Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photo of the Day: Early stages of the Yeti [Humor]

What Randy Brisson is known for (and it's not his hair)

New Footage: Bigfoot in slow motion knocking a giant tree down

Sharon Hill's article about Bigfoot bloggers and why we what we do talks Bigfoot, Mormons, and Cain

Janet Winikoff starts off with a look at the Memorial Day experiences of some Bigfoot searchers in California - a video of the Sanger Paranormal Society's claims of Bigfoot evidence from the foray is included - before going on to document the responses, pro and con, concerning the possibility Bigfoot is real. Winikoff winds up citing the remarks of two heavyweights in the field of primate research, Jane Goodall and Dr. Jeff Melgrum. Dr. Melgrum was recently interviewed on a National Public Radio outlet, KUER and its "Radio West" program, and his responses were criticized by Brian Switek in an article entitled "The Squid and the Ape." The hour-long interview and an excerpt from Switek's critique can be found in Meldrum is Interviewed by NPR and is Criticized by Wired Magazine. Meanwhile, the Australian version of Bigfoot is back in the news, beginning with Revisiting the Mt George Yowie, a replay of an incident that was inspired by law enforcement claims Yowie May Have Been 'Most Wanted' Fugitive. Elsewhere, Roland Watson, author of The Water Horses of Loch Ness, continues to keep a close eye on events on the Scottish lake, like the September photography offered by fish farm worker Jon Rowe, with Watson's latest offering on the photography and the legendary beast of Loch Ness appearing in Final Thoughts on the Jon Rowe Photograph.

Retired USA Forest Ranger Knows Sasquatch is real.

Monster In The Woods (DVD Trailer 2010)

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