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Nite Callers Tomorrow...

Date / Time: 1/31/2010 7:00 EST/6:00 PM Central

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (646) 716-4530

Arizona's deserts and mountains are the home of the legendary Bigfoot. He has been spotted from as far South as the US Mexican border to the North Utah state line and everywhere in between. Desert Bigfoot is a group of like-minded researchers actively searching for and studying the elusive and little known hominid known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch in Arizona. In Arizona this species is known as The Mogollon Monster. Desert Bigfoot have a "No Kill/No Capture" policy and denounce any person or group that seeks to harm these individuals. Jeff Johnson’s belief of Bigfoot began when he was a child. His father and he would sit and watch Godzilla and other monster movies every Saturday morning for years. Then one Saturday the movie "The Legend of Boggy Creek" was shown. Jeff remembers being glued to the screen of the television watching as this movie unfolded. From that moment on he was hooked. Growing up Jeff could not get enough of Bigfoot and read every book he could find in the libraries, learning all that he could of Bigfoot. Now an adult, his beliefs continue to grow. Learn more about Jeff, his experiences and the team he works with at this url: or …..Join Nite Callers as we bring on an Arizona Bigfoot researcher as part of Nite Callers Search for American Bigfoot Researchers Series. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Return of the Werewolf Haunted America Tours
Brad Steiger, author of The Werewolf Book: An Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings and the dean of high strangeness authors, admits to being a werewolf fan as he helps set the stage for next month's eagerly anticipated release of what is sure to be another Hollywood blockbuster starring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. As the theater release date, February 12, 2010, draws near, Steiger prepares those who will vicariously visit the world of the lycanthrope by revisiting the werewolf references, through the pages of arcane books of knowledge, detailing different methods in which one could become a werewolf through the use of various rituals. Along the way, there are video trailers for the new film "Wolf Man" and famous werewolf movies of the past intermixed with the fearsome artwork of Ricardo Bustanio. Also included is a video about the exorcism of a werewolf and a review of Steiger's The Werewolf. What will you be doing the next time the wolfbane is in bloom and the Moon reaches its full glory?

The Legend of Boggy Creek

Amazon Kingfisher Sighted In US

Bigfoot Film Festival

Bigfoot Film Festival Images

New Videos 2

Sightings - Missing Link (Bigfoot)

The Town That Bigfoot Built-"Night Vision" scene

Sightings - Bigfoot Update

Watch video here
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Man-Beast: Myth or Monster

Bigfoot - Man or Beast 1/7

Bigfoot - Man or Beast 2/7

Bigfoot - Man or Beast 3/7

Bigfoot - Man or Beast 4/7

Bigfoot - Man or Beast 5/7

Bigfoot - Man or Beast 6/7

Bigfoot - Man or Beast 7/7

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New web address for Stocking Hominid

New Videos

Kentucky Bigfoot DEBUNKED - A BIRD -

San Antonio Bigfoot 911 call

Bigfootville - Oklahoma Bigfoot Footage (Pt. 1 of

Bigfootville - Oklahoma Bigfoot Footage (Part 2 of

Bigfootville - Oklahoma Bigfoot Footage (Part 3 of

Bigfootville - Oklahoma Bigfoot Footage (Part 4 of

Bigfootville - Oklahoma Bigfoot Footage (Part 5 of

Bigfoot - The Mysterious Monster (Part 1 of 7)

Bigfoot - The Mysterious Monster (Part 2 of 7)

Bigfoot - The Mysterious Monster (Part 3 of 7)

Bigfoot - The Mysterious Monster (Part 4 of 7)

Bigfoot - The Mysterious Monster (Part 5 of 7)

Bigfoot - The Mysterious Monster...

New Video

Episode 126: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show

2 Shows Tomorrow...

Date / Time: 1/29/2010 7:00 PM EST/6:00 Central

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (347) 633-9642

Special Guest For tonights show is Squatchwidow and is also Stymie's wife. Stymie was also a special guest on our show and shared his sighting with us. Now lets go behind the scenes and get the entire story on what all happened that day and when Stymie placed an urgent call home. Day's later Stymie took his family to his sighting location and little did they know what was about to happen to them. For the first time ever hear the entire story on this amazing sighting encounter of the white Sasquatch !

