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M.K.Davis looks closely at the CREEK CROSSING in the white 





More evidence is bubbling to the surface on the existence of Nessie. Martin Atkinson caught something on his sonar, garnering first prize in the Best Nessie Sighting of The Year. Lawrence Conway has several photos with commentary from a scientist holding a different opinion of the evidence. Fortunately Glasgow Boy goes a little more in-depth, pardon the pun, with More On The Recent Sonar Sighting. He helpfully knocks the wind out of Simon Boxall's sails by debunking the algae bloom theory. Still no one knows for certain if lake monsters are living fossils or something entirely different. Regardless of their nature, these beasts are markedly persistent. The same couldn't be said for one lamented marsupial. Some researchers have announced the Tasmanian Tiger Was Genetically Doomed. Scientists from the University of Connecticut have compared thylacine samples, suggesting the beast's gene pool was far more shallow than could be expected of a diverse and vigorous population. Joining our gay menagerie are a pair of stories which show that Cougar Sightings Reach Fever Pitch in Essex County. Despite numerous, credible sightings, not to mention hard evidence of tracks, scat, and photos, officials aren't so certain about the cat's return. Click on over to see if the Essex County Cougar Finally Caught On Camera. Jim Dufour caught something on film, and as Trevor Wilhelm writes, it was larger than the average housecat.
Bigfoot Evidence: The Yowie Files: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot [Book Review]

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Return to Unknown Subjects Area 





Day Trip - Bigfoot Discovery Museum 





MonsterQuest Season 3: Episode 8 - Close Encounters 





After 1972 White Bigfoot Sighting, Man Worked At Zoo To Confirm What He Actually Saw





Project Bigfoot Stealth Cam Favorite Pics





Finally, A Dating Site For Bigfooters! [Humor]





New Footage: This 4-Wheeler Bigfoot Video Is So 'Real', You Won't Believe It





When Theresa Ann Bier vanished 25 years ago, the prime suspect pointed his finger squarely at bigfoot. Vicki W. gives an overview of the police investigation into the matter, with a sideline into Native American mythology that may dovetail with the accusation. Both suspects remain at large. One blogger who wouldn't be happy about such revelations is Joe Squatch. From the forests along the Canadian border, the internet's only known sasquatch blogger gives the inside track on Sasquatch, Logging And The Government. A conspiracy is afoot to keep hairy homonids under wraps. Joe spells things out so even a kindergartener can understand these shadowy machinations. If that's not enough to whet your appetite, Glasgow Boy has A Story About Ted Holiday. Ronnie Bremner shares a humorous anecdote about the eccentric lake monster hunter, who took his calling quite seriously.

M.K.Davis discusses the tire tossing video.mp4 





Audio Of Possible Bigfoot Vandalizing Tires On A Property Caught On Tape [M.K. Davis]





Watch This Awesome And Free Monster Hunter Web Series





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'Letters From the Big Man' review: Lush and humane
San Francisco Chronicle
The mythic figure of Sasquatch, who also goes by Bigfoot or yeti, has long been represented as a malignant monster haunting the forest. But in "Letters From the Big Man," Christopher Munch's odd and heartwarming film, the big man in question is a ...
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Bigfoot Just Got a Big 5 Endorsement





Government and Logging Industry Denying Existence of Bigfoot? Joe Sasquatch Thinks So





In 1987 Abduction Case: Bigfoot Was Named Prime Suspect in Teen's Disappearance





What's It Like To Go On a BFRO Expedition With Matt?





Are These The Florida Skunk Apes Tim Fasano Has Been Looking For?





Owls Are Nothing But Fluff [Nature]





Grover Krantz was in many ways a giant in the field of Bigfoot studies. But Loren Coleman thinks that his sometimes quickly stated theories need to be questioned. Apparently Krantz’s bias against Eastern Bigfoot reports colored his notion of what was behind the sightings of “Stone Giants” or “Stone Clads” in Eastern North America. Elsewhere, you can "test your knowledge of the weird and wonderful creatures of cryptozoology" by taking the Bigfoot, Nessie & the Kraken: Cryptozoology Quiz. But what you'll really be doing is testing your knowledge of debunking cryptozoology rather than about the creatures themselves. If you want to get out of the armchair, you might consider Howls at nothing: Hunting bigfoot. It seems the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is offering tag-alongs on research expeditions to suspected bigfoot habitats across North America. The trips typically last four days and cost between $300 and $500, not including airfare, camping equipment or food. And in The Beasts of London, Nick Redfern calls our attention to a review of the Londonist’s review of Neil Arnold’s latest book, Mystery Animals of the British Isles: London, which they say “…is teeming with preternatural animals, from exotic big cats to winged abominations straight out of folklore....There’s plenty of fascinating stuff in here...[But] Arnold maintains a sceptical though enquiring mind throughout.”

