Friday, December 23, 2011

Tim Fasano starting Florida Bigfoot Organization, says his expeditions will be FREE

Jim LeBus says his team of survival experts can get the job done and prove once and for all that Bigfoot is real

Is this a Bigfoot grave? Arizona Bigfoot researchers think it's possible they bury their dead in these things

Just before Thanksgiving, two women headed to North Carolina say they spotted North America's favorite cryptid in West Virginia. Terri Bessler and Crystal Krieger say they sighted the creature heading up into the wooded mountains. So, would the Bessler/Krieger sighting involve the Eastern Bigfoot? Dale Drinnon has all you need to know about the Eastern Bigfoot, the possibility of relic populations of the Neandertal, the Almas of Eastern Europe, the Minnesota Ice Man and lots more, all dutifully illustrated, in Alexandr Fedenyow and The Face of Almasty is The Face Of the Eastern Bigfoot. And that leads to what's going on in the realm of television searches for the huge, hairy hominid, revealed by Oliver M. Pulumbarit in Still Unraveling the 'Bigfoot' Enigma. As an added treat, we'll throw in some natural history filmed by Thomas Shahan and posted by Greg Taylor at The Daily Grail as Aliens on Earth: The Arthropods.

Happy Coelacanth Discovery Day!

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