Then, not sure what Abe and Evie are up to, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central.

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
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January 28

A photograph taken Monday above the Newfoundland city of Harbour Mille shows a missile-like object, trailing flame and smoke, that observers say rose from the sea. Investigators from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) indicate their investigation of the sighting shows no crime took place and will not release any further details, deferring, instead, to the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND). Some observers say similar objects were sighted at the same time, but further off. The DND, following the lead of the RCMP, perhaps, is withholding comment as well. With photo. The original report on the incident is found in UFO Sighting Puzzles N.L. Residents. Micah Hanks has commentary on the event in UFO, USO, or Something Else?

Jason Offutt, author of Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us, receives many reports of high strangeness and passes them along through his website. This time he shares the frightening story of David Emerick III whose episodes of sleep paralysis include an evil presence. Worse still, the presence and the episodes it appears able to manufacture around Emerick seem to follow him wherever he goes. Where did Emerick's tormentor come from, where does it go when the episodes end, and why has it singled out this young man? Meanwhile, in another of his duties, Offutt teaches a college course entitled Paranormal Journalism at Northwest Missouri State University. His students' assignments include the reporting of real paranormal occurrences like the stories in this their latest posting, with titles such as "Lady on the Balcony," "Lights in the Sky," "Shadow People in 3D," "A Few Roommates," "Ralph Never Left Home," "Noises in the Attic," "Whispers in the Hallway," "Things Just Fix Themselves, "NWMSU's Roberta Hall" and "What Did the Dog See?" All these reports are included in Week 6. Enjoy!

Leslie Danielle Ferrymen tells the story of hurricane-swept Galveston Island off the Texas coast and the continuing legend of the "Black Pack" of doglike beasts reported to roam there. Tales of the fearsome creatures supposedly go all the way back to the days of the famed pirate Jean Lafitte. Could there be any truth to the legend? Often referred to as the Campeche Devil Dogs, a carcass found in September of 2008 is supposed to be the remains of one of the creatures. Elsewhere, noted cryptozoologist, author and museum director Loren Coleman, noting that America's Vietnam veterans are aging fast, enquires about the status of a reported project in search of a creature American soldiers report having stumbled upon in the Southeast Asian jungles, as he reports, with images, in Vietnam's Rock Apes.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Radford Takes A Hike
Bigfoot news briefs and track photos

2 Shows Tomorrow.../Birthday Announcement

Today is the incomparable Bill Green's birthday. He is 29 again, and does not look a day over 20. Happy Birthday, buddy!!!!!!


On The Sasquatch Experience, Sean and I welcome Don Keating to discuss the upcoming 22nd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference/Expo, as well as sightings in Ohio, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central.

Then, on Larry Battson's Wild World, he will welcome conservationist Billy Sandifer beginning at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central.

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
The home run struck by the National Geographic Channel television program "American Paranormal" comes in for some praise in this report. The Bigfoot research efforts of Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Bill Munns are the focus of Sunday night's telecast, and their information concerning analysis of some hair samples is one of the show's highlights. With video clips from the program. Meanwhile, rumors of another cryptid abound in such reports as Wise County 'Chupacabra' a Hairless Raccoon, Biologist Says, Video: Killer Chupacabra or Closet Raccoon? and A Contrast in Chupies. Elsewhere, there continues to be speculation that a creature stalking part of the British Isles is an out-of-place big cat...or something, as reported in Vet Backs Dorset Big Cat Reports, Is Cannock Chase Panther a Wild Wolf?, with video, and Photo: Does This Print Prove the Existence of Big Cats in the Five Valleys?

