have gotten so convoluted with the project he's seeking anyone with a working thesis about what's really happening with the venture, as he describes in The Erickson Project Is Confusing! Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon collects various reports of bats, including the vampire bat and false vampire bat, as examples of what could be linked to the legendary Goat Sucker of Hispanic lore, then bringing another famous cryptid into the mix with More on ChupaBats, Jersey Devils, False Vampires and Real Chupacabras. And, in a programming note, you can listen online to the archived broadcast of NEAR Skeptics & Believers: Author and Cryptozoologist Glen Vaudrey.

Dr. John Bindernagel's imposters, readers beware (Updated)

Phantoms & Monsters: Lindsay's "leaked" results from Bigfoot DNA data was determined to be flawed, but the Sierra Kills story is real

Meldrum is Interviewed by NPR and is criticized by Wired Magazine