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Tina's Squatchers 9 





Sad News From the Entertainment World...

Pioneering TV Host Dick Clark has passed away at the age of 82. He was known as the host of American Bandstand, but he also produced several shows and even created the American Music Awards. RIP to Mr. Clark and Godspeed. Dick Clark dies of heart attack

Update: Not only has Dick Clark passed away, but also Canadian actor Jonathan Frid, best known as reluctant vampire Barnabas Collins on the original Dark Shadows, passed away over the weekend at age 87. RIP to the original most famous vampire since Dracula, and Godspeed.  Jonathan Frid 1924-2012

Top 10 Bigfoot Sites in North America





Hand Clapping Behavior in Gorillas North American Bigfoot
Cliff Barackman wonders if the recent discovery of hand clapping in gorillas could possibly be related to "tree knocking" observed in areas where Bigfoot has been sighted. Gorillas clap their hands to get attention, and Barackman ties this in with Bigfoot doing the same, perhaps as a warning there are humans in the area. We wonder how this recent report revealing that Baboons' word choices a key to human language ability might be related as well. Yes, you read that right--baboons can apparently read, and it is not through mere memorization because the primates are picking out real words from gibberish. Hmm, perhaps Bigfoot hunters should start leaving out issues of Fortean Times along with the pancakes? While we wait for a scholarly tree-knocking, hand clapping Sasquatch to appear, believers and skeptics once again battle it out, this time in Michigan: This Just In with Justin: Bigfoot believers, skeptics hope science solves legend's mystery.
Bigfoot Evidence: Watch MNBRT's Abe, Show How To Properly Setup Food Station And Camera Trap

Tina's Squatchers 2 





Searching for Sasquatch

M.K.Davis discusses vocals from a Bigfoot video.mp4 





Ancient Aliens _ Aliens and Bigfoot S4-07 





René Remembered

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The Sasquatch Returns to Harrison Hot Springs-Sasquatch Days Are Back!
Marketwire (press release)
HARRISON HOT SPRINGS, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 17, 2012) - After nearly 70 years, Sasquatch Days are coming back to Harrison Hot Springs. June 9th and 10th this historic event will bring the local First Nations Band Sts'ailes back to the ...
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 Trailer Released for Upcoming Sasquatch Film, Throwback
Dread Central
The film takes a classic look at the Sasquatch legend, or as they call him Down Under ... Yowie! Reports are a full trailer will follow in later this year and the movie itself is due for release in 2013. Throwback is currently in production in Cairns, ...
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Yowie Creature In New Aussie Movie, 'Throwback' Has Nothing On Melissa Hovey's Bigfoot Photo





Watch Out: Canadian Sculptor 'Animalizing' Shoes So You Can Make Giant Footprints





What If All Those "Tree Knockings" Were Actually Produced By Hand Clapping? [Bigfoot Communication]





Ryan Dube presents a rundown of the most active sites in the United States for Bigfoot sightings. The #1 state is Washington, with an overwhelming amount of sightings. Coming in at a close 2nd and 3rd are California and Ohio. Dube points out that almost all the sightings in Washington state are alongside major water sources suggesting that Bigfoot population density is particularly high in this are. Other well-populated areas include national parks throughout the continental US. Over on Cryptomundo, the focus continues on the Shipton footprint cast and now Jeff Meldrum's interpretation has been added to the mix as Meldrum Rethinks the Shipton & Cronin Yeti Tracks . After flipping and adjusting for snow melting, Meldrum came up with a new version of the Shipton print which very closely matches the print of a known primate. While the results are impressive and convincing, we simply wish that Yeti would make another appearance and leave some clearer prints in the snow, and perhaps even some hair samples. Meanwhile, Glasglow Boy set out on a hunt for Nessie and gives us an entertaining play-by-play of his entire trip. His Loch Ness Trip Report April 2012 does not result in any sightings of good old Nessie but is interesting nonetheless. Karl Shuker reveals an entirely different sort of cryptid, A Sea Snail With Antlers...And Paws! a mysterious deep sea creature that has been mentioned in centuries-old books and has not been spotted in modern times. 
Bigfoot Evidence: Let's show a little love for the Yeti

10 Most Active Bigfoot Sites in North America
Top Secret Writers
When it comes to bigfoot sightings, at Top Secret Writers we remain agnostic when it comes to whether or not sightings represent that of a new species of creature. It is difficult to believe that such a species could remain so elusive and hidden within ...
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Bigfoot a hot topic in Mid Michigan
Bigfoot sightings have made the news around here lately--what's your take on the debate? Fictonal or fact? Excerpt: With news that an Animal Planet TV team investigated nearby Michigan communities for evidence of Bigfoot, MLive looked deeper into the ...
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 White Bigfoot
Ghost Theory (blog)
This video and blobsquatch video captures show what appears to be a white Bigfoot. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the possibility of this being a person in a … This video and blobsquatch video captures show what appears to be a white ...
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Not Sasquatch-related, But...