Bigfoot believer shows his proof | Local News - The News Tribune | Seattle-Tacoma News, Weather, Sports, Jobs, Homes and Cars | South Puget Sound's Destination

Cryptomundo » Cryptozoology Enhances Zoology

Episode 125: Bigfoot Discovery Project

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The Blogsquatcher: American Paranormal bigfoot episode hits it out of the park

Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: Some other 'hidden species' | Wild About PA -

We Are Documentary: Sasquatch | Documentary Videos

Abominable.avi - Stagevu: Your View

Bigfoot Lunch Club: Bill Munns; Creature Creator and Bigfoot Analyst

Olympic Project
MEGAVIDEO - I'm watching it

A Tribute to Roger Patterson - Video
New Bigfoot Program on Nationa...
Interview: Nick Redfern The Parafactor
The author of Contactees: A History of Alien - Human Interaction settles before the microphone as part of a busy round-robin of interviews about his latest book. Does Redfern's new book prove we are not alone? Downloadable podcast. Elsewhere, a busy blogger settles down for a conversation touching many areas of high strangeness in Mike Clelland's Conversation With Regan Lee. The link to the audio is within Clelland's blog remarks.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Review of the National Geographic Special Behind the Mysteries: Bigfoot

This special aired on Sunday, January 30th, 2005, and was presented in an unfortunate tongue-in-cheek matter. The program was very unfair and very unbalanced to the Bigfoot enthusiasts and seemed to take the tone that all Bigfoot believers bordered on lunacy. Some of the major pieces of evidence, such as tracks with dermal ridges and the Patterson/Gimlin film were examined but explained away by such luminaries as skeptics Benjamin Radford, David Daegling and Daniel Shmitt. Daegling and Shmitt don't think too highly of the P/G film and think it's not a very good piece of scientific evidence. They seem to enjoy putting their skeptic hats on and mocking and making fun of anyone who believes there's a tall, hairy biped walking around in the woods. However, the dermal ridges do have support from recently retired Conroe, Texas police officer Jimmy Chilcutt and also Dr. Jeff Meldrum, anthropologist at Idaho State University. Meldrum also supported the P/G film and gave it his seal of approval. The special also showed Texas Bigfoot hunter Chester Moore, who is out to kill a specimen for the good of the species. Janice Carter is also profiled at her farm where she claims to give an English-speaking Sasquatch named Fox garlic. The P/G film is examined last, with the hoax claim being put forward by Bob Heironimus (alternately known as "Bob Haironmyass"), who attempts the "Patty" walk from left to right in Yakima, but looks more like he has a corncob stuck up his rear, and his knees don't bend nearly as dramatically. He is shown sitting with his buddies, guffawing and saying, "We knew it was you in that suit, Bob. Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk." Then a reenactment of what allegedly happened with Bob H. being in a suit is shown, with out-of-focus shots of the "man in the suit". The special ends there on a sour note.This show was very unfair and unbalanced, and did not show Bob H. in a Bigfoot suit as promised. However, that may be forthcoming if Greg Long and company get their own prime-time special in the spring. This show was pretty much garbage.
Please Help Me Identify This Movie!
BigFoot - Sasquatch

Review: American Paranormal: Bigfoot

Features: Jeff Meldrum (footprint morphology), John Mionzcynski (naturalist) and Bill Munns (Patterson/Gimlin Film analysis)

It goes by many names-Sasquatch, Wildman, Bigfoot, but does it exist, or is it all a hoax?

In the last 50 years, over 3700 sightings have been reported in the US and Canada, more commonly in the Pacific Northwest

Other sightings have occurred in the intermountain northwest of Wyoming and Colorado.

The most famous sighting of Sasquatch is, of course, the Patterson/Gimlin Film

2 engineers and a pilot are called in to get to the film site to do measurements and take a digital map of the area

Doug Devine and Carlos Velasquez are the engineers in question

Russ Garrett is the pilot.

Since the year 2000, 8 helicopters have crashed in that area, so the journey is not without risk.

The team has brought cutting-edge laser mapping technology with them to do a 360-degree mapping of the site.

The hope is to make a digital 3-D matrix of the scene as it appeared on October 20, 1967

The results of the scan are quite dramatic, and certainly shows the filmsite in a whole new perspective

Enter Bill Munns and his analysis which will assist the engineers in inserting "Patty" into their 3-D world of the Bluff Creek filmsite

Munns did a complete digital restoration of the film, gaining rare access (and permission) from Mrs. Patricia Patterson

The process Munns is undertaking also eliminates those pesky artifacts and anomalies which only certain researchers can see in the film

Munns is using a 70-year-old Keystone projector hooked up to a state-of-the-art scanner which is systematically scanning the film

Next, the focus shifts to Jeff Meldrum and the footprint morphology.

