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Nick Redfern, who counts among his credits the co-authorship, with Ken Gerhard, of the new book Monsters of Texas, relates the 1953 news account of a 6'6", batwinged, glowing humanoid perched in a Houston pecan tree early in the morning. Did the Houston Batman make one appearance and disappear forever? Or did the creature appear again on a downtown rooftop in the 1990s? Meanwhile, in a programming note, Redfern reminds you he'll be speaking about another of his books tomorrow night online with S. Miles Lewis, as linked through PsiOp Radio & Contactees, and then speak on the same subject, in person, one week from today in Austin, TX, as detailed in Nick Redfern Lecture on UFO Contactees.

Monsters of New Jersey! The Paranormalist
The new book by acclaimed cryptozoologist Loren Coleman and movie director/author/screenwriter Bruce G. Hallenbeck hits bookstore shelves on September 1, and John Carlson is quick to step forward with this review. Being a New Jersey native, Carlson says he "has long been...passionate" about the subject of the state's cryptid and mysterious creatures, from the Native American Lenni Lenape's tales of the Mahtantu to the Garden State's version of Bigfoot, Big Red Eye. Carlson lists the monsters included in the Coleman/Hallenbeck compendium and cites his own contribution to the new book. Meanwhile, with multiple images, Loren Coleman gives visual impetus to why he asks the question Why Are There No Great Yeti Photos?

In alten Erzählungen der Indianerstämme Nordamerikas ist häufig von einem "haarigen Mann" die Rede, der auch in über 1000 Jahre alten ...
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In alten Erzählungen der Indianerstämme Nordamerikas ist häufig von einem "haarigen Mann" die Rede, der auch in über 1000 Jahre alten ...
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In alten Erzählungen der Indianerstämme Nordamerikas ist häufig von einem "haarigen Mann" die Rede, der auch in über 1000 Jahre alten ...
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In alten Erzählungen der Indianerstämme Nordamerikas ist häufig von einem "haarigen Mann" die Rede, der auch in über 1000 Jahre alten ...
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In alten Erzählungen der Indianerstämme Nordamerikas ist häufig von einem "haarigen Mann" die Rede, der auch in über 1000 Jahre alten ...
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Best Evidence: Bigfoot with German Narration

YouTube - Der letzte Beweis - Bigfoot (Teil 1/4)

YouTube - Der letzte Beweis - Bigfoot (Teil 2/4)

YouTube - Der letzte Beweis - Bigfoot (Teil 3/4)

YouTube - Der letzte Beweis - Bigfoot (Teil 4/4)

Links on Peter Byrne and his rare documentary

The Search For Bigfoot: Peter Byrne

What Dvds Or Films Are You Looking At Tonight (Page 3) - Gaire

Watch the rare Peter Byrne documentary Manbeast: Myth or Monster and others here!!!!!!

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Before you get your hopes up, we'll let you know that this information seems to have been culled from reports that followed an expedition in 2004 to see if native claims of giant reptile-like flying creatures were present in the hinterlands of New Guinea. The author of this report, Terrence Aym, doesn't give dates, but the links to videos and the reports he includes in the footnotes indicates this is old news that, despite the videos - which don't appear to show pterosaurs, are still inconclusive. Elsewhere, an even older cryptid claim leads Loren Coleman to comment on events reported in 1934 while trying to answer a query from a distinguished cryptozoological colleague in Shuker and Coleman: Killer Kangaroo Konfusion, with images. Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon wraps up his recent examination of the bipedal apemen creatures reported around the world, comparing the divisions he recognizes against Heuvelmans' sea serpent categories, in Mystery Primates - the Tote Up. And, as the crowd begins to gather for one of the year's top cryptozooligical and Fortean events, you'll find the latest news of proceedings in Latest Weird Weekend Programme, with Jon Downes' review of last night's pre-event cocktail party and more in Weird Weekend Scrapbook: Parties and Rumours.

Episode 158: Bigfoot Discovery M...

Join Nite Callers Radio as the Series "Search for the American Bigfoot Researcher Continues." Tonight the team at Nite Callers Radioas they bring ...
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In the newest edition of his "Tales of the Weird" column, Mike Conley relates the story of a fearless Native-American mountain man, Muchalat Harry, who never returned to the woods after a Sasquatch encounter on the Conuma River in the autumn of 1928. Was an expert trapper and woodsman so terrified by his Sasquatch encounter that it turned his hair white overnight? Elsewhere, another Sasquatch tale from yesteryear is related, with video, in Javier Ortega's North Carolina Bigfoot: Spotted 32 Years Ago. Meanwhile, Gordon Rutter holidays at Loch Ness to give us a glimpse of two men who have spent considerable time on its surface and on its shore Living the Dream. And another cryptid creature is featured in Young Pitcher Wowed by Monster Activity. Just What Was in the River in 1937?, with the same article repeated and a great deal more information provided at Phantoms & Monsters in The White River Monster: Myth or Reality?
With images.