Today marks 45 years since the most famous vampire since Dracula, Barnabas Collins, made his first appearance on the TV Series Dark Shadows.

A Return To the Scene of a Crime: The Chilliwack Fish Thief

M.K. Davis revistis the White Bigfoot video.mp4

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Listen To MNBRT Interview with BamaBuckster1, 6PM PST





Robert Lindsay Is Back: Reveals Ketchum Study Publication Date(s), Description Of Sierra Kills Bigfoot, Erickson Project Film





PBS, Eric Altman Will Play A Part In New Bigfoot Film "Mountain Devil"





How often does this happen to Bigfoot researchers?





What is Nessie Really? Frontiers of Zoology
Dale Drinnon presents a lengthy and very detailed examination of Nessie, both historical and modern, in an attempt to categorize the elusive monster. He calls on older studies including the "string of bouys" appearance reported in water monster sightings world-wide. Josh Brown muses on the nature of Bigfoot as he gives us Thoughts From The Anthropological Arm-Chair. He wonders why Bigfoot is consistently able to avoid both physical capture and, for the most part, being captured on film. Brown also asks the question we all wonder--if BIgfoot is so talented at avoiding capture, why does the creature allow itself to be seen? Brown has no answers but neither do the rest of us and that's what makes Bigfoot so tantalizing and fascinating. No other cryptid creature gets as much attention and perhaps we find Bigfoot so alluring because we sense we're getting a small glimpse into our own distant past. Speaking of the past, Loren Coleman shares Titanic’s Grimm Link to Cryptozoology with another look at the life of Jack Grimm (Cadillac Jack), an eccentric millionaire who spent a lot of his wealth searching for Bigfoot, Nessie and Titanic. 

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A student's search for Sasquatch
Castleton Spartan
By Josh Bassett An artists depiction of Sasquatch from Bigfoot The Life and Times of a Legend by Joshua Buha. It was Easter Sunday and I was on top of Birdseye Mountain with only my iPhone and a video camera. I had managed to get separated from the ...
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What Happened To Nat. Geo's 'Beast Hunter'?





Photos Of The Day: Sasquatch Tree Peeking, Huge Rock On Tree Stump





Thoughts From The Anthropological Arm-Chair





Crowdsourced funding is the new black on the internet. From video games, to comics, to technology, and now expeditions to darkest Africa for a documentary. Stephen McCullah is setting out to find the mystery beasts lurking in its jungles, from the fantastic to those yet to be discovered, with some awesome spiffs for investors to this worthy cause. If all goes well, and he does find mokele mbembe, we're certain Steve's documentary will be the definitive reference. Speaking of which, Laura Massey has stumbled upon The First Book on the Loch Ness Monster. As you'll discover Rupert Gould's The Loch Ness Monster and Others is the first, comprehensive, and serious take on the planet's most famous lake monster. Though the price is steep, Laura provides scans from this reader-annotated first edition. Another author whose profligacy and reputation precedes him is Loren Coleman. Today at Cryptomundo he touches upon the Missouri Mystery Kangaroos, with the most recent sighting from last Tuesday. Sometimes people see stuff that's not merely out of place, but simply strange. Lon Strickler has an emailed account from a Witness: El Chupacabras. As discovered, these monsters aren't particular when Samuel relates how he watched a dog get torn apart by Puerto Rico's national cryptid. Lon follows up with other sightings, and particulars on the beast's behavior and physiology.

Hairy homonids can be imposing, but one's been caught being creepy around a little girl. Chuck Prahl has a video of the incident, and The Crypto Crew has enhanced it to satisfy further inquiry. Another video has been deconstructed with M.K. Davis Incredible Breakdown Of White Bigfoot, FB/FB Frowns At Davis. The comments show that FB/FB isn't the only one who disagree with M.K.'s findings. Next up Vicki W. and SnowWalkerPrime have found a South Carolina Man Detailing His Terrifying 1978 Bigfoot Encounter during a deer hunt. Mike Richburg recalls the episode's details in an exclusive video interview. Rounding out these sasquatch stories is young turk Tyler Stone, bucking the trend that the Minnesota Iceman was Homo erectus with Part 2 of his series Neanderthals, Eastern Bigfoot, and the Minnesota Iceman. He's earned extra credit with his latest installment with solid evidence and peerless academic research.
A Christian Perspective on Bigfoot

Sasquatch Sighting At Chilliwack River