Meldrum postulates as to whether or not Sasquatch is ape or hominid or hominin

A good question is brought up-if Sasquatch exists, where are the bodies and bones?

Dr. Herbert Maschner is brought in as the skeptic to throw cold water on the possibility of Sasquatch's existence

He says (and rightfully so) that thousands of archaeological sites have been excavated in North America for bones and no Sasquatch bones have been found to date

Meldrum disagrees with Dr. Maschner's assessment, citing that chimpanzee fossils were never found until just a few short years ago, so it is possible that Sasquatch bones have not been found, but this does not mean they WON'T be found.

Meldrum, who has well over 200 casts in his collection, discusses the mid-tarsal break which would make sense in a non-human primate

The Ray Wallace claims are brought up once again

Munns has done a remarkable job of restoring the film into a terrific digital copy

Meldrum, meanwhile, is headed to the mountains of Wyoming for an excursion with naturalist John Mionzcynski

The two are attempting to determine whether or not the mountainous region has enough sustainable food sources and cover for a large predator such as a bear or a Sasquatch

They do determine that it is possible

The only caveat is is there a sustainable population possible to continue the proliferation of the species?

Mionzcynski is of the opinion that the Sasquatch population does not number in the thousands, but rather in the hundreds

The P/G Film is returned to, and the digital Mapping is amazing.

Meldrum and Mionzcynski put a wire with metal barbs at a comparable height to try to snag hairs of a possible Sasquatch

Hairs have been analyzed over the years, and seem to compare favorably to primates, but are still inconclusive

Special Effects experts at the Jim Henson Creature Shop are also interviewed as to their impressions of the P/G Film. They are unsure whether it is real or a guy in a suit, but show modern ways that a suit could be created.

The claims that John Chambers made the suit and the Heironimus claims are examined as well, briefly.

I would rate this special a 4 out of 5, certainly much better than the first NG special.

Bigfoot Quest Tomorrow...

Upcoming Episodes

Date / Time: 1/26/2010 9:00 EST/8:00 PM Central

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (646) 595-4292

Details to be announced

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Links/American Paranormal: Bigfoot Parts 1-5

Reporter Helena de Bertodano presents a thoughtful article about those intrepid scientists who search for new species with several interviews with researchers who have made the quest their life's work. She also speaks to cryptozoology, and, for once, there's no skeptical inference attached to the subject. Could de Bertodano's excellent article mark an emerging turning point in the treatment of cryptozoology? With images. Meanwhile, in the lighter tone to which you may have become accustomed, SFWeekly columnist Andy Wright takes a peek at some "SF Oddities," going back through the years and saluting some more recent ones, too, in Bay Area Beasts: Pterodactyls, Mystery Cats, and Sea Serpents. With images. Elsewhere, Marcus Schneck notes a certain cryptid is the topic of continued discussion in the rural areas of Pennsylvania, as he reports Bigfoot Might Not Be Real, But the Fascination Is. With video.


AP - Bigfoot [5 of 5]
AP - Bigfoot [4 of 5]
AP - Bigfoot [3 of 5]
AP - Bigfoot [2 of 5]
AP - Bigfoot [1 of 5]
YouTube - Bigfoot sketches and morphology
Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: Belief, hope, skepticism | Wild About PA -

Museum exhibit explores history of sasquatch | SoundLife - The News Tribune | Seattle-Tacoma News, Weather, Sports, Jobs, Homes and Cars | South Puget Sound's Destination

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Sasquatch Watch Radio Tomorrow...

Join Sasquatch Watch Radio hosts Billy Willard and Mike Killen as we bring you the latest news and information from the field of Bigfoot/Sasquatch research every Monday night at 9:00 pm eastern time/8:00 Central. This will be a 90-minute show!