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this is just a few ... cryptozoology primates hominids real and paranormal creatures animals strange weird unkown cryptids yeti pictures slideshow ...
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In 2005, a group of explorers set out to find Sasquatch in the Beartooth Mountains.
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Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Trapper found himself trapped by Bigfeet |
Review: HBM's Crypto-Corner 8-11-10
Unicorns in 16th Century Arabia? Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
Dr. Beachcombing brings news of a travelogue written by Italian traveller Ludovici Varthema in 1510, after he had travelled all the way to Burma, spending some time in the Muslim holy city of Mecca. According to Varthema, two spectacular animals were maintained in an apparent menagerie of the Sultan of Mecca. Varthema says the animals were unicorns, given to the sultan by "a king of Ethiopia." And Varthema describes the creatures in some detail. Dr. Beachcombing is seeking reader response to an enquiry as to how an otherwise excellent book about his travels could leave Varthema attesting to having seen unicorns. What other animals could have been passed off as the elusive beast of legend? Elsewhere, Richard Freeman includes a story of a giant mankiller from the Philippines in his report on Giant Crocodiles, and there's a short but interesting report of an unidentified North American reptile with unexpected powers in Flying Snake in Ontario. Meanwhile, it's come down to the wire for those who want to attend one of the year's premier Fortean and cryptozoological events, updated in the report Weird Weekend 2010: The Latest News.

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the rights to this song. Past, present, or in the future. ... Sasquatch Yeti Yowie Bigfoot Paranormal Files Patterson Footage film unexplained ...
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Bigfoot Lives! ... Sasquatch Bigfoot Yeti Fouck Monster Skunk Ape Cryptid Abominable Snowman ...
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Review: MNBRT 8-9-10/Overview of upcoming shows/Get-Well Wishes for Phillip Spencer

Review: Bigfoot Quest 8-10-10/Overview of upcoming shows

YouTube - Special added HBM's Crypto-Corner this Sunday, August 15
Recalling an encounter of the hairy kind

Michael Newton continues his analysis of the charges levelled against the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film recorded at Bluff Creek, CA. Picking up where he left off in Part 1, Newton details five claims that the film is a hoax, presenting damning evidence that those claims are incorrect and uncovering a great deal of background on the claimants. So where does that leave the Patterson-Gimlin film? Newton is promising a third installment of his investigation. Elsewhere, the out-of-place big cats conundrum in Australia sends Geoff Chase into the field to file a report detailing the pursuit of proof and a solution to the Mystery of the Elusive Blue Mountains Panther. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman is pointing out some more significance to a recent fossil discovery in Tennessee in Red Panda Discovery Exclusive, with photos. And, in one we missed several days ago, information is being sought about a "caveman" photographed by a "holidaymaker", as reported in West Dorset: If You Go Down to the Woods Today...

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A commercial for Mad River Plumbing. Rick St. Charles as Bigfoot. Makeup by Janet Warren.
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He's the most badass bigfoot ever. ... abominable Bigfoot Sasquatch syfi scifi movie lance henrikson under 10 minutes ...
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This is a series of rock formations that we found. ... bigfoot sasquatch yeti yowie wildman bfro paranormal ...
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More new rock formations. ... bigfoot yeti yowie sasquatch wildman grassman bfro paranormal ...

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New Maine Mt. Lion Sighting

On The Beach: Kiwi Giant Squid

Bigfoot Movie Marathon Right Now On Syfy

Chicago Croc Caught

Skunk Ape Coins

Update: “Black Tiger” Found In Sri Lanka

The Nasties Review: Night of the Demon

13 min - 15 hours ago - Uploaded by lampyman101
plenty of laughs along with great gore scenes. James C Watsons low budget Bigfoot movie rolls along at a merry pace and with an ... - Related videos


5 days ago
countries, the elusive woodland creature known as Sasquatch, Yeti, and Bigfoot is one of the most enduring natural mysteries ever ... - Related videos

sasquatch promo preview

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Bigfoot Is Real: Sasquatch To The Adomminable ...

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Bigfoot Research: Tracking and Doing a Walkabout ...

4 min - 2 days ago - Uploaded by BFResearchSE
Real Pretty ... bigfoot research sasquatch yeti ... - Related videos

Checking The Bigfoot Bait

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Brodie and I check things out looking for any signs of activity. ... bigfoot sasquatch yeti bait south jersey nj hunt look search ... - Related videos

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YouTube - MN.B.R.T. Radio with Mark Peterson

A photograph of an alleged "Ucumar Zupai" skull accompanies this story translated by Scott Corrales of the Institute of Hispanic UFOlogy that originates from the northern Argentina region of Cerro El Creston in Metan. According to the report, a 79-year-old rancher and his nephew encountered the creature July 23, 2010, in the dark while rounding up cattle for the next day's branding. Described as 70 centimeters tall, the creature is believed by people in the area where it was killed to be a juvenile "Ucumar Zupai" because of the size. A veterinary official has said the creature is not native to the region, although the official could not identify it. The incident has revived tales of a hairy manlike creature locals consider to be their own "yeti". The translated report is reprinted with further information on the legendary Ucumar Zupai at Phantoms & Monsters, including a second photograph, as seen in Ranchers Capture 'Fanged, Hairy Humanoid' - El Creston, Argentina. Elsewhere, another cryptid creature has been making waves in the Lake District of England, and a new expedition is being mounted for a Fresh Search on Lake Windermere for Bownessie. Meanwhile, a slideshow accompanies a report on formerly cryptid creatures that proved to be real in The True Story Behind Animal Myths and Monsters.

Recently, conducted a survey seeking answers to how prevalent the belief in the supernatural has become. Over 20,000 people responded to the survey and some of the results are included in this report. Meanwhile, research is being reported indicating unusual results from an exercise conducted daily by the devout, as seen in Prayers Really Can Heal the Sick, Finds International Study. Elsewhere, "magnetic" people appear to be more numerous than one would think, following the report A Contest of Magnetic People, with photos at Supernatural Contest in Vietnam.

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My oldest son assist as we find tracks and I get some interesting trail cam footage.
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at the same spot where it was attacked last time. (video 46) ... Sasquatch bigfoot aliens ghosts creatures outdoors experiments science weird ...
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