On Monday night January 25, 2010, we will invite Toby (TC) and Tim (Wildman), founders of Squatch Inc. Both of these guys stay very active in the field research, let's hear what they've been up to.

Show Page:

The call in number to the show is (347) 237-5070. Feel free to call in and ask our guest some questions.

You can email questions or comments for guests and hosts at

Hope you can join us for the show!

Billy Willard

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Links/Announcement for the 22nd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference/Expo

Beginning a search for lake monster tales, Lindsay Selby starts with reports that are extremely difficult to determine, since they deal with a lake in Siberia that's situated 100 miles from the nearest town. Nonetheless, some serious individuals, possessing impeccable credentials, have reported the presence of a large creature of indeterminate species in the waters of this remote lake. Selby chronicles the reports of the elusive...and reported to inhabit a remote lake in an area of Russia still vastly underexplored. Elsewhere, Mike Dash has something to say about lake monsters, too, as well as the proliferation of certain local legends concerning bodies of water, in 'The Lake That Has No Bottom...'. Meanwhile, another type of monster, long relegated to the halls of myth and legend, has inspired another search, as reported in Richard Muirhead: Muirhead's Mysteries: The Dragons of Sussex - Part One.


The Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group will host the 22nd Annual Bigfoot Conference / EXPO the weekend of May 14th to 16th, 2010. The following activities will take place and there is a list of tentative speakers and their brief bio (if available) to this point on January 24th.

The weekend will kick off with a meet and greet on the evening of Friday the 14th. Those speakers or special guests that have made it in to that point will be there. The meet and greet will begin at 6 p.m. At 7 p.m. a buffet dinner will be available in the lodge. (Location of the buffet to be announced). I added this to the Friday meet and greet as I though it would be a great way for everyone to hang out longer without having to worry about going somewhere to grab an evening meal. The cost of the buffet will be about the same as it was during the conference in 2009, which if I recall was $14.95.

Saturday there are no activities scheduled until the conference. It will kick off at 4 p.m. There will be a dinner break around 6:30 or 7 with a dinner buffet. The conference is scheduled to last until around 10 p.m. There will be a required $5 donation at the doors. In return for the $5 you will receive a ticket. At intermission there will be a drawing for a door prize. The person with the winning ticket will receive at least $100. There are also plenty of seats still available if you wish to reserve VIP seats. Once you see the scheduled speakers / presenters you may want those VIP seats.

TODD NEISS from Sandy, Oregon. Todd first spoke at my conference in 2002. He will be back and promises not to disappoint. His bio is available by going to http://www.eobic. net and clicking the link for the conference.

ROB MC CONNELL from Ontario Canada. Rob hosts the X-Zone paranormal radio show nightly on the internet and on am / fm radio as well as TV. (Bio yet to come).

TOM YAMARONE from Pleasanton, California. Tom is a singer / song writer and has had a serious intrest in Bigfoot for years. He has also attended or helped organize many events in California.

BOB GIMLIN from Yakima, Washington. Need I say more? Bob is the only living eyewitness to the events of Friday October 20th 1967 at Bluff Creek, California when Roger Patterson took film of what appears to be a Bigfoot. I am not 100% sure if he will be speaking but he will be in attendance for you to meet and maybe ask a question or get a photo taken with him.

Another surprise guest or two may be in attendance. Keep an eye on the web site and your in box for updates.

On Sunday the 16th I will once again host a "Guided Tour" of the park to various incident locations. This will kick off at 12 noon.

Attached to this e-mail is a form to reserve VIP seats. If you intend to reserve seats you may want to do it quickly as 10 seats are already spoken for. Seat assignment will be done in the order of receipt of reservations and payment for such. Just e-mailing me and telling me you are going to reserve seats will not save your seat(s).

If you have any questions / comments, feel free to write me. If you need to know prices for the lodge rooms / cabins, go to the conference web site and click the link near the bottom for that information. I hope to see you this year at the 22nd Annual Bigfoot Conference / EXPO.

Don Keating
http://www.eobic. net

Bigfoot Film Festival

Bigfoot’s Power Ballad

Marin Mystery Monster

The Cryptid Factor: Live from New Zealand

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